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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Naofumi versus an Orange Balloon (possibly the weakest monster around). At first, seeing it gnawing ineffectively at his arm, Naofumi is confident and punches it... Only for his fist to bounce back. So, he decides to go all out:
    I channeled my inner martial artist and pummeled the Orange Balloon with my fists.
    Then, after five minutes...
    * pop*
    It finally split open.
    • To makes things worse, Ren passes by immediately after and casually kills three Orange Balloons with a single slash. The final strike to his confidence in his fighting ability comes when two more shows up and Myne easily kills them with her sword.
  • During episode 2 of the anime a Freeze-Frame Bonus reveals that Naofumi uses his Legendary Weapon's ability to absorb materials to clean up after giving Raphtalia a haircut.
    • And in the novel this actually unlocks a shield for him: The Raccoon Shield.
  • The Slave Trader noticing that Raphtalia Is All Grown Up:
    Slave Trader: Still... I'm amazed you helped that scrawny bag of bones grow so much in such a short time. Even if she's not a virgin, she's guaranteed to fetch you twenty gold pieces.
    Raphtalia: [offended] I am a virgin!
    Slave Trader: [enthusiastically] Thirty-five, then!
    Naofumi: [pretends to consider it] Thirty-five gold pieces, huh?
    Raphtalia: [angry] Naofumi-sama!
  • After a race at Ryuut Village, Sore Loser Motoyasu insults Filo and gets kicked in the groin. The scene also marks the first time Naofumi laughs since Malty's betrayal. He tells Filo that from then on, she is to kick Motoyasu whenever she sees him.
  • Team Naofumi's encounter with the bandits in episode 6 is a big Humiliation Conga for the latter ones. First they end up being curb-stomped by Raphtalia and Filo, even with a class-upgraded fighter in their ranks. Then after they gloat and say they will walk away free once they mention it was the Shield Hero that caught them, Naofumi orders Filo to eat them. They immediately start begging for their lives and offer everything they have to Naofumi in order to be spared. Cut to a scene where they personally put their stolen belongings on Naofumi's carriage.
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  • Filo's reasons to try and get a gagocco's egg for Naofumi in Episode 7.
    Filo: If I take a rare delicacy to Master, I know he'll like me more and more. I'm sure he'll pet me, and brush my hair, and become my mate forever!
    Raphtalia: B-become your mate?!
  • Naofumi's deadpan and calm reaction when he suspects that Filo may have eaten Melty during episode 9.
    Naofumi: Okay, Raphtalia. We both saw nothing. Let's just burn the evidence and forget all of this ever happened.
  • Naofumi's reaction and subsequent response to Itsuki's self-righteousness in episode 10 is priceless.
    Itsuki: Someone needs to be taught that with great power Comes Great Responsibility.
    Naofumi: [Does a Spit Take all over Filo]
    Itsuki: What's so funny?
    Naofumi: Oh, I just didn't know you'd been bitten by a spider.
    Itsuki: Bitten by a Spider?
    • Also doubles as Fridge Brilliance: In the web novel it is eventually revealed that all the heroes come from different realities, though the anime reveals this in the first episode.
  • Episode 12: Glass referring to the other three heroes as Naofumi's "servants". The sheer indignation in the trio's faces before going ballistic at her in a temper tantrum is a sight to behold.
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  • Upon learning the Carmia Island has a Dragon Hourglass, and a Wave is due to come in a little over two days, Ren tries to bow out in order to hide that he can't swim. None of the other heroes buy his excuses. Moreover Motoyasu and Itsuki grab him and toss him into shallow water to test him. He's drowning in less than waist high waters.
  • In the manga, amidst the drama involving Itsuki and Rishia, Naofumi tries to confront a seemingly-perving (though innocent in this case) Motoyasu about what's going on, and when the accusations inevitably get flung about, Moto's response is along the lines of, "I wouldn't do such a thing! I'm not you!" Opening an old wound like that results in an absolutely unhinged Death Glare from Naofumi as Motoyasu immediately stumbles and takes his words back.
  • After freeing a gigantic and incredibly powerful monster from the seal a group of past Heroes had trapped it into, Idol shouts that he was now unstoppable. The monster promptly stomps on him.
  • One must face it, having the former king renamed "Trash" and former first princess "Bitch" is funny all by itself.
    • The manga makes it more satisfying by having Motoyasu attempting to white-knight Myne (now "Bitch"):
      Motoyasu: I don't care what everyone says I will always believe in you My...
      Mirelia: [gives Motoyasu a Death Glare that makes him stop dead in his tracks]
      Motoyasu: I mean Bitch!
      • The look on Myne's face as it sinks in that yes, Bitch is now indeed her name and Naofumi's subsequent satisfaction are priceless!
    • The anime dub adds this little nugget of dialogue:
      Myne: My name's not Bitch!
      Naofumi: It is now.
  • Episode 22:
    • It turns out the Queen is every bit a fan of Filorials (and Fitoria in particular) as her younger daughter.
    • Malty's new name has yet to settle in with everyone else, as evident during the council meeting where both the Three Heroes and the queen stutter regarding using it properly and not the old name out of habit.
    • The sheer outrage and panic that the "Old Man" blacksmith erupts into after Naofumi & Co commence a massive piracy-overhaul of his shield-stock after the latter discovers "Weapon Copy" the night before. The cherry on the top comes as he, begrudgingly, decides to put the combined prices for all of the shields Naofumi copied (read: all of them) on the latter's tab.
  • Episode 23:
    • L'Arc and Therese don't believe Naofumi he's the Shield Hero but a guy using the Shield Hero's name as an alias because they can tell at first sight Naofumi is a good guy... And the Shield Hero is a sadist manipulator with friends in high places that would execute anyone for him. And Naofumi agrees that his description of the Shield Hero is not far off the mark...
    • Naofumi is summoned by the captain alongside the other three Heroes, so he decides to tell them what he found out... Except the others are too seasick to listen to him.
    • Drunk Raphtalia. She even has Naofumi's expressions.
    • Naofumi's inability to get drunk, eating berries known for their ungodly high alcohol content.
      • Motoyasu tries one of those fruits unaware of what it is... and falls over foaming at the mouth.
    • Therese decides that the bracelet Naofumi made her was so high quality, she gives him all of her money as payment. Naofumi asks if it was really worth that much, which she agrees. She says it's worth more than that and tries to get L'arc to give all of his money to Naofumi as well, much to his protests. Naofumi just dryly remarks how he'll put them on a payment plan.
    • While Naofumi is thinking about exploring the submerged island found by Filo, Raphtalia arrives with a bikini hoping to impress him... And all he thinks about is how she'd be fine dressed like that if the immersion suit leaked.
  • Ren desperately clinging to the mast of a ship for most of the Wave in terror because he can't swim. Coming from Ren, the expression of fear is hilarious.
  • In episode 25, Glass being a mean drunk but being unable to fight because she's too drunk.
  • Chapter 79 has Naofumi meet the guard whose clothes he signed earlier on. He finds out they were stolen from fanatics from Silt Welt and shakes his hand in apology, but then worries if they'll steal the guard's hand next after he touched it.
  • Chapter 197 of the web novel. When Naofumi and co. finally corner a curse series afflicted Ren, he keeps pointing out how the latter acting like a Chuunibyou. Ren was already trying his damnedest to be this cool swordsman prior to this, now he seems to be trying a bit too hard.
  • The end of chapter 216 had Naofumi chased by an "army" of Filorials Queens that Motoyasu hatched, and had to be rescued by Firo. The succeeding chapter 217 had him refer to the whole incident as something "straight out of his darkest nightmares".
  • Naofumi's reactions in chapter 217. He stumbles upon a meeting consisting of Filo, Melty, and some other Filorials discussing how to win his affections. A few days later, even Atlas and the other slaves join in on a discussion about Naofumi's "preferred type".
    Naofumi: They plan to conquer me!? Cut the crap!
  • Chapter 233: A brief one. Naofumi needed a moment to remember what Witch's original name was, since he had used her Bitch/Witch alias for so long.
  • Chapter 347: To get back at Naofumi for rubbing in how much responsibility she has as the new Queen, Melty makes him Archduke of Melromarc. This backfires spectacularly when Trash reveals that this means Naofumi is now legally obligated to marry her as the former did with Queen Mirelia.
  • Chapter 376. WEB-NOVEL SPOILERS: On the day of Naofumi and Raphtalia's wedding back in his world, the reincarnated Atlas objects to the union and tries to steal him away, leading to a Lover Tug-of-War. All the while his family, friends and the priest curse Naofumi for having two beauties fight over him. Even Naofumi has to laugh at the craziness.


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