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Heartwarming / Tokyo Mew Mew

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  • Ichigo and Mint's interactions with Lettuce in Episode 3.
  • Near the end of the anime, when Aoyama breaks free from Deep Blue to sacrifice himself in order to save Ichigo and the whole planet. Ichigo saves him in turn by kissing him, transferring all her power to him. Then she dies as a result, he kisses her, bringing her Back from the Dead.
    • Quiche's utter relief when Ichigo comes back to life.
  • Pudding cradling the dying Tart in her arms Episode 51.
    • In the same episode Pie gives his life to shield the Mews from an enormous blast of energy. Just before doing so he looks back at Lettuce, meets her eyes and smiles.
  • Pudding and Tart's interaction under Tokyo Dome. Pudding gives him a piece of candy as a thank-you for pulling her out of fallen debris. Tart is baffled by her friendliness but is also very touched. He ends up saving her when she starts suffering from lack of oxygen. Then as he flies away he looks at the candy in his hand and smiles.

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