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Warning: On these recap pages, all spoilers will be unmarked! Read at your own peril!

A recap page for the individual arcs of Tokyo Ghoul, as well as its sequel, Tokyo Ghoul: Re, and any spin-offs (such as Jack) that take place in the same universe.

    Manga Story Arcs 

Note that these recap pages use summaries that can be found on the Tokyo Ghoul Wiki site.

Tokyo Ghoul Prequel: Jack

  • Lantern Arc (Ch. 1 - 7)

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul: Re

Tokyo Ghoul: One-shots

  • Rize
  • Joker
  • Tokyo Ghoul (Prototype)


    Anime Adaptation 

Prequel OVA

  1. "Jack"
  2. "Pinto"

Season One: Tokyo Ghoul

  1. "Tragedy"
  2. "Incubation"
  3. "Dove"
  4. "Supper"
  5. "Scar"
  6. "Cloudburst"
  7. "Captivity"
  8. "Circular"
  9. "Birdcage"
  10. "Aogiri"
  11. "High Spirits"
  12. "Ghoul"

Season Two: Tokyo Ghoul √A

  1. "New Surge"
  2. "Dancing Flowers"
  3. "Hangman"
  4. "Deeper Layers"
  5. "Rift"
  6. "Thousand Paths"
  7. "Permeation"
  8. "Old Nines"
  9. "City In Waiting"
  10. "Last Rain"
  11. "Deluge of Flowers"
  12. "Ken"

Season Three: Tokyo Ghoul:re

  1. "Those Who Hunt: START"
  2. "Fragments: member"
  3. "Eve: fresh"
  4. "Auction: MAIN"
  5. "Night of Scattering: Press"
  6. "In the End: turn"
  7. "Days of Recollections: mind"
  8. "One who writhes: TAKE"
  9. "Departed Spirit: play"
  10. "Sway: think"
  11. "The Absent One: writE
  12. "Daybreak: Beautiful Dream"

Season Four: Tokyo Ghoul:re S2

  1. "And Once Again: Place"
  2. "White Darkness: VOLT"
  3. "Cross Game: union"
  4. "Those Left Behind: vive"
  5. "Encounters, Confusions: Move
  6. "Brilliance: FACE"
  7. "Bonds: proof"
  8. "Awakened Child: incarnation"
  9. "Recollection: Morse"
  10. "The End of Tragedy: call"
  11. "Encounter: ACT"
  12. "Finale"

    Light Novels 

Tokyo Ghoul: Days

Stories taking place before or during the first half of the series.

Tokyo Ghoul: Void

Stories taking place during the six-month Time Skip.

Tokyo Ghoul: Past

Prequel stories.

Tokyo Ghoul:Re: quest

Stories taking place during the sequel.


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