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  • At the end of the Kikutsune arc, Hinohara and co manage to stop a volcanic eruption and save thousands of lives. In the end, Hinohara solidifies himself as the people's desired emperor.
  • The first time Hinohara demonizes, he destroys pretty much an entire field in his rage, and if he isn't stopped, Tsukuyo will demonize completely and will never ever be able to be stopped. So what does Kotoha do? She grabs him, begins telling him that she knows he is a kind person and begging him to go back to his true self, and refuses to let go until his demonizing has stopped. And how did she get him to finally stop? By reminding Hinohara that Tsutsuga and Nagu are both inside Tsukuyo.
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  • In the Kugura arc, Kadowaki comes and attacks Hinohara by extending Orochi's blade, all the way from the airship he's on to the ground where Hinohara is. Kugura is near Hinohara, so he probably would have been injured in the crossfire. Eto, who has been fighting Kadowaki on the airship, notices this - and doesn't even think twice before quickly flying down and creating a barrier of wind around Kugura and Hinohara, in an act of You Shall Not Pass!. Even when Kadowaki tries to get him out of the way, and Eto is covered in cuts and is obviously seriously injured he doesn't back down.
  • After Rami dies, Mikusa decides to dress like a proper girl. It's what she says that makes it awesome.
    Mikusa: It was to deceive my enemies... That enemy is one of the six shou. It's not Kannagi-sama or Yataka-sama - the real enemy are the ones who see Himeou's existance as a nuisance. They stole the lives of the true Hime maidens, and my former way of living. Now again, they killed Rami and Hiruha! I won't forgive them! If they want to kill me, they should come! I won't run or hide anymore! With just my heart as a girl of the Hime Clan, I'll fight!

Alternative Title(s): Arata Kangatari


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