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  • For starters, anytime Belldandy is subjected to face faults. Seeing her of all people doing those faces is surprising and worth it.
  • The same applies to the hardass Chihiro when presented with or is presenting cute things.
  • From the Angel Eater arc:
    • When Lind comes to try and secure the home she freezes anything that could be used to introduce the Angel Eater... Including Welspar
    • There's a moment when Hild has cornered Lind and rendered all of the other goddesses except Skuld catatonic due to their angels being forcibly removed, and she mentions that she was not the only demon to break Lind's quarantine barrier. When Lind breaks free to help the others, Hild decides to check in on Mara's progress, and finds her completely incapacitated by Keiichi, Skuld, Banpei, and Sigel - and Mara had been on the ground for less than ten minutes.
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    • "This is their entertainment," Urd comments to Lind, as Bell and Keiichi engage in activity that with any other couple would be serious heavy petting/foreplay. With them, it's something out of Fawlty Towers.
    • After a long battle the Angel Eater is thrown into a portal to Hell, but the monster desperately clings to the ground to stay and fight, so Urd, Skuld and Peorth come to deal with it wielding two hammers and a whip made of thorns respectively. After the appropriate reaction, the Angel Eater lets himself be sucked back to Hell.
    • In the aftermath Belldandy has two angels, one of which being the demon familiar Hild gave her that she turned into an angel, and has to give the former familiar to Keiichi because it was exhausting her... Except Keiichi has no way to stop it from granting all his wishes. Hilarity Ensues.
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    • As the familiar was exhausting they decide to transfer it to Welspar... But have to unfreeze him first.
      • To unfreeze it (and all the things Lind froze) they put it into a modified microwave (with a disclaimer to not imitate them at home because the cat is a trained stuntcat). Welspar comes out fused to everything.
    • After convincing Welspar to help they have to tell Belldandy he's actually a demon without revealing he's also her doublet. Urd tells her that Welspar is there to study humans (as a cat)... And, to everyone's amazement, she buys it.
    • Keiichi can't use the transfer ritual to move the familiar to Welsper. What's the other way? A kiss. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The first time – in the last TV episode, no less! – Keiichi (successfully) tells Belldandy he loves her, she's knocked out cold by the revelation (Also a Parental Bonus). It becomes even more painful when you realize Keiichi was under an Urd spell that augmented the power of the words "I Love You", and the reason he was able to confess his feelings in the first place was because Peorth gave him a serious pep talk.
    • Even funnier in the manga where the ability carries over into the next couple of chapters and Keiichi keeps knocking out people.
  • Sayoko revealing she's a member of the Nekomi Tech BDSM club. "Yes, Keiichi. I'm EXACTLY the kind of girl you thought I was!" (and later in the same issue where Urd has the entire BDSM club scraping at her feet begging for more)
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  • "Ah?! Sacre bleu! Don't tell me... is the poor boy monogamous?!" —Peorth from chapter 68
  • It doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. Tamiya disabling a fun park's rides so that Otaki can spend more time with his date... and shedding a manly tear. You go, bro!
  • In chapter 289's Honest Axe scenario, after the Goddess gives the musician the solid gold and solid silver harps, he falls in the lake because they are too heavy for him to lift.
  • Eihwaz: "We'll keep singing until the [karaoke] machine explodes." *BOOM!*
  • In an early chapter, Mara had lost her memory due touching a lucky arrow, and the Goddesses were trying to restore it to get the password necessary to cancel the spell that had turned Megumi into a car. When they succeed, however, Mara doesn't want to help:
    Mara: "Mwahahahah! Did you really believe I would tell you the password after recovering my memory?!"
    Urd: "Nope."
    *Cue Keiichi, Urd, and even Belldandy using lucky charms to force her to comply*
  • In one episode of the anime we find that Mara has taken on a job at the same convenience store Belldandy and Keiichi had been working at, and she's really into it… until she remembers that she's a Demon First-Class. Throughout the episode, she is continuously being torn between shame and pride about it – shame because it's demeaning to be a 1st-Class demon working in a store, but pride because she's already being promoted to manager for doing such great work. The fact that the rest of the cast are continuously reinforcing both the positive and the negative of the situation just makes it even funnier, because Mara plays right into the spirit of their comments every time.
    Mara: "IDIOTS! I am Mara, Demon First-Class Unlimited! What is the Office of Demonic Affairs' #1 employee doing working a convenience store?! For 1020 yen an hour?!"
    Rats: "That's a whole 170 yen increase from 850 an hour!"note 
    Mara: "Well you see, the store owner told me I've got potential. Get this, he also said, 'I can probably even let you handle managing this place'!"
    Rats: "Congratulations on your promotion to manager!"
    Mara: "Ha ha ha, leave it to me …No, wait a minute! I'm asking how the heck I ended up like this!"
  • As part of one of his plans to steal Belldandy from Keiichi, Aoshima had created the Four Wheels Club to rival the Motor Club and absorb it, and destroyed their building. A few chapters later, the Motor Club decides to take part to a race to win the money for a new building, but they don't have the aluminum for their vehicle's chassis. The solution? Steal the aluminum chambranles of the Four Wheels Club's windows.
    • Later in the chapter Aoshima and Tamiya makes a bet: the winner of the race will absorb the other club. The Motor Club wins, and takes over the Four Wheels Club and their (much nicer) building.
      Tamiya: "Where are the chambranles?!"
      Aoshima: "B-but you took them!"
  • The Lord of Terror arc; while serious, still manages to slip in several Mood Whiplashes:
    • Mara has finally managed to summon the Will of the Lord of Terror:
      Mara: "Finally the Lord of Terror is revived! You'll pay, Goddesses! MWAHAHAHAH!"
      Will of the Lord of Terror, a.k.a. a Brainwashed and Crazy URD: "Did you summon me?"
      Mara: "What did I do wrong?"
    • How did Urd and Mara find out about the Ultimate Destruction Program? Easy. Keiichi (who they had kidnapped by accident) blurts it out. But he won't tell what it was, so Urd tries, and fails, to take the information out of his mind:
      Urd: "How is it possible? Is this human shielding his mind?!"
      Keiichi: "Wait a minute... I don't know what it is."
    • After the Ultimate Destruction Program – a.k.a. a Kaiju-sized Fenrir – is freed, Urd ends up breaking the brainwashing, and, furious for Belldandy being forced to break her limiters, decides to take it down.
      Urd: "Hey, you mutt! I'm gonna kick your-"
      *Urd notices the Midgard Serpent is defeating and eating Fenrir*
      Urd: Ha! See?! It was easy!"
    • When Urd breaks the brainwashing, Skuld blames her Lord of Terror persona for the giant wolf, the destruction of a town in Chiba prefecture, monetary inflation, and the drawing on the cover being printed askew.
    • Fenrir has died, but the Ultimate Destruction Program is now possessing Midgard and has summoned the 10-Dimensional String of the Universe. He then asks the Goddesses what they think he's planning to do with it:
      Skuld: "You'll tie it!"
      Ultimate Destruction Program: "Wrong! What could I do with it?!"
      Urd: "Hang yourself?"
    This gets a Brick Joke later when the Lord of Terror manages to get a 10-dimensional scythe to cut the String, and Skuld repeats the hanging suggestion.
  • Shiho Sakakibara, an exorcist wannabe who believed Keiichi to be haunted, tried to summon a spirit that would cleanse Keiichi. She instead summoned Garm, who, upon learning he had been summoned by accident, was understandably pissed.
    • From the same story, as soon as the cast realizes what Shiho did, Urd and Belldandy tell Skuld to wipe out the summoning circle while they fight Garm, and she can't do it… because it's written in permanent ink.
    • Shiho's nonchalant reaction to accidentally summoning Garm, which just pisses him off even more.
      "Um, you're not the one I wanted. Bad doggie."
  • Peorth's introduction, from Keiichi's Oh, No... Not Again! face when she answered the phone to her attempts at a cool pose and the discovery of the goddesses of the house.
    Keiichi: "Actually, we're pretty full-up on goddesses right now."
    • Keiichi's first plan to get rid of Peorth, she makes another attempt at getting him to answer what he wants for a wish, and his response is that his wish is for her to leave. She doesn't take it well.
  • In her first appearance, Hild made a promise and offered to swear it by God. Urd was not amused... And was even less amused when she cried out "Oh my God!".
  • Skuld's introduction episode in the TV series had her lying about her broken bug-catching machine so that she can bring Belldandy back to Heaven. Urd exposed Skuld's act by imitating her voice and wide-eyed expression. Bonus points for both of Urd's voice actresses doing so as hilariously badly as possible.
    Urd: (imitating Skuld) "Every single one of my inventions are flawless! They never break down!"
  • The arc where Sayoko is under the influence of an imp that feeds on her skepticism to the world has a few moments:
    • As soon as she's under the influence she sees Urd flying on a broom.
    Sayoko: "Aren't you too old to play the witch?"
    • To save Sayoko they must make her believe that Belldandy and Urd are indeed goddesses. Cue failure after failure, culminating with Belldandy summoning Holy Bell... Only to have it called a Special Effects Failure, which makes the sensitive angel cry.
      • Immediately after, Keichi tries to get her to believe.
    Keichi: "Sayoko! You have to believe me!"
    Sayoko: "About what?"
  • Skuld's reaction to Urd's Cool and Unusual Punishment for messing with her love potion in the anime is worth mentioning. The voice acting helps a lot, how she screams "EEEEYAAAAAAAAAA!" is none short of hilarious.
  • During the story where Belldandy gets drunk on a cola and begins granting wishes to everyone she encounters, an anime-only sequence has Mara walking down the road coming up with a new scheme to take the goddesses down when Belldandy shows up. Belldandy grants her "wish" by immediately falling over, thus being "taken down" by Mara. When she asks if Mara is now happy with her victory, Mara thinks she's being mocked so thoroughly that she flies off in tears screaming "I HATE YOU SO MUCH BELLDANDY!"
  • After discovering that Welspar still has his memories Hild is about to take him back to hell as punishment... Then leaves him there: to keep his memories Welspar turned himself into a female cat, and telling Keiichi and the goddesses was more cruel.
  • Shortly after the Angel Eater arc Urd, Skuld and Peorth get into a rubber band war. When Keiichi finds out while he's at work he tells himself they won't set destroy the temple... But they've already done it, and now they're fighting using a muscle spirit with a giant rubber band (Urd), giant rubber bands fired from Shoulder Cannons made of thorns (Peorth), and a tank (Skuld)! And then Keiichi shows up with a normal rubber band gun...
  • Peorth once challenged Belldandy to the Three Divine Contests, with Urd as the (sarcastic and completely disappointed) referee. If Belldandy wins Peorth will say why she was holding a grudge against her, but if she loses Belldandy will become Peorth's servant. But what are these contests?
    • First contest: summon angels and... Tickle fight! With the goddesses suffering everything the angels suffer (according to Urd, this is why the Contests had gone unused for centuries). And Peorth is ticklish...
    • Second contest: whack-a-mole. With living moles dressed as Japanese miners. Peorth wins because Belldandy can't bring herself to strike them...
    • Third and final contest: target shooting with meteors. This one Urd likes, because of the explosions.
  • From the arc about Welsper getting rid of the spots he got when he took the familiar-turned-angel:
    • Urd, Skuld and Peorth offer to help him with a strange potion, a strange machine and a shot of cephalopod ink, respectively, and ask him to choose. His choice? None of them. So they force him... And he gets long strands of fur. But doesn't loses the bald spots. It's so ridiculous that Hild, when she's convinced to give it a check and maybe help, decide to help (on a condition, of course) because it made her laugh that much.
    • Given the situation Belldandy decides to ask Hild, but nobody has any idea where she is. Hild, who is spying on them through a spy fly, laughs... And then Belldandy (who noticed the fly) appears before her. Cue chase that ends somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
    • Hild being Hild, she decides to help but only if Belldandy can defeat her in a broom race using String Fellow (and if she loses the goddesses will have to leave), and calls upon Gluhen Des Herzen (the fastest broom in Hell) to compete. Given Gluhen Des Herzen looks more like a broom-shaped rocket, Urd and Peorth dare Hild to prove it's a broom by cleaning the floor... Turns out it's a vacuum cleaner, AKA an electric broom. Urd and Peorth are not amused.
      • Why isn't Skuld protesting? Because she's squeeing at Gluhen Des Herzen. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • During the race String Fellow bursts on fire and remains damaged, and has to slow down. How do the others help? Easy: Urd, Skuld and Peorth give Welspar even more fur strands and Keiichi bats him on the broom to serve in place of the lost bristles. It works... And it was Welspar's idea to begin with (except the bat, but it was the only way).
    • After losing, Hild explains that Welspar's troubles can be solved simply by christening the familiar... And Belldandy admits she forgot. Cue general Face Fault.
    • Urd and Skuld chasing Welspar because they want to be there when he gives his familiar a name, ending with Welspar leaving around hundreds of statues of him that gives off his same aura... And Keiichi and Belldandy collecting all the statues and Welspar. Then, when they realize Welspar is among the statues, Keiichi identifies him with a strand of grass.
    • Belldandy and Keiichi interfered with the chase because it was keeping Welspar from naming the familiar, and by regulations he had to do it before sundown or she would have received a number as a name. Urd and Skuld were chasing him because by regulations the name needs to be approved by two second-class goddesses. But, as Welspar points out, he's a demon and divine rules don't apply. Cue horrified faces and stunned poses for two panels for everyone... Including Belldandy.
  • On one occasion Sora needed to recruit new members for the Motor Club. Hilarity Ensues:
    • Otaki and Tamiya tried to help... With recruiting posters with their images. Explaining why Sora couldn't find new members (that, and neither her nor Keiichi were brave enough to rip them).
    • Not being completely stupid, the two also set up a singing contest, the prize being using a scooter for a year or a kiss from one of the female members of the club. Sora did not protest because she figured any winning man would go for Belldandy... And Belldandy did not protest because she's not a member anymore. Not that the horde of contestants would accept it...
    • The pained general reaction at Otaki and Tamiya's singing.
    • Knowing how much Belldandy loves to sing, Mara had placed a device that would turn her song into a brainwashing demonic song that would make everyone who listened obey any order for a while, allowing her to make hundreds of contracts. Except Belldandy lost her voice and can't sing until three o'clock, and in the meantime Aoyama showed up to sing a rock song.
    • Sora's reaction to Aoyama.
    • Finally Belldandy sings, Mara activates the device... And gets charmed herself. End result: Sora takes advantage and has everyone present sign for the Motor Club. Most of them later leave the club... But Mara didn't.
  • When the Gate goes on strike Peorth finds herself unable to go back to Heaven... So, before they find out the problem, Keiichi suggests they fire her from a cannon.
  • When Belldandy wants to help a camera that can take pictures of only beautiful things and people to remember who its original owner was, Welspar is opposed and says it's a cursed camera. Urd, however, quickly identifies the real reason: the camera early did not take his picture, and he's offended and jealous.
  • During one arc Keichi, Belldandy, Urd, Skuld and Megumi lose their memories. Hilarity Ensues:
    • At first the girls think Keichi kidnapped and raped them. Then Belldandy has them give him a good look: cue burst of declarations he's too weak-willed for it.
    • What is the only thing Keichi remembers? The location of his Porn Stash.
    • Urd starts giving nicknames based on literature detectives-and declares Keichi is Miss Purple because he was still wearing the purple spandex suit Urd had forced on him before they lost their memories.
    • While Megumi looks around, Welspar shows up, speaks-and Keichi starts throwing things at the demonically-possessed cat.
    • After the above, Welspar decides to help-by trying to get a rise out of the amnesiac people with a fake story: he tells them he's the product of advanced scientific experiments, that Skuld is his servant, Keichi and Urd are lovers, and Belldandy his girlfriend.
      • While Urd chases Keichi because she has fallen for Welspar's lies, the cat orders Skuld to give him a shoulder massage. Skuld, having no idea where a cat's shoulders are, almost strangles him.
    • After a while Megumi comes back. Welspar speaks-and she tries her brother's same exorcism technique.
    • After Megumi's assault, Welspar tells everyone she's Keichi's wife. Cue hostility from Urd-at least until Megumi reveals she has found evidence she doesn't live there and is Keichi's sister.
    • How does Welspar escape the enraged Urd and Skuld? He masquerades as the phone.
  • From the Chrono Arc:
  • From the Hagall arc:
    • The wishes granted by the demons:
      • Sayoko wishes for a rich prince from an oil-producing nation-and is kidnapped by an ugly one to join his harem.
      • Hasegawa wishes for a larger bust, hoping it will help her getting with Aoyama. She gets it-and then, when Aoyama shows up, her breasts expand so fast they knock him out, complete with "You Win!" sound effect.
      • Otaki and Tamiya get a castle. That is destroyed by the wish of a professor.
      • At some point there are a giant golem and a dragon going around Nekomi.
    • When Belldandy says she needs help, Skuld announces she'll do anything for her, be it walking on red-hot coals, go into the darkest abyss, or even going to the frontier of Hell, only to have an Oh, Crap! when she discovers she's actually planning to go to Hell.
      • When he's asked to help, Welspar does the exact same thing with the same words. Skuld is not amused.
    • Welspar's reaction when he realizes he just threatened Hild.
    • When Hagall's servants blow up the temple, Linds tries and repair it-with results so bad Keiichi and the Norns think it's actually one of Hagall's attacks. Her reactions to their Oblivious Guilt Slinging only makes it better.
    • What does the group find when they arrive in Hell? A door with a welcome sign specifically for them and one saying to ring the doorbell if they need help. And Belldandy pushes it just as Urd is finishing telling Skuld it was likely a trap.
    • After welcoming them, Eihwaz asks if they really expected her to bring them directly to Hagall. Turns out, they did. Well, Urd didn't, but she's half-demon and lived there for a while...
    • When Keiichi and the goddesses arrive to Thrym's chamber, she throws a pillar in their general direction as a welcome-and would have hit Eihwaz had she not put a shield just in time. Turns out she's so small she hadn't seen her.
    • Why does Mokkurkalfi wear her strange red outfit when she's so fixated with fashion sense? Because Eihwaz told her that on Earth people wearing a similar get-up, complete with helmet and mask and rigorously in red, are three times as charming, and just as faster. So funny that Skuld in-universe laughed about it.
    • Hagall's face when Keiichi and Belldandy weaponize kissing and bury her into flowers as they make out.
  • There is something unbelievably funny about the fact that the reward Belldandy's father gives Keiichi for successfully passing through the Judgment Gate is a simple merit badge.


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