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There will be a point where Goblin Slayer and his posse take the center world stage as the heroes... the scary part is no force will have intended it

Goblin Slayer always makes bad rolls, so to compensate, he stacks the odds overwhelmingly in his favor. This, in a way, segregates him from fate and chance.

The goblins are a mostly ignored threat. Heroes as a whole don’t find them worth pursuing. As an ignored threat, this gives them a chance to grow and develop slowly... also... independent of fate and chance.


The final showdown will be between the Unchosen Ones and it will be far scarier than the classic good v evil conflict the GS universe faced so far, because the Hero was always fated to win. In fact, our wham moment will be when the Hero gets (horrifically) taken out by goblins, upending all the concepts the denizens of the GS universe came to take for granted.

The reason the goblins are capable of taking out the Hero is they have been steadily honing their craft, similar to Goblin Slayer. We’ve seen them be able to use boats and magical devices for their own purposes, because they’re capable of learning. They have the time to do this because they were never a threat humanity activily saught to destroy completely. Goblin Slayer is really good at what he does but he’s just one guy against an evolving civilization.


When the conflict does scale up, its not going to be between sides governed by fate. Its going to be between underdogs who succeeded specifically by bypassing fate. Its gonna be a gruesome war with both sides using Goblin Slayer-style ingenuity.

There will eventually be a Goblin breed that evolved beyond Always Chaotic Evil
We see goblins that have evolved beyond their other base instincts, stronger, smarter, etc, the only thing for them to overcome would be their cruelty, we even see an inkling of this with the Paladin inspiring other goblins to care about something bigger then themselves that they're willing to die for. of course seeing as how Always Chaotic Evil is literally encoded in every goblin, they may very well simply, commit suicide, knowing they might give in to there evil urges one day

The later arcs will require Goblin Slayer to work with the evolved goblins
Adding to the above post. Some goblins, maybe raised by humans as experiments, will be friendly, only procreate with willing human females, as well as protect society as a whole, against their own kind. Of course Goblin Slayer is going to have a BSOD when this happens and try to kill them anyways. The arc will force the two (or more?) to work together against a bigger threat. As the story goes on, the 3rd party goblins will either submit to the rule of law or get exterminated. This has a cascading affect, which brings about a peaceful renaissance, allowing society to finally move past its medieval stasis.

Even though this seems wildly optimistic, of course the ending will be bittersweet with countless victims between where the story is now and the end.

Goblins are a bioweapon of evil gods/demon lords etc.
Think of them as a self-replicating drone released at human/lawful/good enemies. Expecting them to ever *not* be "Chaotic Evil" is like expecting a Roomba to seek a career in food prep instead of cleaning floors.

The Goblin Slayer will eventually meet an Evil Counterpart.
Similarities have already been drawn between him and the goblin species as a whole. The Goblin Paladin was foreshadowing. One day, the Goblin Slayer will encounter another super-goblin, one who actually had the time to achieve his fullest potential... and he will be the genocidal Human Slayer, out to make the world safe for goblinkind by exterminating all those who would see them exterminated.

Goblin Slayer is a distant ancestor of the Doom Slayer
His massive hatred for goblins transcends time and space, such that his descendant turned that anger onto the legions of Hell.

When Goblin Slayer actually rolls the dice, his results are terrible
Even if
Crippling Overspecialization is in play, getting screwed over when not in the midst of goblin-fighting, a pragmatic trick or in the middle of Unstoppable Rage in the manner he has been makes one think; surely a man with his experience has some fighting capability beyond just one-shotting smaller goblins, at this stage and level of experience, especially if RPG-Mechanics Verse are involved. Hence the thought that his actual rolls in direct combat actually suck. The fact that Truth, essentially the Dungeon Master, doesn't seem to like him much enforces this.
  • There is some truth to this as he has his fair share of misfortune in a straight up scrap, which just reinforces his pragmatism. The other part is the fact he hasn't really prepared to deal with anything besides goblins extensively.

Goblin Slayer will inevitably end the goblin threat by going to the very source: the green moon
If the goblins' origins are indeed true, after killing off every goblin in the Frontier, the only way to ensure they don't come back is to head to where they came from: the green moon. Given the apt parallels between this series and Doom, in a similar vein to what Doomguy does at the end of Doom 64, Goblin Slayer will find a way to the source (likely another magic mirror), sealing all further access so that he winds up there by himself - stranded, but not alone, as there are now hordes of goblins for him to kill until there's none left.

Goblin Slayer will not do any world changing feats, but rather be the catalyst for them
This has been seen to a tiny degree already with the training camp for rookie adventurers (increasing their survival chance, thus perhaps turning the balance of things around), but eventually a mighty hero (perhaps Choosen Heroine) will go on to do something big for the world inspired by him.

Goblin Slayer will eventually meet his mentor again, but has to fight him as part of his character development
Burglar represents the single minded ultimately suicidal goblin slaying without regards to much else (his Training from Hell has as much part of his mental state as his Doomed Hometown) It's likely he wouldn't take kindly to his "student" straying, thus a battle occurs that is about Goblin Slayer killing a demon from his past.

The Demon King is deeply connected to goblins.
Whether that means the Demon King created goblins or is himself a goblin, this will give Goblin Slayer the incentive to actually break out of his Crippling Overspecialization.

Priestess will gain her own "harem".
Likely will be brought up as a joke of how she is becoming more like Goblin Slayer, and how heroes of the story are often Chick Magnet. Volume 6 reveal that Noble Fencer has a crush on Priestess. The Princess becomes Hero-Worshipper for Priestess by the end of Volume 8. Possible in the next few volumes, Priestess will win over the affections 2-3 more girls, and comically finds herself with her own "harem" similar to Goblin Slayer.

Meta: Goblin Slayer is a player character of someone playing RP Gs as part of therapy, overcoming a real life traumatic experience.
The awkward social interactions are because the other gamers in the party are dealing with a shy & emotionally stunted teenager Priestess has brought to their gaming sessions.

Meta- Goblins are an allegory for Dirty Communists.
They're motivated by envy, make no innovations, can't feed themselves, dwell in squalor, delight in dragging others down to their level.

Goblin Slayer's encounter with Priestess wasn't luck
We learn later on that Goblin Slayer often asks after beginner parties that set off on goblin slaying quests. Considering that Guild Girl seemed quite perturbed about the preparedness of the Rookie Party and that Goblin Slayer would have no reason to undertake a quest that was already in progress, there is a distinct chance that Guild Girl pointed him their way the moment he set foot in the guild that day.

The Chosen Heroine will die to goblins
After she killed the Demon Lord, her prophecy ended, therefore the gods have no more use for her, and well... Yeah.
Truth is actually the good god and Illusion's "kindness" is a lie.
  • In an universe of significant names, Truth pushes the heroes to their limits while Illusion uses her chances to roll the die of fate in order to benefit them (only to always fail horribly).
    • It is said that the truth is a hard burden to bear, while lies are nothing more than a sweet illusion.
      • Truth is harsh on the adventurers because he wants them prepared down the line for something more ( also his interest that Goblin Slayer defies fate). Note we see that, as hard as he's making the "campaign", he's still making it beatable in a way that makes the heroes better.
      • Illusion is actually sabotaging the heroes in the guise of helping them, trying to remove them from play. There are several tricks that can manipulate dice rolls (that a god named Illusion should know), so her rolling bad might be on purpose.
  • The end of the story will lead to a major battle (outside of Truth and Illusion's control) that will push them past the breaking point, and only the results of all their hard fought victories will win.

Goblin Slayer is propaganda in another universe
In this other universe where humans,and goblins are at war;the human leaders started to spread this story around to give people a monstrous enemy to fight. (in this alternate universe goblins,like humans have their fair share of saints,and sinners.) Somehow, this propaganda made it's way into our world and became the manga,light novel,and anime.

Goblin Slayer will Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence after he dies.
And as Truth and Illusion comment on his passing off the board, he'll show up right there with them (scaring them both shitless first by merely appearing) and then remain at their table as the objective, neutral, judge of their games for all eternity, to ensure that they can't cheat or create scenarios beyond reasonable chance of success just for amusement. Also, add a rule of "NO GOBLINS!" in any of their written scenarios, essentially eradicating the entire species in one fell swipe of a feather-pen, with the change marked by having the Green Moon erased from existence and Priestess(now older) remark on how pretty the lone moon is that night.

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