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  • Chapter 1:
    • Laios suggested eating monsters. Marcille's reaction? She refused it so hard she started breakdancing. This is the first of her many, many freakouts over Laios's antics.
    • When Laios pointed out that some of the monsters they'd seen looked pretty tasty, Chilchuck imagines a living tree, a giant fish...and a white bunny rabbit. Apparently the dungeon has killer rabbits.
    • When Laios is about to add the giant scorpion to the pot, Marcille wonders if it's safe to eat because of the poison. Laios says it's fine, bites the tail, and immediately throws up.
    • When Senshi joined the party he mentioned cooking a Red Dragon is his dream. Note that the dragon they're hunting is the one that just ate Falin. The party pondered whether it counts as cannibalism or not.
    • Senshi makes sure to tell Laios, Chilchuck and Marcille that his portable slime drying rack is "patent pending".
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    • We learn from the omake that walking mushrooms are very popular among monster enthusiasts. Laios shows Marcille a book about a man who ate walking mushroom every day. The picture shows he's transformed into some kind of mutated mushroom golem. Marcille screams that she will never eat walking mushroom again!
  • Chapter 2:
    • Marcille is delighted when Senshi tells her it's the season for fruit, since it means they won't have to eat monsters again. Cut to Senshi's "fruit"...which is growing on monstrous man-eating plants. Marcille is appropriately furious.
    • Marcille is attacked by the plants and Laios saved her, then asked whether being wrapped up by a parasitic plant's vines felt good or not. Cue look of extreme disgust from Marcille.
    • Laios attempts to keep some of the plant seeds but Marcille catches him. Cue her burning them with a hilariously deadpan look on her face while Laios wails in the background.
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    • Team Touden stumble on a dead corpse hunter (they comment on the irony) and want to make sure he's visible so someone will find and revive him. So they tie him to a tree and hoist him up. It's about as dignified as it sounds. Chilchuck even comments that he looks like they lynched him.
    • In the omake we see that apparently Laios managed to hide some man-eating plant seeds after all and has grown them into a small potted plant. He excitedly exposites to Marcille how the plants could have countless uses and benefits to humanity. Marcille sets the plant on fire.
  • Chapter 3:
    • Team Touden watches the newbie party get attacked by a basilisk and Laios solemly comments that running from it that way was the worst thing they could do. Marcille deadpans that if that's true, why doesn't he go help them?
    • When Laios takes her advice and does go to help, his method is to make a Nightmare Face and scream at the monster while waving his arms. Chilchuck and Marcille agree to pretend they don't know him.
    • Senshi being leery of giving the antidote herbs to one of the newbie party because he planned to use it in their meal and it's too early for lunch. Laios and Marcille practically start dancing to try and convince him they're hungry enough to eat now. Senshi is pleased by their hearty appetites.
    • Marcille accidentally trying to cast a healing spell with a chicken (basilisk) leg.
    • The newbie team vow to get strong like Team Touden...and a few days later suffer a Total Party Kill from man-eating plants.
  • Chapter 4:
    • Marcille's reactions as Chilchuck and Laios point out how inefficient her method of collecting mandrakes is.
    • When Senshi simply uproots a mandrake and cuts off its head before it can scream, Marcille's shriek is enough to stun Laios and Chilchuck. The look on their faces is priceless.
    • Marcille's expression after the dead giant bat falls on her.
    • It turns out that Marcille's way of harvesting mandrakes makes them taste better. To show his gratitude for teaching him something new, Senshi offers Marcille the most nutritious part of the meal: the mandrake's head. Cue another Freak Out! from the poor elf girl.
  • Chapter 5:
    • The cover illustration starts this chapter out strong: Chilchuck is patiently working to unlock a chest, and his teammates cheer him on... From about ten feet away. Just to be safe.
    • After Chilchuck teaches him a little about flamethrower traps, Senshi's immediate response is to start planning how to use their fuel to make fried food. Chilchuck's completely shellshocked expression when he informs Senshi that the stuff is "100% not meant for cooking" is priceless.
  • Chapter 7:
    • After musing how he should cook the mollusc-like creatures inside the living armor, Senshi decides to steam the "head" (meaning the helmet of the egg-laying armor). Cue him just plonking the helmet onto a pot and Chilchuck giving it an extremely freaked out look.
    • When the living armor is ready to eat, Laios notices the rest of the team giving him deadpan stares. They tell him eating it was his idea, so he goes first. Being Laios, he's only too happy to. They mutter together that if he dies, they should just leave him.
  • Chapter 8:
    • Laios begging Marcille to teach him how to make a golem. She tells him not a chance. Chilchuck wonders what the heck he'd even use it for.
    • The Beat Panel where Marcille, Laios and Chilchuck realize why the toilets in that area of the dungeon are so well taken care of and just where Senshi gets his fertilizer for the golems. Needless to say, the two are connected.
  • Chapter 9:
    • The very first panel is one, with Team Touden struggling to carry all the food they harvested from the golems. Laios's armor is stuffed with cabbages and carrots and Marcille has a cabbage stuck in the hole in her staff.
    • The seedy merchant's reaction when Laios tells him they want to trade vegetables. After a Beat Panel that seems to say: "Seriously...?" he melts down completely and just starts screaming at them to get out.
    • When it turns out Senshi's "plan" was... to make bread. The others start yelling at him and Chilchuck even yanks on his beard.
    • At the orc village, Team Touden is put into a pen and Senshi starts to make bread. He gives it to Chilchuck to knead when Zon comes over to give a "history lesson" to his son on the war between the orcs and the other races. When Marcille and Zon get into an argument, Chilchuck tries to calm Marcille down and Zon yells at him to stay out of it, while Senshi simultaneously yells at him for his poor kneading technique. Poor halfling!
    • The =___= face Chilchuck makes as Zon and Marcille keep on arguing.
    • In the omake, Zon points out his wives and asks if Laios finds them ugly because of the different standards of beauty between orcs and humans. Laios is a bit too enthusiastic in his denials and Zon almost squishes him for it.
  • Chapter 10:
    • The Beat Panel where Marcille realizes the treasures are actually treasure bugs. You can almost see the "NOPE" in her eyes.
    • Senshi separates the edible treasure bugs from the inedibles. After they eat, Marcille and Chilchuck ask if they should just throw out the inedible ones. Senshi says yes. As they're throwing them away, they ask Senshi what's wrong with the inedible ones; are they poisonous? Senshi just says that obviously you can't eat actual treasure. Cue Marcille and Chilchuck freaking out.
      Marcille: Tell us that before we throw them away!
    • In the omake Marcille and Chilchuck find out that the treasure bugs they just ate could have been sold to collectors for a high price. Cue them freaking out again.
  • Chapter 12:
    • When Laios tells the group his idea to eat the food in magic paintings, Marcille has an Imagine Spot of him and the woman in the painting getting in a slap fight over her bunch of grapes.
    • Laios getting beaned in the back of the head with a broom by an old woman after he jumps into another painting. His eyes even bug out like a cartoon character.
    • When Laios finally manages to get to some food in yet another painting, one of a sombre dinner when the new king is being crowned after the sudden death of his father, he proceeds to stuff his face like crazy. The expression of the man sitting next to him is priceless.
  • Chapter 13:
    • Chilchuck's flashback to the first time he encountered a mimic. He opens the chest with a huge beam on his face...which stays fixed there as the thing stabs him in the neck, killing him.
    • When Chilchuck finally tells the others his age: 28. Senshi and Marcille still think he's a kid, while Laios is in awe and even calls him "Mr. Chilchuck". The halfling is suitably irritated.
  • Chapter 14:
    • Marcille is looking forward to washing her hair and says Senshi is probably feeling the same about his beard. One Beat Panel later and Marcille has pounced on him and is demanding to know when he last washed.
    • Then she tells him he can share her soap and afterwards she'll braid his beard. Cue Imagine Spot from Laios and Chilchuck as they picture Senshi surrounded by flowers and sparkles, with his beard in pigtails.
    • Senshi throwing a tantrum like a little kid when Marcille tells him they'll need to use magic to cross the water. What makes it even better is his expression doesn't change from its usual stoic stare even as he's flailing about.
    • Senshi's appearance after Marcille washes his beard. Both she and Chilchuck are freaked out and Chilchuck even asks falteringly if Senshi will ever go back to normal. When the beard dries, it goes from hanging straight down to poofing out so big it's almost as wide as Senshi is tall!
    • During Laios's explanation of why charming monsters are bad, there's a picture of him being enchanted by a kelpie...followed by Falin chasing it with a mace. Evidently, his knowledge came from experience.
  • Chapter 15:
    • When Chilchuck and Laios argue about whether it's okay to eat piscine type merfolk, Chilchuck ends up dragging Laios across the surface of the lake by his tunic as the latter wails for an explanation on why eating the merfolk is wrong.
      Chilchuck: Don't touch me!
    • Chilchuck's Oh, Crap! face when he realizes Laios added merfolk eggs to their meal.
  • Chapter 16:
    • Senshi bouncing across the surface of the water like a bearded beach ball.
    • When the kraken hits him, Senshi folds his arms and looks more thoughtful than anything else as he tumbles through the air. He even starts planning their next move!
    • Marcille realizing she just gave Laios the idea to eat the kraken.
      Laios: Why don't we try [squid] right now, then?
      (cue a Beat panel with Marcille's horrified facial expression)
    • In the omake, Laios accidentally impales himself with one of the kraken's spermatophores. Looking vaguely deranged with rage, he swears never to eat another cephalopod!
  • Chapter 17:
    • One of the students insisting she's just created a new breed of sprite in her dungeon terrarium and her classmate snarking that it's just mold.
    • Marcille telling Laios that Falin praised him a lot while they were at school together. A flashback shows Falin telling Marcille that Laios...does an amazing impression of a dog.
  • Chapter 19:
    • Laios's face after getting stung by the tentacles. It's so puffed up his eyes look like a pair of 3s!
    • Senshi and Laios praising Namari for her marksmanship only for her to admit she'd never fired a crossbow before.
      Laios: [Imagining himself with an arrow stuck through his head] Huh?
    • At the end of the chapter, Mr. Tansu asks Senshi if he's the leader since Senshi is the only member of the party not currently involved in a screaming match.
      Mr. Tansu: You seem to have your work cut out for you...
  • Chapter 20:
  • Chapter 21:
    • The party wears suits made of frog skin to protect themselves from stinging tentacles. Their deadpan expressions just accentuate the goofiness of the suits even more. Not to mention the tiny details like Senshi's beard poking out, or that Chilchuck isn't wearing a suit, but a randomly stitched-up sack from the leftovers (made even funnier if you noticed Laios was taking his measurements earlier). The kicker is the "compliments" for Marcille:
      It looks super cute! With your ears sticking out, you look even more like a frog!
    • Because they didn't have time to tan the skins properly, the frog suits get stuck to their clothes. Cue Marcille yelling at Laios, asking if they're going to fight the Red Dragon dressed as giant frogs.
    • In the omake, Chilchuck imagines going into business selling giant frog skins to adventurers to help them deal with tentacle monsters. His demonstration goes terribly wrong when the frog skin dries out...and loses its protective coating in the process.
    • At another point, discussing the dissection of the Kraken, Laios is inadvertently shot in the face. Given the discussion of nematocysts earlier, one might suspect it's one of those. Nope, it's a spermatophore, and it's just embedded itself in his forehead in an attempt to fertilize it. This only increases Laios' ire towards cephalopods, not helped by Chilchuck and Marcille's obvious inability to mentally processed what just happened.
  • Chapter 22:
    • The single panel of Mr. Tansu's recollections of Laios's party: Laios, Senshi, and Marcille all looking forward smiling with dead-looking eyes while holding bowls of soup, and Chilchuck looking to the side as if he lost all care in the world. Even better, he actually thought they "were a capable party" even with the above image.
    • Namari trying to find out if the resurrection center had Falin's body is somewhat heartwarming... but then it turns hilarious when she can't figure out how old Falin is. The worker yells at her to get her eyes checked, and she defensively replies that she can't tell how old people of different races are.
    • One of the pub workers asks if Kaka is Namari's new boyfriend. Her response is defensive enough to almost make her sound like a tsundere, and, if one looks closely, they can see that Kaka (who was mostly quiet and serious up to that point) is blushing.
  • Chapter 23:
    • Laios thanks his team for coming so far with him and it's a truly heartwarming moment... slightly ruined by the fact Marcille, Senshi and Chilchuck all had mouthfuls of food so they had to chew and swallow instead of replying to him!
  • Chapter 24:
    • Chilchuck cussing out Laios in his own language after Kensuke runs away during their fight with the Red Dragon and Chilchuck realizes it was a Living Weapon that Laios kept all this time.
      Laios: I'm being insulted in a language I don't understand!
    • Chilchuck lamenting that they're going to be stuck hiding underneath the Red Dragon's crotch for the rest of their lives.
    • The very fact that Senshi has a mithril cooking knife. Chilchuck mentions that if Namari found out, she would probably have murdered Senshi. He agrees.
  • Chapter 27:
    • Laios, Chilchuck and Senshi taking a moment to admire what a beautiful skeleton Falin has is darkly hilarious. Senshi even comments that she must have had lots of calcium in her diet.
  • Chapter 28:
    • When Marcille finds out about Kensuke, she freaks out and slaps Laios's face between her hands so hard he can barely apologize.
    • Falin happily admitting she wants to eat Kensuke to see how it tastes. Marcille just stares skyward in despair.
    • In the omake, Laius tells the group that the amount of information they have on dragons is comparable to that of walking mushrooms. Marcille wonders why the heck they have so much info on walking mushrooms.
  • Chapter 31:
    • Senshi mistaking a group of mating dryads for humans and covering Chilchuck's eyes so he can't see them kiss. Even when the dryads attack, he still doesn't let go of Chilchuck's face!
    • Laios, Senshi and Chilchuck returning to Marcille with extreme hayfever from the dryad pollen. She shrieks when she sees them.
      Senshi: It's completely safe in there...
      Marcille: LIAR!
    • Marcille's reaction when Laios pulls an armful of dryad fruit out of the bushes. They look like pumpkins crossed with severed human heads.
    • Later, Senshi tries teaching Chilchuck about "pistils and stamens". Chilchuck is understandably horrified at this.
      • In the omake he's still trying to teach Chilchuck about the facts of life, starting by telling him that people don't get pregnant by kissing...only for Laios to pop up and point out that dryads actually do reproduce through kisses. Senshi freaks out and bonks Laios on the head for ruining his lesson.
      • This bit is made even better in hindsight after the reveal that Chilchuck is married and has a child. He's literally the last person in the group in need of a birds and bees talk!
  • Chapter 34:
    • When Laios is practicing his healing magic on Senshi, the way he puts his hands on him looks like he's trying to cop a feel of his chest. Both Laios and Senshi are highly embarrassed.
    • Marcille, Chilchuck and Senshi jump off a ledge to avoid being crushed by the ever-shifting dungeon. They laugh at their lucky escape... not noticing they've landed right in front of a cockatrice nest. Cue horrified screaming and fleeing for their lives next panel.
    • Marcille is Taken for Granite after a battle with a cockatrice. This would normally be horrifying, if not for her getting petrified right in the middle of a tsukkomi act, resulting in an extremely unflattering pose and expression. The party, resourceful as always, used her as a pickling press while waiting for her to recover.
      Marcille: Don't ever use a person as your pickle press.
  • Chapter 35:
    • When Chilchuck works out the system to the way the dungeon is shifting, the others praise him by... pinching his cheeks and telling him what a little cutie he is. Chilchuck bats them off with a rolled up map.
  • Chapter 36:
    • Chilchuck panicking over whether to go with Laios or Senshi when the group splits up. He's not sure which of them will cause more mayhem while left alone. His Imagine Spot, which pictures both of them as drooling chibi heads, settles on Senshi.
    • Even Shuro gets one in this chapter. Immediately after the serious discussion of what had happened to Falin, he wants to ask another question. Cue a Beat with him gearing himself up to ask... why Laios was eating a brick. Laios proceeds to explain (all too eagerly) how they've been eating monsters the whole time, and poor Shuro nearly goes into shock.
    • When Laios tells Kabru that the orcs won't bother them, Kabru misunderstands and asks Laios what they tasted like.
  • Chapter 38:
    • After Kabru stabs her, chimera Falin begins to rip off her shirt causing Shuro and Marcille to freak out. Turns out her chest is covered by feathers now.
  • Chapter 39-40:
    • Marcille, Senshi and Chilchuck pelting Laios with snowballs after he belatedly mentions he met the Lunatic Magician in the paintings.
    • The party is confronted by a group of doppelgangers that have appeared like them (based on each others' perceptions). Laios is the only one that is above suspicion, as all his doppelgangers look obviously fake. Through a process of elimination, they manage to narrow down the other clones to only a few options, but for the final ones, Laios decides they should all cook food to show that they're the real ones. Having to Spot the Impostor has never been so hilarious.
    • There's a funny callback to Chapter 24: Laios notes that one of the Chilchuks insults him in common tongue instead of his own language.
    • All of the doppelgangers are created via the memories and impressions of the characters by other members of the party, which has some hilarious implications: All of Laios's doppelgangers are dimwitted idiots, one Senshi is weirdly attractive, and one Marcille is a gonk and wouldn't stop shouting about how she uses dark magic. This means that all of the party members see Laios as a dimwit, one of the party members thinks Senshi is hot, and another one thinks Marcille is ugly and won't stop blabbing about her powers.
    • How Laios manages to discover and bring out the monster that created the doppelgangers: going on all fours and starting to bark like a dog. The rest of the party (and their clones, which they'd been fighting) immediately stop what they're doing and stare in amazement, because apparently Laois sounds identical to a dog. Bonus points for being a Brick Joke to the time Falin smugly told Marcille that Laios does a fantastic impression of a dog.
  • Chapter 42:
  • Chapter 43:
    • Naturally the thing Laios is happiest to find at the old battle site is his underwear.
    • Izutsumi tries to take off her clothes in front of everyone, feeling sure no one would find her attractive...only for Marcille to tackle her while Senshi and Chilchuck hold Laios down and blindfold him. Laios genuinely didn't seem interested in the sight in a creepy sort of way, but he did want to know important biology facts like how many nipples she has and how her tail attaches to her spine.
    • Also, Izutsumi cleans herself like a cat. She literally licks her fur clean.
    • Chilchuck being gobsmacked that Senshi's helmet actually comes off.
    • While waiting for Senshi to finish dinner, Marcille brushes Izutsumi and uses a clump of stray fur to make a tiny kitty head. It is simultaneously adorable and hilarious.
  • Chapter 44:
  • Chapter 46:
    • Team Touden find an immortal village within the dungeon who utilize monsters as livestock, and with that this incredible exchange happens:
      Laios: They let me milk a minotaur!
      Chilchuck: Oh, fantastic! Now just keep that fact to yourself.
    • Yaado prepares a feast for the party. When a servant reveals that Laios requested minotaur meat... Marcille naturally glares at him, and Laios just looks away and pretends to be innocent.
  • Chapter 47:
    • Izutsumi finally snapping out of the barrier-induced trance that made her act like a docile and affectionate kitty-cat, and remembering exactly how she was acting during that time. After a beat panel of her shocked expression, she's slumped against a pillar looking absolutely mortified.
  • An omake that was published a little after Chapter 47 gives us Rule 63 versions of the entire main cast. It's basically just a whole page of comedy gold, from Apron Matron Senshi to Yamato Nadeshiko Shuro— and poor Laios being stuck in a Shotgun Wedding situation thanks to the high pressure on girls to get married and pop out babies in his culture.
  • Chapter 48:
    • Senshi has been kidnapped by a Griffin, so Marcille created some familiars to find him. Her first attempt resulted in...tiny, crude, cartoony birds. Laios is not amused. Further, because she needs to be in sync with her familiar when controlling it, to make the familiar fly, Marcille was furiously flapping her arms.
    • After the first and second familiar got destroyed, Laios went overexcited and started carving the third familiar into a hyper-detailed "double-head fire ice dragon". Marcille chided him for it, saying he's still in that phase.
    • Marcille formed the last familiar into a skyfish, a long, tubular creature with small wings. This means, when controlling it Marcille furiously wiggled her body on the floor.
  • Chapter 50:
    • Thanks to stepping into a Changeling ring, Senshi is now an elf. And not just any elf. An extremely handsome elf! Who gets surrounded by flowers in various panels, just to drive it in!
    • And that's not all. Laios turns into a dwarf. Marcille is now a halfling. Chilchuk is a human (with five o'clock shadow), and Izutsumi is a kobold... albeit still with cat ears. Once everyone realizes what happened, they all start screaming as they look at each other.
    • Later they started making dumplings while still in their transformed state. The ones made by Izutsumi have fur sticking out of them.
  • Chapter 51:
    • Laios' Imagine Spot of what would happen after they defeat the Lunatic Magician: Laios and chimera-Falin happily trotting in the town, while the townsfolk are screaming in terror at the sight of her.
    • When the group are attacked by gargoyles, they find out they can utilize the changeling's shapeshifting powers and defeat the gargoyles with it. The first gargoyle turned into the Bocca della Verità. The second turned into the Manneken Pis. Which immediately "showered" Laios.
  • Chapter 52:
    • The group has figured out how to save Falin. They will cook and eat the dragon part of her.
  • Chapter 55:
    • At the end of a rather serious three-chapter arc involving Kabru and the Canaries dealing with the dungeon, Kabru and Captain Misurn seemingly sacrifice themselves to take down the Lunatic Magician and the Chimera Falin, with Kabru's last thoughts being to leave the matter to Laios and his party. Cut to them having been transformed by another changeling off-screen, turning Senshi into a cute little halfling and Marcille into a huge, hulking ogre.

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