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"Companions." He rolled the unfamiliar word around in his mouth. "...I suppose they are."

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming Moments pages!

  • While it's shown that Goblin Slayer is generally looked down upon by other adventurers, it's also made clear that it is just them; all of the Guild Clerks respect him, bards sing songs about him, and the commonfolk knows him by reputation alone. Goblins are a serious threat and he's admired far and wide as one of the few people actually doing something about them.
    • Even the skepticism no longer apply to the regulars at the Adventurers Guild, who have since discovered for themselves how much of a reliable person Goblin Slayer is.
    • In the same vein, Goblin Slayer getting a party of True Companions who respect and look up to him, especially considering the solitary man he was before meeting Priestess.
  • The relationship between Goblin Slayer and Cow Girl is this in a nutshell - When she was only eight, she left to go visit her Uncle's farm only for her hometown to be raided by goblins later that same day. There were no survivors except her Childhood Friend who went missing, but considering what goblins are known for... Five years passed, with only a few bits and pieces she brought along serving as her only memories of home. But then, one day out of nowhere, Goblin Slayer shows up. Sure, he's got a few issues now, but it's clear they both mean the world to each other; he rents out her uncle's shed when he can easily afford better lodging and performs daily patrols, and she makes sure he'll always know that there's a home he can return to.
    • The prequel portrays the moment Cow Girl approached Goblin Slayer for the first time since their falling out. When Goblin Slayer confirms that he indeed recognizes her, Cow Girl cries in utter joy. Her uncle, while cautious, is similarly elated to hear the news, knowing how much the boy means to her.
    • Another point worth mentioning: When Cow Girl asked GS to wait there for her to run to her uncle to ask for permission, he actually stood there until she returns, even as he recounts and organizes his first hunt in his mind.
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    • After Cow Girl apologizes to Goblin Slayer (for the fight they had as kids, though he has no idea why), she happily lets him rest on her lap.
  • The fact that Goblin Slayer has saved many lives and protected the happiness and innocence of many more, just by doing his relentless goblin slaying and protecting villages...and yet, he never receives any of their gratitude, and many of the people he saves will never know what kind of danger they were in, or the horrors they were spared from. And he's fine with that. While people who know so little about him will just assume that he's crazy for being so obsessed with goblins, they have no idea what kind of difference he makes.

Volume 1:

  • In the manga when Goblin Slayer burns the old elven fortress goblins use as their hideout, we get a scene with the villagers seeing smoke from the fire and rejoicing that their goblin terror has ended. This shows that while Goblin Slayer's methods are brutal and merciless enough to cause Priestess to doubt why she got that miracle from her goddess, it shows that what Goblin Slayer does is necessary and the right thing to do.
    • Made more poignant by the scene showing a small child asking her mother what the smoke means, and the mother replying that they "are safe now."
  • Seeing Goblin Slayer succinctly and repeatedly refuse to accept a mission to save the world because goblins are not involved is hilarious. However, he then goes on to say something that solidifies his position as an ultimately good person:
    Goblin Slayer: But before the world ends, goblins will put an end to many more villages.
  • Priestess runs to Goblin Slayer to show off her new Obsidian Tag and thank him. He tries deflecting her gratitude, but she follows through anyway by expressing her appreciation for everything he's done for her, including the day when they first met. He doesn't say anything in response, but her words clearly left an impact.
    • In Volume 6, Priestess casually mentions that Goblin Slayer would probably excuse himself this time around from participating in a meal celebrating her latest rank promotion. A seemingly innocuous line, until one connects the dots and realize that Goblin Slayer invited Priestess to eat together to commemorate her new Obsidian rank in a completely off-screen moment.
  • Once Guild Girl has successfully mobilized all available adventurers to help Goblin Slayer on the raid, his previously skeptical colleagues actually begin to give reasons about why they're joining. Perhaps what stands out is the background chatter:
    I'd feel weird not hearing him go "any goblins?" every day.
    Yeah! He's sort of an institution at our guild.
    I remember all the trouble goblins gave me when I was starting out.
    We can't just let them do whatever they want.
    I became an adventurer the same day he did. I guess that's fate for you.
    I've always been curious how he fights - he got all the way to silver rank this way.
    We ain't comrades, and we ain't friends - but we're all adventurers!
    • It goes to show that while most of the Adventurers Guild treat Goblin Slayer like an outcast for being being a goblin-obsessed weirdo, it's pretty clear he is their goblin-obsessed weirdo, and they feel the Adventurers Guild wouldn't be the same without him.
  • The aftermath of the Raid on the Farm has Goblin Slayer and Priestess sitting quietly by the sidelines as everyone else parties. She asks him why he walked straight up to the Adventurers Guild and begged everyone for help, rather than just post a quest. Goblin Slayer responds that it's because no one came to the rescue when his village needed it, and that he was just lucky this time. This causes Priestess to assert that she will always be there for him. And after just what they've been through, so will the rest of the adventurers in town.
    • As Goblin Slayer is being pulled into the crowd who wants to take a look at his face, he recalls Priestess' words. He gives a hopeful smile.
  • Spearman and Guild Girl being the two forces that get the adventure guild helping out during the horde. Without Guild Girl assigning a generous bounty, not many would have come. Without Spearman forcing Goblin Slayer to ask properly, i.e. a quest, Guild Girl would have never been able to do that.

Volume 2:

  • Chapter 17 has the Rhea Scout who cheated his party out of their share being demoted and barred from taking quests in the town again. It's implied, however, that his companions (including the Monk supporting a family) are going to be promoted.
  • High Elf Archer, listening in on a group of adventurers mocking Goblin Slayer among themselves, deliberately makes her presence known and cuddles right against him to shut them up.
  • Goblin Slayer drags himself back to his feet after hearing his party members fighting for their dear lives. Surveying the chaos, a single image comes to his mind: that of his dear sister. He's already lost a loved one once, like hell is he gonna let another be taken away from him. This sets the stage for one of the most badass moments in the series thus far.
  • The conclusion of the party's first battle with Water Town's Goblin Champion has High Elf Archer rush to Goblin Slayer's side to prevent him from collapsing. After exchanging concerns for each other, he asks to see the badly-wounded Priestess, whose eyes flutter open upon his approach. Weak from pain and blood loss, she feebly lifts her hand and apologizes for her state. The battered warrior doesn't care about that. He gently takes Priestess' with his own, and soothes her with reassuring words. Only then does he pass out from his injuries.
  • Seeing everyone acting like their usual selves after the harrowing events preceding Chapter 24 comes as a great relief. Even Goblin Slayer, guilt-ridden over having his teammates deal with the ramifications of his failures, seems appreciative of the sight.
    • The chapter ends with Priestess lifting GS' hand up and laughing. It's an endearingly sweet gesture, compounded by how she still retains the capacity to be so happy.
  • Goblin Slayer and Priestess are persuaded to take a day off while the rest of the party investigates the catacombs. What follows is an incredibly Ship Tease-y walk about town with many heart-to-heart moments between the two, culminating with Priestess unabashedly reaffirming that, no matter the risks, she wants to follow him wherever he goes.
  • Lizard Priest makes a casual comment about comrades after lightly teasing Goblin Slayer, getting tripped up by Priestess' scolding and all. GS is astonished - he never once considered before that his partners see him as a friend.
  • The talk between a broken man and a broken woman. Sword Maiden, a former prisoner of goblins, is haunted by nightmares of them every night with no one to confide in, and those she does dismiss her fears because she's a Gold-ranked adventurer. Sensing a kindred spirit in Goblin Slayer, she desperately reaches out to him throughout much of the light novel. Sadly, he responds like he always does: Professional, distant. Cold. Goblin Slayer rebuffs her, stating that he doesn't understand her at all. and these words send her spiraling down in despair. But then...
    Goblin Slayer: But.
    She looked up in surprise at the single echoing word.
    Goblin Slayer: If goblins appear again, summon me. I will kill them for you.
    Sword Maiden: Even...even in dreams?
    Goblin Slayer: Yes.
    Sword Maiden: You...will...You will come?
    Goblin Slayer: Yes.
    Sword Maiden: Why?
    Goblin Slayer: Because I am Goblin Slayer.
    • The thing is, it works: The next novel contains an interlude about Sword Maiden - she's been sleeping soundly ever since, and her aide comments on her improved health and mood.
    • It should be noted that while Goblin Slayer acts cold toward Sword Maiden, it's because he knows that he can't be a Knight in Shining Armor to save her from her own fears. He doesn't sugar-coat anything. He understands why she feels terror toward goblins, even if he doesn't precisely comprehend those feelings - after all, his response to goblins is cold hatred. He knows he cannot be what she wants... so he promises that he will do the one thing he is good at, and slay goblins for her if she ever needs it. And that's enough to allow Sword Maiden to rest easy and grow beyond her own deep-seated terror.
  • And at the end of the adventure what does Goblin Slayer, a man noted for his thorough obsession who previously only talked about, thought of, or made preparations to kill goblins do? Think about the next nest to look for? Repair his equipment so that he can continue killing goblins? No, he just wants to make some ice cream. Slowly but surely, taking a bit of interest in other things, he decides he wants to try making ice cream, then the rest of the crew join in and for the first time, the party feels like a normal group of friends. A rather sweet end for their dark adventure.

Volume 3:

  • A small moment, but in Chapter 30 Goblin Slayer returns from a quest to relay his findings to Guild Girl. High Elf Archer drunkenly snaps at him to forget about his report and greet his friends already, to which he responds, in typical GS fashion, that he doesn't see a point since they already know he's here. Meanwhile, the "friends" part goes by unquestioned.
  • After sitting on her feelings for five years, Guild Girl finally musters up the courage to ask her crush out to see the Harvest Festival together. She can barely stammer the words out, but she manages; Goblin Slayer accepts. The look on Guild Girl's face is nothing short of pure delight, and the rest of the table (Spearman notwithstanding) congratulates her on a job well done.
  • At the end of Female Knight's conversation with Goblin Slayer, she apologizes for inconveniencing him for advice. He states that he doesn't mind since colleagues are supposed to help each other. Although Female Knight is taken aback by these words, she responds by warmly complimenting him, rendering the grimy warrior speechless.
    • Extra level of heartwarming when you remember that prior to the raid on Cowgirl's farm, Female Knight was among the Silver-Ranked adventurers who looked down on Goblin Slayer. It's a nice bit of Character Development that she, and all of the other adventurers in the Guild by extension, have come to respect and appreciate Goblin Slayer as both a Silver Rank adventurer and a person.
  • Chapter 32 touches upon how far Goblin Slayer's interactions have come along since the beginning of the series.
    • Sword Maiden's interlude is adapted: The once-melancholic archbishop positively beams at the prospect of writing Goblin Slayer a letter.
    • Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest want to contribute to the town's Autumn Festival, so they offer to make floating lamps for the main event. The two choose to sit with a lone Goblin Slayer as they work just to give him some company.
    • The discussion between the three adventurers turn the subject towards the floating lanterns' purpose as guides for the deceased. Lizard Priest admits that this belief comes off as odd due to his culture. However, he empathizes because people everywhere share a universal need to grieve for lost loved ones.
    • Shortly after, the group is approached by High Elf Archer and a gaggle of novice adventurers, who all join in and help the guys out with their project. Considering that many of them had given Goblin Slayer a wide berth in the past, it is nice to now see these kids comfortably gather around the grungy knight like he's one of them.
  • Chapter 34 shows that Female Knight has indeed followed through with Goblin Slayer's advice and successfully roped Heavy Swordsman into a rowboat date. Guild Girl just smiles at them in acknowledgement, and even Goblin Slayer nods in approval.

Volume 4:

  • When Rookie Warrior loses his sword to giant rats and cockroaches in the sewers, not only do his pleas for aid not go unheard, both Goblin Slayer and Witch, silver-ranked adventurers, take the time to share their expertise (and a quite effective, if simple magic item in Witch's case), with Spearman not helping only because he simply didn't have a weapon that the low-level Rookie Warrior could borrow and actually use.
    • Additionally, after the duo get Rookie Warrior's sword back, they go celebrate it, and are joined not only by their fellow beginners, but by Spearman, Witch, Heavy Warrior, and Female Knight, with Spearman even leading the toast, treating it as the major triumph it was for the two beginners.

Volume 5:

  • In the aftermath of a goblin raid intervened by the party, Goblin Slayer watches a young girl and her older sister tearfully embrace each other, only breaking his gaze away when he notices Priestess beaming at him. When he asks her why she's smiling, she says that she just can't help but think that Goblin Slayer looked genuinely happy at seeing the two siblings reunite.
    • While the raid was underway, the child explained to the team that she'd been told by her sister to stay hidden, no doubt eliciting bad memories from a clearly haunted Goblin Slayer. The survival of these sisters means a lot more to him than he is willing to admit.
  • Priestess' behavior towards the Noble Fencer to help her. She's the one who gives the deciding vote to have her come along since she had been where she had, the only survivor of a rookie party, and knew that she wouldn't be able to find salvation otherwise. She keeps her warm and stays close while they're in a cage, doesn't blame her when she ends up getting her cut, and so on.
  • Priestess and Goblin Slayer interacting during the New Year's Festival. The latter half of the exchange is unabashedly adorable, but it closes the volume with this hell of a crowner:
    Goblin Slayer: ...Oh, that's right. There's something I meant to say.
    Priestess: What's that?
    Goblin Slayer smiled, just slightly.
    Goblin Slayer: I look forward to another year of adventuring with you.

Volume 6:

  • This bit at the end of the volume, though only Wizard Boy and Rhea Fighter were fortunate enough to witness it:
    The softest muffled sound of laughter.
    It creaked a bit, like an old door that hadn't been opened in years.
    But Goblin Slayer was laughing.
    He was actually laughing out loud.
  • As Goblin Slayer and Cow Girl watches Wizard Boy and Rhea Fighter walk away in the distance, Cow Girl notices that Goblin Slayer is actually happy. Goblin Slayer had seen himself in Wizard Boy, both losing their sister to goblins, and filled with nothing but hatred wanting to exterminate all goblin-kind. Goblin Slayer was overjoyed that Wizard Boy will not end up like him because unlike Goblin Slayer, Wizard Boy was able to accept what had happened, move on with his life and fulfill his dream of becoming a proper adventurer.
    Cow Girl: Something good happen?
    Goblin Slayer: ...Yes.

Year One - Volume 1:

  • Goblin Slayer and Priestess's (actual) first meeting. Goblin Slayer had been brought to the Earth Mother temple after dealing with a goblin raid on a town injured. Seeing him hurt gave her the necessary desire to cast her first Miracle instinctively.
    • And the one who dragged Goblin Slayer to the temple? It was Spearman, who found him laying on the edge of town unconscious.
    • There's more. The reason GS was on the edge of town? After a short chat with a young girl from the town he helped, GS replied that he's going home.

Brand New Day Spinoff

  • Goblin Slayer, sitting on a bench with Priestess, is noticeably snippy when the Rookie Duo attempts to ask him for advice. He tells them to make it quick, and it's apparent why when the scene pans down onto Priestess' sleeping face.
  • The fact that the Spearwoman who Goblin Slayer rescues in Chapter 4 was not broken by her week of endless rape, but instead stands up once more and courageously continues her life; as an adventurer still, no less.


  • The anime has a moment in Episode 2 that's a breath of fresh air after the first episode. When we hear a Porcelain-ranked party has taken on a goblin-slaying quest we fear for their safety after the horror of what happened to the Rookie Team in the first episode, but as Goblin Slayer is monologuing about how he's become a goblin to the goblins while out on a quest of his own, the door of the Guild swings open and we see the party who went on the quest, tired and bruised up, but alive and successful.
  • For those who read Year One, one of the faces shown among the adventurers that join the farm raid protection quest in Episode 11 can be recognized as Newbie Swordsman. While his fate after Year One is never stated, the fact one adventurer in both the novel and manga adaptions always states they joined at the same time as Goblin Slayer during the scene could imply it is Newbie Swordsman who says the line in all continuities. Why it's heartwarming is considering what happened with Newbie Swordsman in Year One, the mere fact he's continued to be an adventurer despite that is one in itself.

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