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Funny Moments in Tokyo Ravens.

Spoiler Warning: This page has unmarked spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • Natsume near the ends of Episode three, when she learns that Touji knew it was her controlling Hokuto all this time.
  • The fiasco about the Shikigami modeled as a male Natsume. Every single bit of it.
  • The following chapter shows Harutora and Natsume stuck in the Love Hotel. Lets just say the hilarity keeps getting better in this.
    • And both of these make up all of Episode 6. The Dorm supervisors end up roping his classmates into helping look for him and Natsume in a Love Hotel (when it was actually a regular one) and even their Homeroom Teacher. In the end, he winds up looking like a paedophile and Natsume just throws him under the bus.
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  • Suzuka's reintroduction, acting all cutesy with intercutting scenes from her debut contrasting this.
  • Episode 12: Suzuka and Kyoko in the hotsprings, consisting of a heard Skinship Grope and massive teasing from Kyoko.
  • Kon. Any moment with Kon.
    • Lets not forget the "Pervert Punishment".
    • And Suzu's introductory scene in the Anime.
  • Chapter 17 when Harutora goes on a date. It does not go well thanks to a certain someone.
  • The ENTIRE chapter/episode where Suzuka Daireiji enrolls to the Omnyo Academy.
    • Made it more epic when she notice Harutora, gives an evil grin,and confess that he was her first kiss.
    • Lets just say that Suzuka is STILL pissed on losing to a newbie like Harutora.
      • Even better that Natsume becomes her 'slave' after meeting her in school.
      • Whatever Natsume had in her room closet was so worth defending that even Bound and Gagged she tried to stop Shizuka, eventually calling out her dragon to defend the room. Suzuka makes the wise decision to not try again.
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  • The scene at the practical skills camp where Suzuka trades Harutora her meal. Hers was inedible.
  • In the second opening where Suzuka is getting a tiger[[note: Tora in Harutora means tiger.]] from a crane machine.

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