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  • All of the abandoned children asking Kotoha and Hinohara if they can be their mom and dad.
  • All of the Shou that submitted to Hinohara working with him from within his Hayagami during the fight with Kikutsune.
  • It's a small scene, but still worth mentioning: In chapter 27, Hinohara decides that his new path - to make all of the Shinsho submit willingly to him, instead of by force - will be too dangerous for Kotoha, so he decides to leave her behind in order to protect her. But even after deciding that it's the right thing to do, he's still thinking about her. Then he looks over his shoulder - and sees Kotoha, following him from a distance and trying to catch up, and he books it. Then he looks back again, and sees that Kotoha, because of her sprained ankle, has fallen - and instantly runs back to her, three times as fast as when he was running away from her.
  • The friendship between the group is pretty sweet, if you think about it. More so between Hinohara, Kannagi, Yataka and Mikusa, when you consider that the first time they met each other, the latter three were all trying to kill and/or make Hinohara submit. They go from not trusting each other at all (as seen when Kannagi first joined the group - Hinohara thought that as soon as Kannagi got the chance, he'd steal Tsukuyo) (which he did, but he came back) to trusting each other with their lives and not wanting them to get hurt. (as seen when Isora kidnaps Mikusa, and turns Yataka, Kannagi and Kotoha into kids and tells Hinohara that unless he chooses between them, they'll all die. Hinohara refuses to choose, and states that they are all his friends, while Yataka and Kannagi look at him in shock.
    • Chapter 193 is a really good example of this. After Isora submits, Hinohara is feeling a little less confident in himself and his abilities - and Kannagi and Yataka both come into the room and they all have breakfast together. Kannagi even thanks Hinohara (in his own way) for saving him and Yataka when they were stuck in child form and being tortured by Isora. Yataka and Kannagi both give Hinohara some advice. Even the volume cover is sweet.
    • A minor example - in chapter 106, Hinohara asks Mikusa to give Kannagi a cell phone strap with Amatsuriki to use as a weapon against Akachi, and Mikusa initially refuses, saying that Kannagi and Yataka both had a major part in Himeou's assassination, and states that by law they should be executed. Then, in chapter 137, Mikusa tells Hinohara that there is an enemy amongst the shinsho, and then adds that she doesn't mean Yataka or Kannagi, but real enemies.
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  • The first time Hinohara demonizes, Kannagi just looks on and does nothing. The second time, in Hinohara's first fight against Kikutsune, Kannagi and Yataka instantly stop him, with Kannagi telling Hinohara that if he keeps demonizing, he'll become like Kikutsune. Hinohara immediately stops.
  • At the beginning of chapter 214, Hinohara and Yataka are looking a little depressed. Kannagi tells them both to cheer up, and says this to Hinohara:
    Kannagi: First go sleep. After you wake up, eat!
  • In his second fight against Kikutsune, Hinohara is thrown into a building and knocked unconscious by a demonized Kikutsune. Yataka and Kannagi don't even hesitate before stepping in to protect their friend from Kikutsune.
  • In the aforementioned Island of Lost Children Arc, Kannagi doesn't hesitate to protect the children from the attacking grown-ups. This was probably the first scene that showed him as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
    • A few chapters earlier, the kids managed to crawl onto him while he was standing up, forcing him to bend over under their weight. As Hinohara noted, if Kannagi wasn't enjoying himself, why didn't he just put them down? Even if he wasn't enjoying himself (which he probably wasn't) it's still pretty cute to see the little kids hanging off of him.
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  • According to the Wiki, Kanate and Kannagi's occasional arguments are like "friendly spats similar to brothers".
  • Although it's played for laughs, Kugura's love for 'Nao' (actually Hinohara) is pretty sweet - starting from when he sees 'her' for the first time and says 'she'ss' pretty cute, all the way up to taking 'her' flying with his Hayagami.

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