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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Tokyo Ghoul examples:

  • Touka completely curb-stomping Nishiki in chapter 5. She moved too fast for Kaneki and Nishiki to even notice.
  • Kaneki using his Kagune for the first time in chapter 8 to save Hide, curb-stomping Nishio by getting in Nishio's blind spot and repeatedly stabbing him in the stomach.
    • Touka overpowering a crazed Kaneki to stop him from eating Hide.
  • Hinami saving Touka from Mado.
  • Kaneki loses control of himself and attacks Yomo, who came to bring him home. He literally stabs him straight through the stomach with his kagune. It doesn't even faze Yomo.
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  • Touka fighting against Tsukiyama for Kaneki's life. Especially when she takes a bite out of Kaneki's shoulder in order to fuel her kagune, causing Tsukiyama to angrily rant about how Kaneki is his, and Touka's response:
    Touka: He belongs to you? Don't make me laugh. There is not a single thing in this room that belongs to you.
  • Kaneki, white-haired and "fresh" from the torture, "half-kills" Ayato by breaking exactly exactly half of his bones in chapter 75.
  • Kaneki and crew wiping out the restaurant.
  • The "Centipede" being born.
    • "I am fucking strong."
  • The entirety of the Anteiku Raid with many for both sides
    • The Devil Ape and the Black Dog coming out of retirement especially
    • The Manager's speech. Talk about Creepy Awesome.
    "...The act of taking is equally evil... We, from the moment of birth, continue to take. Food, connections, even fellow bloods. Living to the outmost, continuing to kill, slaughter, take. Life is to constantly sin. Life is evil itself. I am aware I am evil... and so are you all. Now, come kill me. AND I SHALL DO THE SAME!"
    • Kuroiwa losing an arm and simply grunting and calling it unavoidable.
    • Kaneki fighting his way through the CCG force that has several Ghoul Investigators (including even Special Class and associate Special Class ones) without killing any of them, instead just destroying all their weapons.
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    • Amon fighting on after losing his arm, taking on Tatara and before that refusing to die so Kaneki doesn't become a murderer.
    • Arima curbstomping both Kaneki and the One Eyed Owl; the man truly earns his nickname of Shinigami.

Tokyo Ghoul:re examples:

  • In Ch. 6, Sasaki arrives to rescue his team from Orochi and goes Papa Wolf on him. However, he quickly realizes he won't be able to win without using his full strength. Cue him cracking his index finger as his kagune begins to form. The fandom EXPLODED in excitement.
  • Chapter 7, we see Sasaki get serious and give a curbstomp to Orochi/Nishio.
  • In Chapter 18, Suzuya's grand debut at the Auction involves him breaking out the knives hidden in the special compartment in his prosthetic leg and immediately stabbing Uta repeatedly in the face. Suffice to say, the fandom celebrated.
  • The Auction infiltration in general features a series of awesome moments:
    • Sasaki, Shirazu, and Urie defeating Kanae to rescue Mutsuki. The Quinx reunion is one as well, crossed with Heartwarming Moment.
    • Sasaki vs. Takizawa, with him holding the Ghoul off to allow his subordinates to escape.
    • Takeomi Kuroiwa displaying Super Strength by twisting a Ghoul's head almost completely around with his bare hands.
    • Shirazu, Saiko and Hayashimura taking down Nutcracker, with Shirazu figuring out her traps and using them against her.
    • Juuzou Squad's Big Damn Heroes entry and dominating Big Madam. The SS rated ghoul doesn't even manage to touch one of them.
    • Hinami rescuing Haise from Takizawa.
    • Haise seemingly fighting Takizawa to a standstill after the latter has put a smackdown on anyone he goes up against.
  • Chapter 32: Iwao Kuroiwa is still serving as a Special Class Investigator despite losing his arm.
  • Chapter 40: Urie's Took a Level in Badass moment when his months of extra training pays off and he utterly dominates Kanae in a fight, cutting through his arms at the elbows and throttling him.
  • Chapter 41: Haise curbstomping the group of White Suits, killing three and forcing the other two to flee. Urie is suitably shocked.
  • Chapter 49 is this pretty much from beginning to end.
    • The Quinx proving themselves to have evolved into a Badass Crew, absolutely tearing Noro to pieces within moments. Too bad it doesn't stick for long....
    • Mairo's Dying Moment of Awesome, as he leaps into the path of Ihei's blast and uses the momentum to decapitate her on his way down. He follows this up by using the last of his strength to pin Kijima down, allowing Matsumae to cut off his arm and kill him with his own Quinque.
  • Chapter 51: Shirazu finally using Nuts.
    • To elaborate, Itou squad and the Quinx actually taking down Noro, Aogiri Tree's Implacable Man known for it's abnormal Healing Factor and slaughtering a score of CCG's investigators by using Nuts' expanding properties to bisect him to multiple pieces. Negated when it's revealed that Noro survived the attack.
    • Haise missing an arm and being held over the edge of the building manages to kick to slip free and kick Kanae's head off...
      • Which is immediately reversed as Kanae's head re-attaches itself in a manner eerily reminiscent of Tsukiyama, Uta and Yomo fighting Noro in the first series.
  • Chapter 54: Shirazu and Urie finally manage to put Noro down for good.
    • Haise laying a beatdown on Kanae and telling Eto to shut the hell up
  • Let's be completely honest: Chapter 56 may have been crazy as fuck, but Kaneki defeating Eto in a one-on-one, and quite handily at that, was an unprecedented feat of awesomeness that not even Arima pulled off. That is, of course, unless you subscribe to the theory that Eto was holding back with the intention of getting killed.
  • Chapter 58's Big Damn Heroes moment, with Touka, Yomo, Mirumo, and Chie showing up to rescue Shuu.
    • Eto in hindsight earns one for proving how adept she is at shaping events according to her will. Not only is she shown to be completely fine while taking a bath, she implies forcing Haise into letting Kaneki take over and being defeated by the latter was all planned, just so a starved Kaneki would feed on her discarded kakuja and obtain a new powerup.
  • Hinami rescuing Kaneki from Furuta's attempt to gouge out his eyes with his thumb with her kagune.
    • When Kaneki hits Furuta hard enough to knock out his tooth Furuta simply shakes it off and puts the tooth back where it was knocked out.
  • In chapter 66 Furuta is implied to have a sexual interest in Eto, and he's so callous and immoral that he talks down and acts cruelly towards her. Rather than get creeped out she doesn't take this sitting down and she hits him in his Berserk Button with her words about his family and he responds "Die...die...die...die...die...die..." Because of her dismissal of him he also plots to torture her personally later. She notably doesn't seem freaked out by this but keeps a level head.
  • Ch. 75: Eto using a massive Kakuja to smash the Compactor Machines to pieces, rescuing everyone in the process. She quickly kills all the V members surrounding Furuta, and then promises him that he's next while sporting a Slasher Smile.
  • Ch. 76: Furuta cowers at fighting Eto, who begins chasing him down a hallway. He pleads with her to spare him, and when she corners him she . . . has her Kakuja cut to ribbons by Furuta's kagune, as he reveals himself as a One-Eyed Ghoul, much to Eto's shock.
    • This also gives Furuta a second CMOA - so far throughout the entire story, Eto has been more or less in complete control of everything going on. This is the first time she seems to have been blind sided by anything in the story.
  • While terrifying, Mutsuki gets one when its revealed he was probably the one to get revenge on Torso for mutilating and possibly sexually assaulting him by dismembering him, putting his penis where his nose was cut out, cutting out his eyes and tongue, and cutting off his limbs and head.
  • Kaneki and Arima's fight is just a sequence of CMOA for both participants:
    • Arima claims to have been able to fatally wound Kaneki 645 times.
    • Hide shows up inside Kaneki's mind to give him a pep talk. It's super effective!
    • In the previous round he was fighting to stall, which is why he was so weak. Now he's fighting to win, and Arima had to get much more serious.
    • Kaneki takes advantage of Arima's failing eyesight to break his quinque, Owl. Not only does he destroy Arima's last quinque, harvested from Yoshimura. Kaneki has driven Arima, CCG's greatest investigator, into a corner. Even Arima is in disbelief and admits out loud that this was the first time in his life he couldn't do anything more against an opponent.
  • Marude confronting Yoshitoki in Chapter 83 over the latter being a ghoul. And promptly shooting him point-blank in the head.
    Marude: These are words from an old friend. I don't particularly like using them myself. But this is... Just my intuition.
  • Touka protecting an injured Ayato by stopping two Special Class Investigators' attacks just with the sheer force of her emerging kagune.
  • In chapter 86, the One-Eyed King's identity is revealed: Ken Kaneki. Eto and Arima had been working together all along to make Kaneki king so that he could change the world.
  • In an unexpected turn of events, Takizawa jumps in to rescue Houji and his squad from Tatara, speedily killing the powerful ghoul by ramming him through with his kagune!
  • The Clown attack on the CCG is a devastating event for the organisation, but we do get to see Saiko show off just how skilled she's become against a berserk Urie by shaping her kagune on a level unseen in the series so far, forming multiple little fists to beat him up with before forming two massive fists for the last round.
  • Chapter 144. On one hand, it rears into Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel territory due to what occurs, but on the other hand, it has Kaneki coming back from the brink, disregarding the morality that's held him back for so long and fucked up everyone's lives around him as a result, and basically eliminating Furuta's entire Oggai force and Furuta, without any limbs. He literally bites them to death. Just as well, for all of the differences and conflict all of Kaneki's numerous personalities have had, they ultimately come together to get the job done and save Touka, no matter what.
  • The entirety of Dragon's rampage on Tokyo. While it may have been terrifying, seeing Kaneki’s massive kagune form destroy a large section of the city looks fucking cool. The scale of the scene combined with Ishida’s artwork made it one of the most visually stunning chapters to date.
    • Dragon!Kaneki vs the JSDF. There’s nothing more satisfying than a giant monster crushing tanks and helicopters like they were bugs. Kaneki basically takes on the entire Japanese military and wins.
  • The team-up of the ghouls and the CCG is truly an epic moment to behold. The ghouls, along with Hide, Amon and Akira, show up right at the CCG's front door in an effort to collaborate in order to stop Dragon. Multiple investigators are quick to disagree with the whole idea. In unison, the ghouls discard their masks and denounce the investigator's "honour".
    • Marude leaves the final decision up to Juuzou of all people. The human who had been seen in the last series gleefully slaughtering ghouls left, right and centre, simply smiles and says yes to the plan.
  • Chapter 168: The chapter ends with two long overdue confrontations, namely between Donato and Amon, and Uta and Yomo.
    • Amon finally managing to best his past by not only taking down Donato (with a giant cross-shaped quinque, no less), but also admitting the attachment he has to him. Donato himself is actually moved by this.
  • Chapter 172: We finally see Kaneki and Furuta face-off. Though Furuta gets the first hit in through the same surprise attack he defeated Eto with, Kaneki then gets up and cracks his index finger...

Other examples:

  • In a meta-sense, whether it's up to Ishida's planning or by sheer luck, some coincidences have been just amazing.
    • The first season of the anime ended the same week as the original manga—leaving the whole fandom in a mess given how the manga ended, but still...
    • Chapter 72 of the manga was titled: Halfway. And sure enough, the manga was planned to end almost precisely 72 chapters later: chapter 143. The actual reason for this is much cooler: if you count down to 0 (or more accurately, -1) from 1000 going down by 7 every time, you will have exactly 143 numbers. As you can see, Ishida demonstrates the "awesomeness" thing quite well himself.
    • The Reveal of Takizawa as the new Owl came not only as a surprise but like a punch to the gut, since it came the same week the anime showed the CCG's preparation for the Anteiku raid. In particular the focus on Takizawa: his will reveals he's afraid to die.
    • Ishida put a critical piece of symbolism in Chapter 1 of the original series which would not be revealed as such until four years and nearly two hundred chapters later.
  • This MV that won a Tokyo-Ghoul themed contest. The creator of the MV was then asked by Ishida Sui to create the equally amazing promo for Tokyo Ghoul:re. (Spoiler warnings for both videos.)
  • The sequel title is as layered as the Book of Isaiah. The relevant meanings of ":re" revealed so far: "red eye" expressing Touka's wish to reunite with Kaneki, "re-" the prefix meaning repetition or going back and the hundreds of parallels and foreshadowing between the first and second series, and the word for king in many, many languages. The planning involved in all the applications of this one word is a staggering accomplishment in itself.

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