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Funny / Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation

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"The Princess Who Loves Bones"

  • Sakurako's refusal to hand over the skeletal remains of a human skull to the point since she found it first. Just her going tsundere since Shotaro called in it makes it even funnier.

"Where Do You Live?"

  • Hiroki's attempt to talk to the young girl in the koban was for nothing since he can't comprehend her at all.
  • Sakurako is not a morning person. Hiroki and Shotaro were yelled at for interrupting her sleep early in the morning.
    Sakurako: Boy, I don't care what you choose to do with your own time, but don't drag me into it. I was putting bones together until [four] in the morning. What my body wants is not a conversation with you, but sleep.

"The Asahi Bridge Irregulars "

  • Shoutaro uses the festival PA system to find Sakurako after they are separated... by reporting her as a lost child.

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