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So Tokyo Ghoul may be a self-described tragedy, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have it's own share of light, comedic moments. You know, in between the moments of soul-crushing despair.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Tokyo Ghoul:

  • This exchange between Kaneki and Touka when the former find out about Yoriko:
    Kaneki: So even you have a friend, huh?
    Touka: I'll beat the hell out of you.
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  • In episode 5, when Yoriko gives Touka some stew she made for her, she sees Kaneki at her house, and thinks he's her boyfriend. At first, she acts angry and jealous, and we start to think Les Yay, but as she's leaving, she gives Touka a thumbs up, almost as if saying "I ship it."
  • Tsukiyama in general is hilarious. With his dramatic flourishes and frequent usage of foreign languages, it's sometimes hard to remember that this guy is a man-eater known as the Gourmet.
    • While also bordering on Nightmare Fuel, his obsession with Kaneki is pretty comical. He practically has an orgasm when inhaling the scent of his blood.
    Tsukiyama: HAAARMONYYY!
    • "Kaneki-kun... BADASS MODE!!"
    • Tsukiyama's interactions with Kaneki's group, such as sticking a flower in Banjo's hair.
  • Touka's ornithophobia, as evidenced by her attitude towards Loser.
  • Touka drawing a smiley face on Hinami's stomach and saying she knows nothing about it.
  • Naki's vocabulary mistakes, as well as his fight with Tsukiyama, whom he mistakes for being American.
    • His overall personality is rather quirky. He randomly shouts "Elbow!" after kneeing Amon.
  • The omake at the end of every volume are hilarious and are worth a look.
    • The theme of one omake of a volume parodies fairytales; this omake parodies Cinderella. Kaneki is Kenderella, Yamori is the Wicked Stepmother, with Rize and Ayato as his evil stepsiblings, Hide is his fairy godmother, and Tsukiyama is the prince. Tsukiyama still wants to eat Kaneki, so the omake ends with him using his ghoul abilities to make his foot larger and destroy the glass shoe. Thus, "Kenderella manages to escape the evil prince."
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    • Arima's appearances in the omake are always hilarious; he turns quickly from The Dreaded to The Comically Serious.
  • Touka and Nishiki fighting in episode 9:
    [Touka drops a cup on the floor]
    Nishiki: What the hell is the matter with you?! You're useless, woman.
    Touka: Excuse me?! You better shut your mouth before I shove it full of glass, you misogynist pig!
    Nishiki: Oh, yeah?! You would try that, 'cuz you don't know where the trashcan is! "Ha! I've been here too long to bust tables!"
    Touka: Well, that's the least you could do, you dick, because you suck so hard at everything else! So screw you and your lazy ass! Do us both a favor and quit.
    Nishiki: You'd love that, wouldn't you? You know what? I'll stay just to piss you off!
    Koma: [talking over them] We have a business to run, guys, so is there any chance you could cut back on all the cursing?
    Nishiki: ...Try it, bitch!
    Touka: Bring it, dumbass!
    Koma: You're a brave pair to ignore me like this. Impetuous, even. [ominously] It's like you've never heard the legend of the Devil Ape.
    Nishiki: I'm not lazy!
    Touka: Oh, hell yeah you are!
    Nishiki: If I were lazy, I wouldn't have gotten into Kamii! Your dumb ass is never gonna make it into college!
    Touka: You wanna bet? Well, we'll see about that, douchebag!
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  • Speaking of the above, there's also Koma's constant attempts at boasting about his life as the infamous ghoul Devil Ape, always getting interrupted.
  • Marude's reaction to Juuzou stealing his motorcycle.
    • And then in the Anteiku Raid arc Juuzou does it again. As the omake reveals, with another investigator, (Koori Ui) stuck helplessly on the back.
  • Juuzou having a cordial and one sided conversation with Noro during the battle in the 11th ward.
  • The Gas Mask Trio repeatedly calling Banjou, their supposed leader, out for his general incompetence.
  • Juuzou nonchalantly realizing his organs spilled out.
  • In chapter 109, Akira and Takizawa both get plastered and end up bickering while an increasingly-panicked Amon tries to play referee. It ends when Takizawa's phone rings and he ends up cussing out his partner and mentor.
  • Amon doing pushups in a desperate attempt to fight his arousal over Akira, who had taken her pants off whilst drunk.
  • The investigators of the CCG are asked to prepare their wills in preparation for the raid on Anteiku. The will of Marude's assistant is helpfully shown to the readers as an example:
    Mabuchi Katsuya: Yeah. I died. I don't need a funeral. Bye.

Tokyo Ghoul:RE :

  • Haise trolling Akira with a Hurricane of Puns.
  • In chapter 3, in exchange for information, Hori asks Shirazu and Urie for... Sasaki's underwear, completely straight faced. And its implied she's planning on giving them to Tsukiyama....
  • After the team splits up due to a disagreement, Sasaki unleashes a Hurricane of Puns intended to be a Badass Boast.
    Sasaki: "Just watch, you brats! And you too, First Class Shimoguchi! The Serious Sasaki... the SASARIOUS will... pull an all-nighter tonight to gather data!"
    Mutsuki: (thinking) "He's losing it..."
  • In Ch. 5, Torso is cornered without his mask and decides to improvise. Cue the dreaded murderer leaping from his vehicle.....with his shirt wrapped around his head as a makeshift mask. Urie immediately calls him a moron.
  • In Ch. 8, Sasaki addressing Akira as "mom" by accident, following his discussion with Arima.
  • In Ch. 9, Shirazu using Sasaki's glasses in an attempt to invoke Smart People Wear Glasses. And Sasaki calling his nose a nose Kagune.
  • In Ch. 10, Urie and Shirazu having enough of Saiko being a NEET, and use their Kagune to break down her door while Mustuki looks confused by the whole thing.
  • The volume 1 omakes:
    • Shirazu comparing his kagune to having a butt on his back taking a dump.
    • Arima harassing Akira for a month, at completely inappropriate times, asking to see Sasaki. (It appears to be canon.)
  • Juuzou's first appearance in Chapter 11, combined with a Heartwarming Moment. He greets Sasaki by rushing towards him as though they were about to hug... and then starts searching his pockets for the candy Sasaki intentionally hides there. Mutsuki and Urie both look very confused by this.
    • Juuzou returning the money he stole from Kaneki's wallet years ago, much to Sasaki's confusion.
  • In Chapter 11, Shirazu showing up to the meeting carrying Saiko on his back. She's still asleep and in her pajamas, drooling on his head and talking in her sleep with a huge snot bubble. Everyone is speechless.
  • In Chapter 12, the Quinx group is discussing about their next move concerning investigating Nutcracker. After some deep thought, Haise announces, with a completely serious face, that the group shall become girls (presumably they will be going undercover).
    • Their response makes it even better, with everyone silent except for Saiko's Flat "What"
  • In chapter 17 the Human Auction begins with an actor with waning popularity and Kanae asks Matsumae why anyone with good taste would want to buy him. Then he sees his boss trying to buy that actor and Matsumae silently signals Kanae to stop talking.
  • In Chapter 20, Torso shows up to rescue Mutsuki from Kanae, beating the other Ghoul up. When Mutsuki responds by running away, he's confused.
    Saeki: "Ah, why?! Ah, it's me! Torso! Sorry I hit you back then!"
    • Jun, a Rank 2 Investigator claiming he'll be the one to take on Naki, cue half a second later Miza cutting him into four pieces
  • Chapter 27 gives us several darkly comedic moments.
    • Big Madam shoving a still-kicking Urie into her mouth. While horrifying, it greatly amused many fans and spawned several parodies.
    • Takizawa, snarking when Sasaki tries to break his grip with a leg-hold: "I don't like men's balls."
  • The Christmas party from Chapter 31.5 gives us several:
    • Saiko only being able to reach the bottom part of the Christmas tree as she decorates it.
    • Suzuya saying "Trick or treat" upon arrival as he holds his hands out.
    • Mutsuki's vague shopping list:
    " many as you can carry, juice...just some, a lot of turkey..."
    • Haise presenting Shirazu's gift to him:
    Haise: "For Shirazu, a motorcycle-"
    Shirazu: "OOOOH?!"
    Haise: "...model!"
  • In Chapter 39, the sequence of Tsukiyama stalking Sasaki. It plays like Where's Wally?, with him following from a distance in a crowd, crawling under the stairs of pedestrian bridges on his stomach, and even in the distance clinging to a telephone pole.
  • In an omake Fura refuses to let Juuzou near his motorbike in light of what happened to Marude's bikes.
  • Tatara's height insecurity regarding Ayato and Hakatori.
  • Ishida's joke for April Fools 2016: a preview of his new project, a light-hearted Slice of Life shoujo series. "Kaneko" is Late for School, and runs into Huge Schoolgirl "Shachiko", who proceeds to strangle her and demand directions. The preview hints at a possible Love Triangle involving Tsukiyama, and innocent fanservice .....via "Shachiko" giving a Panty Shot and Gainaxing.
  • Chapter 63 may be a serious chapter that ends with Eto outing herself as a ghoul on national television, but the obvious "Oh shit" look on Kaneki's face as she reveals herself is a thing of beauty.
  • In chapter 86, Hirako's letter of resignation. Even when he's defecting and preparing to attack his former superiors and colleagues he's making an effort to be professional.
  • The Cliffhanger for Ch. 93: Tsukiyama makes a dramatic entrance, declaring his intention to team up with Naki once more. In response, Naki asks who the hell he is.
  • When Nishiki comments on Kanou's experiments. Stating that if he was going through the trouble of making them, he should use female investigators.
  • Even though it was part of their tactic when Takizawa stabs them, Mutsuki's face is still hilarious to say the least.
  • In chapter 97, Shikorae runs away from battle after being kicked in the stomach by Nishiki, leaving Roma all alone against Nishio and Kurona and leading to this exchange:
    Roma: "Sempai... Dont you think fighting is such a... meaningless thing?"
    Nishiki: "The thought never crossed my mind."
  • Apparently when they go to karaoke, Tsukiyama appears to be singing "A Whole New World" and later Kaneki and Nishiki sing "Unravel".
  • Saiko does a Spit Take on poor Ui when Takeomi proposes to Yoriko.
    • Before heading to the bakery, she sourly wonders: "Who invited special class bowl-cut?"
  • Urie tries to act nonchalant about Takeomi getting engaged, but his trembling hands and his inner dialogue ("Takeomi's getting married" repeated over and over again) reveal that he's just as shocked.
    • The omake makes it even better where he's momentarily pondering over his own love life and ends up repeatedly muttering "Marriage with Takeomi", with Saiko standing to the side making assumptions about his words. At the actual wedding, Urie tries to congratulate Takeomi, but anyone could easily tell by his nightmare inducing smile and posture that he still hates his guts.
  • Chapter 117
    • The chapter opens up with Banjou, rather loudly celebrating that he was able to nurse Akira back to health. Akira's flat expression that this was the very first thing she was greeted to after awakening from her coma sells it all.
    • The end of the chapter, Furuta shows up to his coronation as the official Bureau Chief wearing Groucho Marx Party glasses and a sash reading "I AM THE BUREAU CHIEF". And behind him, poor Ui who looks annoyed that he isn't taking this seriously.
  • Touka gets straight to the point and asks Kaneki if he's a virgin. He can't do anymore than smile at her and spill his coffee in surprise. The closing caption even drives it home further by stating this is something Touka has been wanting to ask him for a long time.
    • The anime changed Kaneki's coffee spill into a coffee spit.
      Touka: Are you a virgin?
      Kaneki: (spits coffee)
  • In reference to the above, Touka and Kaneki's conversation about his virginity in the following chapter is endearingly sweet and funny, especially when Touka says that she'll do it with him with Kaneki when the time is right, leaving Kaneki dumbstruck trying to figure out whether it means Touka wants to get with him and whether asking outright would be vulgar.
    • He also (mentally) begs for someone to help him, because he has no idea what to do.
      Kaneki: "Help me, Banjou-san. Even Ayato-kun would be fine."
  • In Chapter 125 Coitus Ensues between Kaneki and Touka, and it's every bit as awkward as one would expect from two people who have never had sex before.
  • Chapter 131: Kaneki announces to others that he and Touka have tied the knot. Tsukiyama decides to throw the two a party and a pan shot of the celebrations shows Yomo completely drunk off his ass, Nishiki annoyed because Yomo stole his glasses, and Take completely unamused telling the Zero Squad kids not to end up like him.
  • At the end of Chapter 143, Hajime snarks to what seems to be a mutilated and dying Kaneki that he's "all bark and no bite." Cue the beginning of the next chapter when Kaneki promptly eats the kid's face off, giving him the power to slaughter the rest of the Oggai forces.
    • And in Chapter 144, half the chapter is a Battle in the Center of the Mind, or rather every variant of Kaneki he's ever had from Character Development bickering with each other. Especially Black Reaper Kaneki opting to be a dick and kick a chair over, and telling an utterly-broken and screaming Kaneki to shut the hell up and go back to Cochlea.
    • Even better, the chapter starts off with a random, omake-like theoretical tournament battle between Kaneki and Juuzou in true Shōnen fashion. Cut to the currently-dying Kaneki being mocked by the supposed audience, before Haise appears, brings Juuzou on in for a hug and then kills him in an instant as he deadpans about Juuzou probably being dead. Then he begins debating with the other Kanekis in his head. The fact that this intro no bearing on the plot beyond symbolism and Kaneki wishing he wasn't so weak or holding back when he got thrashed by Juuzou shortly beforehand makes it come off as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment out of nowhere until the reader gleams more context. Even better, a few pages later another Kaneki actually brings up that they really should've settled it in a tournament and gets called stupid for it.
    • Another highlight is when they all decide to work together. What else can bring together a bunch of Kaneki's own split personalities than remembering that Touka was bad at Japanese and would give their child a weird name?

Tokyo Ghoul √A:

  • In episode 2, Nishiki tries to convince Hinami to side with him so he can take a break at work. In response, Hetare begins pecking him and poops on his shirt before flying away.
  • Naki's introduction in episode 3, breaking out of the prison van while screaming about how his "burning feelings" for his "Big Bro" were so strong, they tipped over the van. Ayato is utterly stunned at the idiot they've been ordered to rescue.
  • Also in episode 3, Tsukiyama is delighted when he learns that Kaneki has been committing cannibalism and begins comparing him to Adam eating the Apple. Banjou watches on with a disgusted expression and calls him a "perverted bastard".

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