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  • The friendship scene, where Alice declares that Oz, Gil, and Break are all part of her Nakama. Gil and Oz precede to pull Break into a wonderfully awkward bro-hug.
  • Retrace XXXIII: Echo of Noise has Oz celebrating a festival with Echo.
  • Alice "kissing" an upset Oz on the cheek. It can also count as hilarious since she's actually biting him. Hard.
  • That cute little scene in Chapter 12 where a concerned Sharon offers a few words of comfort to a sad and rain-drenched Gilbert. Did we mention she dries his hair for him? Adorable.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the Unbirthday chapter, but special mention goes to:
    • Elliot finally admitting defeat and acknowledging Oz as a friend.
    • Oz spots Echo and pulls her into the party.
    • Oscar calls Oz his son, and the whole thing with the camera
  • Oscar finally meets up with Oz and Gil after ten years of separation. His reaction? BEAR HUG.
  • Retrace XXIV: Oz and Ada meeting after ten years of separation.
  • Retrace XLIII, when Reim starts on Break's reports because Break is almost completely blind now, Break nods and says it's Reim's job as an adviser to the house, at which Reim gets angry and yells at him that it's not that, it's because he's his friend.
  • When Sharon is trying to teach Break to dance with her at Oz's second ceremony, he finally admits to her that he's gone almost completely blind. Her reaction? She smiles, offers her hand, and say's she'll just have to teach him one step at a time.
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  • Elliot's bitchslap exchange and bonding session with his sister Vanessa... right before Humpty Dumpty takes him over to behead her.
  • Ada telling Vincent that she will always be by his side. It seems to have touched him a little bit.
  • In Retrace 55, Gil pulling a Big Damn Heroes in Break's fight and introducing himself as "that idiot's left eye", talking about Break. For the two of them, that's really effing heartwarming.
  • The whole of the retrace Lily and Reim. Except for when Reim shoots Lily in the head.
  • "Reim... I'm glad... you're alive."
  • From Retrace 61: Learning that Vincent really loved Elliot all along, and comforted him in his final moments, and killed Duke Nightray because he didn't care about his son's life. Then his admission of his true goal, which is to erase himself from existence to make Gil happier.
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  • Also from Retrace 61: Elliot's last words were "I'm sorry, Leo."
  • Gil taking a bullet for Vincent in Retrace 65. Also, Retrace 65 features Vincent saying in response to Gilbert asking why he's working with the Baskerville's and why he's the headhunter: "I'm doing it all...for you. You know, brother...To me there's no one more important than you. I like you. I love you! That's why...I'd do anything to make you happy."
  • And in chapter 50 Elliot and Leo get into a fight and Elliot has a flashback where he remembers when he chose Leo to be his servant. "I think my servant should be someone as irritating as you. You are what I've always been looking for. Someone I can speak to openly. My friend and equal." He then gives a warm smile and offers his hand to Leo.
    • Elliot dedicating the composition Statice to Leo as a sign of friendship (which the latter liked while regarding it as cheesy), especially when you consider the fact that it was supposed to be for the former's mother's birthday.
    • "Elliot was always noble-minded and unyielding. That is probably why... someone like me, who was your exact opposite accepted your offer, to be by your side." Said by a Face Heel Turned Leo in Retrace 63, in which by that time, Elliot's already kicked the bucket.
  • In Retrace 67, Jack's face when he sees Lacie again after 8 years of searching is simply adorable.
  • In Retrace 68, Young Gil telling a Young Vincent "Don't worry. No matter what happens I'll always be there to protect you."
  • In Retrace 23 we have Break kissing Sharon's head.
  • In Retrace 35 Oz saying to Gil: "I'm your master. Even if you trip and fall, I'll be by your side to support you!"
  • In Chapter 60 when Sharon invites Gil to have tea with her and tells him "crying when you should... is important too, no?" which prompts him to confess exactly why he can't do that. Gilbert even loses it a little bit. The whole scene is very moving and tender - the fact that Sharon uses this facial expression on Gilbert makes it all the more touching.
  • In chapter 62, Break's response to Sharon chewing him out for being a good-for-nothing lone wolf.
  • Alice is fond enough of Oswald to imitate his pattern of speech and name stuffed toy!Oz after him.
  • In chapter 74 Alice showing again that she really does care about Oz because she doesn't want Jack to mess with him and saying about Oz "I'll protect you with my own hands!"
  • The flashback depicting a young Rufus Barma presenting Cheryl Rainsworth with a pair of earrings (more specifically the exact pair she is always seen wearing). Not only does Cheryl look way prettier in her twenties, Rufus also happens to be making the most awkward facial expression in the history of forever. Precious.
  • In Chapter 74, wherein Oz thinks of what Alice was to him before the Tragedy of Sablier. She gave him a name, made him who he was, and to him she was his most important person. Also note his love for Lacie, who gave him a beginning.
  • When Oswald and Jack are at each others throats during the Tragedy of Sablier, all little Gil wants them to do is stop fighting.
  • In Chapter 74, when Alice begins to cry and asks Jack how he can be so utterly unaffected by what he's done. She goes on to demand why he can't hear Oz screaming through his tears. This is made all the more heart-breaking when we see Oz crying for help. In minutes, Alice is driven to suicide to save Oz (and the world), but before she goes she looks away from Jack and speaks to Oz with such a loving, caring expression you can't not be moved to tears. If that's not enough, she then says: "Oz. You have been by our side since the very beginning. Having you with me... made me extremely happy. Thank you."
  • A real Tear Jerker when Alice screams she won't let anybody take away what's hers and that she would protect Oz with her own hands just before she kills herself.
  • Oz's flashback at the start of Chapter 75, when he tells Gil that he wants him to learn to call him just 'Oz' by the time they're grown up. Massive chibi cuteness overload!
  • Oscar in Chapter 75. It's brief but he has a carriage prepared for Ada, knowing she's the only one he can save now.
  • In Chapter 69, it's extraordinarily sweet to see Levi talking about Alice as his own. It's even more heart-warming when he tries to come up with a name for the other twin. Just as he's about to decide upon the Intention of the Abyss, he says with a distant smile: "Lacie would kill me."
  • Oswald saying that if Lacie goes, he'll be lonely. Further still, Lacie's memories, wherein it's revealed that she never thought it would be this lonely without Jack.
  • "Oz! You're a very special person to me. You're a very good friend. So please... promise me that, when I'm in trouble, or if there are people that want to hurt me, you will come and save me!"
  • In one of the omake that came with Caucus Race II, Leo starts feeling upset because not only does no one but him really remember the orphans who died in Sablier, but also earlier that day, Elliot claimed that he was the one who composed Lacie, whereas Leo was the one who composed it and gave it to him, and when he asked Elliot about that, the response he got was confusion. Elliot's response? Playing Statice for Leo and mentioning that he will use the bookmark he (Leo) gave him once the last volume of Holy Knight comes out. This resulted in Leo flashing a big, adorable smile and saying he'd really like that.
  • When it turns out in Chapter 76 that Alice and the Intention of the Abyss actually don't hate each other. Alice both killed herself and became B-Rabbit to protect Oz and her sister. Their relationship seemed to be pretty cool and sweet before Jack came along.
  • Jack's face in Chapter 76 when he thinks, for a moment, that Alice is still alive. He's hoping for really bad reasons, but it's still a little bit heart-warming.
  • Retrace 77: Young Vincent, despite his hatred for Alice, still ended up asking Jack if she's okay after seeing her corpse.
    • In the same chapter, after Oz has had what could easily be one of the worst days of his life, Echo comes and abandons her Emotionless Girl demeanor to cheer him up.
  • Retrace 78 has a few, including the indisputably biggest heartwarming moment of the entire series: Just as Glen is about to execute Oz, Gil shows up to protect him, having severed his own arm to free himself from Glen's control. He then tells Oz that he will always be his faithful servant and that "that won't change. No matter what you do... No matter what you say... That is not going to change. Not in the least!". And then he finally calls him "Oz", something that Oz had requested that he become able to do by the time they became grown-ups.
    • Another instance: After learning that Oz is actually the chain B-rabbit, Echo suddenly leans forward and hugs him!
    • Jack's realization, on seeing Oswald-Glen's beheaded corpse, that he did this to his best friend shows that (at least at one point) he really did care for him. He even appears to be crying as he cradles Oswald's severed head in the ruins of Sablier.
    • Despite how the two have treated each other up to this point, Break and Gil have an unshakable faith in each other. In the face of his execution, Break tells Lily that his execution will not happen, because Oz's execution will fail. Why? Because even after Gil has regained his memories and shot Oz, Break is completely sure that Gil's faith lies with Oz. And he's right.
  • Retrace 79 is full of these, all courtesy of Gil.
    • "I even ended up resenting you, and I felt so bad about it I wanted to die. But all that is part of what I am. It's part of me. All of it. It's something I won't give up! Vince, I... I'm glad you were always by my side!"
    • "What, exactly is real, Oz?" -said with a calm, slightly quizzical face and absolute sincerity. And everything else in that scene.
    • For the record this is what it looks like when Gil laughs happily.
  • After the events of Isla Yura, there's a mini-breather moment where Oz, Alice, and Gilbert reflect on how they are dealing with their grief. Alice thinks about how she's tried to cheer them up and there's a panel of her chasing Gilbert in order to 'bite his cheek. This is her way of comforting people, and the fact that she's doing it for Gilbert is a sign of just how far the two have come and how she's accepted him as part of her nakama.
  • From Retrace LXXXI: Oscar finally deciding where his loyalties lie after Gil's Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to Jack.
    Oscar: [about Oz and Ada] "I've really done nothing... but be protected by these children."
  • Retrace 82.
    Oscar: I wish for you to be happy, Oz.
  • This group hug in Chapter 82 just made me want to wrap this moment in a bubble because throughout the whole series there have been pats on the head, exchanging of Gilbert’s hat, and Alice biting faces, but nothing as emotional as this. And after those last few chapters they deserved it.
    • It's also great that as soon as Gil hugs them, Alice asks what happened to his arm. She really does care.
  • The omake (Chapter 88.5) set right before the group departs from Lutwidge Academy back to Pandora deals with the consequences of Gil losing his arm. From start to finish, it's a heartwarming display of how much Oz, Gil, and Alice have come together as a trio.
  • Lottie's Heel–Face Turn in Retrace 93 is pretty heartwarming when she finally decides to stop trying to figure out if she should value her loyalty to Glen more than her sense of right and wrong, and she decides to stop Glen, both for the world's sake and to prevent him from doing something that he would regret. Even more heartwarming, however, are her words to Break:
    ''In the end, we didn't get the chance to fight side by side. I will watch over that boy on your behalf until the very end. So you can rest in peace. May your soul... return to this Earth, once it has completed its hundred-year cycle.
    • Lottie reflecting on Fang's death. She tells Lily that even though she was sad to lose her friend, she was also relieved because he went out with a smile, as if he had finally been freed from the burden that all Baskervilles bear during their lives.
  • In the wake of the Baskervilles' Heel–Face Turn, Lily and Reim finally reconcile and, now that they're on the same side, actually become friends.
  • The main trio becoming genuine ¡Three Amigos! and True Companions along with Break and Sharon over the course of the story in general.
  • Retrace 96 - Disagree:
    • Ada's conversation with the memory of a younger Vincent, where she tells him that one day he will be somebody important to her and gives him a hug and a kiss on the forehead, telling him to come and find her in his future. One of the most heartwarming moments in the manga for this troper.
    • Gilbert telling Vincent that he does not want him to disappear and that he is who he is today because he had Vincent in his life. Even after everything Vincent has done, his brother loves him.
  • Ada's Anguished Declaration of Love to Vincent.
  • Retrace CIII - Call Your Name;
    • Jack FINALLY understanding what Lacie really wanted and telling the Intention of the Abyss the truth about himself and what he intended, rather than lying and asking her to destroy the world. It isn't redemption, but it's a first step.
    • The Intention's response to Jack telling her the truth. She isn't mad, she isn't upset, she's just overjoyed that Jack is there because she loves him and has wanted to meet him for so long. Her wish, one of the series's great mysteries, is finally revealed; she wanted to meet the man she loved.
      • And as if the sweetness of that moment's writing wasn't enough, the art is just as heartwarming; seeing the Intention smiling for real with tears in her eyes, not a psychotic grin or an amused smirk, but a real honest smile for the first time is just heartmelting.
    • Leo asking Eliot to lend him his strength before summoning Jabberwock.
  • The epilogue portion of Retrace CIV:
    • Leo and the Baskervilles' deciding to have the Core inhabit a vessel (Jack's empty body, volunteered by the man himself) so it/she could communicate with them. Leo resolves to make sure the Core isn't lonely anymore.
      • Gains another level of heartwarming when one considers the reason Oz was born. Lacie brought him into the Abyss so the Core wouldn't be lonely when she wasn't there. Over a century after her death, the Lacie's wish is finally being fulfilled.
    • Lily appears to have been adopted by Riem and Shanon.
    • Gilbert promised to wait those hundred years for Oz and Alice to be reborn after their deaths, and indeed waited those hundred years. After his years of loyal waiting, his brother manages to find their reincarnations, and they all embrace lovingly in front of Lacie's grave, finally free from their pasts to move into the future. It doubles as tragic, because the two of them return as near-strangers, having been reincarnated into different, brand-new lives. They don't even seem to entirely understand why they cry upon seeing him again.
    Gilbert: Welcome home!

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