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Season 1

  • The Gundams' debut, serious as it is, has a few of funny moments:
    • Graham and Billy, watching the demonstration of the Enact, note that it's essentially a copy of their own Union FLAG. Patrick, the Enact's pilot, stops the demonstration, opens the cockpit, and starts calling them out. Graham notes that at least is has a really good sound system.
    • AEU's officer berating Patrick for trying to face the unknown mobile suit head on without precaution, but is stopped by fellow audience wanting to raise media attention and value of the brand-new Enact.
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    • "King of Mock Battles!"
    • The terrorist attack on HRL's orbital elevator, when a defense force pilot argued that he only has 120 hours of training. His superior replied, "Just crash into them. You'll get two-rank promotion!"
  • In episode 2, Setsuna has a flashback to his childhood war trauma and rushes off on his own. Tieria and Hallelujah then tell Lockon to babysits the guy alone on their first full sortie together.
  • When Graham launches to take on Johann, Billy chides him for being reckless. His response? "Sounds reasonable! Too bad I'm an unreasonable man!"
  • Ptolemaios crew get a day off before departing for a mission in Moralia the next day.
    Christina: Feldt, let's go shopping.
    Feldt: I haven't verified mission plan yet.
    Christina: Come on. Let's just go! The more battles we have, the more inflation is gonna skyrocket! We need to buy what we want now.
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  • The whole Setsuna's "I am Gundam" thing.
  • In episode 3, while waiting at the Pillar to return their Gundams to space, Lockon orders drinks for everyone. Tea for the adults, and milk for Setsuna. Setsuna visibly frowns at the beverage, clearly unamused.
  • Lockon's Haro trying to stop a fight on a shore in Episode 7, only to get swept away by the sea.
  • As the mission controllers wait for Wang Liu Mei's agent on a yacht in Episode 9, they all dress in swimsuits in spite of how tense the situation is. Ian in the background eyes Sumeragi way too mischievously to just be listening in.
  • Sumeragi initially refuses to share her booze with Allelujah, saying she'll get into legal trouble for letting a minor drink. Allelujah points out, quite reasonably, that they're already notorious terrorists. And she still refuses until he matter-of-factly points out that he just became of age a few minutes prior.
  • In season one, when Louise finally manages to get her mother to accept Saji (by showing her his status as a nigh-Woobie that needs to work more than one job to help his sister pay their rent) she suddenly says she sees her husband in him. Louise is NOT pleased.
    Louise: No! Dad's still alive!
    • Later on, while watching coverage of another event involving Celestial Being, astounded Louise's mother holds onto Saji's arm as they watch.
    Louise: Let go of him!
    • In all honesty, simply the fact that Louise actually sees her mother as a rival for Saji's attention is a hoot.
  • Anytime Patrick Colasour Epic Fails at combat, and somehow lives through it anyway. "Not AGAIN!"
  • What's especially hilarious is that he gains a reputation as "The Immortal Colasour" ("Colasour the Indestructible" in the dub) for surviving so many battles with the Gundams.
    • Changes it to "Colasour the Ridiculously Lucky" after getting married to his superior officer at the end of Season 2.
  • Also:
    Patrick: "I don't believe in violence!"
  • Nena Trinity makes a pass at Setsuna. He immediately leaves without a word. Her Haro unit: "He's not into you! He's not into you!"
  • Bad Haro and Nena again, after Wang Liu Mei meets with the Trinities:
    Haro: She was pretty! She was pretty!
    Nena: *kicks Haro*
    Haro: *bouncing away* Someone's jealous! Someone's jealous!
  • There's also the instance where Lockon's Haro meets the Trinity Haro in the middle of a tense conversation between Celestial Being and the Trinities, tries to happily greet its "big brother", only to get bonked by the Trinity Haro who's all "Who the heck are you?" and going tumbling down the hallway shouting about amnesia. The utter "WTF?" expressions on the faces of the members of Celestial Being are priceless.
    Orange Haro: I wanted to see you! I wanted to see you! Big brother! Big brother!
    Purple Haro: Who the hell are you? Who the hell are you?
    Orange Haro: Haro! Haro!
    Purple Haro: Don't know ya! Don't know ya!
    [Bumps Orange Haro...]
    Orange Haro: (Fading away from the scene) Big brother, your memories! Big brother, your memories! Big brother, your memories!
  • The scene where Michael is imitating a Haro.
    Michael: Just. Kidding. Just. Kidding. (snickers)

Season 2

  • Revive Revival, "superior" Innovator... owned by a Haro, of all things.
  • These two seconds. Enough said.
  • Tieria crossdressing at a party, and making all the fans extremely unhappy that he is not, in fact, a real woman.
    • Made better because he mentions it was Sumeragi's idea. One wonders how long she'd wanted to do that...
  • Season 2 episode 8 had Patrick reunite with Colonel Mannequin... and upon seeing him, her first words were, "Oh no, it's him."
  • A particularly dangerous moment when the Ptolemy II has to channel all the Gundams' GN drives for a forced power ascent out of the ocean and straight into space is briefly derailed by the sight of the orange Haro rolling helplessly down a hallway as the whole ship pitches up.
  • Season 2 Episode 18. A battle is going to start, and everyone says the name of a person he/she loves most, either a romantic interest, or a family member... except for Tieria and Setsuna, who said "Veda" and "Gundam", respectively.
  • Ribbons Almark finding 0 Gundam and calling it in excitement his dream all along. This might not be as obvious as the examples above, but think about it! This has been done intentionally given that Ribbons Almark shares the same voice actor with Amuro Ray! Wouldn't it be funny to imagine Amuro wetting his eyes for finding the RX-78-2 once again so many years after losing it??
  • Even Ali al-Saachez is capable of these. When Nena meets him in the second season, she angrily recognizes him as the man who killed her brothers. His response? A cheerful "Get out! I knew you looked familiar!", as though greeting an old acquaintance.
  • Everyone meeting Ian's wife Linda... and remarking on their age difference.
    Saji: Wow, she's young.
    Allelujah: *smirking* There oughta be a law.
    Ian: Shut up!
  • Lyle finding Allelujah and Marie making out in Season 2 episode 7.
    Haro: Allelujah detected! Allelujah detected!
    Lyle: *sees Allelujah kissing Marie* What the hell? All this trouble to find him, and he's been hanging out with some girl! (chuckles) Way to go, pal!
  • Lyle confessing to Anew and the others' reaction to it.
    Lyle: Anew, can you hear me?
    Anew: Is something wrong?
    Lyle: ... I love you.
    (Cue Luminescent Blush from Anew while everyone in Ptolemy II's bridge looks at her)
    Lasse: He's targeted and firing, all right!
    Sumeragi: Since when did this happen?
    Mileina: AMAZING! The flowers of Love have finally blossomed!


  • Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer has Patrick repeatedly failing to call Kati anything other than "Colonel" ("How many times do I have to tell you it's Brigadier General!"), Mena Carmine and her hyperactive crush on Billy, and Mileina confessing her love to Tieria ("No matter what form you take!"), eliciting a "WHAT THE HELL!" from her father.
    • Patrick shows up with cups of coffee for Kati during a hard day's work in a pajama. He doesn't seems to care that the place used to be Ribbons's secret base.
  • Early in the movie, Hallelujah uses mad Le Parkour skills to escape from ELS-controlled vehicles, winding up on top of a building looking down at the cars. He shouts "You can't get me up here!" The ELS respond with a helicopter.
  • Not to mention the in-universe movie depicting the battle between A-LAWS and Celestial Being... as an unashamed Super Robot show complete with Scenery Chewing galore, multicolored Trans-Am effects, Allelujah as a pink-haired loli, Lockon wearing Stoic Spectacles, Tieria as a Scary Black Man, and an Ahead using the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann glasses-boomerang attack. Then cut to Saji, who's looking all unimpressed, remarking how real combat is nothing like that, and lamenting that he wasn't in the movie at all.
  • Mission 2306, Another Story. Dear God, just... Another Story.
    • Hallelujah becoming a school bully (After Setsuna and Tieria had hypnotized him into doing so) and assaulting Saji, only to get completely curb-stomped by Graham, who was calling his attacks!
    • Tieria dressing up as a girl.
    • Setsuna's incessant "CHORISUUUU!"-spouting as a ridiculous facade issued in order to allay any suspicion. HE SOUNDS LIKE TAMAKI!!
      • It gets better. Graham becomes infatuated with Setsuna's facade and eventually tries to RAPE HIM!
    • Mention must be made of the part where Hallelujah possesses Allelujah for a day. He's quite convinced that his stratagem is better than Sumeragi's and when she disagrees, Hallelujah calls her aside, the two leave the room... and Sumeragi has The Immodest Orgasm the instant the door closes behind her. Upon their return, Hallelujah reminds Lockon of his earlier boasting that he'd be done with the plan in less than a minute, to which Tieria snarks that it wasn't even two seconds, let alone twenty. Immediately afterwards, Sumeragi mentions that Veda recommends Hallelujah's plan over hers.
      Tieria: When did you-?!
      Hallelujah: I did say I'd finish in a minute.
      Lockon: What kind of ability is that?!
      • To put the icing on the cake, Setsuna starts to ask Lockon what happened to Sumeragi, only for Lockon to tensely interrupt that Setsuna is too young to know.
    • Tieria tells Hallelujah that he is unworthy of being a Gundam Meister, and says he deserves ten thousand deaths. Halleujah responds in kind.
      Hallelujah: The Megane who exposed Nadleeh to the enemies and cried like a brat afterwards doesn't have the right to lecture me.
      Tieria: What-?! How did you know this?!
      • Lockon seemingly tries to stop a possible confrontation between Tieria and Hallelujah. The tense situation takes an immediate turn for the hilarious. The dramatic music even stops.
      Lockon: TIERIA!! Beat' Did you really cry?
      Tieria: Shut up.
    • And at the end of the episode, Allelujah is very unnerved at how pissed everyone is at him - especially Setsuna, since Hallelujah damaged the Exia.
  • Mission 2312, Cooperation is quite funny as well.
  • The season 2 gag trailer. The whole trailer.
    • Setsuna as a Henshin Hero.
      Setsuna: Yes, I am Gundam. Beat No, I was Gundam! (slaps on an Exia mask)
      Narrator: A transforming Setsuna. (screen caption: Setsuna F. Exia)
      Setsuna: (throws his arms skyward) TOH!
    • Lockon's guest appearance.
      Lockon: Hey, guys!
      Tieria: Lockon Stratos?!
      Allelujah: You're alive?!
      Lockon: (points at the glowing halo over his head) Nope, I'm dead.
      Tieria and Allelujah: I-it's a zombie...
    • Hallelujah as a baby, sucking his thumb in a cradle.
    • Tieria's Tomato in the Mirror.
      Tieria: Allow me to show you... the true form of Tieria Erde!
      (his head gets knocked off by Lockon's Haro, who hijacks the body and starts hopping around with it)
      Tieria's head: (while bouncing away) Gah, my head!
      Narrator: Tieria was a robot.
    • A tender moment between Setsuna and Tieria.
      Setsuna: Marry me.
      Tieria: (manifests a Luminescent Blush) Yes. (puts on a Haro mask) Is it okay that I'm a robot?
      Setsuna: (puts on an Exia mask) I'm a Gundam myself.
    • Allelujah crying buckets of tears over their ratings, and then crying again over their DVD sales.
    • The Flying Saucer invasion scene, complete with the lead alien wearing Aeolia's mustache, beard and monocle. What's more, it's a Sarcastic Confession about the movie's plot!
      Narrator: An army from a mysterious world will invade.
      (Patrick gets shot in the ass with a Ray Gun, receiving X-Ray Sparks)
      Screen caption and background voice: AMAAAAZINNNG!!!
    • Sergei and Soma as pandas. What's more, Soma is chewing her piece of bamboo with Super Speed!
      Narrator: There will be cute pandas.
      (screen caption: Young Girl)
      Chorus: THE PRIDE OF RUSSIA!
    • The finale.
      Narrator: Without a single dependable person left in Celestial Being, is there a future left for them? Or rather, can we really even broadcast this?