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  • Her Nippon friends are convinced that Yumi is an idiot.
    Redhead friend:She always think out of the box. There's a fine line between an idiot and a genius. So maybe...
    Bluehair friend: No, she's an idiot.
    Redhead friend: Definitely.
  • Yumi plans to visit Amerigo from Nippon...using the local train.
  • One of the DIs searching for prohibited contents in the recruit's stumble on Donna's stash of slash doujinshis.
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  • Linda thought Yumi was a lesbian.
  • The reactions to the "Rectal Rocket" here.
  • The whole scene with the BCG (Birth Control Glasses)
    Yumi: "BCG no hide your boobs."
  • Pretty much all the scenes where Yumi takes an interest in Linda's "soft water balloons".
  • Yumi's idea of the Marine Corps being a naval unit...involves playing with dolphins!
  • Donna swearing vengeance on a bayonet dummy
  • During a 3-mile run, while all the other characters motivate themselves with their thoughts, we get this gem.
    Yumi: " did I get here?"
    • Also dolphins again.
  • Sexy Pose
  • Anytime the DIs give an inspring speech and Donna contradicting said speeches in her thoughts.
    • Which ends with a DIs hitting Donna with a canteen for her trouble.
  • The Pool Arc here.
    DIs :"You'll jump in the pool!"
    *Cue Yumi thoughts of a pool party with swim suits and all*
    Rita:It's not as fun as you think, okay?
    • As a matter of fact: Donna barely passing Class 4 in swimming. (Swim in one place for 5 minutes)
  • Donna and Rita showing off the influence the Marine Corps has on them.
    Donna and Rita:"We've been totally brainwashed!"
    • Cue a DI smiling as if it was intended.
  • Donna's go full Yaoi Fangirl in her free time.
    Donna:"Or write like hell! There's a boatload of gay story ideas in the military!"
  • Marines don't get to play with dolphins. (The navy gets to do that)
  • A male recruit accidentally calls a female DI a "sir". Prompting this response.
    Female DI:"DO I LOOK LIKE A MAN?!"
    Everyone in room (Thinking):"YES!"
  • Rita's a cyborg
    • She's just kidding.
  • Meet Moto-Rock Perch, and thank God you don't work with him.
  • Yumi's birth. All of it.

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