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Funny / Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind

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  • In the anime, pretty much everything Kurotowa says.
    • [after discovering that Kushana made it out alive] "That dream didn't last long." In the 1984 dub, the equally funny line is "So much for that promotion!"
    • The way his face does an "oh, well, what're you gonna do?" expression before changing to a much more serious expression. He then yells "Your highness!" in a very heartfelt manner as he rushes over to her.
  • During the battle, Niga, Muzu, and Gol hijack one of the tanks but have no idea how to work it.
    “You’re just turning it in circles! Go forward!”
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  • Asbel eating Chiko nuts before commenting on how bad they taste but still continues to eat them while asking "Why does everything that's good for you taste so bad?"
  • It's supposed to be deadly serious, but the scene early in the manga where Nausicaä first encounters Kushana and the Worm-Handlers and they have the worms crawl over her body… Nausicaä's dialogue is so over-the-top it becomes funny.
    "Dogs of Torumekia! You've fouled my body with your despicable maggots! I shall not forgive!!"
  • Later in the manga, Charuka is talking with Nausicaä when he suddenly realizes his Translator Microbes aren't working. He looks over to Chikuku (who usually facilitates communication via telepathy), only to see him completely engrossed in eating… and he refuses to start translating for Charuka again until he's done.
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  • Namulith's "death" scene, due to him being so affable even as he's just a talking severed head falling out of a corvette several miles to the ground below.
  • The God-Warrior, a skyscraper-sized colossus created solely for war, cowering before the might of mommy-Nausicaä's anger. She wasn't even angry at him!
  • In the manga, when the Worm-Handlers demand Nausicaä be turned over to them as their new deity:
    Worm-Handlers: "We are not afraid of the Forest People!!"
    Selm: *Death Glare*
    Worm-Handlers: "We've angered the Forest People!!"


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