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  • Tomoe turning Kurama into an ostrich in response to Kurama trying to attack Nanami. Followed by Tomoe, with a truly sadistic grin on his face, conjuring a fireball and chasing Kurama through the school halls with it.
  • Mizuki coming out of freaking nowhere and punching Tomoe in the face.
  • Tomoe and Nanami heading into town to try and find the boy Himemiko has a crush on. Nanami casually asks Tomoe has it been a while since he has been to town only to turn around and see that Tomoe is still in his Little Bit Beastly true form and everybody on the streets has stopped and is staring at the guy with the fox ears and tail. Tomoe's deadpan response seals it:
    Tomoe: Why yes.
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  • Isobe bullying Nanami in the ice cream shop. It's clear to any unbiased observer that Nanami hates the bastard but to Tomoe.... we get a little panel with the caption Tomoe Vision filled with hearts and Nanami and Isobe flirting with each other immediately followed by a close-up of Tomoe's face and boy does he look pissed!
  • So, Nanami confesses that she loves Tomoe. His response? Carry her under-arm along the ledge of a skyscraper's roof yelling at her to let the night breeze cool that hot-head of hers.
  • How does Tomoe deal with the pervert demon in the girl's locker room? Turn him into a lolly-pop and then in the guise of Nanami hand said lolly-pop to Kurama with one big shit-eating grin on his face.
  • After rescuing Tomoe from the Dragon God, Sukuna, Mizuki reappears and offers him a lovely haori for his trouble. Loudly exclaiming he'd never wear "Such a rag" he finds out too late it was made by his wife. Who was currently standing right behind him.
  • In the Zodiac Memory arc, child!Nanami attacks Mizuki calling him a kidnapper/pedophile.
    • A little later she runs into Tomoe with Mizuki still running after her. He picks her up and says this:
    Tomoe (with a very smug grin on his face): "Let's run, hm? From the pedophile.."
  • One side chapter has Nanami's friends convincing her to buy some leopard-print underwear. When she gets back to the shrine she immediately regrets giving in to peer-pressure and tries to prevent Tomoe from seeing them. This is complicated by the fact that Tomoe is the one who typically does the laundry.
  • One flashback scene of Tomoe and Mikage interacting shortly after they made the familiar contract. Mikage sends Tomoe to deal with a demon attacking people on a local bridge. Tomoe kicks the demon's ass when it's attacking a local woman. The woman immediately hugs Tomoe in gratitude. Tomoe's response is to scream "Don't touch me!" and chase her off with his fox-fire. Next we see Mikage berating Tomoe for this act, about half-way through Mikage's rant Tomoe starts wiping his hand on Mikage's jacket.
    Mikage: Tomoe, what are you doing?
    Tomoe: A human touched me.
    Mikage: I am not a wash-rag!
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  • "Wheeeeeeeze"
  • One rather memorable scene has Tomoe, Kurama and Mizuki get drunk and get into an argument over Nanami's breast size. Nanami walks in right as Tomoe transformed himself into Nanami to try and settle the argument. The other two complain he is adding to her cleavage when disguised as her so Tomoe, still disguised as Nanami, grabs her breast and compares it to his. The look on Nanami's face is priceless.
  • Mizuki wants to learn about about the human world so he goes to Kurama on advice for fitting in, and we get a montage of the things Kurama did before becoming an idol singer. One of them is of him winning a cross dressing contest.
  • In chapter 51, Nanami stepped on Botanmaru, a young tengu who was searching for Shinjirou, Chief Soujoubou's son who left the mountain 17 years ago. To help with the search, he pulled out two scrolls that supposedly depict Shinjirou. One features a young man. The other one, which was age-progressed by 17 years, show an OLD man. While talking to Nanami, Botanmaru suddenly a billboard that features none other than Kurama, who looks nothing like the drawings.

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