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Funny / Jewelpet Twinkle

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  • The ending of episode 10 when the students manage to use magic (when all magic is supposed to be disabled) out of sheer rage.
  • Sulfur's mother squashing him with a fly-swatter... So random and came out of nowhere.
    • In the same episode, Moldavite tries to transform Leon into Sulfur, but Dian shouts "RANGULA!" and a giant statue falls on him. Twice.
  • Marianne's wedding dress in episode 16. It's almost a Christmas tree, seriously.
  • In one episode, Moldavite buys these two small girls which function as his conscience and help him weigh his options. After many mishaps, the two girls demand to know which one is cutest and this debate ends up involving the entire population of Jewel Land, coming into a tie. So, they demand Moldavite's answer to untie the debate. His answer? JOLLY AND MERRY!!!
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  • In the New Year's episode, Peridot goes hopelessly bonkers after thinking too much about the punishment she's getting (singing karaoke with the tone-deaf Moldavite) if she fails in keeping Rald out of trouble.

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