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  • The man in the panda suit trouncing all the good guys and then revealing he looks like Yoda.
  • All of Tokyo is cheering Rinka on to take the Diet back from terrorists, glad to have their 'White Haired Girl' hero back. They especially start to applaud her when she kneels over, hoping she can fight back against the pain to continue on...except...
    Rinka: I really have to go to the bathroom...
    • In the following chapter, she actually goes. In the middle of a hostage rescue situation. And she even takes her time to wash her hands.
  • Ren thinks she's finally scored Zeusu's heart when he brings up he wants to talk to Ren...only to reveal he put a Popsicle in Ren's book bag, and wants it now that it has likely frozen due to its close proximity to Ren. Ayumu, with a look of 'Really?' on his face, bluntly asks if the two are idiots.
    • This is followed by, of all things, Ren offering to be Zeusu's fridge. Instead of being creeped out, Zeusu is busy noticing he won something from the Popsicle stick. At this point Ayumu is desperately trying to leave the two behind.
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  • The appendix episodes with the ESP Liberation Front are real treats. They include two of the more serious members considering a double date and settling down despite being terrorists, and the leader catching his equally-evil 'Daughter's' recordings of a Magical Girl anime and calling her out because she said she never believed in friendship. When the 'daughter' offers to delete the recordings, the leader stops her and removes his reveal he has a shirt with the two main characters of the anime on it, revealing he's a fan.
  • The Appendix Episodes following the incredibly dark and gritty details of how Rinka became a CIA operative fighting to destroy a human trafficking ring help alleviate the tension immensely. Namely, while Ren and Marume are recovering, Marume offers to make a suit for Peggy. Ren loves the idea, and imagines Peggy in a dapper sweater vest suit with a pompadour...only for it to cut forward in time to where the 'suit' Ren has made for Peggy turns out to be something out of Metal Gear.
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  • In a way, Nadja herself is kinda funny. While she isn't all that stereotypically Russian, her strict adherence to wearing that damn ushanka everywhere is funny in it's own way, especially when we find out via flashback that the day she got her glowing fish during her time as an assassin, she still wore that hat, and wore it again as a prize fighter, too.
  • For Chapter 51, we get to see Ren have a mini-freakout over Zeusu disappearing from her life. Instead of being cringe-worthy or sad, however, it's hilarious due to the epic amounts of chibification, gonk, and hamminess on Ren's end. She runs through the street going 'aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh' at one point with her hands flopping in the air.
  • The end of chapter 51 has a small gag where Rinka hungrily looks at a melon with Ren in the background bleeding out and trying to warn her that the melon is a bomb.
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  • Chapter 52: Rinka's father parting a crowd blocking him from his daughter just by spreading his arms. Dude is built like a tank.
  • Chapter 53 starts with Azuma's stoic face. He is immediately punched by Rindo, causing him to spin like a top.
  • The Deva "brother" causing an explosion, by farting. This is doubly funny when combined with the What Might Have Been entry.
  • The tie-in short novel, London ESP, featuring Kozuki and Minami, shows that Kozuki reacts...childishly to slights. Such as when she decides to vent her anger while driving by going into the opposite lane and causing the cars behind her to careen out of control. And she's smiling. Kozuki then tells Minami to relax when the latter shows concern to the fact the police may take offense to her actions.
    • And then Minami takes a moment to stop brooding so she can fangirl over London's historical sights.
    • It's also rather cute seeing Minami puff up when she sees various historical artifacts that Kozuki had stolen throughout her life...have been left to gather dust in a storeroom.
    • This is all followed by a Freak Out on Minami's part when Kozuki decides to store the Ark elsewhere. She ends up throttling Kozuki in the most comical manner possible.
    • Later on, despite being in the middle of a fight, Kozuki starts talking about how Minami would be a great triangle-player and that they could do a violin-triangle duet. Minami actually likes the idea.
  • In chapter 57, Kobushi makes her return, and reveals what happened to her following getting healed from getting shot up; she was trying to escape a US army base in Hawaii.'s implied by the drawings in the background she spent most of the time playing at the beach.
    • Rinka's response to Kobushi saying she has 'three nipples now,' referring to where she got shot, is to chuckle at the 'lame joke.' Crosses over into heartwarming when we see she's just generally happy to see her buddy again.
  • For chapter 63, what should be an epic showdown between Kobushi and Claudia descends into this when Claudia realizes she's being ignored as Kobushi starts making fun of Kozuki and Kozuki makes the off-hand remark that Claudia is an old hag.
  • It's kinda hard to fear Claudia bringing about the end of the world when she's riding on one of her mook's backs as they lazily float through the air.
  • When Murasaki peeks into the tablet's past, her idea of how she would see The Professor when alone involved him dancing around in swim trunks with a goofy grin, a spatula in one hand, and a glass of wine on the ground next to him. While singing.
    • Adding onto this, once Murasaki realizes The Professor is just recording a message for her to hear, the first thing Murasaki goof off and stick her fingers up his nose, which phase through since it's just a memory.
  • A Running Gag throughout the entire manga is members of the cast imagining or contemplating themselves or others being at the beach, starting from chapter 1 with Rinka. In the final chapter, 75 chapters and six years later, it becomes a Brick Joke; one of the characters, Amame, actually goes!

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