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"You kill, and kill, and kill, and keep killing. And eventually, you come to enjoy it."

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What happens if you have The Punisher, Batman, and the Doom Slayer rolled into a suit of leather armor? The resulting combination is Goblin Slayer, whose unrelenting determination, ingenuity, and cold-blooded hatred for Goblins drive him to victory when all odds should be against him. Not many can take on the extermination of an entire species single-handedly.


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    Volume 1 
  • Goblin Slayer's first proper introduction alone is enough to verify his status as a walking CMOA:
    • With all her teammates picked off one by one, Priestess had veered well past the Despair Event Horizon. She wets herself, babbling her prayers right before the goblins take her too... and then he appears, and shows how goblin-hunting is properly done, effortlessly deflecting a goblin arrow, killing one goblin by Shield Bashing it into the wall and burning its face off with his torch and then hurling a dagger into the brain of the other.
    • Despite being horrified out of her wits and having no idea if Goblin Slayer is a friend or enemy at this point, Priestess still has her wits together enough to stop the second goblin by using her staff to block its escape, giving Goblin Slayer the chance to kill it before it can run.
    • He proceeds to take down each goblin with surgical precision in Chapter 2, varying between tools and weapons he picks off from fallen corpses. Highlights include bashing a Goblin Shaman's skull in for playing dead, and dousing a Hobgoblin's body in gasoline before kicking it into the nest and setting the rest of the critters ablaze.
  • There is something admirable to be said about Priestess in that, after all that she's been through, and with her innocence in tatters, she still chooses to continue as an adventurer. By fighting alongside Goblin Slayer, she's even facing the very sources of her trauma head-on, repeatedly and without end.
  • In Chapter 4, Goblin Slayer easily destroys a nest of goblins by burning the giant tree fortress they were using as a base and then having Priestess use her Protection miracle on the only exit. The trapped monsters bang and scrape futilely against the force field with their fists and knives until each and everyone perishes by asphyxiation. All while Goblin Slayer stares them down in their last moments.
  • The new adventuring party Goblin Slayer and Priestess joins prove their effectiveness when they reach the bottom of an ancient fortress, where at least fifty goblins lay sleeping. Rather than risk fighting them all at once, Goblin Slayer has Dwarf Shaman and Priestess cast Stupor and Silence respectively. Each goblin is stabbed, slashed, and gutted in their sleep one by one, with none the wiser until they're already drowning in their own blood.
  • Of course, in the same fortress Goblin Slayer proves once and for all how dangerous it is to have him as an enemy... by fighting something that is "not" a goblin.
    • Enter the Ogre, a hulking monstrosity that has already made a name for himself by killing many Silver-ranked adventurers in the past. He casts the spell equivalents of nukes with impunity, and what little damage he receives is instantly regenerated. The party would have added several more to his long list of victims. Goblin Slayer ends the fight with just a single teleportation scroll.
    • It takes a certain kind of mind to set the spell's location to the bottom of the ocean, turning what was basically an Escape Rope into a water jet cutter.
    • Whether or not Goblin Slayer intended so (with a man like him, it's difficult to say), his cavalier attitude and ultimate disrespect for Ogre is just icing on the cake. Ogre dies wailing, knowing his killer considers him beneath common goblins.
    • Let's not discount Priestess. When the Ogre starts casting his first mega-fireball, everyone but GS and her start panicking. She calls everyone to her side. Without any direction from anyone, she takes the initiative to protect the party. It shows how far she has come. However, what makes this a truly awesome moment is when she pulls a FOURTH SPELL. Cue the smoke clearing and we get a shot of the whole party behind her. Even the Ogre is impressed.
  • The Raid on the Farm has adventurers, guided by Goblin Slayer's hand, utterly repel and counteract every move the horde throws at them. Rescuing hostages, sniping the Shamans, and using improvised spears to skewer Riders. A far cry from the newbie team at the beginning of the story, many of these adventurers made a living off hunting much bigger prey for years. Against goblins? The little critters might as well be mincemeat.
    • Then the Goblin Champions come out and pose a real threat, leading to an awesome exchange as the Veterans take to the front to go to battle against them.
  • Goblin Slayer introduces himself to a Goblin Lord the only way he can: by completely stomping the Lord's Hope Spot into fine dust, Terror Hero style. The goblin, aware the raid was soon to fail, cuts and runs back to his nest as he always does. He knows he just needs to live another day to try again. But then a certain voice stops him cold... and a burning red light from the shadows emerges.
    • Goblin Slayer enlisted all of the Adventurer's Guild just so he can attack the Goblin Lord's now-vulnerable nest. That's right, the entire Big Badass Battle Sequence was a diversion. Now the only goblin left standing is the Lord himself... and Goblin Slayer is dead set on amending that.
  • Chapter 15 finally ends the Goblin Lord's campaign of cruelty [with a demonstration of Priestess' range and flexibility with her Protection miracle. Just as the Goblin Lord prepares to land a death blow on Goblin Slayer, its axe gets snagged onto the edge of a magic wall. A second wall rams into it with the force of a freight train. Sandwiched and immobilized by the the two spells, the bugger is left entirely at our heroes' (lack of) mercy. Not half-bad for a young girl who was introduced as a traumatized, blubbering whelp in the beginning of the story.
    • GS' entire fight with the Goblin Lord? A distraction so Priestess could set up her dual Protection. That's right, GS himself was also a diversion.

    Volume 2 
  • The party stumbles upon a nest of particularly well-equipped goblins in Chapter 16. Goblin Slayer pulls out an honest-to-god smoke grenade made of sulfur and pine resin to gas the critters out.
  • Chapter 17 has Guild Girl dressing down a Rhea scout who stole from his own party, telling him exactly why he was being demoted. Due to the arrangement of the interview, the little bastard can't even get a word in edgewise.
  • Chapter 22 ends with Goblin Slayer's eyes flaring back up to the sound of Priestess' agonized screams, promising wrath and violence never witnessed before. This isn't his usual Tranquil Fury; for once, he sounds thoroughly pissed.
    Narration: Your ultimate fate, your final doom is always just a roll of the dice away. It's a perfectly ordinary thing when adventurers are overrun by goblins.
    Goblin Slayer: This shall not stand.
    • The Light Novel presents an even bigger middle finger to the narration by having Goblin Slayer utter just one, succinct word in response:
      Goblin Slayer: Horseshit.
    • And the anime also has a one-word response to all of this: "Bullshit." Whichever way you slice it, Goblin Slayer is not going down that easily, especially when his friends' lives are on the line, leading to...
  • Chapter 23. Just... all of it. It's that fucking metal.
    • Starting with the one and only:
      • How does the Goblin Slayer turn around a near-loss for the entire party? By promptly jumping up onto the back of a Goblin Champion and using the hair from the skull of one of their victims as an improvised garrote to strangle it. He then punches its eye so hard that he rips it out with his bare hand.
      • One of the goblins sees his collapsed form, and grins smugly to itself at such an easy target. Cut to the next page, with Goblin Slayer's buckler neatly separating the goblin's jaw. A fellow goblin sits nearby with a femur through its eye socket.
      • Not once does Goblin Slayer loosen his grip while choking the Champion out, even when the giant frenziedly claws at its back and slams him against walls. In fact, he's pulling with so much force that strands of human hair are actually cutting through thick gloves and lacerating his skin.
      • As far as the Champion knows, this... thing with the goblin's life in its clutches is shrouded within a formless mass of shadow and bloodlust. And then a cold voice emerges from behind, goading it into turning its head around to take a nice, good look...
      • That arm Goblin Slayer uses to plunge into the Goliath's eye socket? It's his broken one.
      • Goblin Slayer can't even position his body properly, his limbs all bent in wrong angles, his spine refusing to straighten out. Blood is leaking profusely from every opening. And yet he ponders out loud who his next victim will be with Glowing Eyes of Doom. The result? The nearest goblin pisses itself in terror and the entire enemy horde flees.
    • Incredibly, Priestess retains her consciousness through the pain of having her flesh torn out by sharp teeth, one strip at a time. She sees Goblin Slayer approach from behind, and forces her mouth shut so as not to give away his position.
    • The moment Goblin Slayer diverted the horde's attention to himself and the Champion, High Elf Archer seized this opening by the end of a club. Ferocious and snarling, she pounds one of her would-be rapists in the face until it's a scarlet mash of teeth and brain tissue. And when one of the goblins fails to be intimidated away and latches onto her, Dwarf Shaman swiftly kicks it away.
    • A round of applause should be given to the one who deserves it most: As if previous examples within the series haven't proven it already, the visuals and direction for this chapter alone indicate that behind the wheel of this manga adaptation is an astonishingly talented artist.
  • The Giant Eye is a monster packing Disintegrate and Dispel through its many appendages, very hard counters against the team. So Goblin Slayer has them distract it while he scatters flour around. Just plain, ordinary flour from Cow Girl's farm. Only Dwarf Shaman was savvy enough to realize what he was up to.
    Goblin Slayer: "Cover your ears, and open your mouth. Get down!"
  • Chapter 27 shows Goblin Slayer as a master of his craft as he blends his kills against an innumerable horde of Goblins to buy time for Lizard Priest to retrieve a magic mirror acting as a Portal Door. He deflects killing blows into another, wall-runs up a pillar to perform a plunging attack, cycles through weapons like they were going out of style, and just all in all tears through the scene like a blood-streaked demon out of hell.
  • A combination of quick thinking and well-oiled teamwork in Chapter 28 reverses a Bolivian Army scenario into one-sided goblin depopulation event. It ends with Dwarf Shaman's magic bringing down the entire dungeon on everybody's heads, wiping out every goblin in the vicinity with one fell swoop. The only things left in the rubble are the crew, the Magic Mirror they repurposed as an umbrella, and a fresh crater gaping in the landscape.

    Volume 3 
  • The Rhea Scout makes a comeback, seeking revenge on Guild Girl and Goblin Slayer for his humiliating evaluation in the previous volume. What follows is a rare chance to witness two skilled adventurers fight to the death - thrown knives and the sound of parrying blades fill the air, but Rhea Scout finally downs Goblin Slayer with a poisoned dart. He gloats about his victory while repeatedly kicking the body in jealous rage, then turns to Guild Girl who glares defiantly at him... and is gutted by Goblin Slayer for the trouble; the grungy warrior merely picked an opportunity to play dead, waiting until he can get a good hold on the little gremlin.

    Volume 6 
  • Remember how Goblin Slayer wanted to use a Gate scroll to destroy a goblin's nest back in Volume 1? Well, here we see the end result as he hands the party Breathe rings and then opens it wide. Not only is the entire den flooded to the point of shooting out from hole to the surface like a geyser, but he mentions that if he were alone he would have anchored himself down and walked underwater to kill them all.
  • A goblin extermination/rescue mission goes awry under Priestess' first stint as party leader - the group falls into a trap with goblins incoming from all sides and a powerful troll for good measure (though to be fair, what really is at fault is Wizard Boy's recklessness). In the midst of a panic attack, she can only nod as Goblin Slayer offers to retake command. Immediately, he turns the entire situation around with his usual blasé flair, giving orders to everyone and setting the troll on fire.
    • Noticing that the troll's skin hardens under Holy Light, Goblin Slayer's response is to induce "thermal shock" - burning gasoline to superheat the monster's body, another Holy Light to revert its skin back to stone, and Dwarf Shaman's Rain Call to instantly cool it off. For good measure, he chucks saltpeter as an additive to hasten the process, something he learned all the way back at Water Town... when he asked how to make ice cream.
  • After some advice from Dwarf Shaman, Wizard Boy manages to use a spell that causes his voice to be amplified to the point where it knocks out all the nearby Goblins, freeze others in terror, and cause the remaining ones to run. This allowed Priestess' new party to escape before they could be killed.
  • When Goblin Slayer needs to kill all of the Goblins who had tunneled under the training camp, he assembles a party with High Elf Archer, Lizard Priest, Dwarf Shaman, Spearman, and Witch. After having Lizard Priest lure them all into the deepest part of the cave, he then has them open up a hole beneath a lake and flood the entire thing. And for good measure he had Witch freeze the water to collapse the tunnel.

    Volume 7 

    Side Story - Year One 
  • Chapters 3 through 5 detail Goblin Slayer's first-ever solo goblin nest raid, after registration as an adventurer. Things complicate when the nest is led by a goblin wizard and guarded by a hobgoblin.
    • After saving against a couple of lightning bolts against the wizard, Goblin Slayer intercepts it by throwing his shield, using the opening to dive in and stab its throat.
    • Goblin Slayer gets grappled by a hobgoblin, and he breaks free by cutting its arm in half. The hobgoblin is slain with a decisive charge for its neck, ending in its beheading.
  • Goblin Slayer's one man fight to defend a village from a goblin horde. Through the use of strict planning, determination and resources, he managed to defeat and kill an entire horde all by himself. Even when he was nearly trampled by the goblins, he finds the strength to get back up again after seeing a goblin using his late father's knife which he lost during the attack on his village years ago.

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