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  • Fan Nickname:
    • The Intention of the Abyss is called Alyss or White!Alice by many fans.
    • The author of the series, Jun Mochizuki, frequently has her name shortened to "Mochijun" by the fans.
    • Elliot was also referred to as Elly by some of the fanbase, even before Mochizuki commenced usage of the pet name herself.
    • Isla Yura will probably never be known to the English-speaking fandom as anything other than "Creeper".
    • Some fans have begun referring to post-Elliot's-death Leo as "Gleo" after it is revealed that he is the next incarnation of Glen Baskerville.
  • I Knew It!:
    • The fandom's general reaction in Retrace LI when it's revealed that Reim is the contractor of the chain 'March Hare'. Mochizuki was not exactly subtle in hinting this.
    • Retrace LVI, in which Reim is revealed to be alive and kickin'. Turns out that March Hare's power is faking death. Guaranteed, this theory showed up at least once in every PH forum on the Web. For the most part, the fandom was pleasantly surprised that they were right.
    • Retrace LXIX, which confirms the assumption that Alice and the Intention of the Abyss are the children of Lacie.
    • Jossed: A lot of people were guessing that Elliot Nightray would be Glen Baskerville's next vessel, from several hints. Retrace LVIII disproved this theory.
      • A lot of people were also guessing that B-Rabbit was a chain that turned its contractor into the next B-Rabbit, hence the mention of B-Rabbit always "ending" its own contractor, Alice being human 100 years ago, and Oz slowly gaining B-Rabbit's powers from her in the present. Retrace LXX through LXXIV inverts that hypothesis, with Oz being revealed to be the original Chain B-Rabbit whom Alice stole her powers from.
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  • Old Shame: Jun Mochizuki admitted that the prototype version of Pandora Hearts is an old shame for her but when fans liked the story, she decided to continue it, making changes to the story to the one that we have today.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The prototype version of Pandora Hearts reveals that Gilbert is supposed to be the main character with Oz as a supporting one. The Chains are called Abyss instead. Reim is a priest possessed by an abyss. B-Rabbit is female, just like in the main story and she can possess Oz from time to time.
    • It was revealed in the art book There Is that Oz was originally planned to be a girl named Tale cross-dressing as a boy and Gilbert was a retired killer. This early version included a love triangle between Tale, Gilbert, and a dark-haired woman from Gilbert's past.
    • Glen seems to be based on the 'King of hearts' character in chapter 0, based on the silhouette.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Pandora Hearts Wiki.


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