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Heartwarming / Tokyo Godfathers

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  • Plenty. Notable amongst these is the scene when Miyuki is getting along with the Spanish mother, despite a language barrier; it has a sweet moment when the mother asks after Kiyoko, and Miyuki says, somewhat ironically, "The baby? A gift from God," to which the kind Spanish mother replies, "Yes!"
  • Gin telling Kiyoko the Nurse (his daughter) that he is relieved the yakuza lieutenant who got shot is going to pull through, even though he is the very man that talked Gin into the track gamble that caused him to be penniless.
  • The ending is pretty much packed with this. Sachiko's husband tells her that he'll shape up and that they can start over together, the baby is saved and returned to her parents, all three of the protagonists make peace with their loved ones, and Kiyoko's parents insist on making them the baby's godparents, homeless or not (which is even more sweet, when you consider how badly they were treated previously just because they were homeless).
    • The fact that Gin's daughter and Hana's foster parent are overjoyed to see their missing family members again, and Miyuki's father has spent half a year searching for his daughter. The transgressions the protagonists thought were so unforgivable didn't matter one lick to the people who love them.

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