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Hanajima knew about the Sohma curse the whole time.
Since she is psychic, it is possible. Also, it was somewhat hinted at the end of the manga.
The cat's grotesque true form is a result of a curse from god & not anger at the curse.
This troper got this guess based on the "true" origin of the zodiac curse. Summary: Basically god was lonely until he found companionship with a cat which gave him the idea of inviting other animals for a banquet whom became the members of the zodiac. Every night god & the animals partied until the cat fell on the verge of death. God then bound the cat, God & other animals in a circle of reincarnation which the other animals happily agreed to not wanting to be separated, however the cat disagreed stating that all things had to end. The other animals & God instead of musing upon what the cat said considered it an act of rejection. In anger at this supposedly betrayal, God cursed the cat to be born in its hideous state not only as "punishment" but to ensure that it would be unable to bond with other people, thus ensuring its complete devotion & making it that the cat would never want to leave God. Support for this would come from Kyo & Akito's relationship. Akito insists on preventing Kyo from forming relations with anyone insisting that only he she will understand him.

Tohru is secretly a mass murderer.
She's always so... happy. shes suffered so much and she still smiles, but what if its a slasher smile? What if she snapped years ago? She's nice to the public, yeah, but who can tell? or, in a reversal, she's secretly maniacally depressed.
  • Oh, no. She's nothing so mundane. She's a demon. On dark nights when you're at your most depressed and vulnerable, she'll come to you, whispering reassurances. If you respond, if you let her comfort you, she tears your very soul away from your body and devours it. But her smile never changes, her words never cease, even when you realize they are worse than hollow.
Tohru represents Canada.

She's excessively polite, attempts to keep the peace among her quarreling friends, and her colors (as seen in the swimsuit chapter) are red and white.

  • I would like to expand this theory by suggesting that Fruits Basket takes place in the same universe as Axis Powers Hetalia
    • If that's true, then I'm willing to bet that Momiji represents all three Axis Powers - He's from Germany, lives in Japan, and acts like Italy. How it's possible to be all three though, I don't know.

He acts like a child and pretends to cry whenever Kyo hits him hoping to catch him off gaurd and hit him back. The only reason why he hasn't yet is because he didn't want to do it in front of Tohru.
  • Alternatively, he was only crying to get Tohru to comfort him...
  • This is practically canon is you actually take a long look at Momiji's character. He is smart. He is the only one that will recognize the fact that they have purposefully ignored the Cat's fate. When his curse breaks he becomes a slightly colder personality and he has a manipulative streak in him, especially towards Kyo. This isn't to say that Momiji isn't a genuinely very kind and childish person at heart, but his is definitely Obfuscating Stupidity.

The "god spirit" possessing Akito Sohma is Aizen Sousuke.
They describe themselves as "possessed" by spirits, not that they "are" the spirits. Akito is sure she's God, which is Aizen's general claim. Akito dresses in men's clothes because Aizen is sick of wearing frilly womens' kimonos.

Akito is anorexic.
Breasts are mostly fat, right? It makes sense that she would essentially starve herself in an attempt to keep them small. It would explain how thin she is, her irritability and mood swings, her poor health and pallor, and, of course, how flat she is.

The Sohma family is inbred.

It explains all of the mental disorders in the family. Ren is Obsessive-Compulsive and abusive, Akito is sociopathic and sadistic, Yuki has insecurities, Haru has multiple personalities, Kisa's a mute, Momiji has A.D.H.D., Hatori is bipolar, Hiro is jaded, Ritsu also has insecurities, Kureno has attachment issues, Shigure is a pervert (which could be stretched to be a sex addiction), Kagura is extraordinarily Bipolar, and Kyo has anger issues.

  • Except Kisa's mute-ness came from outside sources, but I am willing to stretch that into a reaction of GAD-turned-w/Agoraphobia (She ran away from home to hide from people) And it ties into the large amount of other Anxiety issues and issues which have a co-morbidity with anxiety issues.
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  • For the record, while Shigure is definitely a flirt he doesn't act like a womanizer. That is, he says stupid, perverted things (mostly because they get a rise out of people) but a sex addiction? No.
  • Personally, I think Shigure is also a sociopath[I'm using the manga as my canon here], but bipolar people have manic states and depressions, none of which Hatori or Kagura have. And note that both Ren and Akira have vague illnesses, and Akito often suffers from vague illnesses. Yuki also suffered from health problems. I don't think Ren is OCD, due to her lack of compulsions. She just is obsessed unhealthily with her dead husband.
    • I'll grant that Hatori never has a manic state (he seems like he has depression in spades, though), but Kagura clearly has both states - while people focus on her manic Yandere moments, she gets rather depressed at times (particularly later on, as she muses about how Kyo loves Tohru). Also, given how he acts when nobody can see, I wouldn't say Shigure is a sociopath - he does what he does because he thinks it's necessary (even though he does ultimately manipulate Kyo and Tohru into the conditions required to break the curse for his own benefit primarily).
    • With regards to Hatori being bipolar, he could always be type 2. It's categorized by having the violent swings of emotions yet not showing it (normally keeping a stoic or emotionless facade) from my personal experience, but its clinical definition is that it's just like regular bipolar disorder, just that the manic state never reaches full-on mania.
  • But Ren is just a Sohma by marriage, not by blood. She was a maid.
    • Actually she probably is a Sohma by blood, as the family is so large and seems to be made up entirely of one family, even the maids who for whatever reasons are members of lower standing.
    • There's always the chance that Akira, Akito's father, was a product of inbreeding as well. The manga never mentions this, but the current generation certainly couldn't have been the first/second generation to practice inbreeding, right?

Yuki's mother wanted him to be the cat.

Yuki's mother is the only zodiac mother we know of who had another child with the perfect knowledge that it was possible that child might be born cursed. Since she had already given birth to the cursed Ayame, it's reasonable to assume she learned a lot about the curse, including the curse of the cat. She could have known that, while the cat himself is a pariah, the family members of the cat are extremely prominent and highly placed within the family (note how Kazuma, the previous cat's grandson, is so revered).

What if she knew that the previous cat had died or was dying? It's possible she may have gotten pregnant with that goal in mind: to be not only the mother of two cursed Sohmas, but the mother of the shunned cat. Although the rat is certainly revered, she never got over the disappointment of not being the mother of the cat, and always resented Yuki for it. It would also add a nice symmetry—we know that Yuki and Kyo wish they were more like the other, and we also know that Kyo's dead mother wished that her son had been the rat. Wouldn't it also make sense for Yuki's mother to wish that her son had been the cat?

Akito actually is a boy.
He was raised to think he was a girl by his mother - who wanted him to be one, hence the cross dressing and 'hiding' his gender from the rest of the Sohma's. Being as obscenely rich as the Sohma family is, Akito's mother could certianly afford to have sex-change surgeries done to him, as well as medicines to help, with bribes to keep the doctors silent.

Well, that, or when he changes into the 'God' - like the others change into their Zodiac forms - he changes into a girl. But being The God, he can transform at will, which messes with his already frail body and mind, perhaps explaining his/her mysterious illnesses.

  • But Akito's mother wanted him to be male, so that she could provide a "proper Sohma heir." It's part of why Akito has so many hang-ups about her sex, and women in general, by the time of the manga. Plus, sex-change surgeries and hormone therapy are long-term procedures; even if you could cover those up by saying that she's "sickly" and can't be seen, that would still be plenty of time for someone to notice that something was going on.

The Sohma family is really a cult.

Throughout the whole series, the readers learn that the Sohma family is twisted. Going through the cult checklist, they appear to have many of the signs of a cult. The members of the family have to have an unyielding level of devotion to the head of the family. (Akin to a cult's obsession with their leader.) One of Akito's statements to Toruh says how an outsider could never understand their ways. (Their radically different worldview puts them at odds with mainstream society.) One of the older women of the family tells the rooster that if Akito wishes for one of the zodiac to die, he needs to let Akito harm them, such as what happened to Rin. (Double-whammy: More devout members enforce the rules and the leader is able to escape punishment for such actions.)

Yuki, Kyo, Hatori, Hiro, and Haru are all shamed and guilted, to keep them in line. (Another cult sign.) Yuki is psychologically traumatized. Kyo's blamed for his mom's death, though she may've been unstable in the first place. Hatori has the whole thing with Kana on his shoulders. Hiro feels guilty for being unable to help Kisa. And Haru feels guilty over what happened to Rin.

The whole thing where the zodiac members go back to the house for the rest of their lives also counts. (They spend an extraordinarily large amount of time on group activities.) Rin, with her attempt to break the curse, is punished harshly. (Members are discouraged or punished for thinking or acting for themselves if it is against the cult.)

  • The Sohma Family doesn't actually "really" need to be cult because for all intents and purposes they canonically are. The only difference is that their personal beliefs that drive their cult lifestyle are actually based in reality.
  • Also, it is stated in the series that as soon as the Curse breaks the whole Sohma Family structure began to break down dramatically.

Tohru was bullied much more heavily than she lets on in flashbacks.

First of all, it isn't much like Tohru at all to keep grudges or dwell on tough experiences. The only reason we know about the rice ball incident at all is because it related to her problem at the time of feeling excluded from the Sohmas. When she gives her speeches of encouragement to other people it's usually that she quotes her mom and then tacks on a little bit of her own opinion. However, the first time she explained what Kisa was going through, not once did she mention "My mom used to say." Her relating to Kisa was way too specific to be just her theorizing on what she might have been going through, too. I think the game of Fruits Basket was just one part of the bullying, and Tohru and trouble telling her mom about it. This is why Kisa and Tohru became to close so fast, they could understand each other.

  • The same might apply to Haru (although the same kind of lame backstory shows up in The Wallflower so it's possible he could have really reacted that way...)
  • It is known that Tohru is best friends with two outcasts, a delinquent and a freak girl who we know was bullied through her childhood. I doubt she gravitated towards them only because she is so nice. The girl was an outcast herself and had no friends, until she met those two. This only breaks down in High School when Word of God states that Tohru's class in those years was very accepting towards everyone and had a good familial sense between them, hence why they probably also took in the craziness of Kyo Sohma so easily.

Hanajima's brother Megumi owns a Death Note.
He can curse people based on their names. Sounds familiar?

The Sohma Family's Involuntary Shapeshifting may be a Freudian Metaphor.
This is not so much a guess as a joke. Having only seen six episodes of the anime by the time this is written, nobody has had their sexual orientation brought up, and it is established that it takes a hug from the opposite sex to bring out the animal in them. With that in mind, one might see the Sohma Curse as a case of Something Else Also Rises. Of course, this all assumes it's all about sex to begin with, which is likely not the case in a character-driven manga such as this.
  • Although it's a good idea, the curse is triggered by exhaustion (the body becoming weak) as well as the hug from the opposite sex.
  • Funny idea but it was always my understanding that the curse functions in that way specifically, simply to keep members from forming simple and intimate relationship with other people "outside" of the curse, even to the point that they can't hug at last one half of their own biological family. Humans need touch in order to be mentally stable but Zodiac members "need" to only be close to God and the other Zodiacs.

Tohru is Haruhi Suzumiya.
How likely is it that random bishounen would let her live in their house? Reality warping has to have a part in that.

Akito never hurt Kagura because he's scared of her.
She's literally the only female Zodiac member that never is directly attacked in any way by Akito, even though she's obsessed with Kyo. Considering her...outbursts, maybe Akito was aware that unlike Kisa or Rin, Kagura would fight back and could potentially cause him a lot of damage.
  • I think Akito probably emotionally/mentally abused Kagura as much as he did everyone else (she seems to have loving parents but states that she felt horrible about her own existence, so something must have been getting to her behind the scenes) but had no cause to physically harm as she never got close to a male character, in Akito's eyes, who doesn't even recognize Kyo as someone anyone could enjoy spending time around.

The whole story was caused by the maids.
The only people who seem to blindly go along with the Sohma things, with no questions or self-doubt, are the maids. And if you look at the flashbacks, Ren seemed to be much more stable until everybody started telling her that she was just evilly seducing Akira. The maids seem to be the ones who started her on fearing that Akira would leave her. Imagine if they'd treated her like she was actually one of the family— she might not have raised Akito to be so crazy, and in turn Akito might have been better-behaved towards the rest of the zodiac. So the whole story is really the maids' fault.

Rin and Haru initially used sex as a comfort mechanism.
  • It's a non-squicky explanation for why they did it at such a young age, and a logical extrapolation of their unhealthy emotional states.

Hatori can erase memories because...
  • He's the dragon. Dragons really did exist in the far past, but used their memory wiping powers to make the rest of the world forget them, maybe because they were being hunted to extinction or some such sad thing.
    • In the side-notes of the original issue of the manga (at least my english version says so) the mangaka mentions that it was actually Hatori's father who discovered the memory erasure technique, which is very like hypnosis. However, it's never brought up in the actual story. It also doesn't discount the idea that Hatori's father re-discovered a technique a past Dragon came up with, or Hatori managed to significantly improve on his father's technique because of an in-built ability of the dragon. At one point, Shigure implies that the dragon member didn't always turn into a sea-horse, so this theory might not so 'wild' after all.

Ayame has some degree of martial arts skills.
  • Out of the cursed Sohma, we know that Yuki, Kyo, Haru, and Kagura practice martial arts, and if this troper remembers correctly, the manga may have implied that more of them have learned it. In Volume 8 of the manga, when Ayame and Yuki go outside, Ayame says something along the lines that he had to come outside with Yuki because he needed to protect him from bandits (In addition to the fact that he also made a promise to not leave Yuki's side for that day). Ayame's zodiac form appears to be a garden snake of some kind, which, this troper assumes, probably doesn't have venom. So without being able to inject venom into possible attackers, how else would Ayame plan to defend his little brother?
    • Given this is Ayame we're talking about, he could quite possibly be talking about his irresistible charisma and sex appeal!
    • There's quite a few fanfics which head-canon that all the members of the Zodiac are taught some kind of martial arts simply in order to teach them both body and situational awareness, in order to better avoid unexpected collisions that could trigger a transformation in public. While nothing like that is actually mentioned in-series, it's a practical enough idea to be highly likely. There's also the fact that in-universe Kazuma is implied to be a very well-respected sensei in Japan's martial arts community: as the grandson of the previous Cat, he's likely to have grown up around other Zodiac members. He could very well have actually suggested something like this, for exactly that reason. It could even be how he got to know Kyo and the terrible situation with his biological parents in the first place.

Akira was the former Rat of the Zodiac.
  • If you look at the chapter page where Akira's face is shown, we see his profile. His eyes and hair and face seem very much like Yuki's. Somewhere on the Furuba wiki page, it said that Akira was the former God. This cannot be true. For one, Akira and Ren had Akito, who bore the spirit of the God of the zodiac. Then it stands to reason that Akira's position as leader of the Sohma clan is different. The reason why everyone in the Main House was overjoyed was because 'God' had not been born for generations...even a century or more. The Main House is ruled by the leader of the Zodiac, or at least, one of its members. Who better to lead the Sohmas but the one closest to God, the Rat?

The Sohmas are weirdly skewed towards male children.
Putting aside the fact that the Zodiac members have more males than females, is there anyone that Tohru meets in their connection who doesn't have the surname Sohma? The Sohmas have a proclivity to father sons, rather than daughters. Women marry into the Sohma family and the name continues.
  • Alternately, any member of the cursed Zodiac goes by "Sohma" for the sake of solidarity, even if their Sohma parent was their mother.

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