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  • A brief moment in the anime, but at the very end of the first episode, after Tobari explains Miharu's situation, Miharu just walks off to run the errand he forgot to run due to the sneak attack earlier. Made even funnier by the fact that Miharu is mincing with Bishie Sparkles surrounding him (which doesn't help the whole "is he gay?" thing at all).
  • Raikou's attempt at driving.
  • Yoite trying to kill a man for calling him "an emo kid".
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  • This exchange when Miharu happens upon Yoite in an alleyway. It's as funny as it's adorable.
    Miharu: Are you stuck?
    Yoite: No. I'm hiding.
    Miharu: Why are you hiding? (gets into the alley) I'll hide with you.
    Yoite: There's no need for that! Get out! (Beat) Hi.
  • In the manga, Ichki and Hattori's reactions to Yoite, Yukimi, Kazuho, Raikou and Gau switching sides.
    Ichki: Everyone kind of left, huh?
    Hattori: Yes.
  • Also in the manga, Miharu asking Hattori what his goal is in obtaining the Shinrabanshou
    Hattori: World Domination
    Miharu: Okey Dokey.
    Hattori:No, I was joking. Don't take it in stride...

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