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  • In the first episode, Loran bows in front of Kihel while attempting to thank her from saving his life and returning his toy fish. However, he was wearing a large backpack at the time, so instead of bowing, he faceplants.
  • How DARE you refer to the Queen's ass so casually, YOU BASTARD!
  • In the fourth episode, Loran (piloting the Gundam) deals with a WaD by just picking it up with both hands. When the two pilots start yelling defiance and refusals to surrender, he just shakes it up and down like a doll to make them behave.
  • When Kihel and Dianna are trying each others' clothes on for the first time, there's something highly amusing about how formal their speech is with each other, that doesn't translate at all into English.
  • Miashei and Joseph photobombing Fran's attempts to take pictures of the Willgem before it launches into space. She retaliates by saying that it will be just as good a story if the ship crashes and fails.
  • Midgard confidently asserts that he knew the "Dianna" he met at Keith's bakery was Kihel because she was a crass, barbaric girl. Dianna says nothing to correct him.
  • The Terran Militia's first time in space. Put a bunch of World War I era soldiers in 0 G, and Hilarity Ensues. Such antics include:
    • Bouncing all over the place and arguing about who is standing on the floor and who is standing on the ceiling.
    • Kihel admitting that she boosted some of Queen Dianna's hair gel.
    • Somebody opening a sake barrel and all of the soldiers trying to drink the drops like a gold fish would, and then getting really drunk and deciding that they will ride barrels down to Earth (fortunately, Loran stops that nonsense before it goes too far).
    • The Crowning Moment of Funny comes when Sochie and Kihel are taking a shower and it gets clogged. Loran rushes in, unclogs the shower, saves them from drowning, turns his head to left, and gets a wonderful shot of Kihel's rear. The hilarity is compounded by the fact that he reacts like he just committed a heinous crime.
  • The Call-Back to the original Gundam when the Moonrace are utterly terrified of lightning (there are at least two; the first is episode 17). And the revelation that the Turn A, very fortunately, is lightning-proof.
  • Anything with Bruno and Jacop after their Heel–Face Turn, particularly when Jacop tries on Harry's glasses.
  • In Episode 22, a disguised Harry confronts Loran about his disguise as Laura. When Loran replies that it isn't exactly a disguise, Harry mistakes the reply that Loran means that he likes cross-dressing...
    "You mean it was for fun?!"
  • Fran also takes the piss out of the dramatic entrance of the Turn-X by noting that a turned X is still an X.
  • The look on Midgard's face when he sees Loran activate the Moonlight Butterfly is priceless.
  • In the last episode Lily Borjarno finally gets fed up with Guin calling Loran "Laura", and suggests he put on a skirt and chase after Loran. Guin notes that society hasn't progressed to the point where someone wearing a skirt can rule the world. Mere minutes later, he is forced to flee into exile and Lily declares that she will take over control of America Ameria in her skirt.