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Here Be Spoilers: This page is full of them. You have been warned.

Fridge Brilliance (Original series):

  • Takatsuki Sen's newly released novel after the six-month Time Skip is The Hanged Man's MacGuffin: a collection of Short Stories about prisoners on Death Row. At the end of the Aogiri Arc, she had taken part in the prison break freeing an untold number of Ghouls from CCG's internment facility in the 23rd Ward. As such, she had plenty of sources for new material from the prisoners she'd helped free. One of the characters mentioned is even a sadistic warden that tortures prisoners, likely inspired by Yamori's time there.
  • Arata always looked a little under the weather, something commented on by the neighbors. The reason he always looked ill is because he—like Touka years later—insisted on eating the food given to him by their neighbors. He was so kind-hearted and grateful for their generosity that he was essentially poisoning himself.
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  • In chapter 136, we learn that Hide already knew Kaneki had become a Ghoul. When did this happen? All the way back in chapter 9, when Yoshimura and Kaneki discussed his condition in the same room Hide was sleeping in. Except in the final panel, we see Hide open his eyes. He was awake for at least part of the conversation.
  • The first opening song, Unravel was definitely about Kaneki, what with the references to corrupting and remembering what they used to be in the lyrics. But yet, the second ending song has a completely different feel to it. The message and the lyrics in the song point to saying goodbye, to move on. And then it dawned. The song wasn't about Kaneki, but HAISE. Kaneki doesn't have much of a past to cast off and rather forget, but Haise does. It's not a call back to what happens in Root A, with Kaneki casting off his ties to Anteiku and joining Aogiri, it's a call forward to :re, where Haise struggles to maintain his sense of self. Still in disbelief? Just listen to the lyrics:
Salutations; this is a break-up verse that I bid to you, the loathsome past
  • In the anime, the fight with Kaneki in his half-kakuja state is done inside the ghoul prison Cochlea instead of Kanou's lab. The cochlea is an inner part of the ear and Kaneki's kakuja resembles a centipede. Remind you of a particular torture session involving Yamori, Kaneki and a centipede?

Fridge Horror (Original Series):

  • A large controversy is caused by Dr. Kanou transplanting Rize's organs into Kaneki without asking permission from her family. But what about Kaneki's family? Well, his parents are dead and his extended family barely acknowledges him, with his aunt being outright abusive. This could be why Kanou targeted him for his experiment to create artificial ghouls—Kaneki didn't have any loved ones to really monitor him and pay attention to what his doctor was doing.
  • In his first fight with Amon, Kaneki resolves not to lose his sense of self. Sure enough, his sanity and personality steadily crack over the course of the series until finally, after suffering a severe loss to Arima, Kaneki has a hallucination in which he forgives his own ruthless side and lets go of his identity, becoming amnesiac.
  • Ghouls are stated to only need one body every month or two. That means the average Ghoul is responsible for between six and twelve murders a year.
    • Aogiri Tree had more than 200 Ghouls living in their base in the 11th Ward. We see Kaneki and Banjou working to dismantle corpses in a large room with several other workers, so dozens of people were probably being killed by Aogiri Tree a month to keep their members supplied with food.
  • In the novels focusing on Tsukiyama there's a scene where Chie discovers a nurse secretly abuses an elderly patient of hers (smacking him around, eating the food his visitors have given him, and later kicking him again when he is begging for help after being skinned by Tsukiyama and when he calls her out on her actions she approaches him with a knife before the scene ends). This brings to mind the questions: How long has she been doing this to the elderly patient and has she done something similar to her other patients as well?
  • The rape implications when Big Madam grabs Juuzou's lower parts and puts her finger in his mouth before castrating him with a hammer.
  • This often glossed over part of chapter 30 is translated by the tumblr member eyepatch centipede whereas in the original it was just japanese text. Tsukiyama's wanted poster has the following text: “On November 11 close to 8 pm, city council Kuninari was stabbed with a knife. Additionally, his genitals were severed and removed.” Considering Tsukiyama is a ghoul who eats parts that he finds appealing...
    • Floppyamon details into the other implications of Kaneki's capture and torture by Yamori.
      • He did have that hallucination of Rize AND Yamori climbing up his naked body surrounded by blood while he screamed "My body is mine. Get out of my body!" I initially interpreted as both Rize and Yamori affected him on an extremely deep level which is why they were present and figured that him being naked on top of that was just a way of making him feel vulnerable. Perhaps there was more to it after all?
    • On the other hand Yamori could be appearing with Rize there not because of some sexual connection they have to Kaneki but because in a twisted way they are like his parents, they made Kaneki who he is. Kaneki has Rize's kakuhou and her strength after "eating" her and he takes after Yamori's mentality of "the strong are the ones who survive" and his sadism. The imagery of them climbing up his body recalls ghosts(their faces are very distorted and the like), they are his ghosts who he fears are trying retake possession of his body (since he took from them so they're after him for revenge as ghosts). Or perhaps the hallucination was used to represent his fear at being overtaken by memories of them or by the threat of even becoming like them. He even said it wasn't him who was eating ghouls but ghouls that were eating him. So while he meant to gain strength, show dominance by devouring Yamori and symbolically devouring Rize he is terrified of everything and not as strong as he'd like to appear. His fear induced insanity is threatening to overcome him.
    • When we learn in re: that Kaneki's mother physically abused him we know that Kaneki idolized her despite that and tried to deny it. Even before the horrors of the ghoul world got to him and his torture at Jason's hands he was broken. He uses smiles and books to hide this from others.
  • Tsukiyama comments on the beauty of a woman's eyes, and takes and eats them leaving her to wander the street with empty eye sockets utterly helpless. In a city that is crawling with ghouls eager to devour humans, especially helpless humans this would leave her unable to protect herself or even spot a ghoul who might want to eat her.

Fridge Brilliance (Re):

  • In the sequel we see that Hinami has joined Aogiri Tree.. What was the last thing we saw her doing in the final chapter of Tokyo Ghoul? Calling Takatsuki AKA Eto using the card she got in chapter 114.
  • Sasaki wears glasses, but Kaneki never needed them before. Arima stabbed Kaneki through the eyes.
  • 19-year old Mutsuki binding his chest. Medical standards require a person to be the Age of Majority before they can begin hormone treatments or have surgery — in Japan, that means the person must be at least 20.
  • Consider how Sasaki does his best to be a surrogate father to his team, but ends up being more like a Team Mom due to his kindness and highly emphatic nature. Consider how Saiko affectionately calls him "Maman". Now consider how Saiko's mother essentially sold her to the CCG for human experimenation, and suddenly all her interactions with Sasaki take on a whole new meaning.
  • The Reveal that Kaneki's mother was an abusive parent was foreshadowed by his being a fan of Eto's book The Black Goat's Egg which is about a horrible mother and her son.
  • As a teenager, Arima sported electric blue hair, and by the time he was in his early thirties it already had become white. Maybe he had undergone a life-changing trauma, like Kaneki. It's actually because he's dying of old age due to being an imperfect half-breed, leading to a shorter life span.
  • In chapter 83, Eto proclaims herself to be dying from Furuta's attack. This seems like the Worf Effect is in play, but it does make sense. Furuta got his Kagune - one of the most powerful kagune around - from Rize, whom he knew from the Garden. This all but outright tells us that Furuta is a half-human like Arima, with advanced aging, but also extreme abilities such as strength and reflexes. Combine those two, and it makes sense that Eto could be defeated by him if caught off-guard.
  • Eto also asks Furuta in chapter 82 about "what in the world was [he] after" since he clearly doesn't care about V or the Washuu. Furuta's answer? Super Peace.
    Eto: "What in the world..."
  • How did Juuzou figure out that the clown army weren't ghouls? Simple, he´s a former scrapper, he knows the difference between cutting a ghoul and a human from plenty of personal experience in cutting both types up like turkeys.
  • Ken Kaneki’s transformation into an Eldritch Abomination was actually foreshadowed from chapter 1 of the original series. It all goes back to the Black Goat’s Egg. Anyone familiar with Lovecraftian lore will know that the Black Goat is one of the titles of Shub Niggurath the mother of a thousand young. Kaneki is often referred to as the Black Goat’s Egg so naturally he’d one day hatch into an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Rize being the Final Boss for the series is a case of Book-Ends. Kaneki's journey as a Ghoul began on that night Rize attacked him. Everything he's gone through, everything he's faced, it all started with Rize. Therefore, it's only fitting that Rize is the last opponent Kaneki faces.

Fridge Horror (:re):

  • Seidou being turned into one of Aogiri Tree's experiments is already bad enough, but the fact that he was wielding a Quinque made from one of Tatara's former gang members when he was captured means Tatara probably tortured him even more than necessary for revenge.

    • His significantly altered appearance is major Fridge Horror in and of itself, since they suggest extensive torture. Just imaging what he's gone through in the last two years is Nightmare Fuel at its finest.

    • Remember how Yamori broke Kaneki with a Sadistic Choice? Seidou had a loving family, it could be very much possible that Tatara pulled a similar Sadistic Choice with him by kidnapping his family and killing them all right infront of him anyway to break him and mold him into a weapon for Aogiri Tree.

    • In Chapter 25, he comments that being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice doesn't hurt at all and won't slow him down because he's used to that kind of thing. This suggests he was tortured to the extent he's completely desensitized to pain.

    • Chapter 28 includes his exchange with Sasaki, where he tells him that his lines will be "I don't want to die" and "I want to die after all". The first is what Takizawa wrote in his Will, while the second line implies that he's essentially re-enacting the torture he himself endured at the hands of Aogiri. What they did to him was so horrible, he wanted to die but was forced to continue living until they'd made him into a monster.

      • His torture at the hands of Kanou after the ghoul surgery in revealed in chapter 90. This is implied to include a forced ejaculation to collect a semen sample. Did he do this to other prospective ghoul candidates as well?

    • In Chapter 31 he goes half-kakuja to fight Haise/Kaneki. His mental state during that fight is not pretty at all. Takiwaza starts near crying at one point that he essentially could't help eating mom and dad and later on it was decoded from a mishmash of insane ramblings that I ate mom's intestine's!. The implications of this are a mix of Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker. The half-kakuja pretty much shows that Takiwaza at this point is at the precipice of loosing his sanity on top of already loosing his humanity...

  • It's revealed in Chapter 31 that Big Madam was, at least, designated male at birth. Now think about how this connects to her crushing Juuzou's testicles.

  • Noro's decaying skull beneath his mask implies that he was Dead All Along—a walking corpse animated only by Eto's half-sentient kagune. If that is true...then what does that mean for Kanae, who was implanted at least part of her kagune? Could it be that Kanae is actually dead, and has only a short window of time before he realizes it, or his brain just shuts down, making him another kagune zombie?

  • Suppressed memories of childhood abuse is an extremely rare condition in the real world. However, it is related to dissociative identity disorders.

  • After the Time Skip, Kaneki's started wearing gloves. There's a pretty good reason for that: his arm apparently grew back with scales.
  • Torso keeps the body parts of women he cuts off and calls their torsos his "lovers". Think about that.
    • There's also the fate of the people who's limbs he cut off. The possibilities are endless: he can use them to masturbate to (he states he does so in his diary while thinking of Mutsuki), keeps them around as lifeless "lovers" or trophies, eats them when hungry because he's a ghoul, or allows them to decompose.
    • When Torso strips Mutsuki, beats, and pins him down, it seriously looks like he was about to rape him if Mutsuki's team hadn't arrived to help him.
    • When Torso finally manages to kidnap his crush Mutsuki in chapter 64 and declares they are getting married right before showing him how he cut his legs and arms off with a ring on his finger and he dressed Mutsuki in a white dress too.
    • Why would Torso force Mutsuki to marry him? Because he believes he's Entitled to Have You and thinks it'd be harder for him to get away if they were married. And Mitsuki reminds him of his past love that tragically died. So he's keeping Mitsuki as her substitute.
    • Many fans have felt that chapter 65 gave the implication that Torso standing in front of Mutsuki while shirtless, breathing heavy, and whispering "My Tooru" looked like he was preparing to rape Mutsuki. That's horrifying enough on it's own but consider the fact that he had cut Mutsuki's arms and legs off as well. Also who's to say he didn't repeatedly cut off Mutsuki's arms and legs because he can heal like when Yamori repeatedly cut off Kaneki's toes and fingers?
    • In his diary Torso depicts his Lack of Empathy towards people and refusal to see them as anything but dolls stuffed with meat. Also, his "lovers" rejection of him drives him to extreme violence to punish them including destroying their faces. Think about what this meant for Mutsuki if he hadn't mutilated Torso to death. Made even worse when he tries to take Mutsuki somewhere in one chapter and Mutsuki rightly panics upon seeing scissors in Torso's pocket.
    • Torso's backstory is revealed in chapter 78 as him having grown up in complete isolation while being abused by his father, and witnessing his father dismember and eat his Only Friend. He then is implied to have killed his father for this. Also, when they were without food his father ate his mother. This leaves the implications that his father could've planned to eat Torso if Torso's friend hadn't come along considering what he did to his wife and how abusive he was towards Torso. Also, Torso's friend is reduced to a torso that smells of bleach after his father dismembers and eats her. It's implied to be the same torso Urie finds in his cave before he found Torso's own. Therefore, Torso inadvertently became attached to torso's because of his abusive fathers actions towards his Only Friend, and he kept her torso to be reminded of her. He was also implied to be turned on when she was sleeping next to him wearing next to nothing in his tent when he was a kid (he had his hand to his crotch) and was further interested in the story behind the bruises on her body. Does that mean that Torso, despite suspecting about the physical and maybe sexual abuse his friend endured is still turned on by her situation? And even after his father eats her, Torso preserves and keeps her torso with him. Knowing about his sexual interest in torso's due to his father's actions and his growing sexuality as a young boy did he also masturbate to the torso of her despite her tragic life and end? Did he masturbate while thinking of his Freudian Excuse which shaped him and his sexual obsession for torso's and body parts in the first place? There is also the implication that he's Not Good with Rejection, adamant on keeping his "lovers" with him to disturbing extremes and with winning Mutsuki's affection, because he was deprived of affection as a kid while being kept in isolation and because he lost the only one who was kind to him.
    • Torso's Why Did You Make Me Hit You? moment towards Mutsuki and anger/distrust towards people who have limbs and heads due to his past. In Sasaki's view, Torso cuts off their limbs to keep them from leaving him. He also doesn't seem to think what he's doing is wrong or rather can't understand that its wrong. He freaks out if people don't love him and express hatred towards him. He also calls Mutsuki "fucked up in the head" when he refuses his compliments and beats him in response. In his view, Mutsuki is the one in the wrong, not him. He immediately follows that up by acting kind and loving saying he only does those things because of "love". That's whats so hard about abusive relationships the abuser is violent but then is a Mood-Swinger and acts nice making the victim confused about how they should feel about the one who captured them and making it that much harder to leave.
      • If Torso abuses Mutsuki out of love and later Mutsuki is afraid of being killed by him, Torso might've witnessed his father abuse his mother and kill her and believed that's how people showed their love. That abusive nature didn't come from nothing.
      • Torso's dad left behind torso's and these actions led to Torso leaving behind torso's, and this led to Torso being left behind as a torso by Mutsuki. Vicious cycle indeed.
      • Considering the reveal about Mutsuki's split personality the "screwed up in the head" bit from Torso to Mutsuki might be foreshadowing. Also, when Mutsuki sympathizes with Torso for his sad past and thinks that there really must be something wrong with him for him to sympathize with someone who took his arms and legs.
      • Torso's dad was abusive towards him. He also ate his wife to survive. Besides the cannibalism did he do anything else to her while she was still alive and living with him, like leave her torso and keep it around? Considering Torso masturbates while thinking of dismembered bodies did his father do the same?
      • Torso's dad seems to target woman specifically to eat them, which he did to Minomi and his own wife. Torso mentions how his dad might have been buying a women or looking for food. So he basically looks at woman as ways to get off sexually and sources of food. How many other woman did he do this to?
      • Torso mentions how Minomi was the first living girl he met and was amazed to feel that her hand wasn't cold. The only other female he had in his life was his mother before his father had to kill her for food so, except for the brief time his mother and Minomi are alive, he mainly knows females as being cold and dead and used for food and pleasure, aside of the implied humanity he still has, albeit twisted. Hence his Lack of Empathy towards his female "lovers" and inability to see them as nothing but automated dolls stuffed with meat.

    • The implication of sexual assault as well as physical abuse comes up again in regards to Minomi. Urie comes across what looks to be Minomi's torso and the caption describes it as "the naked flesh of the torso stood out to Urie as if begging to be clothed". In Torso's narration, Minomi had moved to his village from Kanto due to “family issues” and didn’t have any friends. Minomi asks him "Kara-chan, you didn’t go to school did you?" to which Torso agrees and says his family is strict. Despite that, Minomi thinks it must be better being in Torso's family. Young Torso answers "What? Your family has food and a nice place to sleep, what are you dissatisfied with?" to which Minomi responds that she doesn't like their "strange way of comforting". Minomi then asks if Torso wants to leave with her to go to the ocean or somewhere far away from it all. Then...
    She rolls over, and Karao sees a fresh scar on her shoulder.
    Torso’s narration: Red and blue and purple… her “Family issues” were in those bruises and cuts.
    Young Torso: ……….
    Torso’s narration: I could feel her life force, and it was, it was beautiful.

  • In Chapter 70, it is heavily implied that Arima's Quinque, Narukami, was made from Hikari Kirishima. Arima is quite literally trying to kill Yomo, Touka, and Ayato with the desecrated remains of their loved one.
  • Nutcracker's flashback to her childhood, including a shot of three shadowy male figures with terrible smiles looking down on her while she thinks "I need money". She's a Ghoul that focuses on crushing and eating the testicles of men, and the word she uses for "pretty" can also be translated as "pure". The implications are disturbing, to say the least.
  • Mutsuki is implied to have been raped in the past with the scars revealed on his chest when Torso strips him of his shirt and when he's Disguised in Drag he thinks about how predatory Male Gaze is disturbing, imagining the gazes to be included with repeating words like "a girl" and "rape". There's also the parallel between Big Madam and Juuzou in the scene where Mutsuki is soaking wet from his father trying to drown him and his father orders him to praise him. He does so to avoid further abuse and his father leers at him with a predatory gaze while saying "here's your reward". The parental rape and the massacre of his own family seems to have been what spurred on his requesting to live as a man, possibly to hide his vulnerability behind a male personality and avoid the same fate he endured at the hands of his father.
  • Mutsuki's ultra-short bangs become this, thanks to Ch. 73. As a child, Mutsuki wore Blinding Bangs that he hid behind. His father used them to drag him through the house, and tried to drown him in the bathtub.
  • Mutsuki is believed to have been the one to mutilate Torso to death in chapter 79. There's also the flashback where Mutsuki is revealed to have massacred his family with an axe. Also, the thing he's holding aren't organs in jar, they are tongues. And Torso's tongue is missing from the mutiliation... There's also how Torso had something jammed up his anus all the way out his mouth, and had his penis cut off and shoved in the place where his nose once was. There was some heavy emphasis on Torso's death and the state of his body. If Mutsuki did that which seems likely since they were the only two around and if Torso did actually assault Mutsuki in addition to the other stuff he did the implication would be that Mutsuki specifically mutilated and castrated Torso as revenge. Why else would there be emphasis on Mutsuki shoving something up Torso's anus and castrating him (The movie I Spit On Your Grave had a rape victim do a similar thing in revenge to one of the people responsible for her rape too)
    • It was something so big, it went up his body and pierced his diaphragm. Chances are, it's his bikaku kagune or a long inanimate object. Now that's messed up.
    • It seems that Tooru has an inner side of himself that that destroys anything that would threaten the "lie" they try to maintain for appearances. This side of himself has also killed and mutilated cats during their time in the academy, as well as cannibalizing other corpses during the Auction arc. And guess what? That's just the stuff he remembers. Who knows what else he did... In his narration he says the worst kind of lie is one you tell yourself, and ended it by admitting he was a murderer. With DID sufferers don't have control over which personality they want to present at what time/situation because it's not a conscious switch. In Mutsuki's case he manufactured his innocent personality to protect himself from being judged for his heinous actions, because he knows it's not acceptable. Over time he believed in his own lie so much it was as if he forgets what he does but he was really just suppressing those memories. Much like in the story Torso told in the chapter before about not remembering exactly how he ended up killing his father.
      • Remember back in the original manga when the Academy Instructor, Uchino, is trying to unravel the mystery of someone who's been constantly attacking stray animals? Uchino figures that it was most likely Suzuya's doing due to Suzuya's questionable background, but the sisters inform him that they haven't seen him. As the two get ready to leave, Uchino reveals that he suspected Suzuya, because there were rumors that the boy was once raised by a ghoul, which makes him a bit of a threat. We now know that it's actually Mutsuki's doing which he is heavily in denial over, crying while clutching a jar full of animal tongues.

  • The revelation of the CCG's extermination method for ghouls captured alive, a giant quinque-based grinder. Sasaki tries to be merciful, frequently capturing instead of killing, but he's actually sending those ghouls to a much worse fate.

  • When Urie ate dinner at the Washuus, he noted that the meal tasted a bit odd. With The Reveal that the Washu clan are Ghouls, we now have a pretty good guess as to why.
  • Furuta appears to win his fight against Eto and leaves her in her horrifically maimed state for death while stating he's got a lot more people to fuck up. One person that comes to mind is Kaneki...given their last encounter and how Furuta describes Kaneki as "my dear Kaneki" to Eto in a sarcastic cruel manner. One should fear for all the people he's interacted with or acted close to considering how he treats Kijima at his death.
  • Kanou reveals to Seidou in chapter 90 after he wakes up in a cell, disoriented and confused, that there were 63 Investigators taken from the Anteiku Raid, but Kanou tells him that he was the only successful product of the experiments (OWL #15).
  • Souta secretly works with the clowns and Uta unbeknownst to CCG and in :re chapter 106 he orders Suzuya to protect the main headquarters and says with a delightedly sadistic expression to Suzuya about the clowns "Kill them all" with a heart in his speech bubble. Coupled with his LOL from earlier when the clowns started attacking civilians and CCG members it certainly carries the implication that he hopes the clowns will his fellow squad members as part of his plan or that he is at least knowingly sending Suzuya to his death. Suzuya meanwhile gave hints that he suspects Furuta isn't who he says he is so when he says "I should kill them all" about the clowns he also means Furuta too as he suspects Furuta is a clown.
  • The grand mystery of the clown army is revealed in chapter 109 to be normal human beings dressed up as clowns with mouths sewn shut. leaves another fridge horror open. How much fear runs through their heads upon seeing their supposed "protectors" come at them, ready to slaughter them like lambs without being able to do anything about it?
  • Amon's intense Survivor's Guilt seems to have been because he was the only child to survive the orphanage. But it isn't simply because of that.....after learning the truth, young Amon participated in his father's crimes. A flashback reveals Amon in a bloody apron and surgical mask, wielding a meat tenderizer.
  • In Chapter 111, Saiko recalls a conversation the original Quinx once had about the reason they must surpass Arima. Urie explains that their duty is to act as a stopgap for their mentor, killing Sasaki if he were to ever go rogue. That's right.....all along, Sasaki was knowingly raising and training a team created to kill him.
  • Chapter 114 reveals Mutsuki has sexual/romantic feelings for Sasaki to the point of brutally stabbing Uta who had taken on Sasaki's face in the face and neck while declaring his love and then undressing from the top to do something to the body. Apparently these feelings were realized out of jealousy towards Sasaki's attention to Touka and exacerbated when Sasaki abandoned the Quinx. One worries for not only Sasaki but Touka too as Mutsuki imagined her and Sasaki with the Japanese word for "die" scrawled on her face.
  • When Aura attacks Kaneki at :re and threatens to do the same thing to Kaneki that he supposedly did to his aunt which left her hospitalized. We see the extent of the injury in chapter 126 where it's revealed Kiyoko had her legs cut off. Kaneki is suspected to have done this by Aura. So in addition to making Kaneki into a quinque, he also wants to cut Kaneki's legs off. Try rereading scenes with Kaneki following him supposedly attacking Kiyoko and when we see Kiyoko resting in the hospital as she hears of Takeomi's engagement to Yoriko with the above knowledge in mind.
  • Many have wondered why Kaneki still possesses scaly arms even months after his fight with Arima. It's revealed in chapter 131 that it's a sign that Kaneki's regenerative powers are failing due to his body slowing down in rapid cell division, and will eventually pass away from old age similar to Arima.
  • Chapter 150 has the CCG and Goat come to a ceasefire while they evacuate civilians and attempt to recover Kaneki from Dragon. However, nothing's stopping the CCG from wiping out Goat once this is all over with.
  • While the epilogue in Chapter 179 is mostly bright and cheerful, the peace between Humans and Ghouls was only possible due both possessing a mutual enemy in the Dragon Orphans. It's mentioned that the Dragon Orphans are beginning to show signs of evolving into sentient beings. We may soon be dealing with a case of History Repeats.

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