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  • Blade's increasingly perverted demands to Kuchinashi during their battle in episode 5, It has to be seen to believed.
  • In the same episode Eve beating Setsuna, Kuchinashi, AND Mio in 5 seconds...then getting hit by a weighted teddy bear rabbit doll.
  • Eve, Setsuna, Mio, and Kuchinashi being shot out of a cannon and hitting Arclight in the middle of what was supposed to be a serious broadcast.
  • (Almost) everyone's personal paradises due to Lotus-Eater Machine in episode 14. Teruyama's has Blade and Arclight becoming his... Fanboys?, Eve's has her remembering everyone's name (well, except Cruz's), Seto's has her finding piles of money, and Solva's has her becoming an Evil Overlord. And of course, Blade's reason for NOT being affected.
    • "LITTLE GIRL! LITTLE GIRL! LITTLE GIRL! LITTLE GIRL! LITTLE GIRL! ...Well, she's a little girl, too."
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  • Any time the BGM goes to the "Weird Al" Yankovic Polka music.
  • In the latest chapter, transitioning between this and above, Blade makes his dramatic reappearance, only for his jacket to get in the way. Fail...
  • The one panel on this page, where we see Saten as a Bishōnen (complete with sparkle!).
    Who are they?
  • While Cruz is looking at the stars he sees Blade's face...and the stars also create a speech box
    Constellation Blade: Socks.
  • The scene in Episode 1 where Cruz is run over by a motorcycle, and is lying in a pool of blood with tire tracks on him.
  • During an omake chapter, Setsuna asks Arclight if he's a lolicon. Though he tries to convince her, Cruz, and Kuchinashi that it's merely a coincidence that he has young female Needlesses working for him, every word he says digs himself deeper.

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