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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Funny pages. Proceed at your own risk.


Episode 2

  • The immensely awkward atmosphere in the Garden's dining room as Zero Two makes herself at home, flagrantly invading Hiro's personal space and outright drowning her food in honey, much to Miku's nausea.
    • Then there's the moment Zero Two decided to lick Ichigo's cheek, leaving the normally level-headed girl flustered. The next time she gets that close, you can see Ichigo immediately shielding her cheek from a second lick.
  • When Hachi explain about how to piloting FRANXX properly, Miku suddenly make a weird voice which is reminds you with ''something''after she try to active Argantea. Making Zorome tell to her to stop making a weird voice, and Miku claims it was ''a natural reaction''
  • After they success to active their FRANXX for the first time, Zorome start to boasting around the others begins to show off their skills causing Miku confused by tell him to not be rough.Which make Argantea almost fell out until Delphinium catches them.
  • Goro's attempt at a headpat being rejected.

Episode 4

  • Futoshi is shown still holding onto Mitsuru's tray of uneaten food even as he and Zorome play with a soccer ball together. And he holds up pretty well despite not using his hands.
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  • Zero Two's little waltz through the clearance gate with Hiro once again, except this time they were literally running away from the guards while holding hands the entire time.
  • Strelizia/Zero Two sparing a tiny moment to smirk at Delphinium/Ichigo as she goes charging down the klaxosaur's maw. It's like she's saying, "Yeah, he's mine. Deal with it."

Episode 5

  • Zero Two breaking the rules set in the dining room, from eating next to Hiro and throwing off the gender-based sitting order, to pouring a waterfall of honey on her food with the giddiest smile on her face as all the other Parasites say a prayer.
  • Kokoro and Futoshi's "We see, we do" after seeing Zero Two feed Hiro. Zorome just sounds so betrayed.

Episode 6

  • Episode 6 by all means shouldn't have anything close to funny but then emerges a giant box with horns on the horizon... Until it transforms, anyway.

Episode 7

  • The boys (including Goro, of all people) dragging Hiro underwater, then interrogating him on what a "kiss" is after overhearing Zero Two mention one. As shown in the page image, Zorome then demands a demonstration. With Hiro.
    • This gem from Futoshi:
      Futoshi: "Mouths are for something besides eating?!"
      Goro: "Don't you breathe with yours sometimes?"
    • This is the first time Zero Two is taken completely off-guard. When the guys kidnap Hiro, she's left staring at the space he was a second ago, completely poleaxed.

Episode 8

  • The boys' reaction to the girl's spacesuits being burned off. Zorome and Hiro stare, Goro tries to play it cool, Futoshi has a nosebleed and even Mitsuru, despite pretending not to care, blushes a little.
    • Afterwards in the hangar the girls are wrapped in towels and angry at the boys, except for Zero Two standing behind them with her partially dissolved suit fully visible and wondering what the big deal is.
      • Ikuno remains in the background glaring at the boys the entire time with her Scary Shiny Glasses.
    • Zero Two's proud nod after Hiro says it's good for Parasites to be a bit lewd.
    • Everything about the fight between the boys and the girls. Especially Miku instantly trying to give up when the boys seize the mess hall. She has to be dragged away.
    • Ichigo realising that Goro, of all people, is the one that had the boys bathing in the lake.
      • Zorome making monkey noises at Miku.
    • Zero Two's smiling face when she declares she's joining in the puberty fight. It just signals that things are going to get real interesting, real fast.
    • The entire fight initially broke out because the males saw the females partially naked when their suits were dissolved and Zero Two simply created a scene where the females would see the all the males... in the nude.
    • Zero Two kicking things up a notch by stealing the boys' underwear while the rest of the girls freak out at them in the bathroom. When Hiro spots her, you can almost hear the Record Needle Scratch going off in his brain.
      • The ensuing chase scene, all of it.
    • While Goro and Futoshi hide, Zorome takes it upon himself to counter the girls' Washtub Throw using a broom as a baseball bat. In the meantime, Mitsuru's taken a seat, completely done with everyone.
    • In meta-sense; the fact that there's a Klaxoxaur whose sole purpose is to melt people's clothes off.

Episode 9

Episode 11

  • Futoshi, right after waking up and getting ready for breakfast, climbing down from his bunk with a baguette in hand. Boy just took the Big Eater trope Up to Eleven.

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

  • Once again, despite the seriousness of the scene, Zerome's shocked reaction to Ichigo confronting Zero-Two on her behavior is quite comical. The poor lad doesn't handle shock well.

Episode 15

  • There's something inherently funny about Ichigo straight up bitch slapping Strelizia while she chews Zero Two out for toying with the squad.
    • Ichigo sticks Delphinium's head into Strelizia's mouth. The way Strelizia's tail just drops to the ground, like "... did she just do that?"
  • Hiro and Zero Two proclaim their love for each other... and forgot everyone can hear them.
    Zorome: (Suspiciously wiping his eye) Cut the comms, dumbass.
  • After sending Hiro off with Ichigo, Goro stops to fold his arms and spout a one-liner... only to be plucked off the ground by Argentea and both of its pilots to ask what he's acting badass for.

Episode 16

  • Becomes painfully Harsher in Hindsight later on, but Zorome's Spit Take when Futoshi says he's dieting is priceless.
  • The look of absolute fear on Miku's face when Ikuno slam-dunks the dough they're kneading on the table.
  • Zero Two, Goro and Hiro go out fishing. Only Hiro came back empty-handed. Guess the protagonist title doesn't mean you're badass at everything, it seems.
  • Hiro's adorably shy shuffle to get closer to Zero Two as they watch the cherry blossom buds together. You can just tell he's trying to find the perfect moment to hold her hand... only for her to remember she promised the girls they'd take a bath all together.
    • Later, Zero Two cutely brags about her hair color, saying Hiro compared it to the cherry flowers. Miku answers by pouring a bucket of water over her head.
  • After Hiro's encouragement speech got the squad all teared up, Zorome ranted at Futoshi for crying. Only for Futoshi to point right back that he's tearing up himself.
  • A few of the claw marks that Zero Two left carved into the walls of her room have been ineffectively patched up with duct tape.

Episode 17

  • Hiro and Zero Two's little squabble when she demands to see the picture he drew. After he moves it out of her reach, she retorts to launching herself at him.
  • Zorome wonders if kissing and behaving like Hiro and Zero Two -sticking bodies together- has become a trend after walking in on Mitsuru and Kokoro having a moment in the greenhouse.
  • Ikuno slapping Nine-Alpha is followed by an impressed whistle. Better yet, it's Gamma that does it.
  • There can be some meta humor found in the fact that it's the Beta Couple that managed to do a home run before the main couple, who are still teetering between first and second base.

Episode 19

  • Werner Frank, genius scientist, turns out to have been hopelessly Oblivious to Love.

Episode 22

Episode 23

  • In a precious little Brick Joke, Hiro manifests himself in Zero Two's storybook mindscape as the hilariously childish drawing of a prince he made for her.

Episode 24

  • While Futoshi and Zorome are enthusiastically offering Kokoro some food, Miku stays in the corner of the shot, silently glaring at them.
  • Ichigo is nostalgically flipping through the picture book one more time, and noticed the inside of the back cover is Hiro's hilariously bad prince drawing.
    "God, you suck."
  • Goro giving Ichigo a surprise kiss the reaction it caused.
    • Ichigo going beet red.
    • Zorome and Miku reacting in the exact same pose of utter shock.
    • Ikuno being slightly annoyed.
  • The now adult Zorome and Miku still fighting like they were teens. Complete with their idiot hairs dueling against each other.



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