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Life and soul of the party, everyone.
In spite of being a brooding Anti-Hero who's out for Goblin blood, Goblin Slayer is just as much a source of comedy as the inspiration for his character.

  • It has become a Running Gag of the series to have Goblin Slayer eating or drinking without ever taking his helmet off. He doesn't even bother breaking food into smaller pieces first, and just pours drinks straight inside. Consumables that have been confirmed to inexplicably fit through his visor include tea, lemonade, wine, health potions, milk, soup, stew, cheese, bread, potatoes, ice cream, candy apples...

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    Goblin Slayer: Year 1 
  • A bit of a Black Comedy given the events that lead to this particular scene: In Chapter 7, after Goblin Slayer dissected a Goblin Wanderer's heart for playing dead and for "research" purposes, he returns to the Adventurer's Guild all covered in the goblin's blood. Guild Girl accepts his mission report, but notices that other Guild Clerks seem to have more adventurers to attend to. It doesn't take her long to realize that everyone is giving the blood-soaked goblin maniac a wide berth. Silver lining, her workload has significantly decreased!

Main Story:

    Volume 1 
  • Guild Girl is less than amused when Goblin Slayer compares himself to a goblin. Even funnier is her rebutting Goblin Slayer's rather scathing and cold speech with enough veiled anger to make him flinch.
  • Chapter 4 of the manga contains a part where a goblin spots Priestess out in the distance, and immediately does what you'd expect a goblin to do. The presentation and sheer Mood Whiplash from grisly panels of horrific torture and rape displayed only a page earlier swerves the entire scene from creepy into absurdly comical territory.
    • Before that, the aforementioned display of goblin brutality towards their new captives gets interrupted by the sniper and the leader of the frontline fighters getting into a spat over who deserves more credit for taking down the adventurers. The jarring display of Comedic Sociopathy would be enough by itself, but it's compounded by the fact that the exchange is communicated through Rebus Bubble-speak instead of their usual Starfish Language and the sniper starts sulking when he loses the argument. For one brief moment, the nightmarish, deconstructive goblin menace of this story acts out exactly like the Laughably Evil Punch-Clock Villain portrayal of mainstream goblins, and it is ridiculously amusing to see.
  • Goblin Slayer is approached by a High Elf Archer, a Dwarf Shaman, and a Lizard Priest to take up on a quest, with the High Elf Archer attempting to fill him in about recent events regarding the Demon Lords. Goblin Slayer proceeds to shoot down every statement and requests for help because "saving the world" has nothing to do with "killing goblins", nearly giving High Elf Archer an aneurysm in the process and requiring Dwarf Shaman restraining her from resorting to violence.
    • The instant Lizard Priest clarifies that the quest is indeed about exterminating goblins, Goblin Slayer accepts in a heartbeat, completely disarming the now thoroughly confused and exasperated High Elf Archer and causing Dwarf Shaman to laugh out loud (whether at High Elf Archer's reaction, at Goblin Slayer's unexpectedly abrupt 180, or both).
  • This brilliant piece of dialogue:
    Priestess: U-um! That was a quest, wasn't it!?
    Goblin Slayer: Yes. Goblin slaying.
    Priestess: All right! Just let me-
    Goblin Slayer: No. I'll go alone.
    Priestess: (crestfallen) ...At least... you... you could talk to me before you decide... you know...?
    Goblin Slayer: Aren't I?
    Priestess: Oh... I guess this is talking, yes.
    Goblin Slayer: I believe it is.
  • The party Goblin Slayer and Priestess find themselves becoming a part of explain their reasons for becoming adventurers around the campfire, citing exploration or religious motives. For Goblin Slayer, well...
    Goblin Slayer: I wanted to slay-
    • This exchange doubles as a meta-joke in the Manga Adaptation, as the pages just beforehand were illustrated in full-color. It is only when he speaks up does the manga go back to being black-and-white, literally bringing the mood down.
    • The anime dub basically has him give a one-word response. "Goblins."
  • High Elf Archer panics upon seeing Goblin Slayer hack into a corpse and soak the gore up with a rag, realizing his plans to slather her garments with the stuff. She turns to a fellow girl to protest together against him... only to see a completely resigned Priestess.
  • Everyone quakes in terror upon bearing witness to Ogre, who has killed numerous Silver-Ranked adventurers like themselves with impunity... except for Goblin Slayer, who doesn't know what an Ogre is, and is more annoyed that it isn't just a really big goblin.
    • His disinterest in retaining any memory of Ogre turns into a Running Gag throughout the series; every volume so far has had at least one mention about an Ogre to which Goblin Slayer ponders about such an existence, despite having already killed one with his own two hands!
  • Seeing any of Lizard Priest's behavior relating to cheese is always worth a chuckle or two.
    Lizard Priest: NECTAR!!!
  • Guild Girl putting Goblin Slayer into a legitimate panic in Chapter 10. A chibi (or what technically qualifies as) Goblin Slayer emanating nervous sweats for a moment makes it look like your typical high school setting and not a complete Crapsack World.
    Guild Girl: So take care of yourself, Mr. Goblin Slayer. I won't give you any more quests until your rested. And the next time you collapse, no adventures for 6 months.
    Goblin Slayer: Erk...That would be problematic.
    Guild Girl: Wouldn't it be though? So be sure to heal up!
  • Goblin Slayer finally removes his helmet at Priestess' request in the conclusion of Vol. 1. His face immediately and predictably draws the entire Adventurers Guild up a storm:
    • High Elf Archer, scarlet as a tomato from one too many drinks, practically screams as she points him out.
      High Elf Archer: Orcbolg took his helmet off!
    • Guild Girl is utterly ecstatic to see a handsome face under the helmet. A nearby Cow Girl, already used to him, is just surprised other people are having such extreme reactions.
    • Spearman recognizes Goblin Slayer without the helmet, and can only grumble that he doesn't like his face one bit.
    • Several of the adventurers had placed bets for when Goblin Slayer's identity would be finally revealed. One was disappointed because he bet big that there would be a woman under all that armor. Another thought Goblin Slayer was going to be an especially big goblin. Even better: in Year One, we find out the betting started when Goblin Slayer first began to become infamous among the guild five years ago.
  • The entirety of Chosen Heroine's interlude in the light novel, while certainly impressive, is hilarious for how over-the-top and drastic in tone it is compared to the rest of the volume, bordering on parody. For reference, the interlude is only two pages long, and Chosen Heroine recounts what started as a solo goblin slaying quest that escalated into her defeating one of the Dark Lord's sixteen generals with an ancient sword of light pulled out of a pedestal. On her first quest. And she herself didn't realize the full implications of her actions until she was making said report.
  • During the celebration for defeating the Goblin Lord, Cow Girl giving Priestess a sisterly Affectionate Gesture to the Head, which is really heartwarming, although in anime, one might notice that Priestess couldn't help but take a few glances at Cow Girl's cleavage during the head rub, and now the scene is pretty funny.

    Volume 2 
  • In Chapter 16, the elf takes him on an adventure to show him that questing can actually be enjoyable and asks him if he's happy. He says he is, because he is repaying a debt that he owes (as she said that she'd help him with his goblin hunt, as long as he went on what she considered a proper adventure as repayment). When the dwarf mentions that she even chose the location because there might be goblins nearby, all he can say is "So where are the goblins?"
    • In the middle of trying to show off to Goblin Slayer, High Elf Archer picks up a Medjed.
  • Chapter 17 is just full of moments:
    • The first page is off to a strong start when Guild Girl explains to Goblin Slayer that she didn't call him in for a quest. She can't even finish her sentence before the guy is already halfway out of the door.
    • After the interview, Inspector teasing Guild Girl complete with a Kitty Face never fails to get a brief chuckle, doubly so with Guild Girl trying and failing to play it off as no big deal.
    • Guild Girl briefly fantasizes about Goblin Slayer asking her out to a meal. The image of Goblin Slayer holding a Sweet Roll just confuses her.
    • Just as Guild Girl is getting ready to promote the other adventurers, GS burst right back in and shocks her. As a slightly panicked Guild Girl wonders what is up, he holds up a scroll he homed in on, the newest goblin slaying quest, like a dog digging up a bone. The "it figures," look on her face is priceless.
    • The panel showing Scout imagining what Goblin Slayer will do to him if he follows up on his idea of attacking Guild Girl is pure Black Comedy.
    • Goblin Slayer cracks a joke. Everyone goes silent in shock, and High Elf Archer (who was nursing a hell of hangover) sobers up instantly.
    • When Priestess learns that it's the Sword Maiden who wants to give them the quest, she engages in full-panic mode and gapes, eyes wide as saucers. Complete with low-detail, chibi artstyle.
  • The crew acknowledges that they are meeting a very important client within holy ground, and thus approach Sword Maiden with respect. Goblin Slayer... doesn't.
    • Like any big name guest-giver, Sword Maiden performs her salutations and attempts some banter before the mission briefing. Goblin Slayer is having none of it, responding with options straight out of a stilted dialogue tree, while Priestess desperately tries (and fails) to rein him in.
  • Goblin pirates. Their captain is even dressed to the nines with all the standard gear, made complete by an unexpectedly full beard and mustache. It doesn't even last four pages before Goblin Slayer chucks a sword into its piratey face.
  • Goblin Slayer's response to the sight of the alligator while everyone (including him) was running away from it:
    Goblin Slayer: Apparently that (the alligator) was not a goblin.
    High Elf Archer: Ya think!?
  • In Chapter 20, Goblin Slayer and High Elf Archer are walking around Water Town's Adventurer Guild building after completing their errands, and Archer just up and asks him what is the purpose of underwear, completely out of the blue and in full hearing volume of everyone around them.
  • After Goblin Slayer explained why he brought a canary with him, High Elf Archer explained that dwarves sometimes accidentally dig up an underground demon and get wiped out. In front of Dwarf Shaman, even. What sells it in a darkly humorous manner is that he reluctantly admitted that HAS INDEED BEEN KNOWN TO HAPPEN.
  • You can't fault Goblin Slayer for his honesty:
    Priestess: (wakes up from sleeping naked) Oh... Uhh... Did you see anything?
    Goblin Slayer: Yes.
    Priestess' face crumpled pitifully.
    Goblin Slayer: And don't worry. There's no scar.
  • The series' brand of Black Comedy rears its head once again when High Elf Archer teases Priestess in front of Goblin Slayer. After mentioning that Priestess had been crying over GS' unconscious body (eliciting an adorable reaction from the girl), the elf expresses her sympathies for having to deal with being slobbered by goblins deep underground. Priestess assures her that she's fine, because it honestly doesn't feel any different from having her clothes slathered in entrails on a regular basis.
  • Goblin Slayer stares down a cherry. The sentence alone is entertaining enough, but the fact that his eyes can be seen glowing with a quiet intensity is what clinches it.
    Priestess: You'll scare that cherry right off, staring like that.
  • Priestess' Imagine Spot of her using a flail (and adorably failing as she imagined she would accidentally hit her head with it instead)
  • High Elf Archer's reaction when Goblin Slayer uses an explosive again (via Loophole Abuse).
    Goblin Slayer: It was not an attack by water, fire, or poison.
    High Elf Archer: That's not the ever-loving p...! [exasperated] You know what? Forget it.
  • The end of Chapter 28. After the dungeon exploration and the requisite goblin extermination, Goblin Slayer talked to High Elf Archer, how he kept his promise of not using fire, flood, poison, and (later added) explosion. High Elf Archer gave him a smile before ending the chapter with her punting Goblin Slayer off the cliff.
  • The latter half of Volume 2 in general would elicit a chuckle out of anyone with a cursory knowledge in Dungeons & Dragons. A conversation between the party members cheerfully dances around the subject of naming what is clearly a Beholder (never mind that it does refer to its actual label through slightly mangled Pokémon Speak), and a warlock curses his misfortune through a series of swear words. One of them? "Gygax it all to hell!"

    Volume 3 
  • High Elf Archer spends about half of Chapter 30 completely sloshed. She's a riot.
  • Guild Girl asking Goblin Slayer if he had any plans for the Autumn Harvest holds the entire hall in rapt attention. She had to amend her request by asking if he had any non-goblin-related plans to fish out an appropriate response, and even then the guy goes on to ask the rest of the party if they would be busy during the celebration as well.
    • Points to Spearman for resilience by the way, who was with the group and would have exclaimed, "I'm free!" if Witch hadn't Silenced him.
  • Cow Girl's uncle hangs a lampshade on Goblin Slayer's status as a Chick Magnet:
    Uncle: I've heard you've got a fair number of women around you... I know, I know. You're not the type to be too affected by that.
  • Goblin Slayer gets roped into discussing with a desperate Female Knight on how she can improve her love life. The resulting conversation from beginning to end is an absolute trainwreck.
    Female Knight: If I... if I wear something like that, do you think it'd get his [Heavy Warrior's] attention?
    • Not to mention the fact the advice he gives - wearing casual clothing - actually works.
  • One interlude is from the perspective of Sword Maiden's attendant (Chapter 32 in the manga). Who is pouting like a child because her duties won't allow her to stop by the Harvest Festival (and see Goblin Slayer again), to the poor attendant's exasperation.
    • There is a body-sized pillow on Sword Maiden's bed. The way she hugs and nibbles on it makes it obvious that it's her personal Goblin Slayer dakimakura.
    • The whole scene is made even funnier when the senior priestess manages to coax her Archbishop out of bed by reminding the younger woman of Goblin Slayer's work ethic and promising to help Sword Maiden write a letter to him. Then she jumps back into bed sulking when she learns that her appointment for the morning was for three people looking for an exemption to visit the very festival she has been denied due to her duties.
      "I give up! Is this really the Sword Maiden of the ballads?!"
  • Inspector stands in for Goblin Slayer's receptionist in Chapter 32, but is hesitant to receive his detailed quest report: she nervously pictures Guild Girl, with a most passive-aggressive smile plastered on her face, begrudgingly granting Inspector permission to do so.
  • While Cow Girl is frantically picking clothes to wear to the Harvest Festival in Chapter 33, it's revealed in an easy-to-miss panel that one of her closet items is an Uncle Sam hat. Doubles as a Stealth Pun.
  • Some novice adventurers notice Goblin Slayer on his morning date with Cow Girl, and discuss among themselves about the need to respect their elders. The leather-clad man actually takes offense, quickly correcting them that he's only twenty years old.
  • After Goblin Slayer shows off his aiming skills at a carnival game, this quick exchange happens:
    Booth Operator: Gosh sir, go easy on me, why don't you...
    Goblin Slayer: I cannot.
  • The party (sans Priestess) had been eavesdropping on Goblin Slayer's morning rendezvous with Cow Girl. Dwarf Shaman couldn't help but be wary when he hears High Elf Archer muttering about the unfairness of the situation. However, his suspicions are dashed immediately - the elf is not moping out of love-sickness, but because the grungy warrior managed to sink every shot at the ball-toss where she, a markswoman, couldn't land a single hit.
  • Chapter 34 - A passing rowboat just happened to be occupied by Heavy Swordsman and Female Knight. The young lady, realizing they've been spotted by Goblin Slayer and Guild Girl, nervously gestures at the two to keep quiet. It's adorable.
  • The entire group is dumbstruck when Goblin Slayer offhandedly mentions, "Not bad" while they were discussing Priestess' ritual garments. He looks at them, and then clarifies that he was merely referring to their current circumstances. The resulting disappointment is palpable.
    • The manga adaptation takes a different approach by implying Goblin Slayer was fully aware of what he said, and purposefully messed with Priestess before immediately clarifying.
  • Goblin Slayer spends the entire lead-up to his clash against the Dark Elf sandbagging the villain's attempts to be intimidating. The last thing he does that makes Dark Elf go absolutely ballistic? Let out a small huff and remark that a Goblin Lord made for a bigger challenge.
    • Even as the Dark Elf prepares a Wave-Motion Gun to vaporize the whole crew, Goblin Slayer can't help but express bland confusion at High Elf Archer when she shouts at him to do something about the villain's Arrow Deflection. After a bit of explanation, he connects the dots and just throws his southern-style dagger, which works like a charm.
  • Chosen Heroine and her two partners ready themselves to banish a world-wrecking menace on the astral plane, but the former can't help but attempt to modify her spiritual projection with a larger bust-size after staring jealously at Sword Saint's Cleavage Window.
    • Said menace is Hecatoncheir, the Hundred-Armed Giant. Much to Chosen Heroine's displeasure, Hecatoncheir has slightly more arms than what its name would suggest.
  • In the aftermath of the Harvest Festival, Goblin Slayer is approached by High Elf Archer with some news - he simply asks with his trademark one-word question: "Goblins?" It pains High Elf Archer to admit that, yes, it is indeed the case.

    Volume 4 
  • When picking out adventurers for the Evil Wizard mission, Guild Girl's first draft pick to cover the mage spot was Witch, but could not bring herself to ask her to take the mission as she assumes Witch would reject a request from her "love rival". Made even funnier in the manga with Witch giving Guild Girl a passive-aggressive stare while Guild Girl was thinking it over.
  • Goblin Slayer, Spearman, and Heavy Warrior encounter the Evil Wizard hiding away up a tower. The fight is a complete joke, and when the group finally pins him down he pulls up the prophecy card, claiming that he cannot be permanently killed by those with a voice. Slay him here, and he'll just resurrect somewhere down the line. At first they wonder what they should do with him, until Goblin Slayer suggests they just throw him off the tower. Spearman and Heavy Warrior respond with a Beat, then a grin, and they proceed to casually toss the idiot outside to let gravity do its thing.
  • In the manga it's even better. Spearman and Heavy Warrior are drawn in a more simplistic style than usual, before cutting to a blank panel bearing the words, "Great Idea". This is followed by a panel where Heavy Warrior has booted the wizard clean off the tower. The three then simply watch as the wizard hits the ground, complete with a "plonk" sound.
  • When the Evil Wizard first introduces himself to Goblin Slayer, Spearman, and Heavy Warrior and starts his Evil Gloating, Goblin Slayer just casually throws a sword at him mid-speech. The guy would have died then and there if it wasn't for his No Man of Woman Born protection. Even funnier is Spearman telling Goblin Slayer that he could've humored the wizard and let him finish.
  • During the Evil Wizard mission, Goblin Slayer mention he is still in debt with High Elf Archer for her help with the goblin lord and still hasn't gone a non-goblin slaying adventure with her yet. At the end of the mission, Goblin Slayer just realized that he finally went on his first "normal adventure", but without High Elf Archer, and warns Heavy Warrior that they are going to get a earful when they get back.
  • Goblin Slayer's comment when he spots the gargoyles.
    "To the west. Three of them. Winged. Not goblins."
  • Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest discuss party dynamics over a meal together, with the former remarking that he's surprised the cleric is willing to work with others of different faith. Lizard Priest just laughs it off, and then in the same breath inserts a wildly off-color racial joke that has Dwarf Shaman spit his drink. The look on the Lizardman's face says it all.

    Volume 5 
  • Sword Maiden, deducing that Noble Fencer's disappearance in the northern mountains can only be the work of goblins, sends a message to Goblin Slayer's party to bring her back home. Of course, she's letting her infatuation bleed through in her job request for him; the message was so dripping in sentimentality that Priestess easily identifies it as a love letter.
  • Priestess seems to be quite weak to compliments given by Goblin Slayer. When she is praised for her quick thinking during a Back-to-Back Badasses moment, she's on cloud-nine and has to force herself to focus.
  • While relaxing in a hot spring with High Elf Archer, Priestess wonders if Goblin Slayer takes his clothes off during bathtime, or just dunks right in, armor and all. The thought of him sitting in hot water while explaining that he rust-proofs his equipment sends the two of them into titters.
  • In Chapter 44 of the manga plays up the Black Comedy when Goblin Slayer is forced to remove an arrowhead lodged into High Elf Archer's thigh with a knife. From over-the-top This Is Gonna Suck reaction from High Elf Archer when being told this by Goblin Slayer to High Elf Archer repeatedly meekly requesting for a painless process (it wasn't). After the extracting the arrowhead and High Elf Archer's wounds healed, Goblin Slayer bluntly ask if High Elf Archer can still uses her bow, leaving High Elf Archer with an utterly annoyed expression towards the man that just caused her a great deal of pain just a moment ago.
  • In order for the group to sneak into the dwarf fortress-turned-goblin den, Goblin Slayer, Lizard Priest, and Dwarf Shaman have to disguise themselves as followers of the Gods of Chaos... while Priestess, High Elf Archer, and Noble Fencer have to pretend to be captured adventurers in a cage. High Elf Archer is NOT happy about the arrangement.
  • The party finds a rare moment of levity within the fortress armory; Dwarf Shaman starts teasing Noble Fencer by equipping various pieces of armor on her, swapping them on and off with everything he could find like a fussy mother dressing her child up in a clothing store. Priestess attempts to voice disapproval, trying to play a protective big sister to the young lady without much success. It ends with the two discussing Goblin Slayer's eccentricities to her, particularly his habit of repeatedly saying, "Is that so?". Astonishingly, Goblin Slayer actually contributes by piping up with this very quote.

    Volume 6 
  • Goblin Slayer and Guild Girl discuss about the young newbie adventurer who only wants to kill goblins and nothing else, noting that he's not in anyone's party. Goblin Slayer considers it stupid, an opinion of such mind-boggling hypocrisy that Guild Girl can only give him a funny look in response.
  • Heavy Warrior, Spearman, and Goblin Slayer have themselves a guys' night out after a day of hard work in the training camp. Of course, they all drink themselves into a stupor and parade down a street while singing a song completely off-tune (yes, that includes Goblin Slayer), and afterwards trade barbs as they discuss about women.
  • Lizard Priest's cheese addiction is expressed multiple times throughout the novel, culminating in a beef sandwich where the meat ends up being just a garnish to the pale monstrosity threatening to drown everything else around it.

    Volume 7 
  • Goblin Slayer's confusion over what constitutes an elephant. He first learns from High Elf Archer about its existence and general description; later in the novel, when the massive hydra Mokele Mbembe begins rampaging its way into the Elf village, his only reaction is to remark that this must be the "elephant" High Elf Archer was talking about.
  • Sword Maiden had been apparently writing countless love letters to you-know-who in her spare time; she had to assure her attendant she knows how to keep her professional life and private matters separate in response to being teased for requesting a quill and paper.
  • Goblin Slayer proves that even he can be capable of making quips. Even better, he manages to sneak in a boast while he was at it:
    Goblin Slayer: I know eight different ways to kill goblins silently.
    Priestess: Really?
    Goblin Slayer: That was a joke. (shakes his head) It is many more.

    Volume 8 
  • Fish People exist in Goblin Slayer, but they take offense to being called that. Furthermore, they are sometimes referred to as Innsmouths, because of course they are.
    • They are also offended when Goblin Slayer asks if they were "sea-goblins", another moniker given to them by humans. Needless to say, the fact that they weren't a breed of goblins and that the whole quest was just a big misunderstanding left Goblin Slayer in a somewhat cross mood that persists all the way to the crew's return to the Adventurer's Guild:
      Guild Girl: Ahem, the sea-goblin quest, how did it—?
      Goblin Slayer: They were not goblins.
      Guild Girl: I gather it's just easier to call them that...
      Goblin Slayer: They were not goblins.
      Guild Girl: So the quest...
      Goblin Slayer: They were not goblins.
      Guild Girl: ...was canceled. I understand.
      Goblin Slayer: Because they were not goblins.
    • The illustration only adds to the moment. Picture Goblin Slayer's trademark one-eye-flashing-through-his-helmet thing and his shadow looming threateningly over Guild Girl, all the while she's awkwardly maintaining a professional smile on her face, one that just screams: "I regret I let this happen, now how do I talk my way out of it?"
    • Goblin Slayer actually wanted to call it quits and go home when he finally understood the mix-up. However, his party hilariously guilt-trips him into helping by flipping their usual pre-quest not-discussion dynamic against him; Priestess tells him they will handle it and not to worry about it while High Elf Archer muses about how the front line will be lacking, Dwarf Shaman remarks that Goblin Slayer wouldn't be able to talk them out of it while Lizard Priest practically chortles at how well the girls had grasped Goblin Slayer's character by now. The shoe is on the other foot for once and each and every one of them knows it.
  • After fretting a lot about what to tell him, this is how Sword Maiden's reunion with Goblin Slayer goes, late at night at a campfire while he sits on night watch:
    Sword Maiden: ...After everything you did, I was finally able to sleep well again. I wanted to thank you once more...
    Goblin Slayer: But you're awake right now.
    Sword Maiden: That's... [pouts] ...You, sir, are the worst.
    Goblin Slayer: Is that so?
    Sword Maiden: I certainly think so.
  • The idea of goblins falling from the sky after being teleported by a Gate Scroll is only mildly amusing because it appeals to The Joys of Torturing Mooks. Then it graduates into a hilarious Brick Joke in the following interlude, when Chosen Heroine's team confront a Xenomorph Expy that had crashed onto a mountaintop. Out of pure luck, the alien invader became cripplingly unintelligent after assimilating its hapless victim. But that only begs the question: how the hell did a goblin end up at such a remote location?

    Volume 9 
  • This little exchange within Goblin Slayer's internal monologue plays out like a conversation between Deadpool and his little yellow boxes.
    He didn't need to finish them himself; they would die. Goblins never helped their own.
    Goblin paladin.
    Assuming that such a figure was not present.
  • After a harrowing fight in which Goblin Slayer pulls every trick he can to stay one step ahead of the new ogre and his goblin horde, mocking the former the whole while to keep him angry, Goblin Slayer believes he's killed them all by baiting them onto a melting lake to fall in and drown. Exhausted but victorious, the taciturn adventurer is actually satisfied enough to attempt a Post-Mortem One-Liner... only for the universe to throw his growing sense of quipping back in his face.
    Goblin Slayer: "I have goblins to—"
    Ogre: (jumping straight out of the lake) Ad.Ven.Tur.Er!!!



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