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  • Critical Research Failure: It is revealed that Kikutsune was originally a Roman citizen who grew up to be a popular musician. Judging by the popularity of his status, the author doesn't seem to know that musical practice was regarded to be low-class work. An aristocrat or upper class men that practices such music won't be regarded well by others in the same rank (one of the reasons why Emperor Nero was disliked by the Senate). So in this context, Kikutsune wouldn't receive any honor, glory, or even get installed to become a noble for this achievement.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Judging by Watase's notes in the backs of some volumes, Kannagi does very well in character popularity polls.
    • Out of the Six Shou members, Kikutsune is easily the most popular among the fans judging by the Japanese and Chinese forums.
  • Foe Yay: Hinohara and Kadowaki. The more overt hints don't come until after The Reveal that the two used to be friends. Sort of lampshaded when Miyabi suspects that Kadowaki actually likes Hinohara, then immediately adds that she doesn't mean it in a "weird" way.
    • Similarly, Akachi and Kannagi. Their friendship is meant to parallel Hinohara and Kadowaki's in some ways. Akachi and Kannagi's interactions in the past could definitely be seen as something more than just friendship. Not to mention that when Emisu died, Kannagi was only shown to be tearing up a little bit, but when Akachi died, Kannagi was shown to be crying with six lines of tears pouring down his face. Also, Kannagi is the last thing Akachi thinks of before he dies for the first time, and when Okoro is making the deal with him, it's Kannagi who Akachi says he wants to see again.
  • Fridge Horror: When a person from Amawakuni crosses over into the real world, they end up in the exact same place the person from Earth crossed over into Amawakuni from, and vice versa. Five out of the six shinsho (not including Harunawa) are actually from Earth. So far, we've seen that they all entered Amawakuni at really awful times - such as Kikutsune crossing over after falling through a crack in the earth, in Pompeii, when the volcano was going off, and Isora being prosecuted as a witch and being dunked in the water, presumably before being burned at the stake. The real Fridge Horror sets in when you realize that some innocent citizens of Amawakuni, having no clue what was going on, crossed over to Earth and were mistaken for the shinsho they replaced and died horribly in their place.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Not much yet, but Hinohara seems to like Kannagi's transvestite version way too much. Also played with during the Kugura arc, wherein Kugura falls in love with a cross-dressing Hinohara, much to the latter's chagrin. The Bishie Sparkle that Kugura views Hinohara with after the Unsettling Gender Reveal don't help matters much.
    • Rami's declaration of "Mikusa-sama's the only one for me!" isn't so Les Yay to the cast who are in the dark about Mikusa's true gender, but it's another thing for the audience who found out before the characters. Even Kotoha, the only other member of the group to know Mikusa's secret at the time, admits to being impressed by the strength of Rami's love.
    • Hiruha, originally one of Kagura's Zokushou, later chooses to join up with Hinohara's team. He says that it's because Hinohara looked cool when fighting Kagura, blushing as he says it. He later leaps on the opportunity to ask Hinohara to wash his back during the Hot Springs Episode.
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  • Memetic Molester: Harunawa received this reputation to this degree by the partial fandom. He teased Oribe in a creepy way, inserted his sharp nail between a girl's breast, grab Oribe's breast with the latter under his mind manipulation, hunted and killed little girls...
  • Moe: Kotoha, so much. Then there's Miyabi...
  • Nightmare Fuel: Chapter 23, "Behind the Curtain", makes chilling use of the Gory Discretion Shot. The double-spread in chapter 46 that introduces Orochi ain't pretty, either - not to mention what Orochi can actually do to people, as we see with Eto later on.
    • The first two times Hinohara demonizes are pretty scary - the third time, when he's almost entirely demonized and has partially merged with Tsukuyo and is chasing after Kadowaki in an Unstoppable Rage is absolutely terrifying.
    • Ameeno forcing Ikisu to submit to him. It's arguable the most violent fight we've seen so far, and the worst part? Ameeno isn't using his Hayagami at all. The most he uses it for is to demonize, but that's pretty much it. For the majority of the fight, he's just using his brute strength, and at the end, he literally rips Ikisu's onigami form apart.
  • Periphery Demographic: The series is mainly targeted for boys as it serialized in Shonen Sunday, but it ends up getting more female fans than the former due to its overwhelming bishounen and shojo feel (thanks to Yuu Watase's influence as a shojo mangaka). However, it led to some dispute whether the series should be categorized as shojo or not.
  • The Scrappy: People aren't fond of Kadowaki. There are characters who are jerks, but popular because they're fun to watch, and then there are jerks who people hate just as much as they would hate if they were to encounter them in real life. Kadowaki is the latter. He's a bona fide rich kid Jerkass whose only justification for his cruelty to Hinohara is the fact that he has a neglectful father and that Hinohara is better than him at sports. Naturally, when he comes to the other world to hinder Hinohara's efforts to save it, his hatedom only increases. Once in the other world, he reveals himself to be a full-blown sociopath: he treats everyone like crap and sets out to kill powerful Shous just to gain power, and ruthlessly kills anybody who gets in the way of an already murderous goal. The biggest problem with this series is that this fucker isn't dead yet.
    • It's even worse than that. They actually were friends up until the point where Hinohara lost to him in a race, and he thinks he did it deliberately. See, his mom walked out on him and his dad, and he thinks Hinohara lost to him because he felt sorry for him. Yeah. This twisted asshole's murderous hatred and years of cruelty is because, from his perspective, his best friend didn't have the heart to beat him immediately after his mom disappeared. Oh, and if that weren't bad enough, what really ends up setting him off is getting knocked out. In a challenge he made to Mr.Arataactually the other Arata after he asked if they were friends or not. So, not only is all the death on account of his misplaced spite for a downright understandable action that didn't even happen, it turns out to be hypocritical bullshit, to boot.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks! : A lot of fans of the manga had this reaction to the anime, seeing how it changed a majority of the plotline - they took out Oribe, Seo, the Island of Lost Children arc, ignored the original story of the Suzakura arc, told us about Kannagi and Akachi's past friendship way too early, etc.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot : The setup seems interesting with Arata pretending to be a maiden, getting framed, they switch....and it turns into a fairly normal Trapped in Another World type thing. It's well executed an all, but it seems like there was a bunch of awesome in the setup that just didn't get used.
    • Readers are underwhelmed by this series for its lack of world-building as it doesn't revolve much with the Hayagami and the history of the fantasy world, which many people felt it would had been a better story focusing on those elements, but instead got the boy Trapped in Another World and dealing with characters who has Wangst backstories.
  • Wangst: Depending on your sensibilities, the backstories of some of the Shou may or may not feel like this. Hinohara is typically considered guilty of this more often than the others.

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