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Funny / Kimba the White Lion

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  • The 1993 redub of the 60s series replaced the sound effects for fight scenes with rather cartoony ones. Whenever a Big Ball of Violence occurs, the sound of rapidly beaten bongo drums is heard, making the scene outright hilarious to watch.
  • In "Mystery of the Deserted Village", Kimba accidentally startles two humans by talking to them. When they faint, Kimba goes "Awwww" with a big ol' grin on his face.
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  • In "The Sun Tree" Dan'l accidentally nuzzles into his Uncle Scratch's bottom after being unable to find his face under his white fur. This even makes his tsundere cousin Muffy crack up.
  • In "Two Hearts and Two Minds," Kimba learns Pauley had a girlfriend who he thought had died long ago while trying to escape human captivity. In the end of the episode, it's revealed she's been alive all along, heartwarming... and that she had a husband and a family of her own.


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