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    Junk Guild 

The Junk Guild is a large salvage organization made up of both Coordinators and Naturals, active both on Earth and in space. They are also hired on occasion to conduct repairs or for construction projects. They are completely neutral in any and all wars, and, theoretically, it is illegal throughout the Earth Sphere to attack a Junk Guild ship. Nonetheless, many Junk Guild ships possess weapons to defend themselves, and should not be underestimated.

Lowe Guele

Voice Actor: Masaya Onosaka

A Natural member of the Junk Guild, and one of Astray's protagonists. He is impulsive, passionate, and a little stupid, but he's a genius mechanic and gets along well with almost everyone he meets. He pilots the Astray Red Frame, after finding it in the ruins of Heliopolis.

  • Ace Pilot: Not up to, say, Kira's or Athrun's level, but this guy has gone toe-to-toe with some very experienced pilots and come out alive, or even the victor, on many an occasion. All this despite having no military training.
  • Badass Normal: To top off what is described above, he's just a Natural. He's got none of the super-human abilities that Coordinator pilots have.
  • BFS: The Gerbera Straight II. It's a 150-meter long katana, scaled appropriately...It should be noted that it's just that a katana. Not a vibrating katana, not a katana that is super heated; it's just a 150-meter long katana.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: If it's mechanical, he can fix it. And upgrade it. No exceptions.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: The Red Frame's signature weapon: the mobile suit-sized katana called the Gerbera Straight. Lowe swapped out the Red Frame's beam sabers for it due to the fact that solid weapons don't drain the suit's power.

Kisato Yamabuki

Voice Actor: Megumi Toyoguchi (SD Gundam G Generation SEED), Masayo Kurata (Gundam SEED Astray Promotional Video)

Another Natural in Lowe's Junk Guild team. She has some self-confidence problems but is a skilled mechanic and decent pilot. She harbors a crush on Lowe, to which he is oblivious. She also collects George Glenn memorabilia. She pilots a customized BaCUE that once belonged to ZAFT commander Andrew Waltfield.

  • Fangirl: Of George Glenn.
  • Stripperiffic: From the waist up, she typically wears little more than a cloth across her chest.

Liam Garfield

Voice Actor: Show Hayami

A Coordinator on Lowe's team, he has a particular interest in Naturals, and finds observing Lowe's antics to be highly amusing. He often serves as the voice of reason on the Junk Guild. He pilots a worker variant of the GINN.

  • Flanderization: The concept of Coordinators through Liam. Despite the Designer Babies aspect of the Coordinators, they can be seen to be as emotional, impulsive and irrational as any Natural, as well as have social and family structures along with the corresponding emotional ties like in any Natural society. And yet Liam talks as if Coordinators are more like Vulcans, stating how the Naturals' behavior fascinates him. On the other hand his own character inverts this trope as he softens up and accepts his own emotions and impulsiveness as time passes by.

The Professor

Voice Actor: Naomi Shindo (SD Gundam G Generation SEED), Ai Orikasa (Gundam SEED Astray Promotional Video)

Her real name is unknown. A former scientist and friend of Orb's Erica Simmons. She serves as the team's leader and captain of HOME and, later, ReHOME. She and Lowe seem to think on the same wavelength at times, though she is considerably more level headed.

Hachi (8)

Voice Actor: Rikako Aikawa

An AI that Lowe found on board a derelict ship, named for the only readable marking, which he now carries around in a briefcase-like computer. Hachi is his constant companion and co-pilot of the Red Frame, as it has Mobile Suit combat algorithms in memory in case of an attack. In Destiny Astray, it is given to Jess Rabble and co-pilots the Out Frame, since it does not wish to accompany Lowe to Mars.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Occasionally when reacting to whatever Lowe's doing.
  • Mysterious Past: Its true origins are never revealed, although a large number of similar AI units were shown being evacuated from Orb when the Alliance attacked.
    • Originally, it was implied that Hachi was actually the learning computer from the original RX-78-2 Gundam, with the ship resembling the core fighter. This was downplayed in Destiny Astray.

George Glenn

Voice Actor: Hideyuki Hori

An AI patterned off of the brain of the original Coordinator, which the Junk Guild came into possession of while on Earth. After the Professor builds him a holographic projector to use as a "body", he becomes the acting captain of the ReHOME. He... isn't exactly the legendary figure one would expect...

  • Brain Uploading: It is said this is how he came to be in his current form.
  • Broken Pedestal: He's something of a jokester and doesn't take much of anything seriously. Kisato is highly disappointed, as she'd imagined George Glenn to be a cool, larger-than-life figure, not this goofball. He eventually calls her out on this, saying that it's unfair to expect him to be anything more than human, especially when history has played up his achievements so much. Kisato relents and resolves to give him another chance.

Yoon Sefan

Former Orb scientist, she joined the Junk Guild after Orb's fall in the First Bloody Valentine War. Although a competent mechanic and engineer, she is rather clumsy and prone to emotional outbursts.

Prayer Reverie

Voice Actor: Sachiko Kojima

A mysterious boy introduced in X Astray sent to the Junk Guild by Rev. Malchio, he is yet another clone of Al da Flaga. He is a skilled pilot and a highly empathic and kind boy. He pilots the Dreadnought (X Astray) Gundam, a prototype to the Providence, which becomes particularly important because it is equipped with an N-Jammer Canceller.

He apparently dies in his battle with Canard, but later shows up as the Supreme Librarian of Librarian Works, piloting the Nix Providence. It is unknown whether this is the actual Prayer, or a Carbon clone of him.

  • Actual Pacifist: His empathy makes it near-impossible for him to harm anyone. Even in his climactic battle, he doesn't fight back so much as deliver a Mind Hug to his opponent.
  • Attack Drone: The Dreadnought was ZAFT's testbed for the DRAGOON system, though it doesn't carry as many as the Providence.
  • Cloning Blues: Suffers from the same physical problems that plague Rau le Creuset, albeit more advanced.
  • Face–Heel Turn: If that really is him in Librarian and not a Carbon clone. Actually, he is more of a The Mole as he actually doesn't agree with the Librarian's aims and when he battled Gai, Lowe and Canard, he was trying to prove that Carbon Humans can't be used as soldiers.
  • Forced into Evil: The librarian used his genes to be able to get "Sir Matias' Legacy" and then created him."
  • Good All Along: His Vs Astray incarnation.
  • Improbable Age: The youngest Gundam pilot in the franchise.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: Able to block a beam shot by hitting it with another beam shot.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: As a member of Librarian, he is quite a bit older than his original appearance. This could be a side product of his clone defects.
  • Psychic Powers: No two ways about it, the kid's a Newtype. Yes, even though those aren't supposed to exist in the Cosmic Era.

    Serpent Tail 

A small but well-known mercenary group with a reputation for professionalism. They are true mercenaries: taking no side save the one that pays them. Other than that, they tend to stay out of battles if there's no profit involved... though they will give aid to a select few who have earned their respect, such as the Junk Guild crew.

Gai Murakamo

Voice Actor: Kazuhiko Inoue

Leader of the Serpent Tail mercenary group, Astray's other protagonist, and an accomplished mercenary. Though he is a Coordinator, he does not side with ZAFT, instead going along with whoever pays him. Despite this, he has a strong code of honor and morals, which leads to him and Lowe establishing a mutual friendship. He pilots the Astray Blue Frame, heavily modified to suit his tastes.

  • BFG: Tactical Arms II! Ho boy!
  • BFS: Tactical Arms II can become one or if not, split into two which he outright use in combat.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: He is one of the Combat Coordinators, Coordinators created by Blue Cosmos to fight other Coordinators. They were designed with superior combat traits to typical Coordinators, ignoring any other traits, and put under mind control. Gai managed to break the mind control and became a mercenary.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: Blue Frame Second's main weapon is Tactical Arms, which can switch between BFS, Gatling gun and propulsion unit. When upgrade it to Blue Frame Second Revise, it gains sword arm mode.
  • Worthy Opponent: He sees Lowe as this after their initial encounter, where Lowe's creativity and determination made up for his lack of experience in a mobile suit. Since then they have a relationship of mutual respect, and will often aid one another in a crisis.

Elijah Kiel

Voice Actor: Katsumi Toriumi

The other combatant in Serpent Tail, Elijah is Gai's wingman and an accomplished fighter of his own. Despite being a Coordinator, he does not have the physical benefits they usually enjoy, which hurts his piloting somewhat. He pilots a custom GINN, and later a ZAKU Phantom.

  • Honor Before Reason: Continues piloting his outdated GINN well into Destiny, because it has sentimental value. He only upgrades to the ZAKU when the GINN is irreparably damaged.
  • My Greatest Failure: Having to deliver a Mercy Kill to his mentally unstable friend, Goud Veia. Librarian Works plays on this by sending a Carbon clone of Veia to attack him.

Loretta Aja

Voice Actor: Kumiko Nishihara

The only woman in Serpent Tail, and an expert in explosives and tactics. She left the Earth Alliance because her daughter, Kazahana, is a Coordinator.

Kazahana Aja

Voice Actor: Yuu Kobayashi

Loretta's six-year-old (eight in Destiny) daughter, and Serpent Tail's liaison to their clients. Despite her age, she is extremely competent and fearless in the face of battle, though her concern for her fellow Serpent Tail members is obvious.

  • Disappeared Dad: Her father is never mentioned, and it is unknown what became of him.
  • Improbable Age: Coordinator or not, she acts nearly twenty years older than her age. It's Hand Waved that she's a genius on top of being a Coordinator.


    Earth Alliance 

Canard Pars

Voice Actor: Soichiro Hoshi

A product of the "Ultimate Coordinator" program that resulted in Kira Yamato, Canard was a previous test subject discarded as a failure. Because of this, he has developed an obsession with Kira, and wishes to kill him to prove himself not a failure. In X Astray, he gets into conflict with the Junk Guild upon learning that they have an N-Jammer Canceller, which he wishes to incorporate into his Hyperion Gundam to make it a match for the Freedom.

After his battle with Prayer, he founds his own mercenary squad: Mercenary Group X, consisting of the crew of the Earth Alliance ship he operated out of (who stole the ship when they defected). He returns as an ally in both Destiny Astray and Vs Astray.

  • Character Development: After his battle with Prayer, he calms down considerably, and lets go of his obsession with Kira.
  • Discard and Draw: Canard's Dreadnaught H loses the original's DRAGOON system (as Canard can't use it) in exchange for the Hyperion's Lightwave Shield and a pair of BFS Armblades and BFG Shoulder Cannons.
  • Explosive Overclocking: Even after Canard equips the Hyperion with an N-Jammer Canceller and nuclear generator which lets him use his Lightwave Shield indefinitely, the shield can still be overclocked which risks causing the nuclear generator to go critical. Something that Canard nearly does when Prayer traps him in a beam cage during their final battle.
  • Flawed Prototype: Canard himself is one to Kira Yamato as the "Ultimate Coordinator", a previous test subject who was discarded as a failure. How exactly he is a 'failure' is never elaborated upon, though it is notable that Canard is unable to operate a DRAGOON system, while Kira can.
  • Knife Nut: His primary melee weapons are the Armor Schneider combat knives. He has six of them.
  • Stone Wall: His Hyperion Gundam is probably the most defensive Gundam ever produced: it has a miniature version of Artemis's Lightwave Shield, which makes it all but invincible when it's active, limited only by the Gundam's power reserves. If it got an N-Jammer Canceller, it could activate the shield indefinitely.

Edward Harrelson

Voice Actor: Yasunori Matsumoto

A South American pilot during the Bloody Valentine War, near the war's conclusion he defected from the Alliance in order to support his home nation of South America in their bid for independence. He is considered a hero by South America and is a major morale boost for them, but is considered a deserter by the rest of the Alliance, including his former wingmen. He pilots a Sword Calamity Gundam.

  • BFS: One of his signature Mobile Suits is the Sword Calamity, a variant of the Calamity Gundam that exchanges the Shoulder Cannons for Anti-Ship swords. His signature move is to use swords to replicate his original feat with airplane's wing and make enemy mobile suits "bleed".
  • Not Quite Dead: Survives his final battle, but goes to live in seclusion on the PLANTS, rather than continue to be hunted by vengeful Earth Alliance operatives.
  • Razor Wings: He got his name below after using his jet fighter's wing to slice a mobile suit in half, causing it to "bleed" oil in the process.
  • Red Baron: "Ed the Ripper"
  • Scary Black Man: Not so much, despite his nickname.

Jane Houston

Voice Actor: Yumi Touma

Edward's former wingmate, and an expert in underwater mobile suit combat. Edward's desertion of the Alliance stings all the more terribly for her since she was in love with him. She pilots the Deep Forbidden Gundam.

  • Red Baron: "White Whale"
  • Was It All a Lie?: Asks this during her battle with Ed. Jess then displays an earlier interview he'd recorded of Edward, convincing her that Ed still cares about her. At that point, she joins him in his desertion.

Rena Imelia

Voice Actor: Asami Mukaidono

One of the Earth Alliance's top Aces, she initially pilots Dagger units, until upgrading to a Sword Calamity. Though a Natural, her piloting skills are through the roof, and it is suspected that she could pilot a Mobile Suit even without the support OS. She is Ed's final opponent in South America.

  • Ace Pilot: A Natural who can pilot Mobile Suits without the support OS. That's saying something.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Despite using Buster Dagger as main unit during the first war, Rena is really a master in close combat.
  • Red Baron: "Sakura Burst"

Ile de Llorar

A pilot for Phantom Pain, he flies a stolen Proto-Saviour. He is also known to be a graduate of "Circus", making him a Coordinator on top of being Extended.

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: As with all Phantom Pain pilots.
  • No Pronunciation Guide: How the hell...?
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: He isn't seen after he retreats from the battle, and his home base is destroyed shortly thereafter. Since Librarian Works' Vent Saviour Gundam was apparently developed from a captured Proto-Saviour, it is possible that he was captured by them.

Matisse Adukurf

A high-ranking member of Phantom Pain who answers directly to Lord Djibril. She serves as the primary antagonist in Destiny Astray. She does not actually agree with LOGOS or its ideals, but is using them to gain power so that she can one day rule the world herself. Ruthless and uncaring, she makes heavy use of Extended pilots, stolen Gundams, and propaganda to further her aims.

  • Half-Identical Twins: with Matias, her considerably more moral brother
  • Tyke Bomb: her backstory reveals that her parents were the ones who groomed her into what she is.


Ash Gray

A psychopathic ZAFT soldier who joined up with the military just to be able to kill a lot of people. Near the end of the Bloody Valentine War he is assigned to hunt down Lacus Clyne, and goes after the Junk Guild because he received intelligence that their ship docked with the Eternal. He pilots the Regenerate Gundam.

In Destiny Astray, it is revealed that he survived his encounter with Lowe and was captured by the Earth Alliance, and brainwashed into their Extended program. As a member of Phantom Pain, he assists in stealing the prototype Gundams at the beginning of Destiny, and goes after Jess Rabble because the Out Frame is the "brother" unit to his own Gundam, the Testament.

  • Facial Markings: Has some rather creepy markings resembling eyes on his forehead.
  • Not Quite Dead: "Rescued" by Phantom Pain, and then brainwashed into helping them.
  • Sociopathic Soldier: Explicitly joined the military so he could kill people.
  • Stealth in Space: The Testament Gundam's main ability. Although it doesn't actually use stealth: it releases a virus into nearby computers that edits the Testament out of camera footage in real-time. Jess and Kaite defeat it by building a second cockpit into Out Frame, this one with an actual window, so Jess can direct Kaite's attacks via line of sight.

Bernadette Leroux

A member of ZAFT's official news service, she is often seen acting as an anchorwoman for the PLANTS. She is occasionally sent out to do field work as well, and often runs into Jess Rabble.

  • Friendly Rival: She doesn't always agree with Jess's attitude toward journalism, but she respects his character.

Riika Sheder

The test pilot for the Gaia. She is blind (despite being a Coordinator) and requires special glasses to see. As such, she's an extreme example of the flaws in standard genetic manipulation technology that spurred the Ultimate Coordinator project. After the Gaia is stolen by Phantom Pain, she instead pilots a ZAKU Phantom for ZAFT.

  • Blind Without 'Em: Literally.
  • Butt-Monkey: Blind despite being a Coordinator? Gets her mobile suit stolen? The girl doesn't have good luck, it seems.

Mare Strode

A former Earth Alliance Coordinator soldier with a specialty for underwater combat. He test piloted the Abyss Gundam, and was going to be assigned as its official pilot, but it was stolen before that could happen. He hates Naturals with a passion, and harbors jealousy toward Shinn Asuka.

  • Green-Eyed Monster: Mare feels that he should be the Impulse's pilot, Not Shinn. Later after Mare recovers from the Armory One Incident, He would get his wish of piloting the Impulse as he assigned to one of the prototype Destiny Impulse Units.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Despite his initial bitterness that he was designated only an test pilot for the Abyss while Shinn has been assigned as the official pilot of the Impulse, Mare is later made the official pilot of the Abyss....only for the Armory One incident to occur with Mare being shot by one of the Extended and the Abyss being stolen by Auel.


The Astray storyline largely focuses on the Sahaku family, one of the Orb Union's five ruling clans. Though currently the Athhas hold power, the Sahaku family is eager to turn the war to their advantage, and through it seize control. Not possessing much in the way of independent military strength, their focus is on information trafficking and political manipulation.

Rondo Gina Sahaku

Voice Actor: Nobuo Tobita

The head of the Sahaku family. It was he that commissioned the construction of the Astray Frames alongside the GAT-X machines, and he pilots the Astray Gold Frame himself. He is highly aggressive and is not above allying with Blue Cosmos in order to gain control of Orb.

In Vs Astray, a Carbon clone of him appears as a member of Librarian, piloting the Astray Mirage Frame, looking to avenge his earlier death at the hands of Gai Murakamo.

  • Bio-Augmentation: He undergoes physical enhancements in order to pilot the Mirage Frame Second Issue, which ordinarily not even a Coordinator can pilot effectively.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: It's mentioned that most people are unsure as to whether he's a man or woman.
  • Half-Identical Twins: With his sister, Mina. Might be explained due to the two of them being Coordinators.
  • Killed Off for Real: His Carbon clone on the other hand...
  • Wicked Cultured: A lot of his equipment names come from Japanese terms and Shinto mythologies. He himself is very refined in expensive and royal clothing.

Rondo Mina Sahaku

Voice Actor: Masako Katsuki

Rondo Gina's twin sister, she inherits the position as head of the Sahaku family following Gina's death, not to mention the Gold Frame. While still ambitious, she does not resort to the same underhanded tactics her brother did. She despises Lowe for his hand in Gina's death, but is willing to put aside her grudge if they need to work together.

    Mars Colonies 
A small group of colonies established in orbit around Mars. As they are very recently constructed, they are not entirely self-sufficient, and are often low on resources. Some Mars colonies have even begun to follow a plan similar to Durandal's Destiny Plan (in order to make the most efficient use of their limited human resources), and it is implied that they are where he got the idea. They are not interested in Earth's wars, but do send a delegation at the outbreak of the Second Bloody Valentine War to determine exactly what the political situation is.

Ergnes Brahe

The young heir apparent to his home colony, Ergnes is a Coordiantor raised for leadership all his life. He is a passionate young man who despises injustice and unfair treatment. He pilots the Δ Astray, and later the ∇ Astray ("Turn Delta").

Nahe Herschel

Ergnes' assistant, and a Coordinator raised to act as a mediator. As such, he's very good at settling arguments peacefully. He is Ergnes' bodyguard during his mission to Earth, and pilots a Guardshell Mobile Armor.

  • Stepford Smiler: Some lines of his suggest he is not entirely happy with having his life and skillset planned out for him.
  • The Straight Man: his calmness helps balance out Ergnes's temper.

Deago Lowell

A Martian Coordinator who returned with Lowe to the Earth Sphere to search for Ergnes' older sister, who has been missing for years. He is impulsive and arrogant, and believes Martians to be superior to Earth-born humans. He briefly steals the Red Frame, but later returns it and pilots an custom M-1 Astray equipped with Lowe's "Mars Jacket" armor.

    Librarian Works 
The antagonists of Vs Astray, Librarian is a secret society that attacks the Earth Sphere following the conclusion of the Second Bloody Valentine War. They seek to cause a third war and overthrow Lacus and Cagalli, as they believe they are ill-suited to ruling the Earth Sphere. They have access to a technology that allows them to create "Carbon Humans", genetically-modified humans who have DNA and (somehow) memories of other people spliced into their genome.

ND HE (No Data: High Error)

Librarian's best pilot, a mysterious man whose face is always hidden by his helmet. His true identity is unknown, although due to his age and exceptional piloting skills, he is rumored to be a Carbon clone of Kira Yamato. He pilots the Gale Strike.

  • Ace Pilot: So good that he's initially mistaken for Kira Yamato.
  • Mask Power: that helmet never comes off.
  • No Name Given: that error message is the closest we get to a name for him.
  • The Reveal: It ultimately comes out that is not Carbon-cloned from Kira, but from Gai Murakamo instead.

Finis Socius

A Carbon clone of a series of Earth Alliance produced clones, mixed with the DNA of Goud Veia. Although the Earth Alliance controlled these clone pilots carefully through brainwashing, this brand-new Socius possesses the free will his originals never did. He pilots the Hail Buster.

Goud Veia

Voice Actor: Tetsu Shiratori

Another Carbon clone, this time of Elijah Kiel's old friend. He has a split personality, one kind and gentle, the other murderous and violent. His DNA was also used as a template for Socius. He pilots the Vent Saviour Gundam.

Lily Thevalley

Unique among Librarian's Carbon Humans in that she isn't copied from any specific person, but is still instilled with enough combat knowledge and ability to make her an ace, though the process has left her mentally unstable. She pilots the Nebula Blitz Gundam, which appears to be capable of teleportation.

  • Expy: A dead ringer for Elpeo Ple, down to her looks, role in the story, and the fact that she has a bunch of clones.
  • Heel–Face Turn: One of the clones joins the Junk Guild, and fights against the rest. At the end of the story, four more Lilys join up with the Junk Guild.
  • Mood-Swinger: Due to her mental instability and conditioning.

    Other Characters 

Un No

A hermit swordsman living on an abandoned colony, he tends to attack anyone who comes near. After learning that his beloved Red Frame is going to be a major Conflict Ball, Lowe approaches him for martial arts and swordsmanship training, and to teach him how to forge mobile suit sized swords.

Jess Rabble

Voice Actor: Yuji Ueda

The protagonist of Destiny Astray, Jess is a freelance photojournalist. He declares himself a seeker of "the truth" and prides himself on his integrity as a journalist. He is hired by Matias Adukurf to record the various conflicts of the Bloody Valentine War, and proceeds to get caught up in a political SNAFU at the beginning of Seed Destiny. He first piloted a Raysta, but was given the Astray Out Frame by Lowe as an apology for totaling his first suit.

  • Actual Pacifist: He's a journalist, not a soldier. He's not above defending himself if need be, but he's not exactly good at combat.
  • Hot-Blooded: He and Lowe just seem to click when they meet.
  • Intrepid Reporter: Well, he does throw himself into combat situations.
  • Super-Powered Robot Meter Maids: The Out Frame is the sister unit to one of ZAFT's next-generation Gundams, the Testament, making it one of the most advanced mobile suits around. Lowe got his hands on the Testament's spare parts when he found them within GENESIS Alpha, and cobbled together a non-nuclear copy of it. It is also capable of equipping any of the Mecha Expansion Packs in the series: the Striker units, the Impulse's Silhouettes, the ZAKU Wizards, and even the Astray series Tactical Arms. Jess uses it for journalism and as a mobile home.

Kaite Madigan

Voice Actor: Akio Ōtsuka

An abandoned Coordinator from "Circus". He is assigned by Matias Adukurf as Jess's bodyguard. He's a very capable pilot, but will only enter the fight to protect Jess, as per his contract. He pilots a variety of ZAFT mobile suits before eventually getting the Testament Gundam, which he continues to use.

He later shows up in Vs Astray as a member of Librarian Works. He pilots a Regen Duel Gundam.

  • Abusive Parents: the reason he was abandoned as a Coordinator child? His hair is two-toned.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Always wears a suit. Even when piloting.
  • Face–Heel Turn: In Vs Astray. Though he always has been a mercenary; perhaps they just offered him a good job.
  • Weapon of Choice: No matter the suit he's piloting, it will be equipped with a "revolver" beam rifle and bayonet combo.

Setona Winters

A 13-year-old Coordinator girl who often travels with Jess and Kaite. Her origins are a mystery, as she was picked up in suspended animation in orbit by a Junk Guild ship. She is extremely polite and friendly with most everyone.

  • Expy: She has tons of similarities to Lacus Clyne, but lacks any of the political power Lacus wields.
  • Mysterious Past: Revealed in Delta Astray: she is the older sister of Ergnes Brahe, future leader of the Mars colonies, and was intended to be the public face of Mars. Due to her suspended animation, she is now biologically younger than her brother.
  • Supreme Chef: This is one reason Jess likes having her around, as her cooking is fantastic.

Matias Adukurf

A wealthy industrialist with ties to LOGOS, but is actually acting as a double agent for Chairman Durandal. He was once told that he "has no grasp of history", so he hires Jess Rabble to document war situations (history in the making) for him.

  • Defector from Decadence: His family has been involved with Blue Cosmos and LOGOS for a long time, and he was raised the same way as his megalomaniacal twin sister Matisse. He, however, has a stronger sense of morality, and is pretty firmly on the heroic side.

Kenaf Luchini

An informant who enjoys messing with people's lives. He takes a particular interest in Lowe after observing his battle with Serpent Tail, and enjoys following their exploits and occasionally causing trouble for them.

  • Even Evil Has Standards: When he learns that Ash Gray has targeted the Junk Guild, he immediately uses his resources to help them out.
  • It Amused Me: Pretty much the only reason he does anything.
  • Knowledge Broker: Though he's not quite as neutral as brokers usually are, dispensing information in order to manipulate others into further his own goals.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: He disappears after X Astray and is never heard from again.

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