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Because with a plot like this, how could anyone NOT get confused?

  • Why does Oz have an incuse when he is the chain?
    • Oz doesn't. It's Jack's, the result of his contract with Oz the B-rabbit, and it reappeared when Oz made contact with Alice and thus was in possession of his B-rabbit power once more.
    • This is for the short explanation, the long one could be hard to follow, as the manga stated over and over again that Oz and Alice's contract was a very peculiar one. Basically, it starts the day of the Tragedy of Sablier when Jack makes an illegal contract with Oz the B-rabbit. After committing suicide, Alice's soul, separated from her body, instead of going through the 100 years cycle like all humans, takes over Oz's body and consequently his power, effectively breaking his contract with Jack. She then falls into the Abyss as "Alice the B-rabbit". Oz is then separated into two pieces, his soul is contained in Jack's body while his body contains Alice's soul. 90 years later, Oz, a chain's soul in a human body (Jack's), is dropped into the Abyss and makes a contract with Alice, a human soul in a chain body (Oz's). Under Jack's guidance (after he gets back a part of his soul), Oz gets back his power into his and Jack's body, slowly making the contract go from between Alice (chain) and Oz (human) to between Jack (human) and Oz (chain), as Alice reverts back to a simple human (but her body is still that of a chain and is proven to be so as her physical presence in the world is dependent of Oz). The final arrangement of this mess is that both contractor (Jack) and chain (Oz) are in one body (Jack's), while Oz's chain body is used to contain Alice's human soul (and takes her human form). When Oz rejects Alice after getting shot by Gil, it has no incidence on his contract, meaning that by this time, it was already no longer a contract between Alice and Oz.
  • How does Kevin Legnard's story still exist? If Break changed the past that resulted in the entire Sinclair family dying differently and him never becoming a contractor, why do people still know about him and what he did? I know this'll end up sounding like a Grandfather Paradox but what happened to the Kevin Legnard of the new timeline where the first attack never happened? (Should we assume that Xerxes Break exists outside of this timeline or something?)
    • the Intention only changed things for the family. So as far as history knows five years before the slaughter of House Sinclair, the specter killed for year and vanished. when the specter stopped killing the Sinclair knight, Kevin, had vanished and Pandora put two and two together. Thats my theory.
  • What is Echo, really? So her name is actually Duldum, the same as Noise's Chain. Does that make her a split personality as well as a Chain? And what is the chain's real name, Duldee or Duldum? Or they actually... two chains???
    • According to Retrace 89, Noise is the original identity of the body. The chain's name is Duldee and the split personality it creates is called Duldum. Noise's nickname for Duldum is Echo (so Echo=Duldum. Whether that makes her a chain or a split personality is up to you I guess...) I think it works like this: Duldee is the chain. However it's a unique chain (like Humpty Dumpty in a way) in that it takes over it's contractor. However, since the strain is too great and drives the contractor insane, Duldee creates Duldum to use as the medium instead. So Echo is Duldum and Zwei is Duldee-possessed Duldum...maybe?
  • So, since Elliot was the Red Herring for Glen's reincarnation, why did he collapse in Sablier right before Zai turns up, when we've just gotten another flash of the events of the Tragedy? It certainly implies him or being Glen...
    • Mochizaki hadn't figured it out yet?
    • Elliot might not be Glen, but remember, he was almost killed by Humpty Dumpty there. That scene was likely humpty suppressing the memory brought on by returning to the place where Elliot nearly died.
  • When did Gilbert leave the Nightray manor? According to Vincent, he left for good after the Head Hunter targeted him (and killed the people he was with) which occurred after the deaths of Claude and Ernest. Yet their deaths happened after Gil's poisoning (since they were the actual culprits) and when Leo was already Elliot's valet (since they were plotting to kill him after they bumped off their adopted brothers). However, according to Elliot, when he was trying to get Leo accepted, Gil had already left the Nightray manor. So when did Gilbert leave and when did Leo become Elliot's valet?
    • When Gilbert joined the Nightray family, it was under the express purpose of becoming Raven's contractor to save Oz. It took him years, and judging by the ages in the flashbacks about it, Gilbert finally succeeded just before he left the Nightray home. It's likely Gilbert left the mansion as soon as he could after gaining Raven, given that other than Elliot, he wasn't really comfortable around anyone else there, and they also probably wouldn't support his intentions to rescue a Vessalius if they found out about them. The poisoning incident gave him the excuse he needed to leave. Vincent's testimony conflicts with this, but Vincent has been an Unreliable Narrator before when it suits him. I believe there was also a moment when he claimed to have been the one to poison Gilbert in order to remove his brother from suspicion, though I'd have to reread to remember which was the truth.
  • Where did Ada come from? Oz's mother is dead and there's no evidence to suggest his father remarried.
    • Simple, the mother died after Ada was born.
  • Why didn't the Baskervilles break Noise's contract when they saw she couldn't handle it, instead of locking her up? Certainly a Glen at the height of the Baservilles' power could do that.
    • Actually, he couldn't. Baskerville contracts last until the chain or contractor dies, and the death of the chain is implied to take the contractor with it.

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