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Oh, where to start:

  • Ep. 1, Manami dropping by to ask Kio who the large-breasted girl he came home with was. And making it quite clear she knows all about his Porn Stash. Kio is surprisingly more-or-less unfazed and says to her quite deadpan: "You have a dirty mind, you know."
    • The Rule of Three Running Gag of other girls reacting to the size of Eris' breasts: "They're like [insert food]! *instinctive squeezing motion*"
  • Ep. 2, Eris' quasi-antimatter hammers, "Let's knock their socks off... among other things!" Cue Naked People Are Funny.
    • Not to mention her obviously delighted giggling as she + her Assistdroids run toward their prey.
  • Ep. 3, Eris (once again) using Kio's magazines as her Earth source of info, having her and the other Caitians having serious negotiations, while wearing school swimsuits. But the moment it's over and done with, Captain Kuune exclaims that she's never been more embarrassed in her life - not helped by Dr. Durel saying she feels frisky in her's.
    • Then the entire situation at home, where this is brought up by Kio - from Chaika's "Woah Kio, you naughty boy you!" talk over the magazine, to the Caitian staff changing back into uniform (via not-so-instantaneous clothing switch, which Chaika has to do manually), the girl's sudden 'living with Kio' bombshell, it's generally a barrel of laughs.
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    • Things get tense by the end, but the moments before and after the action are gold: first Kio has a naked Eris join him in the bath, which earns Manami's ire and Aoi's embarrassment (due to seeing them naked right in front of her). Then the tables are turned at the end, with Aoi and Manami naked on the street, while Kio + Eris have just run up to provide now-unnecessary help... this isn't his day.
  • Ep. 4, The Serious Business given to Underside of the Kitten's Paw, led by Antonia.
    • Kio runs into Eris, who's being three times as energetic as normal, due to a whiff of catnip, and going into her first mating season making her 'go nuts' at such stimuli - she even needed a taser shock to calm down. Then a discussion about having a partner for that ensues, which Kio eventually just runs away from:
    Dr. Durel: Are you sure you want him to be with him?
    Eris: (blushing) Yes. Without a doubt, Kio is the bravest person that I've ever known.
    Dr. Durel: (slightly amused) He wasn't all that brave just then.
  • Ep. 5, Almost everything about the flamboyant famous director, who puts Aoi and Manami into Stripperific bunny suits, as part of their roles.
    • Sarah goes to fight, but soon runs into the electronic-warfare Assistroid... cuteness soon ensures for her.
    Narrator: Executive Officer Sarah is a sucker for cats and all things cute. As a result, she left a career as an up-and-coming SAS officer elite, and ended up a cult member on a boat full of lunatics.
  • Ep. 6, The Caitian staff have an important meeting while sampling Earth's 'steam baths' in the holodeck, but because of their cat anatomy, it's not to everyone's tastes. So they move to the next stimulation to cool off... and are immediately surrounded by a heavy blizzard. Hilarity Ensues
    • Eris meanwhile is still in her mating session, and reacts instinctively to any mention rated to it - she first comes onto Kio when he mentions opening up a virgin (tape), and then the second incident's right in front of his teacher, and the film club.
    • And then, Chaika cheerfully mentions to Aoi and Manami what else the holodeck can be used for, to which they vehemently deny out of embarrassment.
  • Ep. 7, Itokazu's deadpan tone when introducing Eris, along with Antonia's incredibly-long name, to her class even as her eyebrow twitches in the latter's case. And for that matter, the fact that Antonia (plus her bodyguards) having bread hanging from their mouths in this introduction, as a mistaken aspect taken from a Shoujo manga - almost as if she caught Eris' perchance for misunderstanding cultural references. And of course, having them along just leads to a number of Serious Business aspects: bodyguarding anyone who comes close, an armed escort on their trip (with one Assistroid having to ride with Sarah, with Maya feeling sorry for that unlucky one), among other things.
    • While the girls are getting ready in swimsuits, the two other guys of film club still have their teenage hormones:
    "If I could be in that tent right now, I swear I could die with no regrets."
    "You'd be dead long before you got that far; those sexy maids would shoot you without thinking twice."
    • And speaking of the swimsuits, since they were designed to be 'Eris-first', they all have tail holes prepared. They don't realize this until the guys react, one of the girl's bikini bottoms having been put-on backwards.
  • Ep. 9, When her Assistroid asks for time off to see Lawry, Antonia thinks that's reasonable, but this goes over badly with Sarah.
    Maya: (a little annoyed) Stop being dramatic; it's only three days, not forever.
    Sarah: I can't handle it! Not for three hours, not for three minutes, not for three seconds! I'll die without Kitty!
    • Ichika hates it when someone insults Captain Future.
    Ichika: (pouting, then to the nodding Itokazu) These kids today; no concept of greatness anymore.

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