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Funny / Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray

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  • In Destiny Astray, protagonist Jess is interviewing legendary Ace Pilot Edward Harrelson along with Bernadette, another reporter and his friendly rival. Bernadette is asking all the hard questions, while Jess struggles to come up with something. Then, out of the blue, he asks Ed "What's your type of woman?" After a stunned silence, Ed busts out laughing, admitting he never expected that question, and answers "A woman with a nice big pair who isn't afraid to show 'em off!"
    • The Alliance starts sending its Aces after Ed; one of them is naval pilot Jane Houston. During the battle, Jess has a "Eureka!" Moment and plays that part of the interview, making Jane realize Ed likes her and convincing her to stand down. Ed, however, is completely humiliated.
  • Anything involving Lowe's 150 meter katana from Astray R, just for sheer ridiculousness. For example, when the Junk Guild is attacked by a Earth Allaince ship demanding the surrender of one of their techs (a Coordinator named Jean)... this happens:
    Jean: "I can't involve you guys... I'll surrender."
    Professor: "Nice sentiment but... Lowe's already headed out."
    Jean: "WHAT!?"
    Professor: "I guess there's no choice... Lowe! You have my permission to kick major ass!"
    Lowe: "Yes sir!" *throws a 150 meter sword through the 130-meter EA ship* "I just skewered you, asshole! Don't come back!"
  • Kisato's obsession with George Glenn, made all the more funnier when she has to bear with a goofy AI uploaded to their ship that's based on the brain patterns, and projects a holographic avatar, of the icon himself.