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  • Tohru Honda is responsible for several of these: At the end of Volume 6, where she chases after Kyo, who has turned into a giant, foul-smelling monster. Tohru pleads for him to come back home, saying that she wants to be with him. Kyo turns back into a human, hugs Tohru and turns in to a cat. Tohru then carries him home.
    • This actually gets Turned Up to Eleven in the 2001 anime. Complete with dreamy background, as she walks home, it shows Tohru and Cat-Kyo both looking utterly blissed-out; as if neither of them have ever been this content in their entire lives. In hindsight, it probably also foreshadows their romance.
  • Another Tohru example: At the end of the manga, Akito has a knife and has cornered Tohru at the edge of a cliff. Tohru, instead of freaking out, asks Akito if she wishes to be friends with her. This would be a Moment of Awesome, except the purpose was for it to be heartwarming.
  • Kyo and Yuki retrieving Tohru from her relatives-from-hell... Also the scene where they race back to the house after realizing they're leaving her alone for New Years.
    • In the 2019 anime, we get to see Yuki and Kyo go looking for Tohru's grandpa's house and witness Tohru being given crap by her aunt and cousins. Kyo wants to barge right in, but it's only when they see her admit she wants to go back home to Shigure's that they rescue her.
  • When Kisa, the Cute Mute, comes to bring Tohru home from work, running up to her calling her "Onee-san". Tohru broke down in tears and happily hugs Kisa.
  • In the 2019 anime, Ritsu and Mitsuru have very sweet moments in Episode 19, where Ritsu reiterates Tohru’s words about living for another person, and Mitsuru asking Ritsu to be her friend. The episode ends with both of them smiling and blushing at each other, foreshadowing their eventual relationship near the end of the series.
  • There's also the part where shy little Machi Kuragi says she ran all over the school to just say 'hello' to Yuki.
    • Again with Machi, at the end of the manga, after the curse is broken, when Yuki hugs Machi for the first time. There's then a heartwarming Say My Name moment between the too.
  • During Hatori's flashbacks of Kana, one of the things that leads fans to 'aww' in the middle of the sadness is Kana's declaration that she doesn't feel any differently about him because of his curse.
    • Speaking of Hatori, in both the anime and manga, he ends up revealing his Zodiac form to Tohru when she slips on either the icy ground (in the manga) or on the porch (in the anime), and he moves to keep her from getting hurt, despite knowing full-well that he'd risk transforming into a form he's self-conscious about.
  • Hell, the entire last chapter is made up of Heartwarming and Tear Jerker. From "You sure picked an odd place to get embarrassed" to "This is the key to my new apartment. You can come by any time" [...] *pretends to throw key out window* "YOU LIAR" and "When you go, will I have to come with you?" *blush* "You cunning child".
  • When Kagura confesses to Kyo that her love for him had only been because she was looking down on him; Kyo rejects her feelings but adds that, regardless of the reason, he was happy when Kagura played with him. Kagura then cries that she still loves him, and he hugs her and says "Thank you." Very heartwarming.
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  • In Volume 16, when Katsuya turns up at Kyoko's parents' house just as they're kicking her out and lays into them about how they're treating their daughter. And then later on in that volume, when Kyoko realises that she's been neglecting Tohru in her grief and runs home...only to find Tohru waiting for her patiently and smiling.
  • Ayame isn't immune to these, either. Him interrupting Yuki's Parent-Teacher conference, effectively rescuing Yuki from their controlling mother.
    • When their furious mother tries to call Ayame out for this, claiming that he's good for nothing, Yuki defends his brother and insists that even though he's a lot of things, he's definitely not good for nothing. Goes to show how much their relationship has really improved.
    • Ayame, normally so flamboyant, so outspoken, says sincerely and gently to Mine, when his curse has broken: "I was born to love you — and finally, finally I can tell you that!"
    • Yuki tells Machi that he was originally instead going to tell her a secret, strongly hinting that he was going to tell her about the Sohma family curse, in the hopes that she could love him despite it. It would have been the clearest indication that he had fully matured beyond his youthful It's All About Me attitude. It became moot, however, when the curse is broken mere moments before he's about to confess to Machi.
  • A non-Tohru example, toward the end of the manga when the curse is finally broken, and "God," surrounded by the spirits of all the animals from the banquet (including the cat) turns and says thank you and goodbye.
    • At the end of the montage showing the zodiac curse being broken, there's also a panel showing God and the cat reconciling. After learning of their history, and how two close friends broke apart because God didn't want to hear what the cat had to tell him, it's incredibly sweet to see that in the end, they rekindled their friendship.
  • Toward the end of the manga, there was speculation about who would be on the final cover, just Tohru or Tohru with the Sohmas or her friends or some other combination. Turns out, it was none of those, it was Tohru's mother.
    • Even better: Takaya's notes said that that was the plan from the very beginning.
  • Rin immediately stepping in to defend Tohru after Kagura slaps her (for not admitting her feelings to Kyo), showing just how far Rin had come since she was first introduced.
  • It's anime-exclusive: near the end of the last episode, when Akito is about to hurt Tohru, ranting about how the Sohma will be happy he's gone when he dies Tohru tells him that she would be sad if he died and she believes so will the rest of the Sohma.
  • Hiro and his mother Satsuki gets a joint one in chapter 118 after his curse breaks. Not only is his first reaction to pick up and hug his little sister, Satsuki then hugs him and says it's okay to feel conflicted because the curse was a part of him for his whole life.
    • There's another one before that: Satsuki asks him if he wants to hug his sister, but he declines because he's scared of turning and hurting her. Satsuki reassures him by telling him that if he turns, she'll just hug the both of them tightly.
  • Kyo, who hates leeks, making Tohru leek soup when she was sick. Also anytime he lets the jerk part of his Jerk with a Heart of Gold status go and acts nice, especially when he's around Tohru who he falls in love with.
    • After making her dinner, he sees that she's obviously upset about something. He tells her to vent to him, if she has to. He then listens to everything upsetting her, and bluntly tells her how she shouldn't be getting so worked up over such things (she's upset about a single bad test grade and how that seems like an insult to Yuki, who helped her study for it). He gets that all through to her when no one else could, and she's cheered up enough to get over her illness.
  • In Volume 22, after Tohru gets out of hospital, Kyo has to chase her down to explain how confused he was about her love confession and confesses to her and says how they want to be together. Tohru asks if they can hold hands and they already are. Then he asks if he can hug her. They do. Then there's a Beat and they realize he hasn't transformed.
    • At the very end hearing their grandchild talk about how "lovey-dovey" they are together and seeing the elderly couple walk hand in hand.
  • "You did good."
  • Kyo's obsession with beating Yuki is typically hostile, but he expresses blatant worry at times when Yuki is vulnerable. When Yuki collapses from an asthma attack Kyo abates his fight with Haru to see if he's ok, and when Yuki is confronted by Akito Kyo can be seen watching from afar with a frown on his face. This shows that while Kyo's resentment and jealousy drive their relationship, he does care for Yuki's well-being deep down, or at least does not want to see Yuki hurt by anyone other than himself.
  • When a young Kyo and Kazuma were walking in the neighbourhood together, other Sohmas started bad-mouthing them. Kazuma's reaction? Lifting Kyo on his shoulders.
    Kazuma: From now on, you will have to breathe the air of higher places.
    • Also, later on, when he calls Kyo "his son". Almost his entire life, Kyo had been conflicted about whether he was worthy to call Kazuma his father.
  • Tohru's grandfather, whenever he's not a Cloud Cuckoo Lander. Chronologically, first by his immediate acceptance of Kyoko, who was shunned by the rest of the family. He takes care of Tohru while Kyoko grieves and after Kyoko's death and also visits her grave. Furthermore, it is hinted that his weirder tendencies such as calling Tohru Kyoko-san are just an act. Kyo calls him out on this being in very poor taste, but then her grandfather says that in that way, he kept Kyoko alive for Tohru.
    • When Kyoko is first getting to know Katsuya, he mentions he resents his father, who was very strict and expected a lot of him; after Tohru's birth, Kyoko and Katsuya bring the baby to see his dad. Kyoko is just telling him that she doesn't think Katsuya really hates him or holds anything against him... when Katsuya mentions he wants to go get the baby's coat for her, and almost casually sets little Tohru down in his father's lap. Awwww.
  • Despite having been rivals their entire lives and possibly pitted against each other by their mothers, Machi and Kakeru seem to actually get along quite well. Particularly evident when Machi brings Tohru a present, and Yuki asks her if that's something she likes, because Kakeru had told him earlier that if he doesn't know what another person likes, he just buys them something he'd like. When she asks him how he knew, he just replies, "Like brother, like sister."
  • Furthermore, Yuki's kindness towards Machi. The very fact that he asks her what her opinion is on things even when they're trivial like what colour she'd like for her pen.
  • The ending of the manga. It could count as one of the most romantic and at the same time saddest moments in anime and manga history. The way Kyo realizes that he can protect and love Tohru and the fact that he himself was loved was just great and how both Kyo and Tohru reconcile and become a couple is really, really sweet. Let's grow old together indeed...
    • And there's Kyo's thoughts...
      Kyo:: It's taken me a long time to fulfill my promise, but now I'll keep it for the rest of our lives.
  • Meshou is normally a crying, shivering Prone to Tears, but the scene in which she fully expresses in words how much she cares and love for her son Ritsu is made of this.
  • When the group is on vacation, Akito makes an unexpected arrival while Yuki is on a walk. Tohru worries that the two will run into each other and something bad might happen to Yuki, so she goes out to find him. He's perfectly fine and happily greets her, walking back to the house with her. And we then see that he did meet Akito, who engaged in her usual verbal abuse of him. This time though, he was able to shake it off and hold on to his new resolution, to open up his tightly-concealed emotions. The resolution itself is also sweet, since he's spent his entire life believing that there's nothing interesting about him. He finally believes otherwise, and will prove it.
  • While the story ends sadly, the beginning of the origins of the zodiac are quite heartwarming. God was all alone and sad, until one little cat came to be his friend. And from there, he was befriended by more and more animals, who all stayed with him and had many good times.
  • Kakeru might be annoying, but he obviously goes far to look after anyone he cares about. He's adorably devoted to his girlfriend, tries his hardest to help Machi, and is willing to listen to Yuki's problems (even if his advice is not always helpful). It explains why he's so thrilled at the thought of Machi and Yuki hooking up, especially with Yuki being so nice to his little sister.
  • Ayame trying to patch up his relationship with Yuki. Even though they go through several ups and downs, Ayame desperately wants to be the big brother he should have been when they were kids.
  • Kyoko's spirit reuniting with Katsuya's on the beach after her death. Especially with the overjoyed smile on her face.
  • The flashback showing how Arisa and Tohru met. At one point, Arisa is sitting outside Tohru's cooking class and resolves to distance herself from Tohru so she won't be tainted by Arisa's reputation. Then she overhears Tohru enthusiastically explaining to a classmate that she made an extra share for Arisa. Cue a Splash Page of Arisa with an expression of sublime happiness.
  • Just about any time a character acts protective toward Tohru is this, especially if they are Yuki and Kyo, or people with Sugar-and-Ice Personality.
  • The title page for Chapter 107.
  • Saki Hanajima's family. Despite the fact that she and her brother were born with strange powers and quiet personalities, those facts don't stop their parents and grandmother from loving them any less. Saki's parents provided her support through her rough school days and even moved to a new area so that she could get a fresh start. And when Saki's grandma realized her new school uniform wasn't black (which she always wears), she decided to paint her granddaughter's nails black to get around the issue.
  • When Momiji's curse got broken, he decided to take a walk around and talked to his mother on the way to school one morning. As they talked about how they are doing, Momiji's mother finally showed him a true, genuine smile after so long, as she wished Momiji luck at his new journey of going through a new stage of life now that his curse is broken. This troper felt that the scene might as well be the turn of a new leaf of Momiji's relationship with his mother. Especially since in Fruit Basket Another, he and Momo are officially a brother and sister team.
  • In Uo's backstory, Kyoko and Tohru manage to connect with the rebellious girl to the point Uo decides to go straight and go back to school so she could spend more time with Tohru.



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