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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Tokyo Ghoul:

  • Every time Touka eats Yoriko's cooking, solely because she cares about her human friend.
    • She also doesn't try to throw it up after she eats it, like most ghouls would. Instead she forces herself to digest it, even if it'll make her sick. When Yoriko shows up with a big pot of stew for her to eat, she refuses to throw it out because Yoriko put so much effort into it.
  • Basically any interaction between Kaneki and Hinami, from the very start of their relationship with him helping her with her kanji. Later on in the series, Kaneki's interactions with Hinami, which have remained very sweet despite his other actions, remind us that there's still some of the old him on the inside.
    • Then there's Tsukiyama's relationship with Hinami, whom he calls "little princess" and gives flowers to. So in general, Hinami's interactions with anyone.
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  • The post-credits omake for the episode where Hinami's parents are avenged ends by showing them together in heaven, happily sipping tea together.
  • All of Juuzou and Shinohara's friendship.
  • When Kimi sees Touka's Kagune after her blindfold is removed, she automatically comments on how pretty it is. Shocked to hear such a thing, Touka flees, bitterly wondering to herself how she could be considered pretty in any way.
  • The gas mask trio repeatedly jumping into fights they know they can't win in order to protect Banjou.
  • The omake featuring Mado as a struggling, caring single father; better than you would expect from someone who was first introduced as a revenge-driven, maybe-psychopath ghoul investigator.
  • In chapter 107, Banjou approaching a tearful Kaneki, who had lost control and injured him just moments before, and telling him "Stop torturing yourself. Didn't I say that I'm your shield?"
    • This is preceded by Banjo finally activating his Kagune, which is a small ukaku.
  • Naki Taking the Bullet for one of his subordinates.
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  • Amon fighting with Kaneki for the last time. The reason? Amon knows that Kaneki is going on a suicide mission and wants to stop him, because he is concerned about Kaneki.
  • Hide telling Kaneki that he already knew his secret, and telling him with a huge grin that it doesn't matter.
  • Juuzou's Character Development, which culminates with him becoming less unhinged than before and even becoming a good partner to the Naïve Newcomer Hanbee.
    • His motivation? After Shinohara falls into a coma for the rest of his life, Juuzou vows to change for the better for Shinohara's sake.


Tokyo Ghoul:RE :
  • Chapter 8: After Urie calls Sasaki a ghoul, Shirazu kicks Urie in rage and defends Sasaki. After EVERYTHING Sasaki/Kaneki has gone through, having someone defend him was very nice.
    • Sasaki makes Shirazu the team leader for his care of the group.
  • The Title Drop in chapter 9, doubled with a bit of Fridge Brilliance. The cafe where Yomo and Touka work is called :Re.
  • In Chapter 10, it was shown that Kaneki's feelings for Touka are so strong, that even when he lost his memories, he still deeply cares for her. Being completely shaken up after meeting her again as Sasaki. He even called her the most beautiful person he has even seen before.
  • Juuzou's first appearance in Chapter 11, combined with a Funny Moment. He greets Sasaki by rushing towards him as though they were about to hug… and then starts searching his pockets. It turns out that Sasaki hides tons of candy in his pockets whenever he expects to see Juuzou, so that he can find them.
  • Naki's followers returning the favour from the original and Taking the Bullet for him.
  • The Quinx are reunited after rescuing Mutsuki, and Sasaki praises him for a job well done.
  • Hanbee covering Juuzou's ears so he won't have to hear Big Madam's dying screams.
  • Hinami's love for Kaneki is as strong as ever. When she realizes that Kaneki/Sasaki is being tortured by Takizawa, she leaves her very important post to go to his aid, cradling him protectively and vowing that she will never let Kaneki fight alone again. She then proceeds to fight the fiercest she's ever done in her life for the sake of Kaneki. Against the ghoul-ified Takizawa. And actually forces him to use his Kakuja! You go, Hinami!
    • Sasaki accepting that Kaneki, his past self must have been a great person, to have been loved so much by Hinami, followed by the latter reaffirming her belief that Sasaki truly is Kaneki, and not just his "vessel".
  • Ayato looking physically upset at having to leave Hinami behind.
  • Akira hugging Haise after their promotions.
  • Mirumo's diary from volume 4, which shows him to be a Doting Parent that loves his son with every fiber of his being. It concludes with him addressing Shuu, telling him that he is So Proud of You and loves him no matter what.
  • Ito and another squad member beg Hirako to rejoin the squad in one of the omakes.
  • Several ghouls who are heads of companies and have positions in society are all willing to sacrifice their reputation and lives to delay the CCG chasing Shuu out of respect for Mirumo.
  • Upon realizing how outclassed they are by Kanae, Shimoguchi tries to get his subordinates to run and leave him behind but they refuse and insist on staying with him against the overwhelming force.
  • Sasaki becomes very frustrated over how his CCG coworkers keep hiding the truth of his past from him, culminating with confronting Akira about it, screaming that he's not Haise. Then a flashback reveals that Akira was deliberately chosen to play the part of surrogate mother to him, and a clearly pained Akira soothes his pain and reassures him.
    Akira: You are You. Names don't matter.
  • Sasaki's relationship with his team (except perhaps Urie) is something truly precious to look at, considering all the horrible things he's experienced. He really cares for them like a pseudo-parent, and they in turn respect him a lot and care about him.
  • Hori, Touka, and Yomo rescuing Tsukiyama from investigators and reuniting him with his father.
  • Urie, Saiko, and Tooru disregard Shirazu's dying will to Mercy Kill his sister Haru in favor of becoming Special Classes to fund her medical bills in his place. This explains their newfound dedication to their work over the Time Skip and Urie's new and selfless motive of getting promotions.
  • Kaneki rescuing Hinami from her cell.
    • Everything about the last panel, really. Up until now, Kaneki's smiles have mostly tended to verge on the Uncanny Valley side, but when he sees Hinami in her cell, he displays a genuine, heartfelt smile with tears forming in his eyes. Even after everything that's happened, it's touching to know that he still hasn't forgotten about her.
  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, but the first hints of Kaneki's resolve as a Death Seeker starting to crumble is when he comes face to face with Touka again, who smiles and tells Kaneki to meet up with her again after this is all over.
  • The reunion of the Kirishima siblings and Touka recognizing that Ayato has grown tall, while telling him it's okay to rely on others for a change.
  • Ch. 75: Hide appearing to Kaneki in a hallucination, encouraging him to go on living no matter what.
  • Ch. 83: As Arima lays dying, he confesses to Kaneki about his involvement with V. But more importantly, we're shown his final thoughts; he hated living only to take lives for V, and truly cares for Kaneki, commenting that his experience with Ken was the only meaningful thing he's ever had and was glad that he had finally given something rather than take. His last words were Ken's name during their time together, Haise.
  • Ch. 85: As Ken sits over Arima's body, Arima's squad arrives and knows full well what had happened to him. One of his final commands was to order his squad to help Ken escape from Cochlea. Not only that but when Kaneki asks for a moment with Arima he eulogizes about Arima's painful past and finishes by acknowledging Arima as a mentor and more importantly as a father figure when Kaneki never had one before. He then finishes by saying how truly happy he was at Arima's side.
  • Ch. 99 finally sees the return of Kaya and Enji, who were missing in action ever since the Owl Suppression Arc. It's revealed that Kaneki managed to hold the line against Arima long enough for the two to escape. Kaneki's look of relief, and the reunion of the surviving Anteiku members, retroactively gives some belated brevity to one of the darkest arcs in the series.
  • When Amon bites into Mutsuki, Urie nearly goes into a blind rage and attacks them. The second time it happens, Urie unleashes his full power and charges at Amon. All Urie could think of during that time was Mutsuki's warm smile and wanting to return home with him. Compared to their relationship at the start of the series, this development shows how much Urie cares for the people around him now.
  • Ch. 115: Takizawa recalls some more scenes from his time as an imprisoned test subject in Kanou's laboratory. He remembers hearing Amon from an adjacent cell speaking to him of his resolve to not give up, advising Takizawa to do the same. Takizawa notes to himself that Amon's talent always blinded him and that he lacks his eloquence to hold on to an ideal of justice. He concludes that the old Seido Takizawa died in that cell and that he won't take back his crimes. Believing that if he can't walk the straight path anymore he'll live for the sake of others instead, Takizawa achieves his complete Kakuja and defeats the rampaging Amon.
    Takizawa: Smile, Mado. Amon is coming home.
  • Ch. 120: Akira and Touka's meeting, since it shows two former enemies coming to an understanding, and how their parents influenced the both of them. The fact that Ghoul children can be as friendly and innocent as human children shows the two kinds are Not So Different. When Hinami hugs Akira, the former CCG investigator breaks down in tears while wondering who she can hate anymore.
  • Ch. 121: Akira expresses her feelings of loneliness and emptiness to Amon and laments that she can't seem to let these emotions go, prompting him to promise to remain by her side through it all and kissing her.
    • Both Urie and Saiko confirm to themselves that Furuta didn't actually kill Kaneki. Saiko cries tears and relief and Urie ends up having a painful smile obviously conflicted on how he should feel about his former mentor.
  • Chapter 122: Touka and Kaneki have a slightly awkward heart to heart, with her noting that Kaneki as Haise used to come to the coffee shop often and looked at her the way Kaneki had once looked at Rize before he was a ghoul, and pretty much point blank confessing that the feeling is mutual. Kaneki, after hearing how his leaving Anteiku had affected Touka, asks her to come with him in the newest Goat operation, seemingly trying to repair the wrongs of the past. It's an undeniably sweet moment, which makes the last page of the chapter that much more jarring.
  • Chapter 124-125: Kaneki and Touka have been forced to abandon :re, and Goat has been scattered. Touka's friend was supposedly captured and used as hostage by Mutsuki. Hiding away in an abandoned building, the two shared their deepest feelings, they kiss, and consummate their love.
  • Chapter 126: Many members of the CCG are invited to Takeomi and Yoriko's wedding. From a distance, Touka watches her friend getting married. As a symbol of their relationship, Touka gives Kaneki her parents' wedding ring, which is her source of strength.
  • Chapter 132: Kaneki and Touka's wedding ceremony. Special mention goes to Yomo getting drunk and celebrating, considering he's at his niece's wedding.
  • Chapter 148: Why does Hideyoshi Nagachika go to such lengths for Kaneki? Simply because he loves and deeply cares for his best friend.
    Hide: Because I love him. Do I need another reason?
  • Chapter 149: Despite everything that's happened in the past few chapters and Kaneki seemingly crossing a Moral Event Horizon, all of his friends rally together because they want him to live and be happy.
  • Chapter 156: Urie and Saiko finally get through to Mutsuki, stop Mutsuki's suicide, and affirm that they love Mutsuki and want them to live. Doubly heartwarming is that Shirazu is still in their thoughts, even if he's no longer there with them.
  • Chapter 160: The Quinx, including Mutsuki, who'd only moments ago tried killing Touka, team up together to help protect Touka while she digs Kaneki out of Dragon.
  • Chapter 162: Kaneki wakes up from his coma surrounded by his friends and loved ones.
  • Chapter 179:
    • The entire chapter is one big CMOH for the franchise.
    • After centuries of violence and hatred, the Cycle of Revenge between Humans and Ghouls has been broken and both species now peacefully co-exist alongside one another.
    • Kaneki finally gets the happy ending he deserves. He is shown to be Happily Married to Touka and has a daughter.
    • What Happened to the Mouse? gets almost completely averted, we are shown a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue for both major and supporting characters.
      • Shirazu's sister, Haru, has been cured of her ROS and has joined the Quinx in her brother's memory.
      • Shinohara finally wakes up, much to Suzuya's happiness.
      • Takeomi and Yoriko are still married, with the latter having presumably reconciled with Touka.
      • Also a Funny Moment. Naki and Miza are married with nine children.

Tokyo Ghoul √A:

  • Episode 6: Suzuya watches a little boy and his father walking together at the park. Later, when Shinohara picks him up, he makes sure to walk on the same side the little boy did with his father.
  • In episode 12, Kaneki sees Hide again. Hide brews coffee for him and tries to talk to him in a friendly way as if nothing happened. Kaneki tries to cover his Ghoul eye but Hide gently smiles at him and told him that he already knew that he was a Ghoul.


  • According to an interview with Ishida Sui, one of the scenes he found emotional was the chapter where Kaneki and Touka make love for the first time. Out of the series, this was the chapter he refused to let others touch.

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