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Trivia Tropes:

  • Actor Allusion: This is not the first time Daisuke Namikawa voiced a character who acts as The Ace of the group, who works on investigation cases, who has gray-silver hair and wears eyeglasses, and is proficient with swords. Arima even wields a weapon which shares its name with the said character's surname and it is lightning-based to boot! similar to the element of Yu Narukami's initial Persona, Izanagi.
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  • Banned in China: For excessive violence.
  • Bonus Material: Each volume has several bonus comics, some plain old parodies while others are comedic extra moments that appear to be canon and provide a little extra characterization. Some of the humorous, non-canon ones even made it into the anime as comical post-credits bonuses. Script-style pieces are also sometimes included, featuring interactions between two or more characters and adding little extra information about their relationships.
  • Colbert Bump: Alternative rock group Osterriech has received a great amount more attention thanks to their composition of the second anime OP and Ishida's habit of connecting their music to important plot events on his twitter.
    • First season OP "unravel" serves as this for its singer, Toru Kitajima ("TK") and his band Ling Tosite Sigure, leading to a rise in popularity of their previous work on Psycho-Pass and anticipation for TK's music for 91 Days.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: The Auction Arc of Tokyo Ghoul:Re features a 20 member Red Shirt Army based on the winners of a "Ghoul Investigator Recruitment" contest. The prize involved having an Investigator based on them appear, with a special page each chapter tracking their deaths.
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  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Rie Kugimiya and Maxey Whitehead as Juuzou Suzuya.
  • Development Gag: Saiko mentions that Hayashimura originally wanted to be a hair stylist prior to becoming an Investigator. The Contest Winner Hayashimura is based on is one in real life.
  • Dueling Shows: With Akame ga Kill!, which also stars Sora Amamiya as the female lead.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Kuro!Kaneki and Shiro!Kaneki, for his respective hair colors and personalities. Abu!Kaneki for his wildly different persona in the pilot oneshot. He also gets "Nugget/The Tokyo Nugget" after Furuta dubs him as such in Chapter 143.
    • Trashyama for Tsukiyama.
    • Taco-chan for Touka.
    • In Tokyo Ghoul:Re, Seidou Takizawa is nicknamed "Pineapple-kun" or "Shirotaki".
    • In :re, Papayama for Mirumo Tsukiyama.
    • Anime Skrillex for Uta after he was called such in this video.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Some fans predicted that Sen Takatsuki was Yoshimura's daughter and that Aogiri Tree would be using Investigators to make One-Eyed Ghouls prior to these being revealed during the final chapters.
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    • Haise Sasaki is Ken Kaneki with amnesia. This one was exhaustingly debated by the fandom; while the majority believed it was pretty much a given, adequately to this trope, there was a strong opposing Vocal Minority claiming that everyone else was just in denial about Kaneki’s death.
    • Orochi is Nishiki Nishio, after having taken many a level in Badass.
    • Takizawa was taken by Aogiri and experimented on.
    • There were many fans that, based on the card deck, guessed that Noro was Eto's Parental Substitute. Chapter 55 reveals this be true.
    • Amon is alive, and now a half-ghoul.
    • Chapter 70 confirmed the long-time speculation concerning Yomo's sister being Touka and Ayato's mother.
    • Arima being a hybrid of a ghoul and human parent, wasn't a total surprise, given how he effortlessly defeated even the most powerful of ghouls.
    • Irimi and Koma revealed to be alive in :Re was a theory of a lot of people since their disappearance at the end of the original series was pretty ambiguous.
    • Kou being a CCG spy that was tasked to infiltrate GOAT was called the moment the character was brought to the organization's hideout by Tsukiyama.
    • A ton of people had theorized that Hide was alive as there was no body left behind.
  • Jossed: The theory of Kaneki having killed Hide by eating him in an attack of hunger was shot down when it was revealed that he was alive. He did get half of his face eaten and his vocal cords, but he did this willingly to help Kaneki.
  • No Export for You:
    • The series won't be released in China due to its graphic violence.
    • Also, the series is not available in Latin America, despite the fandom it has in that region, simply because Funimation or any other company gives a shit about that. The only stuff available from Tokyo Ghoul are the manga and the live-action movie.
      • Averted. Starting from June 1st, the first anime series will finally put a feet in Latin America (starting with Mexico) thanks to a niche TV channel called Pánico.
  • Production Throwback: Several characters look quite a bit like characters from Ishida's previous work, an amateur Web Comic called "The Penisman".
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • Sui Ishida has long been a major fan of the series Hunter × Hunter, even publishing an April's Fool joke in 2015 advertising a Hisoka Spin-Off. This became a reality in 2016, with a 69-page one-shot in collaboration with his hero, Yoshihiro Togashi.
    • AmaLee, an American voice actress most famous for her YouTube channel where she does covers of various anime songs, had been a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, as shown by her covers of Unravel and Glassy Sky, among other songs from the series. For Tokyo Ghoul:re, she got the chance to work with composer Yukata Yamade to make songs for the soundtrack, including Glassy Sky:repeat.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: The anime series shares some seiyuu with Attack on Titan. Namely:
    • Ayato as Eren.
    • Yamori as Moblit (Rintarou Nishi).
    • Naki as Connie.
    • Kanae von Rosewald as Sasha.
  • Star-Making Role: For both Natsuki Hanae and Sora Amamiya, this (along with Aldnoah.Zero) was one of the big name shows that aired in 2014 where they played main characters and quickly became well-known in anime fandom.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The prototype one-shot for the series is very different from the published story. Kaneki is a full-blooded Ghoul that hunts problematic humans as a vigilante, and expresses canon Touka's desire to live as an ordinary human. In turn, Touka is the Binge Eater of the story and Shinohara is the ruthless Ghoul Investigator akin to the canon Mado Kureo.
    • In the art book Zakki, Sui Ishida revealed that Tsukiyama was originally created as a main character for a completely different story. He eventually decided to use the character for Tokyo Ghoul instead.
    • As a more general example, the plot of the anime's second half was based upon Ishida's original draft of the series.
    • In an interview with Yomiuri Shimbun, Sui Ishida said that he considered ending the series with Kaneki as Dragon dying to bridge the gap between humans and ghouls. However, he felt it wouldn't leave the readers with anything, so he instead opted for a happy ending that would leave the readers with questions to take away.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Tokyo Ghoul Wiki.
  • Word of God: Sui Ishida occasionally answers questions from fans on his official twitter account.

Misc Trivia:

  • The Wards mentioned in the series are the Special Wards of Tokyo, with the exception of the completely fictional 24th Ward. They are as follows:
    • 1st Ward: Chiyoda - CCG's headquarters, the main location featured in the sequel.
    • 2nd Ward: Chuo
    • 3rd Ward: Minato
    • 4th Ward: Shinjuku - Uta's shop is located here.
    • 5th Ward: Bunkyo
    • 6th Ward: Taito - Kaneki's group operates here.
    • 7th Ward: Sumida - The Ghoul Restaurant is located here.
    • 8th Ward: Koto
    • 9th Ward: Shingawa
    • 10th Ward: Meguro
    • 11th Ward: Ota - The Aogiri Arc takes place here.
    • 12th Ward: Setagaya
    • 13th Ward: Shibuya - The side-story Jack takes place here. Yamori and Naki called it home, and Pierrot is said to have started there as well.
    • 14th Ward: Nakano - Itori's bar is located here.
    • 15th Ward: Suginami
    • 16th Ward: Toshima
    • 17th Ward: Kita
    • 18th Ward: Arakawa
    • 19th Ward: Itabashi
    • 20th Ward: Nerima - The main Ward featured in the series.
    • 21st Ward: Adachi
    • 22nd Ward: Katsushika
    • 23rd Ward: Edogawa - Kokuria, the Ghoul Detention Center, is located here.
    • 24th Ward: Fictional.
  • The cafe featured in Tokyo Ghoul: Re is based on a real cafe in Tokyo, called MUSEUM cafe & diner.
  • Zeum Hall, the location of the events of the Auction Arc, is based on Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Centre Muse's Ark Hall.


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