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  • The chase scene where Gin and Hana are trying to run after the assassin's car, on foot.
  • The scene where Gin is dressed up, against his will, in a Pimped-Out Dress after being rescued by drag queens.
  • The astounded expression of the soup kitchen lady after seeing Hana with baby Kiyoko.
    "He really was eating for two!"
  • Hana trying to cheer everybody up after Miyuki causes them all to prematurely ditch a stopped train by belting out "Climb Every Mountain" from The Sound of Music.
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  • While Hana collapses in exhaustion and dramatically bemoans her impending death, Miyuki brings attention to a cemetery nearby (with offerings to take.)
    Hana: I'm not dead yet!
  • When Hana attacked that man who insulted her in his flashback.
  • A drag queen at the bar's reaction when Hana's 'mother' exclaims "Abandoned!" regarding Kiyoko.
    "Yes! I've been abandoned!" *sobbing*
  • In the abandoned building filled with adorable kitties, when Gin jokes about eating them the cats all understand and surround infuriated cat-lover Miyuki for protection, all snarling and meowing angrily at Gin.
  • Hana and Miyuki's faces when they momentarily think Gin has died are funny in a Black Comedy sort of way.
  • As horrific as the scene where Gin is beaten half to death by hoodlums is, it contains a very funny gag. Watch the lights in the windows above him and his assailant; the row above Gin goes out sequentially as he is battered, while the row above the attacker stays lit. The two of them have literal life bars above them, as if they are characters in a Fighting Game.
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  • Gin thinking an old man died, then trying to close his eyes, only for them to open wider.
  • Hana flirting with the cab driver, much to his discomfort.
    Hana: Don't be silly! I like my men to be more "manly." The kind of man I like is slender, middle-aged, tanned, with a divine square-back haircut and a lower-town accent. Who says, "Ah, what the hell"...when I don't quite have the cab fare.

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