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  • In second chapter of Goblin Slayer manga, GS has stated that anyone poisoned by the blades used by the goblins for too long couldn't be saved anymore. He knows it because the Gaiden Manga reveals he has been poisoned by it himself. The real question however, is: How did he survive? His antidote bottle was shown to been destroyed before he could take it in time to prevent the poison from spreading all over his bloodstream, yet despite the limping, which was never shown in later chapters anymore, he seems to be okay.
    • In response to the above troper, he has the gods' favor and his pure willpower got him through the poisoning. He probably has the favor of a particular god/dess just to see what he will do next.
    • Not quite. It was shown that GS's potion and antidote bottles got smashed in his bag when he got jumped by a goblin from behind. In the last page of that chapter, he is seen squeezing out and drinking the mixture of potion and antidote that the bag is soaked in out of pure determination to keep fighting. Remember, he does not let anyone roll the dice.
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    • I see,must've overlooked that part then, thanks for the explanation
  • Doesn’t the Guild have any guidelines on how to deal with certain monsters, especially for porcelain rank members? Nothing that would deter future members or adventurers from picking certain quests, but at least some basic, even common sense, rules of engagement? Even though goblins aren’t taken as seriously as they should be, for them, maybe something like: 1. Don’t underestimate them, 2. Assume there is more than one, and 3. In enclosed spaces, use short swords or other weapons of similar or smaller size?
    • As already directly stated in the LN multiple times since the first chapter of the first book; the Adventurers' "Guild" is not an actual union. It is a centralized administrative center set up by the aristocracy to serve as a check-in station so that the otherwise-independent adventurers aren't running around cities and towns armed to the teeth with no oversight, and so that the kingdom can more easily track both monster attacks and the people dealing with them. But guild workers themselves don't work on behalf of the adventurers, but the local government processing their reports, and thus have no responsibility to the former in regards to their field-work.
    • That said, its shown in Brand New Day/Vol. 4 that clerks do give out some supplies and advice to newly signed up adventurers. If what they have to give and say isn't good enough to keep the newbies alive on their first mission, that's to be blamed on bureaucratic calcification and the fact that there's seeming four new teams of murderhobo recruits coming in for every one that gets wiped out by a goblin nest.
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    • It's also been a running background subplot from Vol. 1 that Guild Clerk has been paying veterans out of her own pocket to chaperone and instruct the New Meat whenever she could afford it, which culminates in Vol. 6 when she gets enough money and credit to push for a full-on training camp to be built by the Frontier Town. Maybe further down the line if it works out like she hopes, the Guild system will implement those standards in all of its branches.
  • It's heavily implied goblins originated from the green moon but it's also established that they are all male and require females of other races to procreate, so how did they reproduce before they left?
    • Since the gods explicitly created the setting of the series, it's possible they simply sired the goblins into existence until the "rules" were ordained by the gods, in that goblins need females for procreation.
    • Perhaps it's more that they are perceived as male instead of being male. If the "pregnancies" gestate within a week and another one can be started right away, then they are not using female-eggs. They are implanting 100% of the genetic material into wombs and growing more goblins there parasitically. In other words, despite appearances, they are no more "male" than the face-huggers from the Alien franchise. They are a parasite that uses human/elf/dwarf wombs as incubators.
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    • Fridge Horror and A Fate Worse Than Death : Female prisoners ferried to the moon.
    • Or there was once another civilization on the Green Moon that was completely destroyed by the goblins, forcing them to seek new hunting grounds.

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