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Theories for Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re :

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     Tokyo Ghoul 
Arata is still alive.
It's a common theory, but it's the only one which sufficiently explains how the CCG is able to produce multiple "Arata" quinque armor. We've seen in Chapter 83 that they gather quinque material from the ghouls held in the Ghoul Detention Center, so he's likely there.
  • This would make sense, since we also know that Quinque cannot be repaired once broken. As such, they would need a source for fresh material in order to continue making multiple sets of Arata Armor. From what we see of Rize's situation, it takes time for the kakuhou to regrow and mature once harvested.

Akira will seek revenge against Kaneki for Amon's "death".
It's my theory that Amon's death as classified by the CCG is a result of finding his severed arm and nothing else. Upon further investigation, the CCG will name Kaneki/Eyepatch/Centipede responsible for Amon's death after identifying his kagune's injury patterns and recall he had engaged Amon in combat. As a result, she will seek to avenge his death, assuming the CCG doesn't consider Centipede dead already.

Theories on how Arima knows Kaneki's name.
I for one think that he is the one-eyed king.
  • I agree that it's suspicious, but how would Arima have gotten through the Rc scanners at CCG? We saw that Kaneki got through them once, so maybe hybrids can, but it's stated that ghouls gain Rc cells from eating humans and other ghouls, which is why ghouls have higher Rc levels. A ghoul who ate less could possibly have lower Rc levels. Kaneki was eating a minimal amount of human meat at the point Mado dragged him through, but later, he began eating other ghouls, which increased his Rc level. He might not be able to pass through the scanners anymore, being a kakuja. That being said, the one-eyed king/owl, from what we've seen, is a kakuja. Wouldn't the scanners have detected such a high amount of Rc cells if Arima possessed them? I definitely think that Arima is involved in something fishy, but I don't think he's a one-eyed ghoul.
    • Don't forget the RC suppressing drugs that Takatsuki told Amon about. If Arima or anybody in CCG was really a ghoul, they would need a heavy supply and it was revealed that the company that were manufacturing the drugs was run by CCG though this could always be a case of Unreliable Narrator on Takatsuki's part.
    • Eto/Takatsuki/Owl has been a kakuja since her childhood, and is estimated to have 6-8 kakuhou, but is able to pass the Rc Gate with ease. So, if Arima was a hybrid he wouldn't have any trouble besides out-of-control kakugan
    • In regards to Arima knowing Kaneki's name, this tumblr user had a good analysis/theory of it.
  • Seems to be Jossed, based on the sequel.
    • NOPE. Confirmed with, frankly, an asspull explanation.

Hikari, Touka's mother, is Yomo's sister.
Both of them were killed by investigators at some point, and Yomo acts protectively around Touka at several points in the manga. Their kagune type has a good chance of being the same, according to all known information about kagune inheritance- kagunes are inherited from one parent (or, rarely, both). Touka and Ayato are both ukaku, but their father was koukaku. Therefore, their mother must have been ukaku. Yomo is also ukaku, so his sister had a 50/50 chance of also being ukaku and fulfilling the requirement to pass it on to Touka and Ayato. Additionally, several panels in the manga involving Yomo and his sister parallel panels with Ayato and Touka.
  • From what little we've seen of both, they do share a resemblance. Also Renji is informed of her death by a person with dark hair, who apologizes for not being able to protect her. We only see the back of this person's head as they do this, but it could be Arata.
  • Confirmed as of chapter 70 of :re.

Takatsuki is the real One-Eyed Owl and Yoshimura's child.
How else would she know so much about Kanou's lab? Also Yoshimura never makes any reference to the Owl's gender, he just refers to them as his "child". And when she went through the CCG scanner and it didn't react, the author made a point to have her ask about how it could detect ghouls, that seems like foreshadowing to me.
  • Confirmed as of Chapter 142.

Aogiri Tree has plans for Amon.
In the aftermath of the battle in the 20th Ward, he is reported as Killed in Action. However, it is worth noting the important events prior to the battle that suggest he is still alive. Namely, the fact that Takatsuki/Eto came to visit him and gave him numerous clues about CCG being involved in Dr. Kanou's experiments and expressed interest in him personally. We last saw him facing Tatara and Noro, the right-hand men of the One-Eyed King and we never see what happened to him. While presumed killed in action, in truth he has been captured by Aogiri Tree for some purpose.

One-Eyed King is Eto/Takatsuki.
It seems to make sense, considering what information we have at this point. Eto is almost always in the company of the King's right-hand men, and has been revealed as the One-Eyed Owl. Hiding her identity with a masculine Title, as well as the heavy bandages, allows her to directly supervise while preserving the mystery that makes the King an ideal symbol for the group.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 143.

Kaneki is alive and is being held captive as a new type of Quinque by the CCG.
In the scene where Arima speaks to the head of the CCG and discusses "ownership rights" while looking at a document with Kaneki's picture on it and the word "ERASE-" written on it, but with the last letter of the word obscured, there's a panel of a suit case with the word "yes" written above it. That's a mistranslation. The correct translation is "yes, se..." with what follows "se" missing. Fans are already saying that the briefcase is Kaneki, and that he's still somehow alive within it. People are saying that he was the one who said "yes, se..." and that he was either saying "yes, senpai" or "yes, sensei." Keep in mind that we never actually saw it next to anyone, so we don't have a point of reference as to how big the briefcase is.
  • Another theory is that Kaneki is Arima's new apprentice. Maybe CCG found him reliable because he was born human. The ERASED probably means that Kaneki's identity has been deleted in order to keep him a secret.
Confirmed in :re.

Noro is the result of a previous Experiment.
Multiple people have observed that there's something strange about Noro, including his unusual appetite and ability to regenerate from even decapitation. It's possible, with the experiments Aogiri Tree has been involved in, that he is the result of a previous experiment into making a more powerful Ghoul. He may have been created by Dr. Kanou, possibly the bodyguard seen in shadow when he met Madam A.

Kaneki will return working for CCG.
In relation to the Guess above, Kaneki has survived but has indeed "become lost", as Touka suggests. The traumatic injuries inflicted by Arima have left his memory damaged and therefore vulnerable to manipulation by CCG. His original identity has been erased, and this is why Arima is told that "handling the name" will be left up to him. Kaneki will be given a new identity, and likely used as a weapon against other Ghouls — or possibly may have had the surgery reversed, making him human once more. He is the person speaking from off-panel, and the figure seen on the final page — who is too thin and short to be Arima. In contrast, Amon will be implanted with Yoshimura's Kakuhou and become part of the second stage of Dr. Kanou's experiments.
  • Partly confirmed in TG:re, Kaneki has been given the name Sasaki Haise and he is being used as a weapon against other Ghouls. Amon is still MIA possibly KIA.
    • As for Amon, Confirmed.

     Tokyo Ghoul:re 
Theories on Sasaki Haise.
Recording down the many theories concerning the protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul:re. The primary theory, of course, is that he is Kaneki Ken. Evidence for this includes:
  • Their similar appearances, including height/weight, hairstyle, his combined black and white hair, and the fact his Kakugan is on the left side.
  • Akira describes his relationship with Arima as one of "paternal love". Seemingly, he is one of Arima's proteges.
  • He is mentioned to enjoy books, having lent some out to Arima.
  • The letters seen above the briefcase in Chapter 143 while Arima speaks to the CCG chairman about "the name" are the same as his name, "Haise".
  • The "hai" in Haise (琲世) has the same pronunciation as ash/gray (灰). If you replace "hai" into 灰世, it would translate to "gray world". The actual "hai" in Haise (琲世) is in one of the kanjis for coffee (珈琲).
  • The Special Event preview includes an epilogue for Volume 14, presumably taking place several months after the end of the series. Akira meets her new partner, Haise, who is rumored to be "different" from other Investigators. He is a rookie Rank 3, and his hair appears to have contained more white than it does in the present.
  • He is noted to avoid killing Ghouls, preferring to capture them alive. He cites Article 13, which prohibits inflicting unnecessary injury or suffering, as his reason.
  • He seems to have no other knowledge of himself other then that he is an investigator that is intended to surpass Arima with a team of half-ghoul investigators by his side. This suggests that he might not remember anything beyond that.
  • His personality and mannerisms greatly resemble Ken Kaneki's personality before his torture by Jason.
    • He could also be Hide with Kaneki's organs transplanted into him. He does have blond and black hair as well as unusual sympathy for the ghouls he hunts.
      • People who have other people's organs are said to change, having bits from the previous owner's personality, tastes, knowledge etc., supporting this.
  • His RC levels are within the range of an average Ghoul, in contrast to his subordinates that all have levels below those of a Ghoul. As a result, he cannot eat human food.
  • In the opening pages, he is seen reading a book. He expresses confusion when he realizes he's read it before.
  • The title page for Chapter 2 shows white-haired Kaneki in a hospital gown, with heavy bandages over his human right eye. This suggests he survived his battle with Arima, and was being nursed back to health afterwards.
  • In chapter 3, Chie requests an article of Sasaki's clothing (with his scent on it) for her model (presumably Tsukiyama), in hopes of cheering him up.
  • Also in chapter 3, we learn that Sasaki regularly has nightmares where he's taunted by a figure with white hair and black nails — using the speech pattern Kaneki would use when "possessed" by Rize.
  • The four members of Quinix he mentors are referred to as "humans with installed Quinque", while Haise himself has been called a Ghoul to his face.
  • Akira notes the members of Quinix have never actually seen Haise fight seriously, and warns them not to go down the same path he did.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 7. Haise is an amnesic Kaneki, kept under control through RC Suppressants and higher-ranking officers managing him.

Torso's Identity.
The mysterious Ghoul murderer sought by CCG and Quinix is...
  • Tsukiyama Shuu, driven insane after finally emerging from his Angst Coma.
  • Amon, whom after getting transformed into a half-ghoul has become insane and has started beheading women and pretending their bodies are Harima.
  • Both Theories Jossed. Torso is a completely new character.

Quinix will be the key to eventual coexistence between Humans and Ghouls.
In the first chapter, we see an One-Eyed Ghoul (Saiko) eating human food without issue. This suggests they have developed a method that allows the hybrids to not only enjoy the taste of human food, but digest it safely. This method will eventually be used to develop a means for Ghouls to eat things other than human flesh.
  • We learn in the second chapter that it's a result of keeping their RC Cell count low, such as restricting the use of their kagune. Should it rise to levels average for a ghoul, they are said to only be able to eat flesh from then on. This seems to ultimately imply that the Quinix are simply a different brand of half-ghouls rather than being like Kaneki or Haise, who possesses RC levels in the 2000 range.

Orochi's Identity.
Theories on the mysterious Ghoul that kills other Ghouls and is hunting Torso.
  • Nishiki, the main Bikaku-type from the previous series. Ishida gave him an anime-original mask that is snake-themed.
    • Orochi has a double-pronged kagune, just like Nishiki did.
    • Orochi's mask heavily resembles Nishiki's anime-only mask.
    • Confirmed in Chapter 7.
  • Amon, hunting down Ghouls to survive. In traditional Demonology, the demon Aamon has a serpent for a tail.
    • Jossed. It’s Nishiki.

Urie will begin Slowly Slipping Into Evil.
The story has definitely built him up as someone twisted by ambition and his desire for revenge, which never ends well in this series. Whether he realizes his mistake and tries to redeem himself, or becomes a villain is the bigger question.

The "Key" to Sasaki's memories.
In Chapter 12, Donato Porpora tells Sasaki about a mysterious Ghoul that he has a personal interest in. This Ghoul, he claims, might be one of the "keys" to Sasaki's memories and tells him a name that is not revealed to the audience. Instead, we are shown a glimpse of a mysterious figure clad in a ragged cloak and carrying some sort of staff. It is Amon, experimented on by Dr. Kanou and transformed into another One-Eyed Ghoul using Yoshimura's kakuhou.
  • On the cover of Chapter 124, Amon is featured wearing a ragged cloak that covers his left eye and carrying a staff. The image, when compared to the Mysterious Figure, is nearly identical.
  • Twice, Amon was drawn in the original series with his left eye covered. The first time was when he first encountered Kaneki — both were wearing an eyepatch on over their left eye.
  • Eto had expressed fascination with Amon, contacting him as Takatsuki and giving him information that caused him to begin questioning CCG. We later learn that she is the One-Eyed King, and leader of Aogiri.
  • He was last seen being attacked by Tatara, and we are later told that not only was his body never recovered but Aogiri took Investigators for Dr. Kanou's experiments.
  • Kaneki and Amon were the dual protagonists of the original series, each providing one half of the story from the side of Ghouls and CCG, respectively. Now, Kaneki has become Ghoul Investigator Haise Sasaki. Therefore, if Amon is alive, his role would likewise have switched to the opposite side.

Arima's affection for Sasaki is genuine.
It can be seen by the book that Arima lent him, Franz Kafka's Crossbreed.

Mutsuki will be the first one to turn into a Half-Ghoul.
Ishida loves parallels, and Mutsuki's situation is very similar to Kaneki's.
  • Mutsuki was "tricked" into going to the Auction, Kaneki was tricked into going to the Ghoul Restaurant.
  • Both of them faced a horrible situation and came across a mountain of bodies (Humans for Mutsuki, Ghouls for Kaneki) and decided to eat them.
  • The person that tried to eat them/kill them before (Torso for Mutsuki, Tsukiyama for Kaneki), apologized and got rid of the threat that attacked them (Kanae for Mutsuki, Scrapper for Kaneki).

Theories about the mysterious "Floppy", the person or group of interest to both Aogiri and CCG.
  • Amon is involved, though it isn't clear whether "Floppy" refers to a single individual or a group. We know that Donato is interested in a "certain Ghoul" implied to be Amon, and that Aogiri did something to "Floppy" that angers Ayato. We also know from the audio that Hinami listened to that "Floppy" has drawn attention by using a badge to impersonate an Investigator. Most likely, Amon escaped from Aogiri at some point during the experiments and has been pursuing his own goals.

Hide is a member of the Washuu Clan.
Kaneki's missing Muggle Best Friend is one of the more mysterious characters in the series, with almost no information concerning him. However, he's shown in both the main series and the side novels to have an unusual knowledge of Ghouls and several talents that are unusual for an ordinary college student. We also learn that at least one male from each generation has used the same character in their personal name — "Yoshi/Kichi" — which is switched from the first character to the last with each generation. We have Yoshiu, Tsuneyoshi, Yoshitoki, and......Matsuri. The latest generation seems to break this tradition, but we are told that Matsuri is "the oldest son" of Yoshitoki Washuu. Meaning that Yoshitoki has another son somewhere, who might have a name that ends with -yoshi. Close observation reveals that Hide has a Character Tic of scratching his cheek when he's nervous or being deceptive — with a flashback showing him doing this when he vaguely tells Kaneki that he just moved to the 20th Ward with his mother. In other words, Hide was uneasy about discussing his home situation with Kaneki and seemingly never offered to let his best friend move in with his family to escape his own abusive one. Most likely, "Nagachika" is his mother's maiden name and he has long been concealing his connection to the illustrious first family of CCG.

Re: will have a happy ending, or at least a bittersweet one.
Kaneki told us that a story with him as the lead will be tragic. Undoubtedly, Tokyo Ghoul ended on a sour note. However, Haise's story is yet to be finished, notwithstanding the fact that he's an amnesiac Ken. Mayhaps his fate will end on a higher note than the last time.
  • [[spoiler:Confirmed, believe it or not. The villains have been defeated and their control over the world is broken, while humans and ghouls are learning to coexist. Even Haise/Kaneki finally gets to be with Touka, and some other couples become canon as well. However a new threat is rising in the offspring of the “Dragon”, and the human-ghoul alliance must combat it.

Eto tortured Takizawa Seidou until he went mad.
It's fairly obvious that Takizawa underwent severe torture—including being forced to eat his mother—but many assume that his suffering was at the hands of Tatara, a ghoul who would have good reason to torment one of Houji's subordinates. However, Kanae now shows similar "symptoms" after being tortured by Eto herself—almost drunken behavior while murderously rampaging and muttering to himself. That and the fact that Kanou spoke to Eto as though the new Owl were her property, could mean that it was her who brutalized him until his mind broke.
  • Possibly Jossed, as we see Dr. Kanou torturing him instead.

Nimura Furuta.
The seemingly innocent and unimportant junior partner of Shiki Kijima is definitely more than he seems. Sharp-eyed readers realized he'd made an Early-Bird Cameo in the original series, and was the young man that Touka mistook for Kaneki when she visited Kamii University. Suspicions have been raised with the twist in Chapter 50, with him suddenly killing a fellow Investigator and mentioning Tsukiyama by the alias he used at the Ghoul Restaurant — Mr. MM. So what does this all mean? Furuta is: Souta, the most mysterious of the Clown Gang.
  • Ties to the same Ghoul Restaurant that Tsukiyama frequented.
  • There has been repeated mentions of a Leak within CCG.
  • Furuta = Full-ta = 総ta = Souta.
  • He even has a mole on his face!
  • If you keep in mind Kanou's birdcage rant from the original series, his Tarot Card that Ishida made having the number 5 as the Roman numeral V on it as opposed to the number 8 like the cards of the other Clowns, and the connections between V and the One-Eyed Ghouls, there is a possibility that Furuta is a One-Eyed Ghoul. This makes Touka mistaking him for Kaneki have deeper meaning, as well.
  • Shiki Kijima's birthday entry on the 2016 calendar includes a coded message, with some of the text written in red. If these characters are put together, it spells out "Furuta - is - Ghoul - Agent".

Noro, the highly regenerative ghoul whom never speaks and has an odd kagune with mouths, is actually a living detached kagune himself. In Tokyo Ghoul:RE chapter 43 we are shown Eto using a kagune that spoke and had mouths and limbs. Furthermore during all of Tokyo Ghoul:RE we are seeing more and more odd kagune abilities. In the same chapter 43, Eto also explains that the shape a Kagune takes is based on imagination and creativity of the user. It seems like Noro is just a really powerful detached kagune of Eto's that is independent up to a point. He can only do simple commands really, and it would also explain his regeneration and apatite.
  • A mixed bag. Chapter 55 reveals that Noro was Eto's caretaker, but also reveals "Noro" has been a mummified body for at least several years.

Kaneki's aunt was at least partially imaginary.

Chapter 53 reveals that Kaneki's self-sacrificing and saintly mother beat him to the point where he begged her to have mercy. Kaneki clearly revered his mother a great deal, so it might be that his abusive aunt was his mind's way of coping with her abusive tendencies, by creating a figure to assign blame to in her place. The story about his abuse at the hands of his mother's sister has never been corroborated with anyone besides Kaneki himself, and while there are plenty of good reasons for that, it is something to think about.

  • Already at least partially Jossed. The third novel includes a story concerning an incident of abuse, where Hide becomes involved.

Shirazu is now a full half-ghoul or is in the process of becoming one.

The fight against Noro forced him to pull out all the stops just to survive. He pushes himself far past his limits to keep up a stream of fire against Noro, and we actually see the "cage" around his transplanted kakuhou start to bend and break. Finally, while its difficult to see, the last shot of his face makes it appear that his left eye has become a complete ghoul kakugan.

  • Now that he's dead, we'll never know.

Shirazu dying
will snap Kaneki back to being Haise.Out of all the Quinx, it's Haise and Shirazu that are the most respectful and friendly. Maybe someone shouting at him at how Shirazu's dead will fragment his mind back again, enough for Haise to come back.
  • Averted, he doesn't care. When Urie gets angry at Kaneki's indifference, Kaneki tells Urie its his fault for beig too weak.

An old one, but Torso killed Kimi, causing Nishiki to seek vengeance against him.
It's an old theory, but one that makes perfect sense, and has never really been resolved. As Serpent, Nishiki hunted and devoured his own kind, all in order to become strong enough to challenge—and presumably kill—Torso. Torso is a Serial Killer who targets scarred women, and what does Kimi have on her shoulder? A bite scar from when Nishiki fed on her in desperation. It could be that he holds himself responsible either for not protecting her, or for giving her a mark that put her in Torso's sights to begin with.
  • There's two details that could invalidate this theory, though. The first is that Nishiki was pursuing Torso as part of a group, based on the things he said. And the second is Nishiki's behavior during the entire encounter with the Quinx — he isn't acting like his pursuit of Torso is personal. If he were pursuing Kimi's killer, he wouldn't be so casual about everything. He decides to "play" with the Quinx for a while, toying with them when he was fully capable of killing them all immediately. This allows Torso to escape, something he likely wouldn't have allowed if it were about avenging his lover.

Shikorae, the nightmarish and recently introduced Aogiri member of unknown origin is Rio.
Chapter 40 introduces several Aogiri members hired by Kanae to kill the Quinx. Two of these are identified as members of the Yamori clan, and are subordinates of Naki, while the young woman is a subordinate of Tatara's. A fourth Ghoul is only later revealed when it ambushes Saiko. Additionally, this Ghoul is only given a name and no origin. A theory states that this character, named Shikorae, is actually Rio from the spin-off game JAIL.
  • JAIL is recognized as canon by the manga with the introduction of Shiki Kijima to the plot. The latter has a bio in volume 5 of :re that states he was still pursuing a Ghoul (whom we know is Rio) and his quinque, Rotten Follow, is stated to have been made from that Ghoul's brother.
  • One of the paths which Rio can take in the game has him join an unknown individual, rather than going to Anteiku. The individual's seemingly harmless approach indicates that this character may be Eto, who invites Rio to join Aogiri.
  • A close-up panel of Shikorae's face reveals stitches around his eyelids, very reminiscent of Kanae's after Eto tortured her. The implications are that Rio, after his recruitment, was tortured much like Takizawa and Kanae were, explaining his deranged behaviour and appearance. We know from Takizawa that the type of torture used can drastically change a person, with the latter barely resembling his former CCG self.
  • Rio's short bio in JAIL states he likes striped patterns. Both Rio and Shikorae wear clothing with such patterns featured prominently.
  • Shikorae's first appearance corresponded with the release of JAIL. He reappears in a panel in chapter 58, which came out within a week of the JAIL scenario book.
  • This is juuust about confirmed. Shikorae has used three kagune types, Rio has access to all four. And their kagune look the same. Evidence described in this tumblr post.

Eto secretly doesn't care about Aogiri or the rights of ghouls.
If Kaneki's life as a ghoul was a measuring stick for the lifestyle of a half-ghoul, then Eto's life in the 24th ward was not a happy one. She might have had Noro to protect her but its implied that he technically died at some point earlier to the beginning of the manga. She lived in the 24th ward where she was surrounded by ghouls meant she was exposed to a high level of violence given the CCG's knowledge of the high density of ghouls living in the area and that the ghouls had to live cramped in the same area in spite of their territorial and isolationist nature.It gets worse when you realize she was surrounded by perpetually hungry ghouls and hybrid flesh is considered to be nearly addictive to ghouls. The fact that she eats at least ghouls that she deems too weak shows she is rather cold in regards to her own species. She treats her subordinates as disposable and even sacrifices her own father to be research, so she can create super-soldiers like herself. In fact there was no record of her attacking humans until the CCG deliberately went after her.

So why help ghouls in their fight against humans if she doesn't care? Because she enjoys the violence in the war between the two groups. Its why she butted into the Tsukiyama incident even though there was little tactical value in participating. She wants to see Tokyo burn in the fires of the CCG-Aogiri war. What's more, when she realizes Kaneki's existence, she doesn't try to convert him to Aogiri but try to bring him into that same mindset of carnage and nihilism.

  • Seemingly Jossed, as her goal seems to be stopping the endless carnage.

Urie hasn't killed Shirazu's sister.
A part of his earnings, hell, even all of it maybe, will be going for saving Shirazu's sister from her disease.
  • Confirmed, however, he saves his money for Shirazu's sister along with Mutsuki and Saiko.

The One-Eyed King isn't a specific person, but can be anyone who has been transformed to a one-eyed ghoul .
The name Eto gives the king in her book is "Nameless." That could possibly mean that the one-eyed king can be any ghoul who has undergone the particular transformation to become that ghoul. It's that particular ghoul who finally realizes that the root cause of all tragedy in the story is from the Washuu clan, and finally rises up against them, along with all of ghoulkind.
  • Jossed in re:86. Arima is the One-Eyed King.
    • Partly Confirmed in that the One-Eyed King isn’t one single person. Eto and Arima seem to share the identity at first, then after both are beaten by Kaneki he becomes the new holder of the title.

The exceptional humans that can stand up against ghouls with little to no effort are actually ghouls..
Rize lets it slip that there's an organization pulling the strings, called "V", that allows ghouls with certain frequences to not trigger RC Gates. What if the "humans" like Arima and others are actually part ghoul or experimented on at least to have some ghoul DNA? And at the same time, these won't trigger since they're tuned in to the frequency?
  • Half-confirmed. They're actually half-ghouls engineered by V.

"Floppy" was supposed to be Fukuro, the Owl, but he rebelled against Aogiri and went his own way.
Takizawa's designation is in English, as "OWL," rather than FUKURO, the japanese term for it. Takizawa keeps ranting that "second place is for losers," while at the same time wanting to challenge strong opponents like Kaneki. It is odd for him to want to prove himself while being "the strongest," isn't it? Its possible that he's a "backup" owl, and not the original one, which was Floppy.

Mutsuki theories.

Mutsuki was sexually abused in the past

  • He has scars on his breast
  • In chapter 13 the words "rape" "rape" "Rape" come to his head
  • In chapter 73 we see that as a child, Mutsuki's father abused him. He learned that if he played along and acted like he loved his father, he wouldn't be hurt. We get a Big Madam & Juuzou parallel, with his father saying "Here's your reward" and leering at Mutsuki who's shirt is sodden from his father attempting to drown him.

Mutsuki will accept herself as a female again.

  • Ishida drew her in a dress for his birthday illustration.
  • She was featured in the female characters section in the official 366 day calendar.
  • There was a number 2 on her in chapter 64 meaning "for woman to accept herself with femininity".
    • This seems to most likely happen after chapter 79.

Kaneki's mother was actually a cannibalistic serial killer.
  • It has already been revealed that she was not as kind and gentle as Kaneki originally described her, given her physical abuse of him.
  • It draws parallels between Kaneki and the protagonist of The Black Goat's Egg, whom he's been compared to before.
  • It also draws further comparisons to his established counterparts, Amon, Eto and Mutsuki.
  • His mother's cooking is brought up several times in the course of the series, including chapter 4, where Kaneki is reminded of it by the smell of a human corpse.

Arima and Eto were secretly cooperating, and Arima is the One-Eyed King.
  • In chapter 138 of the original series, Yoshitoki Washuu is in disbelief that the "One-Eyed Owl" managed to suddenly appear in the center of the containment. It is not possible to enter the containment from underground without passing through V14. But since the blockade set up around Anteiku did not react, it is no different from the One-Eyed Owl appearing from underground. This implies that there are two possibilities:
    • The One-Eyed Owl used a path unknown to the CCG.
    • She passed through V14, in other words, Arima let her pass.
  • In chapter 141, Tatara claims "The King will pass". Only two people are known to have passed through after:
    • Arima, who went to fight Eto.
    • Eto, who escaped after the fight.
  • The title of chapter 142 is a homophone of the Japanese word for "play", "performance". Furthermore, Eto once exclaims "cho-", which might be "chotto" ("wait"), and that would mean she tried to tell him to slow down or go easier on her. Additionally, there is one panel where Arima opens his mouth, which hints that Arima might have told Eto something. Finally, Eto later comments "That guy really doesn't show any mercy", like the other "actor" overdid it. Thus, the Eto-Arima fight seems to have been all an act.
  • Finally, in chapter 66 of :re, Eto asks Sasaki to kill the One-Eyed King. Later, he defeats Arima in a fight. Afterwards, Arima commits suicide, but asks Sasaki to treat it as if Sasaki killed him. Sasaki promises to do so, so Arima becomes the first named deceased character that Sasaki openly admits to have killed. Going by this sequence of events, it seems Eto meant Arima when she told Sasaki to kill the One-Eyed King.
  • Confirmed in re: 86.

Marude was bailed out by Amon.
In Chapter 85, Yoshitoki was impaled by a huge spike and is deader than dead. All the humans that confronted him weren't hybrids, as far as I know, so another Half-Ghoul or ghoul bailed them out. It's possible that Amon was observing events to ensure Marude's survival. He was seen eyeing everything from afar after all.

Hide delivered the Christmas package to Sasaki.
In the box is a copy of "The Hanged Man's McGuffin". In particular, it's Hide's copy, which was signed with "Kaneki Ken" unlike Kaneki's copy, which was signed with only his last name. The Anteiku survivors were too busy fleeing for their lives to concern themselves with Kaneki's human friend. And CCG, at least the official channels within it, would try to prevent Sasaki from receiving anything that connects to Kaneki. The only person with access to the book and motivation to get it to Sasaki is... Hide.

Nishiki was delivering a pregnancy test for Touka.
In the bag is a pregancy test since the previous coitus may have left Touka pregnant and she needs a test.This could be the set up for Kaneki's, Touka's, or Ayato's death.

Shinohara will become a ghoul and heal.
He does heal, but it’s not clear if he became a ghoul or not.

There will be a part three.
What it will be about and even if Kaneki is the protagonist I am not sure of. But there are too many plot threads for Re to be the end of the series.

The ending directly leads to Elfen Lied
Unmarked spoilers for both series, obviously.

After the Dragon was defeated, its offspring remained. It is hinted that they are gaining sentience. Eventually, this somehow results in a woman birthing Kaede, and thus the Diclonius are born from the Dragon. The CCG, of course, needed to defend against them.

Unbeknownst to Kaede was the true circumstance of her birth. Eto, the One-Eyed Owl, reincarnated herself into Kaede, and eventually surfaced as the DNA Voice. Meanwhile, Furuta was somehow revived, and when he grew old enough to come out of hiding, he took the new name Kakuzawa and established his research facility with the CCG’s help. He was made its Director. He birthed two children from Rize; the Professor and Anne. The horns on their head are a marker of the Wasshu bloodline.

Their goal was to retake the world from the human-ghoul alliance; at that point, both of them stopped caring about peace and waned revenge, so they aim to replace humans and ghouls with the Diclonii as the Master Race.

Thus, Eto and Furuta once again threw the world into chaos, and the cycle of discrimination began anew.


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