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  • The arm-wrestling matches to get Gil's hat back.
  • Oz, Alice, Gil, and Oscar sneak into Ada's school... because Oscar is worried about Ada having a crush.
    • Also Gil the womanizer.
  • Chapter 28 when everyone gets sloshed on Uncle Oscar's killer wine. Clearly, Gil, Alice and Sharon can't hold their liquor.
  • Reim makes funny faces at the blind Break, only to get kicked in the head for his troubles.
  • Chapter 46 reveals Ada's interest in the occult, totally freaking Vince out and hilariously reducing him into a trembling heap when she continued going on about it for another 5 hours.
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  • Episode 20, where they all get drunk.
  • Gilbert in Wonderland, which is about young!Gilbert in a dress and his adventures in Wonderland.
  • This scene from episode 3 where Oz is eating cookies and gets hit in the head with a book thrown by Alice when he ignores her.
  • Break wants Gilbert to make some tea.
  • Alice gets woken up by Break.
  • Break leaving through a cupboard. Also a moment of awesome.
  • Anytime Gilbert and Alice get into a Lover Tug-of-War over Oz.
  • Gil's fear of cats is hilarious.
  • Sharon's beat down of Break.
  • Gilbert's nickname of "Seaweed head" and how Gilbert always calls Alice "baka-usagi" (stupid rabbit). And how they always argue.
  • The second omake.
  • This kind of relationship annoys the heck out of me.
  • Alice "kissing" an upset Oz on the cheek. She's actually biting him. Hard.
  • Chapter 3: Oz calling Alice a "sexual harassment girl" and Alice kicking him in retaliation.
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  • Anytime sweet and innocent Sharon hits someone with her Paper Fan of Doom.
  • In the second omake Gil is supposed to be flirting with Alice but he makes a big soulful declaration to Oz instead and Alice kicks him away stating that Oz is her property. Also her reaction, biting the table while saying "Just die, you clown!" to Break when he tries to flirt with her to treat her like a lady.
  • From the Retrace 42.5 Drama CD: According to Leo, Elliot is apparently a Covert Pervert.
    Leo: For the record, what about [your ideal woman’s] taste in underwear colour?
    Elliot: Ivory with black— so irresistible! Hey, what are you trying to make me say!?
    • Not that Leo is any better. A recap shows him reading an ero book and in the omake that came with the above Drama CD, when Oz was asking around about the sexual preferences of the men in vicinity, Leo's answer was a censor-riddled explanation why he Likes Older Women.
  • Pictures speak a thousand words.
  • Alice playing around with stuffed rabbit Oz counts as this, as well as a Crowning Moment Of Cute. This video summarizes Alice's playfulness with Oz quite well.
  • Really, whether it be the manga or anime omake, they are sure to be this.
    • Oz and Break discussing a different hairstyle for Gilbert. Among the styles were Mohawk and bald...
    • Lottie decides that she, Fang and Dug should disguise themselves as Latowidge students. At this, Fang comments that he has never thought that he would wear a school uniform at his age, though the thought does make him blush. Cue Lottie having an Imagine Spot with Fang and Dug in said uniforms and telling them not to do so, thus saving the readers from the presumed need of Brain Bleach.
    • In the Volume 15 omake, apparently, Glen without long lashes is as disastrous as Gilbert without his "Uke" and Oz without his banana.
  • Gil shows up looking all cool and composed at Yura's party... and then Break and Reim's vision reveals him to be panicking from all the attention he's getting.
  • Whenever Yura is not being Nightmare Fuel or a Manipulative Bastard, he is this.
  • Retrace 52: Lotti vs. Yura. Ends with Leon stomping Yura face down one panel later. Lotti's and Leon's faces the panel after are also pretty good.
  • In comparison to how depressing the recent chapters have become, the recaps still end up staying this way. Special mention goes to a couple of Art Shifted ones, with Retrace 71's recap showing Jack at his "prettiest" and Retrace 72's, which looks like something right out of the most Hot-Blooded Shounen you'll ever see.
    • Also notable is Rufus' recap page, where he talks about waiting for 7 years (the amount of time the series had been in syndication) for his time in the spotlight and imagines the jealousy it will bring to Sheryl. Rufus interrupts him to tell him that the next chapter will be an extra omake chapter and Rufus has been given 0 page time.
  • The Volume 17 omake comics are all this.
    • The reason why Lacie was wearing a summer dress in the middle of winter was so Oswald would feel guilty for having let his sister get a cold. It failed because she stayed lively and without a cold in the end.
    • As for the reason why Lacie and Oswald fought in the first place, it was because Oswald went easy on Lacie on a chess game to let her win and give her the satisfaction of victory for once. Lacie took his good intentions the wrong way, flipped the chessboard and table, and went on her merry way.
  • Every tankoban volume release has a cover flap dedicated to the author's musings about various topics and a picture which features her Author Avatar, a black cat with a mustache, being tortured in one way or another by various characters.
  • "FOREHEAD ATTACK!" - Break, naturally.
  • A minor moment at the beginning of Chapter 88. A member of Pandora is carrying Sheryl, given how she's a cripple. He has a small thought bubble, "I hope Duke Barma doesn't find out I'm doing this."
    • Becomes a Brick Joke later, when Reim is the one to carry Sheryl and you can see that same Pandora member in the background yelling, "Reim-san, Duke Barma will kill you if he catches wind of this!"
  • The faces Vincent and Leo make when they find out Duke Barma is still alive.

Caucus Race Novels

  • Oswald hates cherry tomatoes so much that, when his sister makes him eat a bowl of them in punishment, he has Baskerville servants line up for him to offload them.
  • Ada attempts to befriend the villain of the Black Widow story. It ends with the Great Mother learning the scriptures she built an entire cult around are fake, and Vincent getting re-traumatized by Ada's hobby.


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