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Funny / Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

Episode 1

  • Roxy learning young Rudeus is who she has to teach, and insulting his parents under her breath right in front of them. Paul is mildly offended, while Zenith asks what she said with a cheerful smile.
  • Rudeus in the english dub when he learns that magic requires incantation to perform and he doesn't need it.
    Rudeus: Confirmed; I'm a badass.
  • Roxy blasting a tree with water magic as demonstration for Rudeus, who points out that his mother grew it. Roxy promptly rushes to heal the tree.
    • Also, Roxy acting like a Tsundere when Rudeus complements her healing magic.
  • Rudeus tries to keep his incantation-less magic secret under fear it might be taboo. "Tries" being the keyword. As he's preparing a water spell, he catches a Panty Shot from Roxy's skirt via the wind and Rudeus fires halfway through the incantation.
    • Also, the water spell breaks the tree Roxy just fixed. This time Zenith sees it and scolds Roxy for it.

Episode 3

Episode 4

  • Through Lilia's monologue, she reveals that she's been frightened by Rudeus since he was a baby because of the pervy looks directed to her chest.
    Lilia: It was unnerving. I thought that he might have been possessed.
  • Rudeus doesn't skimp out on roasting Paul for his adultery.
    Paul: Don't you want to grow up to be a cool guy like your old man here?
    Rudeus: I didn't think it was very cool to cheat on your wife and almost rip your family apart.


Episode 5

  • Paul's letter to Rudeus explaining why he's sending him off to the Greyrats. And also why he didn't just let Ghyslaine explain instead;
    Rudeus: "I'd tell you ask that...muscle bound she-beast, but her brain mutated into an extra bicep a long time ago so you won't get a decent answer."
    Ghyslaine: WHAT WAS THAT!?
    Rudeus: Please sit down Ghyslaine! It was a stupid little joke, y'know!
    Ghyslaine: (Immediately calms down) Oh, I see.
    • Paul also explains that Ghyslaine requested a tutor as well..."Even though she has a bicep brain. Try not to laugh I think she's serious". Ghyslaine still doesn't take it as a joke and starts drawing her sword anger, prompting Rudeus to quickly read about her status as a Sword King to appease her.
    • Paul's letter also notes that Ghyslaine one of his "conquests" as well...
    Rudeus: Would it have killed you to leave that part out, Paul!? Is there anyone he hasn't slept with?
    • "I can't wait to see the man you'll become, your wise, awe-inspiring father, Paul". As the camera pans over Paul making goofy faces at his baby daughters.
  • As a P.S., Paul states that Rudeus is free to make a move on Eris, and keep his hands off of Ghyslaine because she's his.
    Ghyslaine: Do me a favor and send that letter to Zenith, will you?
    Rudeus: Can do.
  • Rudeus's first meeting with Eris. She slaps him for talking back. He slaps her back as retaliation. Then she punches him in the face and Rudeus ends up running for his life and hiding under a table.
    • The adults' reaction to Rudeus slapping Eris. As though they're were surprised that someone stood up to Eris like that. And internally pitied him.

Episode 6

  • Philip telling an 8 year-old Rudeus to use protection if he plans on taking a girl to bed that night. Eris does not take this well at all.

Episode 7

  • Figuring out right away that Ghyslaine is trying to keep him from finding about his surprise birthday party, Rudeus tries to troll Ghyslaine: asking that she show the base of her tail so that he can finish a sculpture of her. And she pulls down her pants without hesitation. He then attempts to feel her buttocks, only to find out they are so unbelievably toned (having virtually no fat at all), that they are hard as a rock!
  • Right while he's admiring how literally solid her butt is, a servant walks in on them. Even funnier is that she doesn’t gasp or scream; just gets a knowing look like, “Yep, he’s a Greyrat all right.”

Episode 8

  • Rudeus starts shedding tears at his party, thinking the Boreas family wouldn't have done this because of political issues with his family. In response, Sauros throws a fit of rage, declaring war on the House of Notos and his intention to install Rudeus as its head, and has to be dragged outside.
  • After seemingly giving Rudy the cold shoulder for most of her appearance, Eris' mother glomps him, and welcomes him as her child. Then doubles back suggesting that Eris marry him, leading to an argument over it. Then she gets dragged out of the party.

Episode 9

  • Ruijerd wishing that he didn't have his Third Eye. Eris offers to take it and tells him to rip it off.

Episode 12

  • Rudeus, now with his Demon Eye is able to finally best Eris in a sparring match. Ruijerd praises Rudeus for how quickly he was able to adapt to using his demon eye, and Rudeus feeling overconfident challenges Ruijerd to a match next. We immediately switch over to the next scene with Rudeus' face extremely bruised.

Episode 13

  • Roxy walking into an Elinalise in the middle of an orgy. Roxy blows them all out of the building with ice magic in a Freak Out. Later that day, the hole in the wall is boarded up.
  • Rudeus' imagine dream of a romantic island vacation with Eris is caught off by Eris hurling into a bucket from sea sickness. Followed by Rudeus using healing magic on her.
    Eris: I gonna die...? You can be honest...
    Rudeus: If you die of sea sickness, I will make fun of you.
  • Rudeus is caught by a Beastkin for, as the latter puts it, "fondling the Sacred Beast with a lewd smile on his face." As in innocently petting what he thought was just a giant dog.
  • In Redundancy: Leo throwing Rudeus under the bus.

Episode 19

  • The Human God gives Rudeus the location of Aisha and Lilia, but also advise that he keeps his true name secret from Aisha. When the boy meets his little sister, he introduces himself with a sentai pose as "Shadow Moon Knight". He's embarrassed about it, but Aisha at least thinks it's cool.
  • The reason why Human God told Rudeus to keep his identity secret: Aisha caught a glimpse of Rudeus' sacred treasure (Roxy's panties) which Lilia kept for him, even estimating that they belonged to a 14-year old girl, and wrote her brother off as a pervert. Rudeus finds out this out through Aisha telling him this point blank.
  • Eris and Ruijerd immediately getting ready to storm the castle holding Lilia, Ruijerd in particular noting that he hasn't assaulted a castle in ages. When Rudeus calls them off until he hears from his master, they're both disappointed. Yes, Ruijerd is visibly disappointed that he's not assaulting a castle immediately.
    Rudeus: What a bunch of hotheads.
  • The image of Rudeus, Aisha and Eris sleeping in the same bed, with Aisha's hair caught in Eris' mouth.
  • Eris shouting Rudeus' name near a sleeping Aisha, after he told her and Ruijerd to only call him "Kennel Master" while she's in earshot.
    Eris: What?
  • Zanoba, the third prince of Shirone, is perhaps the greatest fan of Rudeus’s figurines and utterly gushes over the details of his Roxy figurine. He’s also a miko and incredibly strong, using that strength to palm Pax’s head like a basketball. Zanoba removed a mole from the Roxy figurine and is utterly ashamed once Rudeus explains the erotic nature of the mole, as he ruined a great artwork.