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Tokyo Ghoul already has a fair amount of Ho Yay, the anime/novels/games only add more.


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So much between the All-Loving Hero and the Camp Gay gourmet. Or at least on Tsukiyama's side. He is fascinated with him because Kaneki is a one eyed ghoul and wants to eat him, much to Kaneki's chagrin. However, through Character Development Kaneki and Tsukiyama develop a much healthier relationship where neither is trying to kill/eat the other.
  • During their first meetings, Kaneki is awestruck and notes that Tsukiyama looks just like a model. He frequently blushes when they are together, with Tsukiyama essentially flirting to win his trust.
  • Their playing squash together, talking about their interests and things like books, as well as Tsukiyama inviting Kaneki to coffee and dinner seems to read more like a date than two friends hanging out.
  • His goal is to eat Kaneki and mixes romantic intentions with murderous intentions. At one point he justifies it saying "It's you're fault because you're so irresistible. You better realize how delicious you are" by getting close to his face. His behavior towards Kaneki, and way of waiting before he gets to enjoy Kaneki, as well as supplying him with money comes across as a predator grooming their victim until the day they eventually take what they want from them.
  • In the 2016 calendar for January there's an illustration of Kaneki landing a skillful jump while skiing with Tsukiyama saying "As expected of Kaneki-kun" before going to show off his own skills and ripping his pants in the process while screaming "Kaneki-kun!"
  • Not to mention the times he smells Kaneki's scent and comments on how wonderful it is or whispers in his ear while putting his hand on his shoulder. He thinks that someone as rare as Kaneki stranhould be eaten only by him and won't allow anyone else to eat him. When he thinks his he had his head near Kaneki's to whisper in his ear but some fans said it looks close enough/angled like he was trying to kiss him.
  • Also, he throws an epic tantrum during his fight with Touka in which he loses it when she takes a bite out of Kaneki's shoulder. He starts screaming at her that Kaneki belongs to him and tries to kill her.
  • When he asks to become a part of Kaneki's crew, Tsukiyama tells him: "I will become the knight that cuts through your road of thorns." This seems to be a reference to Sleeping Beauty.
  • In the root A anime episode 3, Tsukiyama is delighted when he learns that Kaneki has been committing cannibalism and begins comparing him to Adam eating the Apple. Banjou watches on with a disgusted expression and calls him a "perverted bastard".
    • In root A when Hinami asks Nishiki how he defines love he says "you want to do things for them. And be with them more and stuff." This just so happens to fall into Tsukiyama's character development in regards to his actions towards Kaneki.
  • After the Aogiri arc he seems even more infatuated with the other due to the fact that Kaneki has become stronger and more ruthless and gets excited after Kaneki issues him a death threat.
    Tsukiyama: "Kaneki-kun, badass mode?! He's become harder to eat! This arouses my appetite even more!"
  • When Kaneki leaves the Anteiku crew, Tsukiyama proclaims that he will become Kaneki's "sword". Make of that what you think.
    Kaneki: "Could you help me with my training for a bit?"
    Tsukiyama: "Why me?"
    Kaneki: "I need your sword"
    Tsukiyama: "Hmmh?"
  • Tsukiyama asks if Kaneki's family can include him and Kaneki states he can't trust him after all. But then he says "Having a comrade like you wasn't bad. If it's possible please continue to lend me your "sword". Tsukiyama thinks about how he's feeling a tremor in his chest and states "Really even you too have become really sleek." He then thinks about how at Anteiku it will be even harder to "make a move" but states its still not a bad thing and agrees.
  • There's a bit called Tsukiyama's blog where he comments on things like flower knowledge and instead of getting moody with him like he does post torture Kaneki acts fascinated and comments on Tsukiyama's blog.
  • On the calendar Tsukiyama mentions certain flowers you give to your significant other and specifically mentions they can either be for a girl or boy. He's given flowers to Kaneki before. It's implied that when he mentioned "boy" he was thinking of Kaneki.
  • Word of God confirms that Tsukiyama designed Kaneki's form-fitting Sexy Backless Outfit.
  • In the end, when Kaneki decides to go on a suicide mission to the 20th Ward to save Yoshimura, Tsukiyama is desperate to stop him and after failing to do so, loses his will to live. He also looks like a mess when confronting Kaneki and asks him "What would I do if something happened to you, Kaneki-kun?" He regrets that he might not be able to ever eat Kaneki at this rate. And when fighting and trying to kill Kaneki to prevent him from leaving he states "I'm not going to let anyone get in the way of me eating you, not even you!". Even though he tries to kill and eat him, Kaneki doesn't seem to hold a grudge and apologizes that he had to knock him down and thanks him for trying to help him in his own way.
    Tsukiyama: "For dear life, Kaneki. Would you please not go?"
    • Based on this Sasaki/Kaneki is Tsukiyama's Living Emotional Crutch and his friendship with Kaneki actually seems to make him a better person, keeping his more violent tendencies in check, such as when being reunited with Kaneki in Kanou's manor he refrained from attacking Banjou's subordinates.
    • Two years later, he's shown to still be in mourning over Kaneki and has become bed-ridden as a result. Chie attempts to cheer him up by obtaining a pair of Sasaki's underwear.
    • Furthermore, a number symbolizing one of the Major Arcana appears repeatedly during that scene. It is VI. The Lovers.
    • Kaneki's refusal of Tsukiyama's request that he not go on a suicide mission to save Yoshimura and Kaneki's apparent death sends Tsukiyama into a years-long depression that has left him an emaciated husk, prone to bouts of losing control over his kagune and at very serious risk of dying should things continue. It parallels something else.
    • When Kanae decides to make Tsukiyama aware of Kaneki/Sasaki's existence by showing him a photo of him Tsukiyama seems to get some life back into him merely from looking at it, asking Kanae to tell him details. This parallels Sleeping Beauty in that the Kiss of Life was the picture of Sasaki/Kaneki.
    • In chapter 38 he's barely able to walk, but is so determined to see Sasaki that he tries to wheel himself out of the manor in his robe. When Kanae takes him to the CCG to let him catch a glimpse in the distance, Tsukiyama manages to get out of his wheelchair and run towards Sasaki on nothing but pure willpower. That Sasaki doesn't recognize him at all only motivates Tsukiyama to start coming up with a way to help him regain his memories.
    • When Tsukiyama falls before Sasaki when running to meet him Sasaki offers him his arm to help him up and worries about him.
    • He appears healthy and happy again since finding out Kaneki/Sasaki is alive and the atmosphere surrounding the two when they meet in chapter 39 is rather Ho Yay thick. He's also rather miffed at Kaneki/Sasaki's friends showing up to interrupt their conversation.
  • An omake casts Kaneki as Cinderella, and Tsukiyama as his Prince. (The Prince is still a pervert, and Kenderella smashes the glass slipper to escape being eaten). He also smells Kenderella's glass slipper upon finding it.
  • Reports from Seiyuu events are that Mamoru Miyano is prone to rampant flirting/groping of Natsuki Hanae, including the discussion of "strategic bukkake" and wanting to eat things off his body.
  • In Pash Magazine, his biography states that Tsukiyama "loves Kaneki above all other things".
    The colour of the cherry blossoms has faded in the long spring rain. My beauty fades too as I ponder love and the world’s affairs.

    Ono Komachi (no. 9) Kokinshu Spring, 113

    • Cthonical states that "Ishida chose a gorgeous poem for Kaneki. It is typically a poem that mourns a lady’s loss of beauty, as she bows to the tide of time and the many events of life. I suppose Ishida thought it fitting for Kaneki who has lost his liveliness over the many terrible things that happened in his life." There is a picture of Tsukiyama following that with the line: "If you are going to fade, I will do so with you."
    • In one omake Banjou is asking the contestants (Kaneki, Naki, Tsukiyama, and Touka) questions about Kaneki. To the question "Kaneki and Hide often go where to eat hamburgers" Tsukiyama answers "Please bring me along next time." Tsukiyama doesn't eat human food so he would probably only want to go because Kaneki was going. Also, when Banjou asks "What food did Nishio describe as being perfectly sweet?" Tsukiyama immediately answers "Kaneki-kun."
  • The cover for chapter 33 in Tokyo Ghoul:re features Sasaki/Kaneki and Tsukiyama. It also includes this quote:
    Tsukiyama: “This world without you is like a mirage that I don’t want to see.”
  • There's a scene where Kaneki is shirtless after taking a shower and Tsukiyama is in the room watching him. He asks why he can't live in the same building as Kaneki and the others. He's also miffed when Kaneki leaves him behind at Kanou's hospital.
  • Tsukiyama's actions towards Kaneki read a lot like a Stalker with a Crush.
  • While Tsukiyama is genuinely concerned about Kaneki's well being and tries to find time to be alone with him, this leads to him comically stalking him in an effort to catch him without the Quinx around. Including crawling under a staircase on his stomach, while Sasaki and Shirazu run up it.
  • In chapter 44 of :re, Tsukiyama thinks of how he felt towards Kaneki, realising that he saw him as more than food and genuinely enjoyed spending time around him.
    Tsukiyama: “After Kaneki left, I slowly began to die. But inside my heart I was questioning myself. Is Kaneki my gourmet food? No... It would be strange if he was just "food". I... no doubt... enjoyed myself. The days I just gazed at the feast that was served in front of me... I really enjoyed those days.”
  • Kanae in partictular was very jealous of Kaneki/Sasaki's relationship due to being in love with Tsukiyama and wanted him maimed and killed in order to have him out of her and Tsukiyama's life. She is especially angered and disgusted when Chie gives Tsukiyama a pair of Sasaki's underwear to help get him out of his funk.
  • In the dub of the anime, Tsukiyama refers to Kaneki as "sweet Kaneki".
  • Although Tsukiyama chooses his family over Kaneki he still looked quite upset after the whole fight ordeal with Kanae and Kaneki when he thought Kaneki betrayed him and meant to kill him and Kanae. Chie points out that Kaneki sure took his time trying to kill him and could've killed him any other way but instead chose a way that would give Kanae time to rescue Tsukiyama.
  • Sasaki/Kaneki straddling Tsukiyama when trying to kill him with him hesitating in doing so. His subconscious is screaming at him not to kill Tsukiyama.
  • When they are fighting in re: Tsukiyama laments the following about Sasaki/Kaneki: "I don't know anything about you. I'm sorry Sasaki. I feel so lonely. Now that we've become strangers to each other." He tells Kaneki to kill him when he's got him pinned. Based on his loyalty to his family, and the statement that he "loves Kaneki above all over things" chapter 50 could have the interpretation that Tsukiyama thinks there’s no point to living and prefers to die if he is deprived of his family and Kaneki (or at the very least if Kaneki doesn't remember him and the time they spent together)
  • Some fans guess that dark!Kaneki stabbed Tsukiyama to keep him out of the fight he’s about to have with Eto and to try to prevent the CCG from going after him. Since he woke up his personality had become rather rough, and he’s using force instead of reasoning to do what he wants. The best-case scenario is that it means “Don’t worry, it’s me,” because Tsukiyama was wondering if it was really Kaneki instead of Haise.
  • In chapter 53 there's a chibi illustration of Tsukiyama releasing Bishie Sparkle while cheerfully stating "Kaneki-kun! Shall we go back to my flat?"
  • In the manga Tsukiyama shows concern for Kaneki when he's captured by Aogiri and after Yamori's torture when he's fighting. He also states how Kaneki is strong and beautiful when seeing him fight Gil even if he's covered in mud.
  • In the audio drama translation its mentioned that Kaneki's voice actor acts like a fanboy around Tsukiyama's voice actor.
  • In one omake Tsukiyama is posing suggestively for several camera shots and Kaneki asks what he's doing. Tsukiyama explains and then asks if Kaneki wants to be photographed together with him.
  • In the novel Tsukiyama is distracted from eating Mitsuba and some other characters when Kaneki shows up and agrees to stop when Kaneki tells him to.
  • In the novel, Tsukiyama tells Hori he has a new target (Kaneki) who he is "endlessly intoxicated with". It's mentioned Kaneki doesn't trust Tsukiyama working with him and treats him differently from the others but Tsukiyama is said to not mind the cold shoulder. Tsukiyama then tells her "The legend Kaneki-kun and I create together will definitely reach your ears! Since cooperating with him, every day is 'Spicy & Spicy'! You've seen it too haven't you! A radiance that I have never had before!" Chie comments that "If you’re referring to the radiance inside Kaneki-kun’s wallet, then indeed, it’s sparkling" to which Tsukiyama responds “Non, money is also a kind of strength. So long as I can be with Kaneki-kun, what does the money I spend for his time matter. The longer we spend with each other, the more our relationship of trust can deepen...” “You sound like an old man constantly devoting money to a hostess.” Many fans have said these lines have a parallel to Tsukiyama acting as Kaneki's sugar daddy who's paying for his services. In context, the line is Tsukiyama telling Chie that Kaneki and his comrades depend on his money for fueling their conquest to find answers about Aogiri tree and the like but its still rather Ho Yay-ish.
    • He also says he willing to sell out his ghoul restaurant customers and help Kaneki fight against them. He says it's a sacrifice he's willing to make so Kaneki will trust him.
    • He says since meeting Kaneki "everything else looks like filler food. In comparison, Kaneki-kun is indeed the best...When the day comes that I taste Kaneki-kun's flavour, even only once, everything else would definitely taste like rotting flesh!" He then refers to wanting to eat Mitsuba and says "Of course, even though she cannot compare to Kaneki, she also has parts that attract me!"
  • Chapter 104: Tsukiyama hears of Akira mentioning Shinohara, and begins to worry about Kaneki. He thinks back to Kaneki's efforts to become stronger by feeding on enemy ghouls over the past six months, and knows that his resort to cannibalism to catch up to Aogiri Tree will eventually ruin his sanity. He distresses over the knowledge that Kaneki was in danger of possibly dying to Shinohara or Aogiri tree, and Tsukiyama moves to finish off the investigators so he can return to Kaneki's side.
  • Tsukiyama is enraged when his plan to rescue Kaneki is shot down by the gas siblings who say going to find Banjou should be first priority and goes into Yandere mode before Banjou shows up.
  • Tsukiyama looks very upset at seeing Kaneki in anguish after having stabbed Banjou in his temporary insanity and tries to get him to return to his senses. Also, when Kaneki gets nearer to the group after fighting Amon Tsukiyama is shown stating "I can feel him. Kaneki-kun is calling for me!"
  • In chapter 108 Tsukiyama enters the room asking how Kaneki is doing, which Kaneki answers that he wishes to be alone for awhile longer. The Gourmet ghoul shows Kaneki a bunch of books he brought for him to read to cheer him up, and informs Kaneki that he shouldn't be blaming himself for having injured Banjou. Tsukiyama tells him that that's Kaneki's right in being stronger than others, and before leaving the room, informs Kaneki that it's not a shield (Banjou) that will protect him but the dagger by his pillow (Tsukiyama). He also says he wants Kaneki to keep it in mind that he will always be by Kaneki's side.
  • Tsukiyama tells Hinami he was hoping to invite Kaneki out to tea before inviting her to tea. Both express worry about how Kaneki "seems to be in pain all the time recently" and resolve to work together to cheer him up. Tsukiyama reasuures her when she doubts herself that her very existence is saving Kaneki which he, as Kaneki's best friend, is jealous of. He then asks for Hinami's help in returning Kaneki to the "dolce" (sweet/kind in French) young man he used to be. When he later meets up with Nishiki and Touka he says Kaneki trusts him more than them and says "As his bosom friend, can I not be of some assistance?" He also is adamant to be Kaneki's strength and asks them "Just what have you done for Kaneki-kun?"
  • In the sequel, a flashback reveals he had what appears to be a Love Epiphany, on the rooftop after Kaneki left. Rather than comfort him, Chie asked him whether he would die for a mere "ingredient". He seems to crumble in despair when thinking about loosing Kaneki to anyone.
  • In this comic from the calendar about Kaneki selling matchsticks we get the following:

    Kaneki: Matchsticks, does anyone want some matchsticks?

    (Narration: I couldn’t sell them today as well….)

    Kaneki: Aah, it’s cold…. that’s right… I could use the fire of the matchsticks to warm my body..

    Kaneki: Ah… Tsukiyama-San

    Tsukiyama: Hi!

    Tsukiyama: I’d like 200.000 boxes of those matchsticks please~

    Happy End.

  • In the jail game:

    Rio: Um… I’m looking for Kaneki-san.
    Tsukiyama: I’m always looking for him.
    Rio: …
    Tsukiyama: Once you find him, tell me immediately, Boy Rio.

    • In one scene Tsukiyama states to Rio “You see I want Kaneki-kun to stay as beautiful as he is now, without being dirtied by anyone. The way he is now, down to every one of his cells…”

    • In episode 7 of the root A anime, Hinami gets a lesson on the meaning of flowers while out with Tsukiyama. He describes sweet omanthus as meaning "humility" and "noble man" and says it fits Kaneki to a T. He immediately goes on to say it means "first love", "enduring charm", "the brilliance of memories", and "true love".
      • He has a handkerchief with Kaneki's blood on it and seems to enjoy the taste and smell of it a little too much... He later keeps it in a baggie and goes into the bathroom to huff the scent like it's a drug while moaning "Ah...Kaneki-kun...It all started right here, didn't it? Our sweet memories...and our sweet harmonies!" He then refers to their relationship and Kaneki's scent smelling like "sweet omanthus" and "euphoria".
      • "Sweet harmony" can also be used to describe two lovers finding a rhythm together during sex, "becoming one" with each other, and having an orgasm. Making "sweet memories" can be used to refer to a couple as well.
      • His going to the bathroom to huff Kaneki's scent from the handkerchief in ecstasy is parallel to someone either doing drugs or masturbating.
      • The way he reacts when smelling or tasting Kaneki's blood (shivering in pleasure, eyes rolling back, describing it as euphoric) looks more like he's having an orgasm.
    • In this series Tsukiyama's behavior towards Kaneki serves as a parallel to other character's obsessive infatuations like Rou (expressing attraction towards Rio and wanting to cannibalize him), Torso (his stalker actions towards Tooru are described as being romantic and sexual), and Rize (she chases Kaneki and wants to eat him because she finds him attractive). Tsukiyama mixes Interplay of Sex and Violence like the others in his actions towards the object of his "affections" and chased after Kaneki and Touka (initially) because they had parts that were attractive to him. So Tsukiyama found Kaneki attractive too.
    • Kaneki's actions towards Tsuikiyama post Aogiri torture can be interpreted as being Tsundere.
    • The official art helps.
  • When Tsukiyama captures Kimi he intends to "eat Kaneki-kun while Kaneki-kun is eating her" which Kaneki lampshades that he's being perverted. Tsukiyama says if he's acting that way it's Kaneki's fault before getting close to Kaneki's face.
  • In an omake Tsukiyama is very kind and caring to Hinami, including wiping her mouth for her after she ate human food. Kaneki is watching this and thinks "What a gentleman. It'd be great if he were always like this."
  • Tsukiyama seems to have forgiven Kaneki for everything bad that's happened between them including Kaneki/Sasaki tossing him from a building leading to Kanae's death. He sends him a letter talking about his task of trying his hand at new jobs in the volume 8 omake and in chapter 99 of re when they meet again he calls him "my dear Kaneki" and says they should let bygones be bygones with a gentle expression and says that he forgives him while commenting that his eyepatch over his injured eye is nostalgic. He also approves of Kaneki's new goal to get humans and ghouls to understand each other and live in peace with a smirk and resumes his support of him. In chapter 101 when Kaneki goes to him for help he agrees to help but regrets that he can't offer much in the way of money. When Kaneki says he has a favor to ask Tsukiyama looks pleased and says "Why, anything."
  • Kaneki singing karaoke while Tsukiyama watches fondly as he sings with him.
  • In chapter 104 and 105 Kaneki trusts Tsukiyama enough to make him in charge of the white suits to which Tsukiyama comments with loyalty "Oui (Yes), my king." He also dutifully follows Kaneki into battle as his subordinate once again while looking as happy as can be.
    • Some fans have taken to calling Kaneki the one eyed king and Tsukiyama his knight, considering past and current developments between the two and illustrations Ishida has done of them.
  • As Kaneki's fighting Gil in the first manga he shrugs off his jacket and Tsukiyama holds it for him and offers it to him after the fight is done.
  • Some fans have noticed in re when Kaneki is forming goat and the white suits that Kaneki and Tsukiyama look to be wearing the same dark high collared jacket which some have said makes it looks like they shared the jacket between them.
  • In volume 10's omake of re Tsukiyama frets to Chie about his relationship with Kaneki and wonders about where he stands with him. Tsukiyama bashes heads with Fuka over this and Fuka informs Tsukiyama he is more important to Kaneki than Tsukiyama is and this upsets Tsukiyama as well as when Chie informs Tsukiyama that Kaneki trusts Fuka more.
  • A later chapter of re has Tsukiyama talking to Kaneki while he's taking a shower and then Kaneki walking around naked afterwards while Tsukiyama watches with Kaneki asking him to stay with him until the end and Tsukiyama agrees while smiling and calling him "master".

Kaneki's relationship with Hide was one of the most important things in the beginning of the manga, as he was his Only Friend and Living Emotional Crutch before he became a ghoul.
  • Ishida mentions in re volume 9's omake that Kaneki would've been even more depressed if he didn't have Hide in his life, as proven by the following.
  • Kaneki is incredibly protective of Hide especially after he becomes a ghoul and doesn't want him wandering alone at night with Nishiki, thinking that Nishiki or another ghoul could attack him.
    • Hide in turn is protective of Kaneki, with him not wanting Kaneki to go with him and Nishiki to get a disk.
  • Kaneki worries that he will be alone for the rest of his life after Touka says he has nowhere to go with his struggling over whether he's a ghoul or a human. He then gets a text from Hide and he's very relieved after this believing that as long as he has Hide in his life he'll be okay.
  • The first time Kaneki becomes berserk as a ghoul is after Nishiki attacked Hide, puked on him, stepped on him, and threatened to kill him.
    • Hide is implied to have subconsciously tried to stop Nishiki from attacking Kaneki since he grabs him while unconscious. After this Kaneki has thoughts about his memories with Hide, when they first met and entering school together. Kaneki thinks to himself as he struggles to get up, “Maybe…Hide was trying to help me again. I don’t want Hide…to die. No…No… No! I won’t let that happen.” It's his worry and concern for Hide's life which gives him the strength to stand against Nishiki.
  • One of Kaneki's main insecurities about being a ghoul is how Hide would react if he finds out.
    • He also worries about whether he would be able to walk together with Hide anymore after he becomes a ghoul.
    • Hide immediately finds out that Kaneki is a ghoul and happily accepts him. Unfortunately, the last time he met his friend was when Kaneki was wounded and hallucinating, leaving the possibility that his best friend ate the poor guy.
  • During Kaneki's delusions with Rize before his transformation, there is a montage of people who Kaneki cares about, when Rize shows him "the one you care about the most", it was Hide.
    • When Kaneki sees Touka and Hinami injured, Kaneki just whispered out their names, but when Hide gets stabbed by Yamori, he started screaming in agony.
  • After his mother died, Kaneki was really lonely and felt like he had no one until Hide came rushing to him rambling about concern at Kaneki's attendance. Hide also would stand up for Kaneki against people that bullied him in school.
  • Hide spends months working as an intern at CCG, and assisting in Amon's investigations solely for the purpose of finding Kaneki. The first chance he sees, he slips away in the midst of a very violent battle to look for Kaneki alone. He states his desire to save Kaneki, asking him to fight with everything he's got one last time for him. It isn't clear what happened to Hide after this.
  • When confronted by Arima, Kaneki begins to despair and seems prepared to die. Only remembering Hide's words of encouragement gives him the strength to fight.
  • √A really gives a strong sense of it, during the finale.
    • Hide going to find Kaneki, rather than attempt to seek medical attention for his wounds. He spends as much time as possible pretending everything is fine, having one final talk with Kaneki and reassuring him that he knew all along but didn't care.....then dies in his arms.
      • Hide telling Kaneki how lonely he has been after Kaneki started hanging out with the Anteiku workers instead of with him.
    • Kaneki carrying Hide's body bridal style back to CCG's main base camp (smiling gently at him the whole time), intending to commit Suicide by Cop.
  • Chapter 68 reveals why Kaneki wants to die in style. He wants to die in the same way he perceived Hide as having done for him.
    • Kaneki has a hallucination that Hide asked him to eat him to make himself strong enough before his fight with Arima.
    • Kaneki has been suicidal in the past so it is also an excuse for Kaneki to sacrifice himself but the death of someone important to you can affect your mental health and is why Kaneki’s suicidal tendencies now is related to him thinking Hide is dead.
  • The 2016 Calendar features a picture of Hide holding a white haired Kaneki close to him.
  • The audio show features the voice actors Hanae (Kaneki) and Toshi (Hide) together a lot and in one scene in the third one the relationship of the characters like Nishiki and Kimi is mentioned in a letter. The sender of the letter mentions that he/she likes Hide as well. Toshi wonders if anyone likes Hide (since he doesn’t have much screentime lately) and Hanae said that he likes Hide too.
  • Chapter 75 of re: has a scene where Kaneki is naked and sinking into darkness, but then Hide appears and teases him, being suspiciously specific when denying that seeing Kaneki naked makes him happy. Kaneki weeps hysterically and says he's lonely without Hide. More gentle teasing including where he comments on how muscular Kaneki's become, then Hide discusses his current wish to "die in a cool way". Hide explains that his wish in helping Kaneki was for them to go on living together. He tells Kaneki not to throw away his life, and promises he will tell him as many times as necessary to live no matter what, even if it's uncool. Hide's words restores Kaneki's resolve.
  • In the novels, Hide is resolved to help Kaneki no matter what and when feeling worried and overwhelmed for Kaneki asks for advice on the matter from a street performer.
    • When Kaneki's aunt throws away his beloved books Hide steps in to help get them back and stops his aunt from throwing them away again.
  • In the Bento chapter of the novel, Touka tells Kaneki that it would be best if Hide stayed away from Anteiku. Kaneki misunderstands this to mean that Touka is telling him to cut all ties to Hide, which upsets him greatly.
    Kaneki: "But up until now, we’ve been together… maybe this sounds a little dramatic, but to me, his existence is something I depend on as much as my heart… If something like that were to disappear, I wouldn’t have anywhere to belong."
    • The German translation has the following:
    Kaneki: “But we’ve kind of known each other forever. Maybe you think I’m exaggerating, but I don’t know if I can go on living without him. If I lose him, I don’t know if I could still be myself.”

  • In the Omake of volume 1 of TG:re we get to see how Haise meets with his squad. At first, he was left with the impression he’d have one subordinate and this is what he thought: “ I wonder what kind of person it’s going to be… It would be great if it’s a cheerful and humble person.” He says this while picturing a sparkling guy with excitable interest in ghouls. Who else is humble, kind, lets loose Bishie Sparkle in comedic moments and is enthused about ghouls? Hide.
  • Makyu of tumblr translated an unused draft for episode 12 of the second season of tokyo ghoul A featuring Hide and Kaneki. It was published in a magazine. The two recite a scene from a play Kaneki was in during Elementary School. Hide lights a newspaper and pretends its a torch while stating "This is the fire of hope and the fire of the future. My friend...I forgive you and let us believe..." Kaneki takes the torch and finishes "Let us believe not at how this flame will die out but instead on how long it will last." This seems to be a testament to their friendship and both hold the torch before fireworks bathe them in light.
  • In the Jail game there's another sub scenario with Hide where Rio visits Kamii since he had free time. He saw Hide taking down posters. The posters contained pictures of Kaneki and if someone has seen him. Rio asks him why he is taking down the posters and Hide responds that it's because that guy (Kaneki) doesn't like standing out. Rio asks "Isn’t it easier to find Kaneki-san when more people are aware?" Rio then thinks 'But of course, if Kaneki-san was found out, it’d be a problem for him…'

    …Upon thinking that, I realized something.
    The reason behind Hide-san’s actions.
    It’s weird.
    Saying he doesn’t like standing out and then taking down the posters.
    …That’s strange. He should make him stand out.
    Especially since he’s searching for Kaneki-san.
    In order to get more information since Hide-san doesn’t know where he is.
    Only one reason came to mind.

    Rio: (Hide knows it will be a problem if Kaneki gets found…)

    Because ‘Kaneki Ken is a Ghoul’.
    Hide-san knows. He knows that Kaneki-san is a Ghoul.

    • Hide is revealed to put up posters to try to help find Kaneki and wants nothing more than for him to come home. He also acts incredibly worried after Kaneki stops answering his calls and texts.
    • Hide informing Touka what he knows about Kaneki, including looking sad and empathizing with him when informing Touka about Kaneki's past. Hide says Kaneki was good in a play as a kid and says he thinks in real life too "It's like he's pretending to be someone else. Or he's putting on a mask. Because of that, it puts a huge burden on him. This time too, he could only handle so much. Which is why he decided to leave without notice. He should have talked to me about it though! I mean, we grew up together! As long as he's fine...He's such a cold person." He then informs Touka that he's spent enough time around Kaneki to figure out what his Character Tic of holding his chin means when he's talking. It means he's hiding something or unsure about something.
    • In the jail game Hide meets with Rio and the following takes place:

    Hide: Pleased to meet you, Rio-kun!
    Rio: Ah, yes.
    Hide: …So, have you seen Kaneki lately?
    Rio: …No, I haven’t.
    Hide: I wonder what he’s doing. It’s been a while since he last went to school and he doesn’t even reply when you send him messages! He hasn’t shown up in the shop right?
    Hide: Ah, right. How do you know about Kaneki? You came to Anteiku after Kaneki went somewhere else right?
    Rio: Yes… But the people at Anteiku talk about him often.
    Hide: Is that so… Hearing that makes me feel relieved. In other words, that means he still has a place that he belongs to.
    Rio: …Yes.
    Rio: (Just like what Hide-san said, everyone in Anteiku are still waiting for Kaneki-san to return.)
    Hide: Ever since his mom died… it seemed like he never had a place he belonged to…
    Hide: So the new place where he belongs now is Anteiku…
    Hide: Say, Rio-kun. If you ever manage to contact him, please tell me right away okay?!

    • In the stage play Hide does the Security Cling to Kaneki when scared. At the end , Hide laughs at Kaneki saying that he just did a “nori tsukkomi”( 乗り突っ込み), which is a type of comedy where one person does a set up and the other plays along with joke, until they slam it back to reality(or chews the other for making fun of them). Kaneki is also playing the protective friend to Hide.

    Kaneki: Like? Like? (as in, give me an example)
    Hide: Uh..A haunted house!
    Kaneki: A haunted house!
    Hide: Operation “—-”
    Hide: I, am no good with haunted houses, so–make sure you protect me, okay?(or protect me properly)
    Kaneki: It’s ok, I’ll make sure to protect you.
    Hide: It’s scary…Aaaah, it’s scary in the dark! Kaneki-san, you’re here? Kaneki-san ,where are you?
    Kaneki: It’s alright, it’s alright! I’m here! Here..Open your eyes, here!I’m here, I told you..
something about a rumble and Hide being afraid of what will come out?
Kaneki: screams about a zombie
Hide: 1,2,3! kicks the shit out of it
  • Kaneki calls Hide a life saver, Hide teases Kaneki, with Kaneki telling him to shut up.

    • Hide's occasional No Sense of Personal Space towards Kaneki. Best shown in this official art.
    • In the 2016 calendar there's a illustration of the two titled Battery Day. Hide is described as the pitcher and Kaneki is described as a catcher. In context, it means they make a great team and are a force to be reckoned with together. In Boys' Love, the Seme is described as the pitcher and the Uke is described as the catcher, so there's that.
  • When thinking about his most important people when Yamori is torturing him one person he thinks of is Hide. There's also his affirmation of his determination to fight against that which threatens his loved ones, Hide included.
  • In the first light novel, when Kaneki is suspected of being a ghoul by some students he does his best to try to clear those suspicions, wanting to protect Kaneki.
  • In the first episode Hide refers to his and Kaneki's interaction and meeting at Anteiku as a "date".
  • Kaneki and Hide's relationship is given a parallel to Touka and Yoriko's relationship which is in turn given a parallel to Kimi and Nishiki's relationship who are a couple.
  • Hide's return as Scarecrow in a later chapter of re fueled the fire even more as he can't speak so deals with this by writing down words for people to read. He requests Urie's strength and help and some fans assume he wants him to help him help Kaneki. And there's some fan theories that Hide can't speak and wears a mask because he had damage done to his face/throat. HideKane fans theorize it's a result of Kaneki possibly doing vore on him, giving him a deadly kiss involving biting his face/threat, etc. There's also the assumption that in the ghoul world marriage is the equivalent of biting and leaving marks on your beloved. Some fans theorize this means Kaneki and Hide are married as he most certainly fed on him.
    • Chapter 164 then confirms that the lower half of Hide's face is a large hole that bares his teeth and the skin on his jaw, neck, and shoulder are heavily damaged, indicating that yes, Kaneki did indeed devour his mouth. Take what you will from that...
  • Nishiki in root A describes to Hinami that love is the equivalent of wanting to do nice things for someone and be with them more. Both of the latter are things that Kaneki and Hide happen/want to do for each other with every fibre of their being.
  • In chapter 124 of re: Kaneki makes a soulful speech about how whenever he thought about Hide he'd just be consumed by the desire to see him again. Touka decides to jump him, pin him down, and kiss him upon hearing this. Fans are divided on whether she did this because she loves Kaneki and feels threatened by his strong feelings (platonic or otherwise) towards Hide.. Indeed in an earlier chapter of the first manga she threatened to kill Hide if he ever learned they're ghouls and some fans theorized that it seemed like a yandere line like she felt threatened by Hide and Kaneki's friendship as well as afraid of what would happen if any humans (Hide) whom she hates with a passion as they are enemies and have hurt her, were to find out about her and her fellow ghouls at Anteiku.
  • Chapter 148 takes it even further when Amon asks him why does he go to such lengths for Kaneki's sake, Hide simply responds by saying that he loves him and that he doesn't really need another reason.
    • Especially significant because Hide uses the phrase アイツの事好きっすもん, where の事 is typically used to indicate romantic like/love.

The relationship between CCG's Reaper and his protégé is... complicated, to say the least.
  • Their first meeting is filled with it. Kaneki actually notes that Arima seems "beautiful", and mid-way through their battle Arima actually stops to listen when a panicking Kaneki quotes poetry to calm himself. Arima compliments the beauty of the work, and Kaneki offers the name of the poet.
  • Arima, by CCG's rather twisted rules, literally owns Kaneki by the end of the original series. Rather than kill this clearly dangerous and unstable ghoul or simply harvest his kagune, Arima ended up making an amnesiac Kaneki into his protégé and has seemingly come to dote on him.
  • Akira claiming that Arima has a parental kind of love for Sasaki, and Sasaki considering both Arima and Akira his "dad" and "mom" respectively have done nothing to stifle the Ho Yay, and in fact have probably done the opposite; possibly since it's the first time any mention of love has even been associated with Arima. It doesn't help that Arima goes with the joke and says that he should visit the Chateau anyway to see his grandkids.
  • The first volume omake features Arima spending an entire month harassing Akira at inappropriate times about when he can see Sasaki.
  • They often lend each other books and talk about books with one carneval screenshot showing Arima getting books for Sasaki to read.
  • Before using his kagune, Sasaki reassures himself that everything will be fine because Arima will be there to save him from himself. Sasaki also thinks about Arima (and Akira) to give him courage.
  • In the chapter 50-54 range we see Arima lecturing and threatening Kaneki while kneeling down over him and lifting his head up to talk to him and attacks him. He suggests Kaneki belongs to him and that he is Arima's weapon.
  • In chapter 67 there's a scene where Arima is standing before Kaneki who's kneeling down before him and wounded from Self-Harm. There's also the scene where he bonds with Kaneki and helps him make up the name Sasaki for himself.
  • When they have another battle Arima praises Sasaki for going all out and finally taking it seriously. Sasaki internally thinks about how he doesn't actually want to fight Arima and wishes to understand him and regrets that he hasn't and that he won't listen to him.
  • In chapter 82 Sasaki tells Arima that he refuses to kill him even after Arima stabs him through with his quinque.
    • In chapter 83 Kaneki is horrified when Arima slits his throat and Arima confesses his secrets while Kaneki holds him, weeping. A flashback shows a young Arima releasing a butterfly out a window, smiling gently as he watches it fly away — all while he admits to having hated his life of killing, and praises Kaneki as the one meaningful thing he was able to leave behind. Arima struggles to reach up to touch Kaneki's face, and dies smiling gently at him with a single tear running down his cheek while whispering Haise's name.
    • In chapter 85 of re: Squad Zero's final orders from Arima were to help Kaneki escape alive from the Ghoul Detention Center. There's also a image of Kaneki walking together happily with Arima while thinking of Arima like a teacher and a father.
      • Sasaki and Squad Zero give Arima a impromptu funeral and Sasaki recites the same poetry he quoted during their first battle as a eulogy for him.
    • In Japan, they have flower language which is called ‘hanakotoba’. The flowers seen all around Arima and Kaneki during their final fight in :re are called Shiran. It was mentioned in one of Ishida-sensei’s commentaries in TG Zakki. The flower bears these meanings:

    Do not forget me.
    I will not forget you.
    Let us not forget each other.
    Unwavering love.
    A love that fades.

  • Arima's voice actor comments in one radio drama that he both likes and doesn't like Sasaki/Kaneki's voice actor. Hanae (Kaneki) asks if there's anything about himself he should fix and Namikawa (Arima) comments that he's fine the way he is.
  • Although its meant in a familial sense both admit in chapters 83 to 85 that they love each other.
  • Arima dragging an injured Sasaki/Kaneki through a field of flowers by the hair.
  • The 2016 calendar for December 20th features the two with the caption "As long as I survive you will be a part of me."

     Kaneki/Sasaki and Others 
  • Kaneki has moments with pretty much everyone.
    • Sasaki/Kaneki even has Ho Yay moments with himself early on in re and at the end of the first manga where a young Kaneki hugs his older counterpart intimately and thanks him for always being strong for him and protecting him. This becomes more ominous in re: when Shironeki ominously approaches Sasaki in a manner that fans have said makes it looks like he's flirting with himself. Kakuja!Kaneki approaches Sasaki and interlaces his fingers with his own while demanding he accept him with Sasaki saying "I won't let you take me."
    • Donato is revealed to be a member of the Monster Clown group Pierrot and also seems to genuinely enjoy Sasaki's company, and offers him honest advice on personal matters without a hint of sarcasm or cruelty. In turn, Sasaki seems to value his opinions both professionally and personally. In an omake Sasaki shows up after Donato got done terrorizing all the investigators and says "Ah Sasaki...finally. Just when I thought there were only idiots around."
    • Kaneki and Uta, with Uta ocassionally having No Sense of Personal Space (including putting his coat over Kaneki's shoulders after the Aogiri battle, comforting him after his ordeal with Yamori, leaning forward to smell him and pulling him close by his sweater when he tries to pull away so he can smell him again) and saying Kaneki has an interesting scent. He also seems to find his ghoul eye fascinating and makes his mask so that it shows it off rather than hides it. In the sequel manga when they meet up again Kaneki comments on Uta's unique eyes and Uta says it must be fate that they met. In another scene Uta tells Kaneki that his mask looks good on him and calls him a "sweet guy".
    • Kaneki and Amon consider each other a Worthy Opponent and are obsessed with each other. He's shown occasionally thinking about Kaneki, especially when he cried during their fight and about his ambiguous words. In the novels when thinking about Kaneki he thinks "I will definitely find you."
    • Before they fought, he asked for his long-time rival's name and wished for him to survive the battle. Amon shared this sentiment, desperate to learn the story of the strange ghoul that spared his life.
    • Years after the Owl Suppression Operation, Sasaki, after finding Amon reports about his past self, sees Kaneki in his mind weeping because of the belief that he killed Amon.
      • In the anime only before their fight Amon states to Kaneki "If only we had met some other way. I would have liked to have had a long chat with you."
      • When Kaneki goes decides to go on a suicide mission to the 20th Ward to save Yoshimura, Amon realizes what Kaneki is trying to do and fights him because he is concerned about him and does not want him to die. Needless to say, Amon fails, but he still expresses concern about Kaneki.
      • Amon manages to get Kaneki to snap out of his kakuja state in the anime and manga.
      • In a magazine interview between the two character's voice actors the two are questioned how the character's feel about one another. Hanae states "While Amon is an enemy to Kaneki, I think he strongly feels “Why can’t we understand each other?” In the second season I think he will have more involvement with Amon, so perhaps his feelings might change." He's then asked "In the eighth episode Kaneki said to Amon, “Please don’t make me a murderer.” What sentiments were put into that line?" Hanae responds "Kaneki is the only one who understands how humans and ghouls feel, so that line had very heavy emotions. As it’s something only he understands, perhaps Amon will not get it, but I think at that point it was a line he could say with all his might." The interviewer asks Konishi who is Amon's voice actor "How do you perceive Amon’s relationship with Kaneki?" He answers "Kaneki is a ticking bomb to Amon. After fighting Kaneki, while Amon is unaware of it a thorn has pierced him – it becomes such that at unexpected times he thinks “Why does he exist?”* and “What are ‘ghouls’?”, and I have an image of the thorn steadily approaching his heart. However, it is a thorn that cannot removed as long as he is not in the same position as Kaneki, so I think that no matter how many times he fights Kaneki he will not get his answers. I am curious about whether this thorn will be removed and whether his questions will be answered."
      • Kaneki taking a bite out of Amon's shoulder. All of the characters that have done this so far have some amount of Ship Tease and they are female-male pairings.
      • Lampshaded in a re omake where Kaneki happily thinks of how he and Touka are married but then thinks that because he once bit Amon they are technically married and worriedly asks him for a divorce while grabbing hold of him. Akira seems to mistake them as being gay and Amon pleads "It's not what you think!"
      • Amon and Kaneki get along better in the Carnval video game and decide to cooperate and fight together to defeat foreign ghouls.
      • Kaneki finds a naked Amon with the others and finds himself wanting to help him, thinking about their past together and happily thinking about how Amon was the first to acknowledge him. He thinks because of this he can't leave him alone.
    • Kaneki and Ayato, as a result of the latter projecting his Daddy Issues onto the former. Kaneki also rescues Ayato from Shinohara in the root a anime and they get along better in root a and the re: manga.
      • In later chapters of re they work together and he rescues Ayato and the others from Mougan. Also, when chapter 99 shows Naki is still determined to kill Kaneki for his part in Yamori's death Ayato steps in and tries to talk him down from doing so. He also smiles when Kaneki talks about his goal of the humans and ghouls understanding each other which is the first time he ever smiled genuinely in Kaneki's presence besides the Psychotic Smirk he would throw his way at times. This is a far cry from when he actively tried to kill Kaneki in the first manga and mocked his supposed death at the hands of Yamori.
    • In a later chapter of re Ayato talks some sense into Kaneki when the latter wants to fight Amon and says he doesn't have to put himself at risk as everyone's fighting hard for his sake.
    • Kaneki and Banjou, for both have Undying Loyalty to the other, with Banjou promising to act as Kaneki's "shield" in gratitude for being saved as well as their protectiveness/overall concern over each other and Kaneki's anguish when he ends up loosing control and stabbing Banjou and looking at Banjou's unconscious form.
    • Kaneki is very kind and gentle towards Banjou, not telling him to truth about Rizo so as to not upset him with Banjou calling him kind, giving him a portion of his food scraps when both are captured by Aogiri tree, Banjou imploring to Kaneki to escape with him from Aogiri tree as he doesn't want Kaneki to suffer and get hurt and telling him he doesn't belong with a group of monsters like Aogiri tree, Kaneki thinking of his important people which includes Banjou when being tortured by Yamori, and Kaneki stopping the Bin Brothers from killing Banjou.
      • In chapter 88 when Kaneki is practicing fighting with Banjou he stands above him after knocking him down and after dropping him off a building catches him in a Bridal Carry. He also expresses regret that Kaneki is no longer as gentle as he used to be following his torture at the hands of Yamori and worries that he will further loose mental stability.
    • Kaneki vowing to Banjou that he will take on all his pain he's been carrying as leader.
    • After kakuja!Kaneki stabs Banjou the latter heals and Kaneki looks toward the now healthy Banjou trying to apologize once more, but Banjou states that he understands what Kaneki had been going though. That Kaneki felt the need to get stronger in order to cover everyone's weaknesses, and that Kaneki would always blame himself if one of his followers got hurt. Telling him that he no longer needs to torture himself while putting his hand on Kaneki's shoulder, Banjou then reassures Kaneki that he's alright now, and that he is still his shield. He then states to Kaneki that he needs to be saved first before actually trying to save others. Kaneki cries in response and his mask dissolves away finally.
      • In chapter 108 after they returned home from their raid at Kanou's mansion, Kaneki remained in his room; curled up on his bed depressed while thinking over how he had injured Banjou during his temporary insanity.
      • When wanting to disband the group and return to Anteiku Kaneki states how he would be lonely without Banjou and the others and wants them to come. Banjou states that Kaneki saved his life so he will follow him wherever he goes as his shield.
      • Kaneki also helps Banjou improve his reading comprehension.
      • When they first meet Banjou smells Kaneki and Kaneki tends to Banjou after he knocks him out and offers him water.
      • Banjou laments that he wasn't born with a face like Kaneki's in the jail game showing that he acknowledges and has noticed Kaneki's attractiveness.
      • In the anime when Banjou and another ghoul come to clean up after one of Yamori's torture sessions with Kaneki he is very sympathetic and caring ptowards a psychologically damaged Kaneki and vows he'll get him out of there and to not lose hope.
    • Kaneki and Yomo, as a result of the latter's protectiveness of the former especially against Tsukiyama and Kaneki's frustration with Yomo not saying much and being standoffish around him initially. There's a audio drama where Yomo and Tsukiyama meet in a bar as well to describe how great they think Kaneki is. In an omake he drunkenly talks to Kaneki and he says how he wants to help Kaneki even if he seems standoffish at times. When they finally find Kaneki after the Aogiri battle, Renji tries to comfort him after what he has been through.
      • In chapter 27 when Kaneki looses control of his kagune out of hunger and attacks Yomo he tells Kaneki "I think I know why Yoshimura is partial to you. I also want to see what you'll become from here on out."
      • Barely seconds away from being hit by Narukami's electric current, Yomo had resigned himself to death, emphasized by the metaphor of seeing his sister again. When Kaneki saves him, the mix of sadness, shock and relief on his face is utterly heartbreaking.
      • Kaneki asking Yomo before the CCG come to ward 20 to fight if they will be able to see each other again and Yomo agrees. Yomo also tells Kaneki to go into hiding and stay safe.
      • Yomo looks upset when Touka hits Kaneki in re chapter 99 and helps him off the floor.
  • Kaneki and Naki. In root A Kaneki helps Naki with his kanji with Naki praising Kaneki for being such a nice guy. And there's a radio drama where Naki's voice actor (Hiro Shimono) claims he's attached to Kaneki's voice actor (Hanae Natsuki) and praises him with Hiro calling the whole thing "fate". Hanae sounds really happy about his claim. In the manga after Kaneki bests him in a fight he agrees to work with Kaneki and willingly follows him into battle.
  • Seidou and Kaneki, initially after Seidou becomes a ghoul and they fight but then circumstances change and Seidou gives up his hostility and (although begrudgingly) agrees to follow Kaneki to a lab raid as he knows about rc suppressant since it was also used on him during his torture. He and Kaneki share a knowing look and he calls Seidou "Takizawa" after Seidou says he can call him whatever he wants. For some reason Kaneki feels like he can trust Seidou to help him. Takizawa agrees with Ayato that Kaneki doesn't have to fight with a powerful Amon as he has people waiting for him and fights in his place with Kurona.
  • Kaneki and Rio, in the game, with Rio grabbing Kaneki when he wants to go back to protect Anteiku and his friends.

    Rio: …Kaneki-san.
    Rio: …I’m sure a lot of people will be sad if you’re gone.
    Rio: A lot of people will regret letting you go.
    Kaneki: …
    Rio: You wished for a place where you could belong…
    Rio: I’m sure you yourself, is a ‘place where you belong’
    Rio: That line between human and ghoul…
    Rio: The people from Anteiku… Banjou-san, Hinami-chan, Tsukiyama-san…
    Rio: Touka-san…
    Rio: Everyone loves you.
    Kaneki: …
    Rio: Even to me… you were an important place that I belonged to.
    Rio: That’s why… I won’t allow you to die for someone else’s sake.
    Kaneki: Ri… o…
    Rio: Kaneki-san. Once you wake up, everything will be over. This battle, and the many deaths. I’m sure you will carry a lot of regret. You might even blame yourself. Even so…Even so. Please live. If you’re around, I believe that everyone can stand up again. So please, live. Don’t fight by yourself anymore. Next time, with everyone…
    Rio: …Kaneki-san. Your feelings. I feel like I understand them. I wasn’t able to save my brother. If I was stronger, I would have been able to save him. And I can never forgive myself for that. That’s why… I don’t want to lose anything anymore. I also want to protect Anteiku.
    Rio looks down onto the city.
    … It’s okay, Kaneki-san
    I will become ‘your replacement’.
    Rio: I no longer want to be able to do nothing.

    • Kaneki consoles Rio about losing his brother while both share tears and Rio realizes its exactly what he needed to hear.
    • Rio also is very curious about Kaneki upon first hearing about him and seems to idolize him because he sees his brother in him.
    • In one scene Rio tries to fight Ruchi and fails. Kaneki comes in and saves Rio. Kaneki asks if he’s alright and Rio says he’s fine and when Rio gets scared of something Kaneki said Kaneki gently tells him "Please don't be scared."
    • Rio and Kaneki holding each other's hand.
    • Kaneki shows up to protect Rio when Rou flirts with him and attempts to cannibalize him.
  • Then there's Nico flirting with Kaneki and considering him to be attractive including calling him "cute" with a heart in his speech bubble. When he first meets Kaneki in Anteiku with Yamori with the intention of capturing Kaneki he says they should get his cute butt out of there. He also muses happily about how Kaneki is becoming even more of a man than Yamori was and whispers a secret into his ear about the "one eyed king".
    • Sasaki/Kaneki rubs suntan lotion on Nico's back in the re volume 8 omake. The narrative describes it as Kaneki getting a feel of Nico's smooth back.
    • Nico seems to disapprove of Roma's ominous Loony Fan intentions of wanting to kill Sasaki so her beloved Kaneki will return. But he does share her sentiment that Kaneki is beautiful when he's on the brink of despair, as he tells Souta/Furuta. He says he wants to live for someone beautiful and we can assume he's talking about Kaneki again.
    • He tells Banjou about how he wants to curry favor with his king, Kaneki.
  • When Kaneki meets Itori she comments on how Yomo and Uta are always mentioning him.
  • Though aware of Sasaki's true nature, Takeomi does not display any of the prejudices typical of an Investigator and expresses admiration for his talent. Takeomi describes Sasaki's swordsmanship as elegant "like water" and expresses the hope that he can learn from him at some point. In his diary entry in Volume 4, he repeatedly states how greatly he admirers Sasaki for his kindness and skills with swordsmanship and housework.
  • Koma is very friendly with Kaneki and Kaneki admires him for his skills at Anteiku. He is shown to miss Kaneki when he leaves Anteiku and Kaneki saves him when the CCG raid Anteiku. In chapter 99 of re he thanks Kaneki for all he had done for him and Itori and proclaims it was because of him that they were able to escape from Arima. He also regrets that Kaneki had to go through a lot of pain for him and the others to which Kaneki says its okay. He also puts his hand on his shoulder when asking what Kaneki will have him do. Kaneki says he trusts Koma to look after the fort.
  • Nishiki (Serphent) acts like a violent Tsundere towards Kaneki initially and seems wary of Tsukiyama around Kaneki as he knows Tsukyama wants to eat him. He is determined to save Kaneki from Aogiri tree when they capture him as he notes that he owes Kaneki and he won't feel at peace until he repays him. He has moments where he gets in Kaneki's personal space and says when he thought Kaneki was a human he wanted to eat him. He also is described by Koma in the novels as missing Kaneki when he left Anteiku despite his insistence otherwise. Although he hates Kaneki initially he gradually warms up to him.
    • Kaneki helping an injured Nishiki back to his apartment after saving him from ghouls attacking him.
    • He is saved by Kaneki from Aogiri tree in the first manga and Kaneki thinks about him during his imprisonment by Yamori.
    • He gets close to Sasaki/Kaneki's face and tells him compared to the others he's much more interested in him.
    • He also comments on Kaneki's hair being different in re chapter 99 and asks Kaneki to sing with him in re chapter 103 with a smile. And in re: chapter 104 he complains about having to go on a tough mission with Kaneki where he might have to fight. When Kaneki chooses Seidou instead Nishiki says "I'll still go with you, ya know." In re chapter 107 Kaneki protects him from enemies and Nishiki calls him king.
  • Fuka and Kaneki. Kaneki frees him from the ghoul prison and Fuka in turn becomes indebted to him, deciding to follow him and call him "King". He puts Kaneki's coat on him for him in chapter 107. He
  • Itou is very friendly with Sasaki/Kaneki and Sasaki/Kaneki feels comfortable enough with him to discuss his problems over drinks.
  • Kaneki and Hirako following Arima's death as Hirako chooses to side with Kaneki despite him being a ghoul and Hirako being a human. He gives him shelter following the Rue island operation and is resolved to take him to safety after finding Arima dead per Arima's last wish. He also is quick to see through Kaneki's lie that he killed Arima and believes him to be innocent. He offers him shelter and offers assistance to Kaneki when he means to go on a lab raid which Kaneki thanks him for but declines.
  • At times Yamori/Kaneki is this when Kaneki has a hallucination of being naked while Yamori climbs up his body and screaming that his body is his own. There's a theory that Yamori has tortured Kaneki in other ways and even if he didn't do that he violated Kaneki by putting a centipede in his ear, and when he's psychologically and physically torturing Kaneki he has No Sense of Personal Space around him. He wants to eat him (which is what some of the other ghouls who are infatuated with him initially wanted to do), grabs him by the ankle while saying he'll never let go, places his hand in Kaneki's hair, and says ever since he saw him he wanted to bring him to his torture room to "play" with him. The 2016 calendar has a picture where Kaneki is being tortured by Yamori who is standing behind him and omniously holding/caressing his throat while turning his face up to meet his. There's also a scene where he watches Kaneki with Banjou and other captives and licks his lips while looking at Kaneki. Not to mention the whole standing before a chained Kaneki while touching him when torturing him.
  • Kou a.k.a. Hajime Hazuki is a major Fan Boy of Kaneki to the point of incredible (or rather, unhealthy) attachment and obediently idolized him when being personally interrogated by Kaneki. Similarly to Roma, this is due to being left in awe regarding Kaneki's achievements as a one-eyed ghoul, except that he is more attracted to the strength Kaneki acquired throughout his life, instead of relishing in Kaneki enduring his Trauma Conga Line. He goes so far as to say that Kaneki is 'a miracle human'.
    • The way he rubs his body against his side of the door of the room he is confined in (while Kaneki is on the other side of the door, directly speaking to him through the window and nothing but the door and the clothes they are wearing separates the two) doesn't help at all. Did we mention yet that he is only twelve?! He also is miffed when Kaneki and the others leave him behind in his cell because they are celebrating Kaneki and Touka's wedding.

  • A completely naked and resurrected Okahira catches and briefly carries Dr. Kanou in a Bridal Carry.
  • Nishiki and Tsukiyama when Nishiki thinks about how good Tsukiyama is at singing karaoke and getting distracted while watching him sing.
  • Tsukiyama and Naki form an alliance and there's times where Tsukiyama shows up to happily assist Naki, combined with omake scenes of him trying to teach Naki how to speak french and their teasing banter. In chapter 104 of re Tsukiyama places a rose in Naki's lapel who promptly sticks it in Tsukiyama's head.
  • Tsukiyama praises Uta's sense of aesthetics and beauty and expresses disappointment that he wasn't able to see him with his kagune out.
  • There's the Squicky relationship of Mutsuki and Torso with Torso acting like a Stalker with a Crush to Mutsuki like Tsukiyama to Kaneki only to a much more sexual and dangerous degree with a heaping helping of Interplay of Sex and Violence. He mentions how he masturbates while thinking of Mutsuki and he captures Mutsuki on Rushima Island, and declares that they're going to get married showing that he put a wedding ring on one of Mutsuki's fingers and dressed him in a white dress. He repeatedly tells him he loves him.
  • On the Squick side of things, Yamori and Nico.
    • They apparently met at a nightclub they both frequented, and "hit it off" immediately.
    • Nico acts as Yamori's Living Emotional Crutch, with the suggestive elements ramped up even more in the anime with Nico suggesting they "save the rest until they get home", while holding Yamori's hand. He also seems to be "moaning" after Yamori punches a hole through his chest suggesting that he looks at Yamori's violence towards him as some kind of foreplay.
    • Yamori says he and Nico managed to find the one who smells like Rize thanks to Nico's nose. Nico says cheerfully: "That's right, now take me to bed!"
    • In the translation for the root A ending cards for episode 3 Nico has rooted Yamori's closet for a pair of his underwear and this pisses Naki off.
    • In an omake he comments on the attractive features of Tatara and Ayato while remarking on Yamori's more wild unstable side. He gushes about how he has his choice of men to pick from out of the three. In another omake he affectionately cradles Yamori's mask to his chest and tries to hold Yamori while saying he'll sleep with Yamori after hearing him lament about how he lost his mother. He also laments when Yamori dies and their hideout (which he calls his lovenest) gets trashed. Though he despised how Yamori would punch holes through him to calm down, he says he stuck with Yamori hoping he would fill up the loneliness he felt in his heart.
      • After Ayato beats up Touka Nico gushes about how Ayato is cool and before that said Ayato and Touka are beautiful.
    • Souta comments on how Nico was fond of Yamori to the point where he wouldn't take his calls.
    • In the jail game Nico and Rio try to make a deal with each other. Nico talks about how Aogiri got raided by the CCG last December and Yamori died in the process.

    Nico: During that time, my most important person (Yamori) died… He was also part of Aogiri.
    Rio: I… see.
    Nico: Yamori was a really strong and manly ghoul…
    Nico: I want you to find the ‘pliers’ that he loved to use. This is my request.
    Rio: What kind of pliers?
    Nico: Like this.
    Nico shows Rio a picture of the pliers. Rio could tell that the pliers were always used and it was rusty.
    Nico: My memories with him were filled up with that item so I want to keep it with me. You understand me right?
    Rio: I… I understand.

  • Naki's admiration towards his "Big Bro" Yamori and his crying and freaking out over Yamori's death. It doesn't help that Naki is an Evil Counterpart of Tsukiyama. In the jail game he fondly recalls all the times his Cool Big Bro did things like throw him out windows, stabbing him in the stomach, or breaking his fingers. He apparently didn't see the violence as a detraction against their relationship any. In the jail game Naki gets angry when Rio takes Yamori's pliers from him to give to Nico which he was keeping as a momento of Yamori.
    • In chapter 93 Naki tells Eto that he wanted to torture/kill Kaneki in a previous chapter for him killing Yamori and asks if she understands the yearning he has for "my Yamori". The text at the bottom also describes yearning as "feelings".
    • Naki regrets that now that Yamori is dead that he won't be able to be by his side anymore.
    • In the translation for the root A ending cards for episode 3 Nico has rooted Yamori's closet for a pair of his underwear and this pisses Naki off.
    • He also calls Yamori spiffy when he's dressed in a nice suit and calls Yamori his "God".
    • Yamori did have his Pet the Dog moments towards Naki.
    • Yamori defeating Naki in battle led to Naki's Undying Loyalty towards him.
    • Naki refuses to take his suit to get dry cleaned in one omake until someone says Yamori hates messy/dirty guys.
    • Apparently, in a omake, Naki's idea of a hot woman is one that looks like Yamori.
    • In chapter 99 and onward of re his hatred for Kaneki's hand in the murder of Yamori still remains.
    • Word of God is that the reason he's missing chunks from his ear is because Yamori bit him on his ear.
  • Yomo and Uta started out as rivals, with the later becoming fascinated with the former. Itori likes to tease them about their past. And then there's this picture.
    • In one of the Seiyuu events, the Live Drama involved Uta flirting with Yomo while touching his kagune.
    • In the manga when Uta first came across Yomo he asks about him and when Yomo doesn't answer Uta exclaims "Relax, it's not like you're a girl getting hit on."
    • Later on, Yomo and Uta are seen alone atop a building where Yomo chooses to explain his reason to fight Arima. He reveals to Uta that he once had an older sister in his life that Yomo looked up to, and viewed as a person much stronger than him. However, she was one day killed by Arima. Uta understands the situation, and states that he will help him fight Arima since they are friends.
    • Time goes on, and Uta and Yomo continued to warm up with one another, even becoming a member of Uta's 4th Ward gang.
    • When Yoshimura shows up to save Yomo from Arima Uta comments to his subordinates "Let's leave. I'm worried about Yomo-Kim."
  • Nico also finds Ayato and Tatara good looking as well. And in the re: volume 7 omake he shows up to flirt with Yomo.
  • Uta towards Urie in chapter 38. He seems like he's hitting on Urie and tells him his beauty mark is sexy.
    • He also touches Mutsuki's face and says he has a cute face for a boy.
  • A twisted example occurs where Eto undresses when crawling on top of and torturing the female Kanae putting her hands on her stomach near her boobs. She also called her sweet and cute, plays mind games with her, and is kind of seductive in an ominous way when she interacts with Kanae. Then there's her whole No Sense of Personal Space while possibly naked whenever around Kanae.
  • In the game, Rio would have almost sacrificed his Sacred First Kiss to Nico in exchange for information about Jail if it wasn't for Itori. It's made more explicit when he also asks Rio to "pay me with your body" and says "what I want is your body."
  • Ayato takes a liking to Rio in the Jail video game, saying things like: "Come with me to Aogiri, Rio! Let’s change this rotting world together." and "We’ll surely meet again, I feel like we’re destined to do so." and "I like you." Also, Before you fight against Ayato, he gives you a can of coffee to drink as thanks (you helped him escape from Amon and Akira from an earlier scenario). And after Rio fought Ayato, they both fell unconscious on the ground. Rio wakes up and was surprised to see Ayato was still around. Then Ayato starts spouting compliments to Rio.
  • Tsukiyama comments on how Noro's mouth on his mask is charming and wonders if he should kiss it. After he sees Noro regenerate from his and the others attack he comments "He has astonishing vitality. I wonder what he'd taste like."
  • Banjou and Tsukiyama get this, with Tsukiyama occasionally teasing Banjou and putting a flower in his hair like he did with Hinami and Banjou acting like a tsundere in response.
  • Mougan calls Ayato "handsome" when fighting him in re:chapter 84.
  • Banjou laments that he hasn't been blessed with Rio's face in jail hinting that he has noticed Rio's good looks.
  • When discussing Naki, Shousei uses a term that specifically refers to romantic attraction.
  • Hooguro has a great sense of loyalty to Naki, as he is willingly following Naki's leadership, even though knowing that Naki isn't strategic and that he will meet eventual death from investigators. Hooguro states that the reason he is Naki's underling is because he wants to work for a boss that would remember him even after his death. Hooguro has also displayed a high degree of loyalty to his boss, Naki, as he said to his fellow subordinate, Miza that he would kill her if she makes fun of his boss again.
  • In an omake parody of Rapunzel Nishiki climbs the tower in hopes of finding Kimi, but instead discovers Shachi waiting for him. He checks the script, and horrified when it instructs them to fall madly in love and conceive a child. Shachi waits expectantly.
  • In a parody of Hansel and Gretel the brothers Yamori and Naki get lost in the woods, and eat Nico's house. Nico demands repayment with their bodies.
  • Rio's close relatioknship with his brother and their devotion to each other seems almost more than brotherly at times.
  • In chapter 76 of the manga Noro fights off Tsukiyama and the gang before picking up a severely injured Ayato and appearing to place his hand almost on his butt.
  • Banjou/Nico gets its first hint at the end of re chapter 101 where Nico appears to say "Hello, my dear Banjou" with a seductive gaze. His next words "Long time no see" are in a speech bubble shaped like a heart.
    • In chapter 102 Nico comments that Nishiki is looking as wonderful as ever and says with a heart in his speech bubble that he wouldn't mind currying a favor or two with him.
    • Nico calling Takizawa, Banjou, and Nishiki "cuties" in re chapter 102.
  • Yomo and Hirako have a heart to heart in chapter 101 of re and come to an understanding despite Yomo being a ghoul and Hirako being a human.
  • Yomo and Rio become close with Yomo teaching Rio how to fight, giving him advice, and expressing disapproval towards Itori for flirting with Rio.
  • Rio expresses curiosity in Amon and follows him around. When fighting him and Akira later he decides to spare them both.
  • Ayato and Tsukiyama stand close together in some later scenes in re and in chapter 104 Tsukiyama helps Ayato try on a white suit while assessing his appearance and placing his hand on his shoulder.
  • In Joker during Fura's high school years he seeks revenge for his friend Ryou's death, is very upset at his death, and calls him one of the most important people in his life.

     The girls 
  • Touka gets very blushy around her female human friend Yoriko. As a bonus, she forces herself to eat her cooking even though it's vile to her, just to spare Yoriko's feelings, and she is sometimes fed some of Yoriko's homemade cooking by Yoriko herself. Unlike other ghouls who vomit human food back up, she tries to make herself digest it as well even though ghouls can't digest human food. Yoriko also wants Touka to open up to her and it seems Touka considers Yoriko to be another one of her emotional crutches. Touka also takes the time to stand up for Yoriko when she's being bullied in the novels and they often eat together with Yoriko offering or cooking food for Touka. Touka gets very pissed off if someone should insult Yoriko or her food. Yoriko gets very sad when she thinks about how when they graduate high school they might go their separate ways. Touka reassures her they'll still hang out.
    • Kaneki muses that Touka's relationship with Yoriko is similar to his relationship with Hide, they're precious to Kaneki and Touka. He also knows that if Yoriko ever found out about Touka being a ghoul she could never kill her just like Kaneki could never kill Hide.
    • In the manga Kaneki thinks about how Touka must've looked at the relationship between Nishiki and Kimi and thought of what it could mean for someone like her and Yoriko. He thinks she wondered what life would be like if she a ghoul was accepted by someone human (Yoriko) like that and thinks she has a fear of rejection by Yoriko. Note that Nishiki and Kimi are a couple who seem to have a marriage in their future.
    • When Yoriko overhears students talking about their fear of ghouls she preceeeds to worry about Touka and thinks about how she should bring her food.
    • When Takeomi proposes to her she accepts before crying and immediately thinking of Touka.
    • In the re volume 9 illustration stickers Yoriko's reads "Touka must've loved Yoriko as well as school."
    • Yoriko is in a life threatening situation after being captured by the CCG (for being friends with Touka who is a ghoul) and is starving but instead of blaming Touka for her situation she empathizes how she ate her food when it was vile to her and put up with so much as a ghoul and wants her to be okay.
    • Touka recalls the time she spent with Irimi and acts quite upset when she thinks about how Irimi might die.
    • Irimi mentors Hinami and praises her on her excellent hearing abilities as a ghoul reassuring her she's doing fine.
    • Kimi also refers to Touka with her kagune out as "beautiful" despite the fact that Touka was trying to kill her and is a ghoul.
    • Then there's Hinami and Touka's relationship with both doing their best to protect the other and Touka going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge after Hinami's parents are killed. Touka also watches over Hinami when she becomes an orphan and compliments Hinami on her hair after Kaneki cut it and they share a couple hugs with Touka offering Hinami the emotional support/affection she needs in the wake of her parents death. In a couple illustrations in the nakki artbook they are seen together, one of which Touka appears to be laying on Hinami's leg. In episode 7 of root a Hinami puts a sweater on a sleeping Touka. Touka sometimes affectionately teases Hinami as well.
    • Eto gets some with Hinami, with her surprising her in chapter 114 by choosing to sit with her at a cafe and interact with her, including offering her advice and her business card should she ever feel the need to call her and talk. Takatsuki asks for Hinami to tell the author what's troubling her. She also takes enough interest in Hinami when seeing Hinami with her hands together, Takatsuki asks if she has been having some recent troubles. Hinami is confused by the question, but Takatsuki answers that she caught onto Hinami's habit of always joining her hands when she's hiding something.
  • Kurona and Nashiro are twins that are fiercely protective of each other, and will fly into a blind rage if the other is hurt. For emotional comfort they hold each other's hands with Intertwined Fingers and think they'll be able to handle anything as long as they have each other. After they are attacked by Suzuya Kuro carries Shiro away from danger and cradles her close to her in a Bridal Carry. When Shiro dies Kurona eats Shiro to take her into her body as a way for her to live on and promptly decides to murder Kanou when he belittles Shiro and says there's no way to bring her back to life.
  • Hori and Mitsuba in the novels. She is fascinated by Mitsuba and takes her photographs thinking there is a story she can find from them. She also holds her hand when trying to save her from Tsukiyama.
  • A twisted example occurs where Eto undresses when crawling on top of and torturing the female Kanae putting her hands on her stomach near her boobs. She also called her sweet and cute, plays mind games with her, and is kind of seductive when she interacts with Kanae. Kanae worships Eto after this.
  • Rize and Touka share a picture on the 2016 calendar where they're sitting very close to each other while wearing skimpy bathing suits. Also, in the original drafts for root A it's Touka who comes across Rize who is in a damaged/starved state and she expresses concern for her.
  • Hsiao compliments Saiko a lot during an omake calling her "cute" and "lovely" when asked to describe her good points.
    • She also describes her as "unexpectedly sexy", "has a cute voice", "smells like candy", "has peach fuzz like a fairy's" and wouldn't continued had Hige not interrupted her....
    • As she cleans Saiko's ears Hsiao recalls when Hairu used to ask her to clean her ears, and wails her name miserably.
    • In chapter 105 Saiko is Distracted by the Sexy at the sight of Hsiao wearing a sexy form fitting outfit in battle.
    • It's around Christmas time in the re volume 9 omake and Saiko goes to visit Hsiao with Urie wondering what she's doing as she's taking so long. Turns out she was watching Hsiao sleeping and comments that her sleeping face is cute.
  • Hairu is affectionate towards Saiko in a calendar art and happily nuzzles her head with her own.
  • Mutsuki reveals to Saiko he is actually a girl and in the past Saiko said she loved Mutsuki and is very affectionate towards Mutsuki. She also expressed worry over Mitsuki following their Sanity Slippage, saying they "smell like blood".
  • Nutcracker (Mayu) calling a female investigator "beautiful" while holding her face in her hands. Quickly turns into No Yay when she eats her face.
    • To celebrate Mutsuki getting a high bid at an auction Nutcracker gives Mutsuki a wet/sloppy kiss on their face.
  • Touka says she thinks Roma looks tired at Anteiku one day and informs her to go rest to which Roma cries Tears of Joy and thanks Touka.

    CCG Members 
  • Seidou’s strong admiration towards Amon. It’s implied that Seidou’s one-sided rivalry with Akira (who is Amon’s partner) might be jealousy. There's also the omake where Seidou gets jealous of Suzuya when he sees him giving Amon some sweets thinking he's trying to get on Amon's good side and despairs over how he's been unable to grow closer to Amon thus far. Seidou asks Amon to eat dinner with him in one chapter and gets pissed when Amon asks Akira out with them as well.
    • Seidou tries to offer Amon some spicy crackers because he saw Suzuya gain Amon's favor by giving him donuts but Amon rejects the crackers as he prefers sweets which makes Seidou upset. It should also be noted that the female investigator Misato who has a crush on Amon would try to earn Amon's affection Through His Stomach by giving him treats.
    • In re: chapter 90 ghoul!Amon tells ghoul!Seidou he's going to save him and decided to put himself at risk for that reason.
    • When Amon and Takizawa fight Seidou whispers in his ear and despite Seidou's violence Amon tries to get Seidou to believe in himself, that he's still a ghoul investigator despite becoming a ghoul, and implores him to come with him so he can atone for his crimes.
    • He gives Seidou his cross necklace and says he believes in him to which Seidou responds that he'll take Akira like he asked but not to save her and insists that Amon didn't save him almost in a tsundere fashion.
  • Takizawa looks up to Houji and goes so far as to kill Tatara in order to impress him when he becomes a ghoul. When he's rejected, he suffers a complete breakdown and flies into a violent rage.
  • Suzuya and Shinohara. Since Suzuya is portrayed more in the light of a teenager, despite looking like a kid, it's easy to view their relationship as that of a father/son type. For one thing, it's implied that Suzuya agrees to wear Shinohara’s oversized clothes (even after the timeskip in Joker) is to show his respect for him. Shinohara acts as his Morality Chain, cares for “his Juuzou” as a father would, he’s the only person who treat Suzuya as a human being instead of a tool and does not judge him for his Dark and Troubled Past. He also says that Suzuya should take his anger towards people who piss him off on him instead of others to which Suzuya agrees and doesn't like when other people mock Suzuya. He also says he would be sad if Suzuya died.
    • When Suzuya loses his leg to the One-Eyed Owl, Shinohara cries over it (even when he told Amon not to cry for Mado’s death a few volumes ago) and when Shinohara’s leg is cut off and he is nearly killed by the Owl, it was the one time Suzuya lost his Ax-Crazy usual attitude, and runs to attack the owl even though he is running on one leg. That’s some intense emotion, there.
    • In the end, after Shinohara falls into a coma in the final chapter, Suzuya gives him a tender kiss in the forehead, proclaiming that from now on he will do his best for his sake.
    Suzuya: "My salvation..."
    • Also, it’s implied in Joker that Shinohara’s influence is what made Suzuya into a more stable and less Ax-Crazy person.
    • In re he is still shown to visit Shinohara in the hospital and decides to continue to honor what he think Shinohara would want him to do.
  • Nakarai and Suzuya. Nakarai deeply respects his leader and when Kurona mocks that Suzuya wasn't important enough to them to mourn Nakarai disagrees and says he and his squad selected Suzuya as their leader with a burning desire.
  • Tamaki dislikes when people lie to Suzuya.
  • Hanbee towards Suzuya. Though Suzuya is admired and highly respected by Abara, he is not hesitant to point out the moments when Abara is being useless. Besides this, Juuzou is somewhat sympathetic over Abara's lack of courage; he would always intervene and fight independently whenever Hanbee is reluctant to face a ghoul. Suzuya was also shown to be proud of Abara's ability to finally impale a ghoul using his sword. He also feeds Suzuya pudding at times and when Suzuya's ghoul mother says horrible things to him as she is dying Hanbee covers Suzuya's ears.
  • Arima and Fura were friends in high school. Fura agrees to keep Arima's identity as an investigator a secret so that he can continue living as an ordinary high school student. The two then became a teenage ghoul fighting team and protect each other up to when they are an adult team. Despite their initial clashing, the two seem to be good friends. Also, Minami notes Arima seems to be off his game when fighting him because she managed to graze him with her kagune. She wonders if it's because he knows Fura is in danger and is worried about him.
  • Mougan teases Ui in chapter 61 and drapes his arm across his shoulders. Ui mainly just looks annoyed at the attention. In the calendar he tries to get Ui to remain in good health by trying to get him to eat an herbed rice.
    • He gives Ui a Christmas present in volume 9's omake who comments that it smells like Mougan.
  • Following the Time Skip Furata and Sasaki/Kaneki develop an Odd Friendship with the manga text at one point describing them as a "breathtaking pair". Apparently fans also see this between them as there is already fanart featuring the two together. In chapter 82 he describes Kaneki as "my dear Kaneki". He also likes to tease Kaneki/Sasaki, calls him "my boss" and says that he has a "baby face".
    • In re chapter 101 he grabs Kaneki by the throat and whispers in his ear when threatening him. Before that Kaneki says he wanted to see his face and Furuta decides to divulge several secrets to Kaneki.
      • The cover of that chapter features both sharing one body together and there are hints of them being similar and Furuta being Kaneki's Evil Counterpart.
    • In the first manga when Souta (who is really Furuta) and Nico are together Nico talks about how someone has become beautiful by standing on the brink of despair and Souta answers "You mean the eye patch boy (Kaneki) right?" to which Nico agrees.
  • The first time they met Juuzou repaid Sasaki the money he stole from him when he was Kaneki. Sasaki also regularly hides candy in his coat for Juuzou to frisk him to find. Kaneki also thinks that Juuzou has an interesting scent. In the 2016 Calendar Suzuya gives Sasaki fresh strawberries he picked which makes Sasaki blush and he makes strawberry desserts for everybody to enjoy. In chapter 100 of re Suzuya says Sasaki is his friend who did many kind things for him including making him pudding for his birthday and that he never looked down on him and respected him. He seems reluctant to have to fight Sasaki.
  • While their relationship has not been explored much Juuzou has advised Mutsuki about overcoming his fear of his kagune and ghoul abilities and tells him that fear can be used to one's advantage. He also volunteers to go with Mutsuki to the auction and has taught him several knife tricks which he used against Torso on their confrontation after the time skip.
  • Ui expresses concern for Kijima doing something risky and Kijima acknowledges that Ui is "pretty" and says if he was as pretty as Ui he would value his life more.
  • Arima is Ui's former mentor, having been partnered together in the past. Koori seems to share a rather friendly relationship with Arima, being one of the few that Arima has been shown to smile to. Koori also notes that after being promoted to Special Class, he can't seem to be at ease with anyone other than his former superior. He also cries when thinking about how Arima died and he lost his important mentor.
  • In re chapter 100 Ui cries while thinking about how he lost important things and a picture of Sasaki comes up. He thinks sadly about how Sasaki just wanted to get along with him and how he's no longer a part of CCG makes that difficult.
  • Many young Investigators are fans of the legendary Undefeated "God of Death", Kishou Arima. Amon, Takizawa, and Kuramoto are all completely open and unembarrassed about their fanboying.
  • Shinohara and Amon have a good relationship, with Shinohara teasing Amon and Amon looking up to Shinohara. Shinohara and Amon try to protect each other at times, and when Shinohara's quinque is being eaten by Kakuja!Kaneki Amon takes one look at the unconscious Shinohara and freaks out. He then engages Kaneki in battle and saves Shinohara.
  • Iwa and Shinohara fight to protect each other against Owl and Iwa is concerned for Shinohara after he is injured from the Arata prototype and requests medical help for him.
  • Amon greatly admired his deceased mentor Mado and when he was killed he sought revenge for him and cried at his death while holding his body. Mado would also frequently take note of Amon's good looks and got him a tie for his birthday which Amon was never seen without.
  • Takeomi and Urie's fathers were in the same squad together, suggesting the two have known each other for a long time. Takeomi treats him in a friendly manner and seeks him out for advice concerning Sasaki. He seems to be unaware of the intense hatred that Urie harbors for the entire Kuroiwa family, blaming them for the death of his father.
  • Arima and Hirako got along when they were partnered together, Hirako is distraught about Arima's death and resolves to fulfill Arima's last wish. In chapter 101 he says to Yomo he just wanted Arima to pay attention to him.
  • Itou constantly expresses concern over Hirako's well being.
  • There's also some Suzuya/Amon. Suzuya praises Amon for his skills as a ghoul investigator, Amon tries to teach Suzuya about how to act properly, Suzuya earns Amon's favor in an omake by bringing him donuts (Amon has a Sweet Tooth) which makes Seidou jealous because he thinks Suzuya is trying to win over Amon, and in another omake he wins Suzuya a prize when they're at a festival together. It should also be noted that the female investigator Misato who has a crush on Amon would try to earn Amon's affection Through His Stomach by giving him treats.
  • Ui and Furuta in chapter 104 where Ui demonstrates that he trusts Furuta despite his misgivings and stands up for him against Matsuri and provides him emotional support while saying he should proud of his skills as an investigator. It makes the fact that Furuta is really playing Ui and might betray him one way or another that much more tragic.
  • Urie's interactions with his superior, Matsuri Washuu.
    • While meeting in private, Urie engages in some brown-nosing with some seriously kinky undertones. He compares himself to a dog, telling Matsuri he will do whatever he asks.
    • Matsuri brings him to a lavish dinner event at his manor, then inquires about Urie's personal/romantic life while also complaining bitterly about his own Arranged Marriage.
    • Omakes reveal Urie is constantly being invited to accompany Matsuri to events, which he attends simply to gain favor with his superior.
    • Then Chapter 100 came along, throwing all subtly out the window. In order to further manipulate his superior, Urie lavishes Matsuri with praise. After he leaves, Matsuri is so overcome with passion that he strips naked right there in his office and declares he is in love with Urie.
    • In the 2016 calendar Urie's relationship with Matsuri likens him to being a dog with a collar which he resents as evidenced by the line "Urie carried a grudge for his collar which smelled like shit". This somewhat parallels Nishiki and Kimi in the distance who are happy with their metaphorical collar which can be described a bond tying married people together or how some people look at marriage like a burden, hence them being like a dog with a collar, and indeed Urie compares himself to a dog when talking to Matsuri multiple times. It's certainly obvious that Urie sees the one-sided implications of his relationship with Matsuri and realizes Matsuri's feelings for him somewhat while resenting it.
  • Ui asks Hirako out to get drinks in the re volume 9 omake for Christmas time.

     Quinx Squad 
  • Shirazu spends a good percentage of the first few chapters following Urie around like a lost puppy, and is easily manipulated by him. He also worries over him when he's fighting and gets injured.
    • Urie is quite emotionally distraught when Shirazu dies and vows to get his body back after its stolen and give him a proper burial.
    • Urie and the squad are determined to raise money for Shirazu's sisters much needed operation after Shirazu's death.
    • Urie even names his quiniqe after Shirazu.
  • Mutsuki follows Sasaki around like a puppy, and clearly adores him. He worries about him when he's in danger, wants to help him, and always tries to cheer him up when he's hard on himself. He starts acting awkward after Sasaki meets Touka, which some theorize may be jealousy.
    • He treats Mutsuki with respect, but also behaves in a somewhat motherly fashion towards him. After Dr. Shiba expressed concern over the young Investigator's health, Sasaki made a point to cook him dinner with plenty of meat and lectured him about needing to strengthen his body. In turn, Mutsuki has great admiration for his mentor and is quick to offer praise or reassurances or defend him against Urie when he antagonized him. If the Quinx team is a family, it could be said that Mutsuki is the good child that always respects and listens to Sasaki.
    • In chapter 13 Mutsuki is Disguised in Drag with Sasaki and the others and Mutsuki is feeling insecure with all the people staring at him so Sasaki comes up to him, winks, and reassures him with "It's okay. You're cute."
    • Sasaki is incredibly worried when Mutsuki is made to go to the auction himself and thinks of him constantly. He later rescues him from Kanae and gives him his jacket to put on.
    • After Mutsuki goes missing in action on Rushima, Sasaki goes to Urie to personally request he handle the rescue, implying that he still cares about Mutsuki and his other comrades.
    • Despite all of Sasaki's recent actions and his (what it looks like to them) abandonment of his comrades Mutsuki still can't help but have at least a little bit of hope and faith in Sasaki that he's still a good person at heart and that he cares for them in his own way.
    • The Quinx are reunited after rescuing Mutsuki, and Sasaki praises him for a job well done.
    • In chapter 100 of re Mutsuki thinks of Sasaki fondly and says that despite some of the horrible things Sasaki's done he still admires him and knows he has his reasons for doing what he did because he was so nice to them. He's resolved to find him with Urie. Keep in mind that Sasaki sided with his ghoul friends and Akira did the same when she protected Takizawa. Mutsuki is hurt by Sasaki's abandonment of the squad but he forgives him unlike with Akira who he attacks in a rage when she shields Takizawa.
    • After the below reveal some fans theorize that Mutsuki attacked Akira not just because she protected Ghoul!Takizawa but because he's jealous of Akira's closeness to Sasaki.
    • Confirmed in chapter 114 where we see Mutsuki's thoughts explicitly stating that he loves Sasaki in the romantic sense which he realized out of the jealousy he felt towards Touka for her closeness to Kaneki/Sasaki and also stemming from Sasaki's kindness towards him. He quickly turns yandere for Sasaki out of this jealousy and when Uta changes his face to that of Sasaki's Mutsuki proceeds to get hearts in his eyes, stab him repeatedly, undress from the top down while sitting on top of Haise/Uta and clinging to him affectionately while repeating how much he loves Sasaki and that he won't kill him and thinks about how he belongs to him.
  • Shirazu and Mutsuki are quickly becoming a popular pairing, being incredibly cute together and constantly offering each other emotional support and worrying over the other.
    • Mutsuki is distraught after Shirazu's death and mourns him. He also resolves to put forth money for a much needed operation for Shirazu's sister.
  • In the aftermath of the Auction Arc, Mutsuki and Urie have become much closer. The two are frequently together, with Urie actually listening to Mutsuki's requests and offering emotional support while Mutsuki has become far more out-spoken and confident.
    • In the re: volume 7 omake Urie and Mutsuki are hanging out together with Urie having thoughts that depict him as worrying about Mutsuki's health and wanting to do something nice for him to Mutsuki's confusion.
    • Urie swears to "save the lost Mutsuki" after they're kidnapped by Torso and his goal remains once he and the others arrive on the island.
      • After Mutsuki goes missing in action on Rushima, Urie is intensely focused on saving Mutsuki, making this the priority of the mission over fighting Aogiri. It's intentionally paralleled with Ayato's similar quest to rescue Hinami from Cochlea.
    • When the Quinx squad comes upon the cave where Mutsuki was being held, Urie's thoughts swirl around in a panic and his speech is visibly chopped. He begins to fear that the figure at the end of the cave could be Mutsuki's but it turns out to be Torso's body.
    • Mutsuki mutters under their breath that once Urie shows up they could explain why they were attacking Seidou and Akira and that he would understand. This shows that Mutsuki still holds Urie's opinion of them in high regard.
    • Upon seeing Amon bite into Mutsuki, Urie becomes enraged and uses his quinque on him.
    • As he checks on Mutsuki, despite his calm demeanor his thoughts demand to know if they were alright to which Mutsuki nods in reply.
    • And when Amon´s kakuja takes a bite of Mutsuki, Urie snaps completely, pushes his kakuhou to its limit, and charges at him head on...All while thinking about Mutsuki´s warm smile right before losing his mind to his kagune.
    Urie: "(Mutsuki... Let's go home...) To the Chateau. (Together! For you, I will...)"
    • After Rue Island, Urie starts paying more and more attention to Mutsuki´s outfits, (in his private line of thought), with sincere compliments to them.
  • As Shirazu lays dying he states he wants to see Sasaki for no reason other than that. In general Shirazu is very close to Sasaki, with them also occasionally offering each other emotional support and Shirazu referring to Sasaki with an Affectionate Nickname.
    • Chapter 8: After Urie calls Sasaki a ghoul, Shirazu kicks Urie in rage and defends Sasaki.
    • Sasaki makes Shirazu the team leader for his care of the group.
    • In Chapter 13, Shirazu and Sasaki briefly discuss his amnesia. After the others head off to dance, Sasaki watches them with a wistful expression while thinking.
    Sasaki: "Shirazu.....if I regain my memories, will I (Haise) die? I wish I can keep remembering all of you."
    • Sasaki comforting Shirazu when he feels guilt for killing Nutcracker.
    • After Shirazu's death, Sasaki mourns him together with his remaining squad mates.
  • Higemaru, a new member of Urie's group, fanboys Urie when seeing how he fights and works out and says he admires him and that Urie is "awesome".
    • Higemaru gladly follows Urie and fights for him.
    • Higemaru's uncle thanks Urie for looking out for Hige and asks him to continue to mentor Hige with Urie replying he will and Hige acting embarrassed.
    • Donato forces Urie to watch as he personally decides to tear Hige into pieces before him with Urie falling into despair at the sight.
  • In this April Fool's Day comic Shachi cross dresses and is implied to have a crush on Tsukiyama who is pining after female Kaneki.
  • Sasaki and Urie, partly due to Urie's jealousy and harshness to him. After the Auction Raid, their relationship seems to have improved. Urie shows more trust in Sasaki's decisions and even comes to him to train. Even after he left the Q-squad, Sasaki still cares for Urie as the latter was the only one he met and personally requests him to save Mutsuki, while showing a kind smile.
    • Chapter 100 of re features Urie vowing to find Sasaki.