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  • Early in the story, when Hinohara and Kotoha have been sent to the island prison, they get separated. Hinohara tries to track her down by offering some of his stuff from earth in exchange for information on her. One person is absolutely mesmerized by his mechanical pencil, and continuously clicks it to get the lead to come out. Eventually he gets mobbed by people offering him information in order to get his stuff.
  • Hinohara and friends all dressing up as girls in order to get into Kagura's palace and rescue Rami. Kannagi wishes them good luck and walks off, only for Hinohara to point Sarae at him and give him women's clothing anyway. This is the result. Hinohara is surprised at how much it suits him. He then does the same to Mikusa, but seems much more excited about it. Also, Hinohara's response to Kotoha's new outfit.
  • At one point Hinohara accidentally winds up switching bodies with one of Yataka's zokushou, and a hamster. That is, he winds up in in the Zokushou's body, the hamster winds up in his body, and the Zokushou winds up in the hamster's body. Hilarity Ensues. Of course, he's is in a relationship with a girl who wants to elope. Hinohara can't bring himself to do this, especially when in someone else's body, and proclaims that he has someone else he loves.note  She's is heartbroken, and Yataka's allies are appalled, telling Hinohara!Zokushou that loyalty to their lovers is sacred. Meanwhile, the "hamster" is running around trying to get everyone's attention and prove that he's the real Zokushou, but it never works. When everyone is in their own bodies again and Yataka decides to join Hinohara on his journey, she makes it clear that she and Hinohara did nothing together, so there's nothing to worry about.
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  • One of the abilities of Kikutsune's sound manipulation allows him to destroy people's clothes. Naturally, things become quite awkward when almost everyone either winds up half-naked with their clothes destroyed or completely in the nude. Whether this is good or bad is up to you to decide. Thankfully, Sarae fixes this later on.
  • Chapter 164. After having prevented a volcanic eruption and earned the adoration of the people, Hinohara is revealed to be the destined emperor chosen by Himeou, which only nets him more adoration. Kannagi doesn't deny this, but he tries to tell everyone to not forget him, the one who's been training Arata until this point.
  • Chapter 165. Hinohara is still recovering from their battle with Kikutsune, and Kannagi suggests that he strips to make it easier for Kotoha to heal him.
    Kannagi: Maybe if you strip the treatment will have more effect. Hoo-hoo, maybe even that part of you that hasn't been injured will become a little bit more lively as a result?
    Yataka: Vulgar man...
    Kannagi: What, Yataka? Even if you can't *beep* then at least laugh at the joke!
    Yataka: A gentleman would never laugh at such a joke!
    Kotoha: You two please be quiet!
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  • After Isora uses his Kamui to de age everyone, Kannagi doesn't realize what happened until he looks at his groin.
    Arata: Ah... So that "part" also becomes small....
  • Chapter 214. After Ikisu is forced to submit, the group decides to use his airships to get where they want to go. Kannagi decides he wants to lift the groups spirits, and stumbles upon a room filled with glass orbs. He accidentally drops one. It turns him into a girl. Hinohara and Yataka run in, and when they discover their newly found assets, Kannagi accuses them of not listening to his warnings. Then Mikusa, Kotoha and Nasake come in...
    Hinohara: Yataka... you have breasts.
    Yataka: Wait, Arata! Look at yourself!
    Hinohara:(looks down at himself) NOOOOOOO! MOM!
    Yataka: (In hysterics) Arata, I'm the same as you!The thing we should have, we don't have it! The thing we shouldn't have, we have it!
    Kannagi: That's why I was telling you to not come closer!
    Yataka and Hinohara: You didn't! You were just watching quietly!
  • When they're on the Island of Children, the kids ask Hinohara to tell them a story (and mentioning that neither Kanate or Kannagi would be any good because they're 'useless'). He tells them "Little Red Riding Hood", and when he's about halfway through, he sees that both Kannagi and Kanate have joined the kids and are listening to the story, and adding their own commentary.
    Hinohara:The wolf disguised itself as Little Red Riding Hood and went in her place, and when he got there, he ate her grandmother.
    Kannagi: The old bat couldn't tell the difference between a wolf and her own grandaughter?
    Hinohara: Next, the wolf disguised itself as the grandmother...
    Kanate: That wolf! How lame, he'll be discovered so easily!... (laughing hysterically) What, so Little Red Riding hood got eaten too? Like mother like granddaughter!
    Kannagi: (completely seriously) They were both fools! Absolute fools!
    The children: Be quiet!
    Hinohara:You're the fools!
  • Kannagi and Yataka's reactions when they find out Mikusa is a girl.

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