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  • Unlike the manga or the 2000 anime, in the 2019 remake where Kagura starts swinging Kyo around after seeing him for the first time in a while, the energy she puts into that is so powerful she's lifted off the ground with Kyo spinning above her like a helicopter.
  • Sorta Cinderella. Just... Sorta Cinderella! Not only was it hilariously miscast (Hanajima as Cinderella, Kyo as Prince Charming, and Tohru as the evil stepsister!), much of the play was ad-libbed, leading to a parody-like play with an even stranger ending - Cinderella has the Prince marry her stepsister! But, when that fails, Cinderella and her older sister open a yakiniku shop... Hiro sums it up best:
    Hiro: ... Crud. What was that supposed to be?
    • The rehearsals are funny as hell too, especially Tohru's Epic Fail at acting like a bully.
    • Yuki as the fairy godmother, proving that the universe is determined to force the poor guy into women's clothing as often as possible. He's one of the few cast members trying to act as seriously as possible, and eventually is forced to abandon that tactic when Cinderella is more determined to wish for meat. "YOU WILL GO TO THE BALL IN A PUMPKIN CARRIAGE! I'll just arrange for that!"
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    • There's something incredibly funny about the fact that the dress that Cinderella wears to the ball is BLACK.
    • When the casting is first announced, Yuki fanclub member Minami is patting herself on the back because her plan to make Tohru play the ugly stepsister succeeded. She stops celebrating after another club member points out that she shot herself in the foot and was cast as the wicked stepmother.
  • One of the best is when Yuki tears his shirt, and Ayame sews it for him while being very serious and brotherly. Then he holds up the shirt to show Yuki it's finished. Now, sewn on the back are the words "I live for my older brother!!"
    Ayame: Put it on forthwith!
  • When the Prince Yuki fan club infiltrate Hana's house and meet Megumi.
    Motoko: So-so do y-you have electric wave powers too?
    Megumi: No...(sighs of relief) I have something better. I can curse people.
    • Earlier, when Megumi first meets them and Hana arrives in the room:
    Megumi: You three are not Uotani-san or Honda-san. Are you other friends of Hana?
    Hana: No, they happen to go to the same school and have the same gender but other than that they're complete strangers.
    Mokoto: (thinking to herself) IS SHE BEING SARCASTIC!?
    • The fan club bolts out of Hana's house after Megumi reveals he knows all of their real names. All except for Mai Gotou, who points out Megumi only called her "Number 2" and she is thus ecstatic to know she's in the clear while Motoko, Minami, and Mio are all doomed. Hilariously, Mai didn't seem to actually be escaping with the others and was most likely dragged along with them. The next day, when Hana mentions it takes like three days for Megumi's curses to take effect, Motoko and the others freak out. Again, except for Mai, whose pleasantly smiling face juxtaposed with her friends on the verge of a complete breakdown is hilarious. To cap it off, Mai waves goodbye to Tohru and the girls while Motoko is screaming her head off.
      Mai: President Motoko, don't worry about it.
      Minami and Mio: We're done for.
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  • The exchange between Kyo and Kagura when she tries to express her love by washing his shirt. She ends up ruining it, but she seems to think it was the thought that counts. It's their polar opposite, over-the-top reactions that are the best.
    Kagura: MY LOVE!
    Kyo: MY SHIRT!
  • This moment from the anime.
    • A summary: Kyou needing to protect Tohru from preying boys; Momiji being introduced in a girl's uniform; the student president and his posse (two girls) getting distracted by thoughts of a crossdressing Yuki and a grown-up Momiji respectively, and Hatsuharu ... ahem ... proving that his hair colour is all natural.
  • Kagura showing up to beat the crap out of Kyo.
    • Also, "I don't understand why everyone likes to destroy people's houses."
    • The English version makes it funnier: "Sometimes, I think the whole world is conspiring to destroy my house."
  • Yuki and Tohru's reactions to Ayame slithering out of Tohru's shirt. And when Yuki says the following to Shigure: "Peel his skin off and burn him until he dies right now."
  • The following from this clip.
    Tohru: "It's so nice of him to do this. Shigure can be so selfless sometimes. He's always thinking about others."
    Shigure: (singing) "High School girls. High School girls. All for me... High School girls!" *giggles*
    • And, then there's the second part of the song!
    Shigure: (singing) "High school girls, high school girls. One, two, three, high school girls."
  • At one point Tohru finds a sulking Kyo with a cat snuggling with him. Once Tohru starts talking with him, the cat scratches Kyo and storms off. It needs to be seen.
  • Yuki's reaction to Ayame in a dress.
    • Ayame in a dress, period!
    • Also, when Tohru and Yuki visit Ayame's shop, Tohru gets dolled up in a Pimped-Out Dress by Mine, causing Yuki to have a "Romantic BSOD". In the anime, the camera keeps panning across her while tinkly music repeats until the show's onigiri mascot comes on camera and snaps "Get on with it already!"
  • Ayame's plan to help with student lust in his senior year of high school.
    • Earlier in the story, when Ayame explains the problem was a group of students heading into the Red Light District.
      Ayame: Of course, we weren't with them.
      Shigure: Oh, no, we'd long grown tired of that sort of thing.
      Kyo & Yuki: [Thinking] Did he just say what I thought he said?
  • Yuki's moment of cross-dressing during the onigiri incident. Not that Yuki in a dress is funny (though it is), it's how he tried to distract everyone after Momiji turns into his rabbit form. Just the way he did it, it was priceless.
  • Shigure sniffing the strawberry towel and getting beat up by Yuki and Kyo.
  • Also, any time Ayame and Shigure are together. And the bulk of Shigure and Ayame by themselves, for that matter.
  • Honestly, Ayame's complete devotion to doing everything Hatori says and answering all of his questions without thinking twice is just hilarious.
  • Kakeru calling Yuki, who gets told he looks like a girl rather often, 'ranger pink'. He's androgynous enough that Kakeru tricked his girlfriend into believing he really was a girl who was crossdressing as a boy.
  • Here's a few moments from the anime.
  • I find it hilarious how Yuki always calls Kyo "Baka neko (Stupid Cat)".
  • Tohru's reaction to Hatsuharu telling her that Yuki is his first love.
    • When Yuki is stricken from his cold, Haru suggests Tohru use First-Name Basis to see how much she's been changing him. After she does, there is a beat when Yuki realizes what just happened...and then transforms in a blushing mess!
    • At the end of the chapter/episode introducing Hatsuharu, Kyo and Shigure ended up home with a cold... because they got dragged into playing poker by Saki.
  • Two students notice Tohru. The Kyo shows up and without even saying a word, just sends them running with a Death Glare.
    Student #1: (about Tohru) She's cute, but why is she staring into space?
    Student #2: That is what you call a dumb beauty.
  • Akito's reaction to Hanajima calling her Aa-chan in front of Kyo. Especially since this is the first time we've seen her comically flustered rather than legitimately angered.
  • Some moments where Tohru's sympathy towards Kyo is mildly out of place, such as that time she offers him her umbrella because she thinks his is too heavy, or when she points out a stain in the kitchen that looks like a spooky face and tells him that she's spooked by it too.
  • When Hatori turns in front of Tohru for the first time.
    Hatori: Did you see it?
    Tohru: NO!
    Hatori: My zodiac...
    • Even funnier is Hatori is more embarrassed Tohru saw his zodiac form than the possibility that she saw him naked.
  • Before the school race in Episode 10, Hanajima talks about how she'll do her best, even though she's not the best runner. The race starts... and she barely moves a step forward and collapses.
    • In the reboot, Hana's melodramatic Go On Without Me speech earns this line from the teacher.
      Gym teacher: You can CRAWL for all I care, Hanajima!
  • Haru giving Kyo the middle finger in Episode 10 and telling him to "go to hell!"
  • In Episode 1 Tohru comes out of the tent she's living in to wash up and Shigure and Yuki stare at her. Shigure then points at her and laughs his head off. Moments later back at the house he's still struggling not to laugh and fails.
  • The anime's First-Episode Spoiler of Tohru discovering the Sohma family secret is hilarious just from the Oh, Crap! expressions from all three Sohmas.
  • Anytime Hana threatens to shock someone.
  • Any time Ritsu apologizes (except that one time when it was a Tear Jerker). In particular:
  • Ritsu is a walking CMOF. It's the fact he's an Extreme Doormat AND a Large Ham at the same time, like when he is frantically apologizing to a stray cat when it's trying to steal milk from him. Or when he flails around Shigure's kitchen in despair after drinking the last of the milk.
    • There's his overreacting to coming to visit the house unexpectedly, which leads to him deciding to commit suicide via jumping off the roof. Tohru freaks out, while Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure watch with indifference.
    • Even better, their indifferent reactions imply that Ritsu does this a lot.
  • In Episode 16, this dialogue in the English dub from Yuki and Kyo when Shigure decides to call Ayame.
    (cut to Yuki and Kyo standing behind Shigure giving him a Death Glare, as Shigure trembles in fear.)
    • In the Japanese dub:
  • Shigure making a perverted comment while talking to Kagura. He then proceeds to tell her that she's supposed to hit him for saying that and she does just that. In a pretty over-the-top manner.
  • Shigure has a great quote in the English Dub of the anime: "We have just witnessed what I like to call misdirected rage. I believe the technical term is "being an ass"..."
  • The student council president challenges Hatsuharu to prove that his hair really is naturally white. Unfortunately for the prez, he's talking to Black Haru, who drags the guy into the nearest men's room and presumably (not stated, but implied so heavily it might as well have been) shows him that the carpet matches the drapes.
    • After they come out of the bathroom:
    President: There are truly unexplained things in this world.
    Kyo: He didn't...
    Yuki: I think he did.
    • Tohru then innocently asks what kind of proof Haru had presented. Black Haru, smirking, gets right up close and asks her if she wants to see the proof too. Cue Kyou and Yuki smashing him into the floor.
      • To make this equal parts hilarious and absolutely disgusting: when Haru touches Tohru's face, there's something written on his hand that basically translates to "Do you think I've washed my hands today?"
  • Towards the end of the series, Kyo is visibly disturbed by Kazuma and Hanajima's building relationship. After seeing them, he keeps thinking to himself, "If it makes Shishou happy, then it's fine."
  • Motoko getting into an argument with her mother in the middle of the night, which apparently happens often, according the annoyed neighbours.
  • In Episode 19, Kyo, who transforms after catching Tohru from fainting, freaking out when Tohru ends up with a fever after failing one of her tests.
    Kyo: Aw, hell! You really do have a fever!
    Tohru: No, I'm okay.
    Kyo: You are not okay! What are we gonna do?! We gotta get you back to the house! All right, don't panic! Don't panic! Aaaaahhhh!
  • With Hiro's introduction it's hard deciding what's funniest during the part where Kisa and Momiji are prompting Hiro to apologize for how he's acted towards Tohru: The fact that Tohru won't accept an apology and says he must also endure a harsh punishment as well, said punishment is just a hug by her, or the fact all that was simply a pretense because she was curious to see what Zodiac Hiro was.
  • Though it's mostly made up of heartwarming and tearjerker moments, the flashback of Kyoko and Katsuya's wedding...starts with her getting Tsundere about marrying him.
  • When the gang goes on the school trip, a girl tries confessing to Kyo. Uotani and two other classmates secretly watch and then pop out when he turns her down to make fun of him. The poor girl makes the horrible decision of accusing Uo and Kyo of being a couple, which results in them ripping her apart.
  • In a scene expanded from the manga, Tohru's male cousin doesn't know which gender Yuki is in the 2019 anime (in the Japanese version, he mistakes him for a girl). He realizes Yuki's male right before being strongly flicked on the head, and is shellshocked over the revelation in his next scene.
  • When Kyo has a cat-shaped riceball during the culture fest in the manga and 2019 anime, he wonders if him eating it counts as cannibalism.
    • In every version, Yuki attacking Kyo on the school roof during the culture fest is done with stick figures.
    • Also in the 2019 anime, as Hatori talks to Yuki to why he is here, Hatori ends it by saying this. One can't help but laugh at the sudden Mood Whiplash.
    Hatori: The threatening look isn't effective while you're in that outfit.
    Yuki: Keep your opinions to yourself.

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