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''What we do here is go back-back-back-back-back-back-back-back..."

Content Cop is a web series created by Ian Carter, better known as iDubbbzTV. A typical Content Cop sees Ian reviewing a channel or trend (usually a controversial one, the exceptions being his "Food Amateur Reviewers" Content Cop and his "How to Prank it Up" Content Cop) before deconstructing the channel in a hilarious fashion.

11 Content Cop videos have been released:

In addition to the Content Cops, Ian has also done two Content Deputies, where he addresses the responses a subject made to the original Content Cop video on them:


Tropes relating to iDubbbz in general and his other series can be found here.


  • Actually Pretty Funny: Dennis from howtoPRANKitup loved the Content Cop on him, and voiced his approval of the thoroughness of the video in a comment.
  • Affectionate Parody: In the beginning of Content Cop - Leafy, he makes a small joke about all the Youtubers who criticized the Youtube drama incident that was caused by Leafy, which includes PewDiePie, Markiplier, Maxmoefoe, etc.note 
  • The Anticipator: What makes a Content Cop so devastating is Ian's ability to know exactly how his subjects will respond. This is perhaps best shown in the Content Deputy videos, which is essentially Ian sitting back and enjoying Leafy and RiceGum displaying the exact character flaws he criticized them for in their attempts to save face.
  • Anti-Hero: A Knight in Sour Armor variant. Ian doesn't hold back when calling out a Youtuber for their actions, but he only does this for people who really deserve it. And it helps that the arguments and points he raises are usually well thought out and thoroughly researched.
    • Case and point: In the Content Deputy video on Ricegum, he gets to the part where Ricegum tries to deflect criticism from himself by saying PewDiePie does the same thing he did, only for Ian to bluntly tell him this is irrelevant because the video isn't on Felix.
      Ian: This isn't "Content Cop - PewDiePie". Wha-What's wrong with you? Yes, if I were to make a Content Cop on PewDiePie, I'd mention how he stretches all of his videos out to ten minutes, I'd mention how he litters his videos with ads, there's things to criticize PewDiePie on, but guess what? He's not nearly as much of a fucking douchebag as you.''
  • At Least I Admit It: A part of his disstrack against Ricegum is openly acknowledging that it's written by Boyinaband.
  • Bait-and-Switch: His Content Cop on RiceGum is billed as one on Jake Paul, even featuring him in the thumbnail. He did this to avoid giving RiceGum the bragging rights he seemed to expect from being mentioned on his channel, and he considered Jake Paul an Acceptable Target anyway. As smart as the move was, it actually got the video briefly taken down by YouTube for violating its rules on deception.
  • Beat Them at Their Own Game: In Content Cop, iDubbbz will often imitate his targets' behavior to make fun of their video content or to prove a point.
    • iDubbbz mocks Jinx while reacting to Jinx's videos.
    • In Content Cop - AMATEUR FOOD REVIEWERS, iDubbbz does a crude parody of a typical food review.
    • Likewise, iDubbbz does a parody toy unboxing in Content Cop - TOY REVIEW CHANNELS (GIANT SURPRISE EGG).
    • Given how Keemstar was willing to reveal private Twitter conversations on his channel as news, iDubbbz decides to reveal a private Twitter conversation between Keemstar and him in which Keemstar threatens to ruin iDubbbz's career.
    • Content Cop - TOY CHANNELS #2 (GIANT GUMMY BOTTLE) has iDubbbz teaching his audience how to create a gummy bottle made out of bleach.
    • In the same vein as HOWTOPRANKITUP, iDubbbz makes his own set of impractical pranks.
    • The Content Cop on Leafy criticizes Leafy's character but focuses mainly on insulting Leafy's appearance, most notoriously his chin, which is fitting since most of Leafy's content revolves around attacking other people's appearances.
    • In Content Cop - Tech Destruction Channels, iDubbbz destroys some Amazon Dash Buttons with a blender, whacks his drone with a shovel, and drops valuable items off a building, the latter of which ends with the building's securities forcing him to clean up the mess.
    • Knowing RiceGum was likely to release a diss track in response to the Content Cop on him, Ian beat him to the punch by releasing his own diss track, "Asian Jake Paul".
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: Ian's Content Cop on Jinx Reload gives us this combined with Old Shame.
    Ian: We've all made content that we're not very proud of. Maybe it was a cringey Gangnam Style video from back in the day. Possibly a Slenderman video that you look back and say "oooh that was pretty gay of me". Maybe you combined both of them and you did a cringy Slenderman Gangnam Style video.
  • The Cameo: Post Malone cameos as a cop in "Content Deputy-AJP", and the music video for "Asian Jake Paul" features cameos from Ethan of H3h 3 Productions, Jacksfilms, a masked HowToBasic, Erik from Internet Comment Etiquette and the man, the myth, the legend himself, PewDiePie.
  • Clickbait Gag: Invoked with "Content Cop - Jake Paul", which even features Paul's face in the thumbnail but instead focuses on RiceGum, as Ian refused to give Rice the satisfaction of being used for views. This ploy briefly got the video taken down by YouTube shortly after its upload on grounds of "misdirection", but it was reinstated after vocal outcry from Ian and his fans.
  • Couch Gag: Each episode starts with a short sketch of the Content Cop at work.
  • Could Say It, But...: Ian refers to it as the "anti-insult" and mocks Leafy's tendency to rely on it due to wanting to insult people without backlash:
    Leafy: DrivingacarMinecraftlogointhecornerhisfuckingteeeeeeeeeeth... nah, fuck that, I'm not going to be talking about the kid today.
    iDubbbz: NAHHHHHH, I'm not going to be talking about the kid after showing a picture of [picture pops up] his fucked-up tooth to my millions of followers. A zoomed-in picture of his snaggletooth. Yeah, I'm not gonna be talking about the kid today. I'm not gonna talk about his fucked-up teeth. His teeth? The fucked-up things in his mouth? I'm not gonna talk about that. That'd be a fucked-up for me thing to do. [Gross-Up Close-Up of said snaggletooth] These things? Not gonna talk about them, not gonna talk about these nasty, fucked-up things."
  • Dagwood Sandwich: The Couch Gag for "Content Deputy-AJP" has the Content Cop making and eating an enormous sandwich.
  • Dirty Coward: This is Ian's biggest problem with Leafy. He demonstrates that Leafy regularly directs vicious insults at channels too small to make a real retaliation, playing it off as praeteritio or feigning ignorance, only to whine about drama or people talking behind his back when insults of the same variety are hurled his way. As Ian puts it:
    Straight off the bat, I want all of the newcomers to my channel know that I'm perfectly fine with bullying. Make fun of someone because they're fat, autistic, or riddled with acne. I don't care, make fun of them. I think my only stipulation with the bullying is that you have to not be a pussy.
  • Hypocrite: most of the Content Cops rip on hypocrisy on the subject's parts.
    • In "Busting Jinx Reload," Ian riffs on Jinx's watermarking his original videos so they cannot be reacted to, despite being a reaction channel.
    • Keemstar's Content Cop points out his lashing out at Pyrocynical's light criticism of him, despite having made a career out of making much harsher criticism; claiming to not use Drama Alert's influence to bully, before subsequently threatening to reveal information solely to direct the Internet mob's vitriol at people who anger him.
    • Leafy is criticized for making attacks on people's appearances, despite clearly being insecure about his chin; using Keemstar to boost his platform, despite Keemstar's many controversies being public knowledge, and only ending their friendship when the YouTube community turned on him; and whining about drama whenever being called out for bullying, despite having made a career out of insulting other YouTubers.
    • Ian attacks Tana Mongeau for telling him to kill himself for using the N-word, despite having used it herself in the past and in a much more vicious manner than Ian, and for recording a stream of her crying at the negative comments directed at her for the inflammatory and hypocritical comments she directed at iDubbbz.
  • Irony: Ian devotes a good chunk of the Jinx Content Cop to pointing out that Jinx, who has made a career out of Stealing the Credit from other creators by reacting to their videos, puts watermarks on the few original videos of his, something done to make sure copyrighted material can't be infringed on.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Rather, a "The Reason You and Your Channel Suck" speech. Content Cop is essentially a 10 to 20 minutes long version of this, but special mention goes to his videos on Keemstar and LeafyIsHere, who had their channels and reputation systematically dismantled.
    "'Oh, you'll ruin my career, Keemstar? Good fucking luck. You're not going to ruin my career, you dumb piece of shit, and I've shown you why you aren't going to ruin my career; I'm smarter than you, you can't think before you speak, and I've never said this unironically, but I think this will be the first time I've said this unironically and mean it: kill yourself.'"
  • Rhetorical Question Blunder: Demonstrated repeatedly to point out the fragility of Leafy's frequent "anti-insults" (framing crude, insulting remarks as "honest" questions to implicitly plead ignorance and avoid backlash):
    Leafy: Yo, is this person fucking retarded?
    Ian: Yes.
    Leafy: Yo, is this person fucking retarded?
    Ian: Yes, she's retarded. Is that the answer you're looking for, "She's retarded"?
    Leafy: I'm not trying to be a dick, like, I really can't tell, like I know some people are going to be like "Aw, it's obvious!", I-I honestly have no idea.
    Ian: Hey, Leafy! She is retarded! Oh no, I guess I'm the asshole here, because you were just asking the question! I had to answer it for you! You got me. You got me good, Leafster.
    Leafy: (video shows an image of Leafy) Yo, is this person fucking retarded?
    Ian: Yes.
  • Self-Deprecation: While he often takes shots at himself, he also ends up deconstructing this in his Content Cop episodes on Leafy and Ricegum. Both responded or called out to Ian with a variety of jokes at their own expense. However, Ian points out how their jokes fail to actually address their flaws or end up feeling shallow. When Ian compares Leafy to a Dr. Seuss character, Leafy attempts to go with the joke by listing other cartoon characters Ian could have insultingly compared him to. Ian rebuts this by noticing that all the characters Leafy mentioned are fairly attractive.
  • Take That!: Content Cop tends to be this for the people iDubbbz criticizes, but he does throw in some pot shots at certain other Youtubers. Including himself.
      • In the toy box, iDubbbz finds a toy gun dubbed "Sam Pepper's Kill Your Best Friend Prank Gun".
    • Content Cop - KEEMSTAR
      • When recounting the Keemstar incident involving Pyrocynical, he describes Pyrocynical as someone who "sucked Keemstar's dick half the time".
    • Content Cop - Leafy
      • iDubbbz points out that GradeAUnderA, along with the titular Leafy, is a hypocrite for using Keemstar to boost his platform despite Keemstar's many controversies being public knowledge and only ending their friendship when the YouTube community turned on him. That being said, iDubbbz does give them both the benefit of the doubt although this does lead iDubbbz to another conclusion...
        iDubbbz: Wow, you guys must be great judges of character if you were surprised by Keemstar going behind your backs. GradeA and Leafy, complete fucking retards. Actual retards.
      • Then, he mocks Scarce by telling his audience to only subscribe to Scarce "when Scarce's content gets better".
        iDubbbz: Scarce is overweight, but more importantly than that, Scarce is boring.
    • Content Cop - Jake Paul
  • "The Villain Sucks" Song / The Diss Track: He's made two of these, "Hey Now, You're A Keemstar" on the titular Killer Keemstar and "Asian Jake Paul" on Ricegum.


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