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In contrast to what the other pages might imply, there are indeed some laughs to be found in the universe of Attack on Titan.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Please proceed at your own risk.

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    The Fall of Shiganshina 

"To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1"

  • When the bullies who are tormenting Armin get angry about him outsmarting them in an argument. Eren comes running, and the bullies are confident that they can take him on. But then they see Mikasa with the most deadpan serious look on her face, her head bobbing up and down like a hummingbird's wings as she follows Eren. That's when the bullies start to haul ass. Eren thinks it was him they were running from.

"A Dim Light Amid Despair: Humanity's Comeback, Part 1"

  • The recruits' initiation rite, where a Drill Sergeant Nasty stalks up and down their ranks, intimidating each of them into submission.
  • His extreme overreaction to Connie accidentally using the wrong hand in the salute. He picks Connie up by the head and then loudly declares:
    "You have it backwards, Connie Springer. That was the first thing you were taught. This salute represents the resolve in your heart to fight those bent on the destruction of our people! IS YOUR HEART ON YOUR RIGHT SIDE?!?!?"
  • Then he spots Sasha, who is busy eating a steamed potato. When he questions her about this, she offers him "half" (read: much less than half) of it. His expression is priceless.
    • When Shadis calls her attention Sasha dosen't immediately understand it's HER he's talking to and nervously glances around before he jumps into her face to repeat himself.
  • In the dub, the drill instructor suddenly and angrily screams "KILL YOURSELF" at Mina Carolina. It's... unexpected. Then, when he gets to Sasha, one would wonder how Patrick Seitz managed to not break the mic.
  • During his interrogation of Sasha, Shadis questions why she would eat the potato during drill of all places, IN FRONT OF HER DRILL INSTRUCTOR. Sasha, confused, believes he is asking why people eat potatoes. The scene then cuts to her fellow recruits' reactions, the majority of which are simply dumbstruck as to Sasha's complete idiocy in asking such a question.
  • Sasha collapses next to the dorms after she finishes the laps she had to do as punishment, and Christa walks over with food. Sasha smells it, her glowing red eyes shoot open and she launches towards Christa like a rocket. She catches the bread in her mouth, and then Christa reveals that she got it for her, but also brought some water to drink. Sasha sees Christa surrounded by angelic feathers, and asks if she is a Goddess. In the anime she screams "GLORY UNTO YOU!" at the top of her lungs, jarring many viewers who were wearing headphones.
  • Jean's first meeting with Mikasa. He falls completely head over heels for her when she walks by, taken aback by her attractive features. He even says that she has the most beautiful black hair he's ever seen. She thanks him for the compliment, and walks off with Eren. Jean overhears him tell her that her hair is too long for military life, and she should cut it. Mikasa immediately complies, completely disregarding Jean's compliment. Connie then walks by, and Jean wipes his hand on his shirt. Connie asks what he just wiped on him. Jean explains that it was his faith in humanity.
  • During basic position control training, Eren is somehow hanging upside down. He tries again but slams his head against the ground and almost dies as a result, much to the amusement and bafflement of some other trainees.
    "He was like 'I'm gonna slaughter them Titans to the last' wasn't he?"
    "I hear he almost killed himself on basic position control training."
    "Seriously? I can't imagine how someone could fail at that..."
  • After Eren looks like he is about to flunk out of military training Mikasa says not to worry about going back to farming. Eren leaves when Mikasa is still talking, but the funny thing is she was saying she would follow him back to the farm. After finishing her sentence, she sees that Eren left and Sasha was sitting next to her. Then Sasha asks for her bread. Which Mikasa teases her for; then promptly eats herself.

"The Night of the Graduation Ceremony: Humanity's Comeback, Part 2"

  • We're treated to the recruits practising hand-to-hand combat, except for Annie, who's just walking around. Reiner more or less drags Eren along to pull Annie into a fight. She beats Eren and starts to walk away, only for Reiner to remind her that she has to take the knife. Cue another beat-down. Then she goes and reminds Reiner it's his turn. He's obviously afraid and after Eren prods him, he gives a Badass Boast. This instantly cuts to Annie walking away with Reiner in the same pose as Eren was.
  • Made funnier by Eren's Death Glare as he lies on the ground, legs up over his head, telling Reiner that Annie's got a lesson coming and he should go get her.
  • During the review of the recruits during hand-to-hand combat, we go from the Military Police wannabes, to the idealistic soldiers practising because they have to... and Sasha and Connie making stupid faux kung-fu poses with knives in mouths. Connie gets grabbed by the head yet again by the drill instructor as Sasha trembles in fear.
  • When Jean and Eren are about to square off again, Mikasa goes between them and gently pulls Eren away, facing him while ignoring Jean. Eren calms down and it looks like the conflict's passed when— "YOU THINK YOU CAN JUDGE ME?!?!" The "WTF?!" expression on Eren's face just serves as the icing.
    • Possibly funnier in the manga where, instead of taking Eren's hand, Mikasa simply throws him over her shoulder and marches off. This was later included in a remade animated sequence of that part to be completely like it was in the manga.
  • Jean and Eren are almost caught fighting when Drill Sergeant Nasty walks into the mess hall. What is Mikasa's deadpan response to what the noise was? "Sasha passed some gas, Commandant." As the cherry on top, he doesn't even question it, saying "Why am I not surprised?" and walks away, implying Sasha has actually done this before. Her horrified expression is priceless.
    • As he's leaving, Mina is seen quietly sitting opposite Annie, trying and pretty much failing miserably to suppress a laugh and keep a straight face.
    • Bertholdt's having the same problem, though his expression is more along the lines "I am trying not to be amused by that."
    • Afterwards, Sasha is pulling on Mikasa's arm, probably saying "Why?! Why would you say that?!" The next scene is Mikasa shoving bread into Sasha's mouth to get her to calm down.
  • A scene from chapter 17 of the manga (which was sadly cut from the anime) shows Eren admiring Annie's kick technique and complimenting her for it. A flattered Annie tells Eren that, if he likes it so much, she can teach him some more moves. We are then treated to this exchange:
    Eren: Eh? No thanks! It really hurts...
    (cue Eren and Annie starring at each other in awkward silence for a panel)
    (cut to Annie flipping Eren ass over tea-kettle)
    • What makes this scene funnier? This is the last page of the chapter meaning that chapter 17 ends with Eren getting his ass kicked by Annie.
  • At the end of the episode, Sasha helps herself to some meat from the officers' pantry, much to the others' horror. Not to mention the expression on her face is priceless.
    Eren: Sasha, they could throw your butt in the clink for that!
    Samuel: Seriously, what is wrong with you?
    Connie: What isn't wrong with her?
  • Afterwards, we have this:
    Samuel: (rushed) I-would-really-like-a-slice-please!
    Connie: Hey, if he gets one, so do I, just so you know!
    Eren: Uh...
    Mina: Me too! I'm in on it, too!
    Eren: But...
  • A darkly humorous example, Eren was having an optimistic inner monologue about humanity will strike back, when the Colossal Titan suddenly appears and the third gate is destroyed. Talk about tempting fate.

    Battle of Trost 

"The World the Girl Saw: The Struggle for Trost, Part 2"

"Small Blade: The Struggle for Trost, Part 3"

  • There's a darkly funny moment: several cadets are trapped in a building, and one of them is calmly loading a gun. After he finishes, one of his associates tells him that it's a good thought but the gun won't be enough to take down a Titan. The guy calmly says it's not for the Titans, and with an utterly calm and serene expression on his face, shoots himself.

"I Can Hear His Heartbeat: The Struggle for Trost, Part 4"

  • A Titan smashes through a wall... with its face. Just in case you needed confirmation that the Titans were indeed Dumb Muscle.
  • In the English dub, Connie's explanation of the Rogue Titan is pretty funny because he's so hyped up on adrenaline that he's practically giddy. Props to his VA Clifford Chapin.
    Connie: Check it out! We found an Abnormal that's got a bone to pick with its own kind! And the best part, he couldn't care less about us! That's right, you heard me! This big, beautiful S.O.B is our ticket outta here!
    • A random extra follows this up with a downright cheerful "Thank you, crazy berserker Titan!"
  • Reiner before the warehouse battle, where he confidently declares that, just in case, everyone should be aware that Titans have a second weakness! Connie and Sasha seem to think he's serious.
    Jean: Come on, knock it off, Reiner. You want your final words to be an ass joke?
  • After the successful counter-attack on the Titans in the supply room, Marco, who has stayed level-headed through the whole ordeal, nearly passes out after realizing how close they were to dying. You can almost hear him thinking, "Holy shit it worked oh my God that was too close I'm gonna piss myself."
  • The trainees briefly debate saving the Rogue Titan, who's been killing the other Titans and is now pinned to a wall by several foes as big as he is, missing both arms. Before they finish the discussion, the Rogue Titan proceeds to kill the remaining enemies with nothing but his teeth, prompting Jean to note, awestruck, "Hey, who was it you wanted to save again?"

"Whereabouts of His Left Arm: The Struggle for Trost, Part 5"

  • Levi tells Hange what he thinks of her obsession with Titans:
    Hange: I wonder what kind of Titans I'll see this time! I'd really love to see some Abnormal ones!
    Levi: I can see an Abnormal already.
    Hange: Huh? (looks around) Where?
    Levi: (swivels her head around to face him) Right here.
  • The first thing Eren does after returning from his Rogue Titan mode was to say "You're all gonna die" with a creepy grin on his face. The next scene shows Armin's priceless reaction to it.
  • It's extra hilarious in that Eren's sanity, from a modern viewpoint, is pretty damned questionable, but because of the Crapsack World he lives in, it's easy to let it slide because crazy or not, he ain't wrong. Finally, watching Armin have a normal reaction gets even funnier because it's as if he just realized that Eren might be fucking bonkers.
  • It was also a partial "Oh Shi--" reaction, because it was probably the worst thing Eren could have said at that moment. See, by that point they'd made it back to the safety of the walls were surrounded by a lot of twitchy people with swords, and cannons, aimed in their direction.

"Response: The Struggle for Trost, Part 6"

  • This episode is the second time we see Commander Pixis and this is the introduction we get about him.
    Narrator: Dot Pixis. The Commanding Officer responsible for the Southern territory. The man in charge of the defence of Trost district. The man given full authority over preserving humanities' most vital remaining territory.
    Pixis: Nope, not any of you... Eaten by a Titan wouldn't be so bad, if it was a sexy lady one.
    Narrator: The man also notorious for being genuinely eccentric.

"Idol: The Struggle for Trost, Part 7"

  • When Marco tries to calm down Dazwho is trying to kill himself so he doesn't get eaten — he talks about how Sasha remains a proper soldier, even after everything she saw. Sasha, not wanting to fight the Titans anymore, complains that her stomach hurts and requests she gets placed with the wounded. Marco just looks at her incredulously like, "Wow. Thanks for backing me up, Sasha. Really fucking appreciate it."
  • Pixis and Eren happen to cross paths with Hannes. Relieved, Hannes starts to say something, only for Eren to cut him off with an annoyed look while making a pointing gesture at the ground.
    Hannes: Wait, what? Is he... That little punk is telling me to get back to work!
  • Pixis strikes again. After Eren accepts a drink from his hip-flask, the segment ends with Eren performing a slow-motion Spit Take due to how awful it is, and Pixis ignoring the whole thing.
  • The English dub provides another hilarious line from Connie in response to Pixis's crazy plan (particularly the part about how one of his buddies, that he thought was dead, can transform into a Titan).
    Connie: Uh, someone tell me that the Commander is off his rocker. 'Cause otherwise I'm just too thick to get what he means.
    Ymir: Will you just shut up and pay attention! Idiot.
  • When preparing for the counter-attack, Eren gives a passionate speech to Mikasa about how he doesn't need her to protect him anymore and she should go join the Garrison on the Walls. Then the commander of the elite group runs by and tells Mikasa she's going to be coming with them, mirroring the scene from episode 5!

"Wound: The Struggle for Trost, Part 8"

  • There's something darkly funny about Titan!Eren trying to hit Mikasa by punching himself in the face.
  • Ian, when talking to Mikasa, refers to Eren as her boyfriend. Given her usual stoicism, her adorable, blushing expression and weak denial of Eren as just family is priceless.

"Primal Desire: The Struggle for Trost, Part 9"

  • Sasha is left in stunned horror upon seeing a bolus of Titan puke. However, it's pushed here because she's then told that the Titan's have no digestive tract, eating purely for pleasure — and she's the show's resident Big Eater, so of course she'd find this thought terrifying.

    The 57th Expedition 

"Can't Look Into His Eyes Yet: Eve of the Counter-attack, Part 1"

  • After Levi beats the shit out of Eren in court, we go to a scene with Hange cleaning his wounds. Levi sits down next to Eren, and the poor kid flinches away with a pathetically Adorkable look on his face that says "Uh... he's not gonna hit me again, right?" The fact that he's more scared of him than of Titans is kinda funny (but also justified since Levi is a total Titan-slaying badass).

"The Special Operations Squad: Eve of the Counter-attack, Part 2"

  • Eren and the Survey Corps head to the old HQ, with Oluo approaching Eren to tell him Levi won't be babysitting him and... His horse steps on a rock, loses control and makes Oluo bite his tongue. Petra is sure to tell him how lame he is.
  • Later, we are treated to Hange's story about her Titan research. Apparently, she names captured Titans after telling them a story (not that the Titans would understand) about a tribe of human cannibals. As she goes into detail on how the tribesmen cook their victims, the other people present are visibly squicked out by her story... one poor guy couldn't take it and pukes his guts out.
  • What happened before that was funny as well. After Eren asks about Hange's research, the rest of the squad suddenly gets up from the table and leaves, leaving Eren confused and slowly wondering if maybe he should leave, too.
  • After Hange tells Eren about her studies, he is intrigued and asks her to tell him ''everything''. She lets him know that it will take a while, but he doesn't mind. Then we see that Hange has been talking all night long, and while she is unaffected by the lack of sleep, poor Eren looks like he's on the brink of death from exhaustion. You can tell he's totally regretting letting her talk all night.
    Hange: ...But listen to me ramble on, I'm sure you surmised all of this in your training. They did cover this stuff, right?
    Eren: (dazed) Yes. They did. Every last bit.
  • What happened before THAT was also funny, with the episode displaying how much of a clean freak Levi is. Seeing the deadpan Levi suddenly complain about dust and put on a house uniform is just way too odd not to laugh at.

"What Needs to be Done Now: Eve of the Counter-attack, Part 3"

  • Eren sees Mikasa and Armin for the first time since the trial, and some of Mikasa's first words are threats addressed to Levi.
    Mikasa: That midget bastard crossed the line... Someday I'll make him pay for it...
    Eren: (uncertainly) ...You don't mean Captain Levi, do you?
  • Even funnier was the fact that Levi was just standing a short distance away, where he could likely hear everything.
  • Better yet as Isayama stated in an interview that Mikasa has imagined beating Levi up several times in her head.
  • In the dub, she called him a pipsqueak.

"Female Titan: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 1"

  • When Reiner cuts his way out of the Female Titan's hands, Jean's reaction from the dub is amazing:
    Jean: That beautiful bastard! Mikasa's been hogging so much of the limelight these days, I'd let myself forget how much of a badass he is!
  • Reiner talks with Armin over the Female Titan, and asks a rather… interesting question.
    Reiner: Is it the one with the nice butt?

"Forest of Giant Trees: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 2"

  • It crosses straight over into Gallows Humor but when the Female Titan grabs one soldier by his wire and spins him around the way one would spin a yo-yo (or a leek) before idly flinging him over her shoulder. It doubles as Nightmare Fuel though, as a slow motion shot of the spinning suggests that the force of the spinning snapped his spine in half.
  • In that same episode, after being nearly killed by the Female Titan, Armin and his two friends wonder how long it will be until they can reunite with the rest of the squad without two horses for Jean and Reiner to ride on. Cue Christa riding in with two spare horses, saying sweetly that she was worried about all of them and is overjoyed they're all unharmed. Cue their inner thoughts:
    Armin: She's an angel!
    Jean: A goddess!
    Reiner: One day, my wife.
  • When they enter the forest of giant trees, Eren demands that Levi tell him what's going on only to be told to shut up and figure it out, leading Eren to go on a thought tangent to the effect that this must be part of being a veteran, learning how to analyse a situation. Then, he looks around and realizes that the rest of the squad is just as confused and scared as he is.
    Levi: Look around, Eren, at all of these big-ass trees.

"Bite: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 3"

  • In a flashback, Eren accidentally triggers a partial transformation when trying to pick up a spoon he dropped, causing a bit of mess and flinging people everywhere. Levi's "Huh?" expression is particularly amusing.
  • In that same flashback, everyone except Levi wants to kill Eren, but who comes onto the scene raving like a loony fangirl? Hange. She touches Eren's arm, gets burned, and acts like she reached Nirvana. Jessica Calvello's performance in the English dub was amazing.
    Hange: ERRREEEEEEEN!!! I wanna touch the arm! I WANNA TOUCH THE A-HA-HARRRRRM! Pretty please, with sugar on top, LET ME TOUCH THIS GLORIOUS THI-HI-HING!
    Eren: (Nervous) I don't think that's such a good... Wait, no!
    Hange: OW! Son of a BITCH! That mother is HOT when there's no skin!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY IN THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE!!!!!
    Moblit: You're a maniac! You hear me?! A maniac!
    • According to Isayama, Moblit is the heaviest drinker in the series, due to being the poor sucker forced to work with this nutcase. Let that sink in. Hange's antics are so taxing on Moblit's sanity that he has to drink more than Pixis.

"Erwin Smith: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 4"

  • The squad discusses Erwin's plan and his cryptic question to them after Sawney and Bean were killed by a spy. Everyone agrees that Erwin may have told them of the plan if they had answered his question correctly. Except Oluo that is, who claims he knew exactly what the right answer was. When he is asked about it, he just notes that he is not surprised that the others don't get it as they "aren't on his level yet". Petra looks entirely unimpressed.
  • Eld revealing that both Oluo and Petra cried and pissed themselves during their first mission. Petra's horrified shrieking is hilarious, and Eren's Jaw Drop is absolutely amazing. He asks if the piss "sprayed everywhere" while she was in mid-air, prompting Gunther to tell them that they're in dangerous territory and should stop their silly conversation, but also wants Eren to know that he, in fact, did not piss himself.

"Crushing Blow: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5"

  • Eren resolve breaks, and he rushes back to help Team Levi, and arrives just in time to see the greatest squad of Titan-killers there is killed off like flies. He's there, in mid-air, falling towards the one-woman-army Titan who wants to kill specifically him, and he's all alone. His eyes fill with tears, and he says "I'm going to... I'm going to..." What? Get eaten? Die in this place? Who the hell do you think this is?
    "I'm going to... I'm going to... KILL YOU!"

  • As dramatic as Titan!Eren's fight with the Female Titan is, it's hard not to laugh when he's straddled her and is roaring in her face like a maniac, to the point she has to turn her head away as if to go "Jesus Christ, my ear drums!" In the manga, she also does it to avoid his rage drooling.

"Smile: Assault on Stohess, Part 1"

  • The Corps use Jean with a wig as a duplicate for Eren to trick Central while the real Eren escapes. He is worried that they won't believe it, as he and Jean look nothing alike. Then there's this exchange:
    Armin: It's close enough. You both have that same angry scowl and the same boulder-size chip on your shoulder.
    Eren: Well, yeah, but I don't have his horse face!

"Mercy: Assault on Stohess, Part 2"

  • During the reveal of the ploy to the Military Police. After an extended Double Take in which Erwin and Levi discuss what to do with Jean before sending him off, Nile Dok's response is absolutely priceless.
    Nile: Hang on, what the hell?!

"Wall: Assault on Stohess, Part 3"

  • When Eren is fighting the Female Titan in Stohess, there's a cut to inside a Church where Pastor Nick is preaching to a group of Wall worshippers about how they're safe from Titans as long as they believe in God - only to be cut off by Annie crashing through the walls and squashing most of the group.

    Clash of The Titans 


  • After Sasha gives Hange a message from the Commander, Hange runs off and places a steaming potato in Sasha's hand, much to her delight.
  • Speaking of which, before Sasha could give the letter, Pastor Nick name drops Christa as someone his cult were monitoring. Sasha opened the door at the same time and announces her own name. The scene is treated as if Sasha was who he was talking about at first when really no one even registered her presence. Nick carried on his exposition even when he was looking in Sasha's direction.
  • They finally noticed Sasha when Eren accidentally bumped into her.
  • When the Shiganshina trio are describing Christa to Hange, Armin calls her cute. Then it cuts to a shot of her snoring with a trail of drool leaking from her mouth.
  • "I've earned the right to get trashed!"


  • Christa rips off part of her skirt to bandage Reiner's wounded arm after a Titan chomped on it. Then Ymir complains about a cut finger to Christa — obviously to get her attention — but Connie tells her: "spit on it and you'll be peachy".
  • Even better if you consider that Connie of all people knew exactly what Ymir was up to and was telling her to suck it up.
  • Reiner's mental response to her bandaging is: "Gotta marry her".
  • The show is no stranger to dark humor, and if Gelgar finding the booze bottle that Christa used to dress Reiner's wound isn't the blackest of black comedy, then his reaction to finding it empty is.
    Gelgar: No... Why you gotta do me like that...? *gets grabbed by Titan* WHO DRANK MY GODDAMN BOOZE?! *gets neck broken on busted-open wall as he's dragged out*


  • Christa standing on the edge of the tower's parapet and fist pumping while cheering Ymir on. Everyone else looks horrified, since the tower is teetering on the brink of collapse already.
  • Eren fights a Titan with his gear against orders. Upon killing it, he shouts: "I did it! My first kill!" (Having to this point either been protected, eaten, or a Titan himself in battle) before the wires of his gear get tangled, and he ever-so-gracefully flops to the ground.
    • It's different in the manga, but just as funny: Rather than making such a rookie mistake with his gear, he nearly gets crushed by the falling body!
    Keiji: Dumb-ass! I told you to stay back, Eren!


  • Reiner casually revealing that he's the Armoured Titan and Bertholdt is the Colossal Titan. It was done with no emphasis and with such cavalier casualness compared to what such a crucial reveal would normally trigger. A lot of the audience had to do a Double Take just to see whether they heard him right. To make it even funnier, Bertholdt, who obviously wanted them to bide their time to escape with Eren, helplessly tries to do damage-control.
  • Eren's deadpan reaction was also pretty funny (and also very out of character).
    "Well, I'm in deep shit... and my brains have been fried since yesterday..."
  • The anime briefly shows a still image of Mikasa's shocked expression. The way that no attention is drawn to it and how it just quietly blurs as the shot's focus shifts to Armin in the background is hilarious.

"Close Combat"

  • Eren going through a Heroic Second Wind from getting laid down by Reiner, monologuing his disgust towards his former friends betrayal, and lands an epic punch in the face. Reiner doesn't even budge and punches Eren so hard he flies through the air and lands in a flashback.
  • Eren remembers during his training as he and Annie practice, Annie has him in a lock. Then, all of a sudden, Reiner falls from the sky; Annie dodges, but Eren was not so lucky. Mikasa reveals she threw Reiner.
  • Prior to that, the entirety of Eren and Annie's conversation implies that Annie was putting the moves on him, with her making an insecure stance and telling Eren that "if you consider yourself a man, shouldn't you go easy on my weak body?" Eren, oblivious as he is, thinks she's simply talking about fighting techniques, to which Annie has an "Are you kidding me" expression in return before throwing him to the ground and saying he needs to learn "how to talk to girls". The implication being Mikasa threw Reiner because she clearly saw what was going on.
  • Immediately afterwards, Mikasa asks Annie to teach her some of those moves. Annie says the moves are intended for humans, but wants to know if they even work on a beast. So, after essentially being called a wild animal, Mikasa gets mad and walks dramatically toward Annie. Cue everyone else gathering around them like high schoolers to a hallway brawl.
  • The fact that everyone stops to place bets. Marco bets on Annie, to which Jean angrily bets his entire dinner on Mikasa.
  • This line from the English dub:
  • Hange lands on Titan!Eren's shoulder to give him advice in his battle against Reiner - now approaching Eren as the Armoured Titan. Eren, obviously still in his Titan form, nods in acknowledgement. Hange's reaction? Blushing and squeeing, because all things considered this is still technically the first time she's "had a conversation" with a Titan.
  • Bertholdt falling off the top of the wall onto Eren and Reiner when it's clear Eren was winning. That's not the hilarious part. The fact that the episode immediately ends before Bertholdt could land is. Seems the show-runners are aware of the fanbase's 4-year-long Awesomeness Withdrawal.


  • Eren desperately realising that if he wants to learn anything from the other Titan Shifters, he must control his emotions!. Coming from him, the Hot-Blooded Berserker, that's a really hilarious sentiment, especially when he naturally (and understandably) fails.
  • From the same chapter/episode, after Eren wakes up, he looks down in horror to see that both of his arms are missing. Eren asks what happened and Reiner basically says; "my bad man, I was in a hurry so I didn't compensate for your arms when I bit your nape." There's something pretty darkly funny about Reiner being so causal over accidentally cutting off Eren's arms like it's just a normal thing that happens sometimes.


  • Ymir and Bertholdt are having one of the most plot-central and tense conversations ever had in the series so far. And then we suddenly get a quarter-page sized panel of Reiner [on top of a still limbless Eren, keeping him in a choke hold in order to keep him from transforming and trying to murder them all, with an expression screaming "Dammit Eren, hold still!". Ymir and Bertholdt calmly turn back to each other and continue to talk. It is even funnier animated, with Eren's flailing legs popping into the shot in the background.
  • Eren trying to beat Reiner to death with the stumps of his arms, plus the I Surrender, Suckers he pulled; pure Hypocritical Humor.
    Eren Jaeger: Easy, there's no need for us to get all violent. It's not like I can resist like this. I mean, take a look at me..." (holds up his arm stumps) Just, calm down, Okay? (backs up, then suddenly tackles Reiner) GRRRAHHHH! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! YOU EVIL-
  • There's also something darkly humorous about Historia smiling as she sees Ymir again, only for Ymir to swallow her whole to kidnap her. The befuddled "eh?" that she says as Ymir's jaw closes around her, her happy smile still plastered on her face, is just priceless.
    • Just before that, when everyone's asking Ymir questions Connie gets fed up by her lack of response, leaps on to her shoulder and starts kicking her head. The best part is that Ymir doesn't pay him any attention in the slightest.


  • This exchange between Ymir and Historia:
    Ymir: The Titans aren't so bad! There's nobody there who'll say it'd be better if you'd never been born!
    Historia: Of course not! They're a little too busy trying to eat us!
    Ymir: Nobody's perfect!
  • Admittedly this one was probably unintentional, but there is a scene where one of the MP's gets eaten off his horse. The thing is that for some ungodly reason, the horse is just standing in the middle of a battlefield and doesn't even move as his rider gets picked off and eaten by a Titan. Afterwards, the horse's head turns to look at the camera as the scene abruptly ends. What?
  • Ironically, this is not the only dark piece of horse-related humour in the episode as about a minute later, during the confusion of the Titan horde that Erwin brought into the fray, one riderless horse headbutts some poor sap who was standing in the middle of the field in confusion. Then a second horse collides with yet another horse, this one carrying somebody, and that poor bastard gets flipped off of his horse and into the open hand of a Titan who then immediately shoves him into its mouth!

    The Uprising 

"Smoke Signal"

  • Sasha's potato girl nickname is brought back in a great way as Jean hands her a box of her "old friends". He also warns her not to pinch any of their food-supplies, or he'll get the Captain to cut her up into bite-sized pieces. Sasha insists she wouldn't dream of it. Probably...
  • One of the best comedic moments of the series. There's Eren's sheer panic at the idea of Levi coming home to a dirty house, and he tries to get everyone to clean their shoes off when they come inside carrying groceries, followed by him and Jean bickering Like an Old Married Couple:
    Eren: Do you seriously think that attitude will satisfy Captain Levi?! Even this morning, if I hadn't personally given your bed hospital corners—
    Jean: Quit nagging! Who are you?! My mum or something?!
  • Jean calling Eren a "Peeping Tom" for watching Mikasa during her workout. And Eren's oblivious response of: "huh?! How does that constitute peeping?!"
  • Levi notes that there's still dust under the dinner table. Eren's reaction is priceless as he face-palms with a shamed grimace, seemingly thinking: "of course, why didn't I think of checking there?!".
    Levi: (glaring at the dust on his fingertips) I'm quite certain I gave you enough time... (wiping off the dust on a handkerchief) Nevermind. We can discuss your utter failure at a later date.
  • Sasha making the exact same expression as Oluo did manages to be both funny and sad at the same time.
  • The Survey Corps putting Eren through the wringer as they experiment with the capabilities and limitations of his Titan powers and after a failed transformation we get non-stop comedy.
    Levi: He's not even ten meters tall and he's missing meat here and there. Also, Eren's ass is hanging out.
    Hange: I CAN SEE THAT!
    • Hange's not above letting Eren turn permanently into a Titan For Science!. And her reaction to Eren's face peeling off his skull, in sharp contrast to Mikasa's terror, upon pulling him out?
    Hange: WHOOOAH!! Moblit, look at this! Eren's face is seriously messed up!! HURRY! Get a sketch of this! Is he going to get his old face back?! We'll need it for comparison later!
    Moblit: Squad-leader! Do you have a shred of human compassion?! (dutifully takes a speed-sketch)
    • It gets to the point where Mikasa has to slice Eren's nerve connections just to get Hange to shut up.
    • The women of the team all hovering over Eren as he rolls back and forth in the covered wagon, mutilated and comatose. Poor Mikasa obviously overcome with the Facial Horror, Hange assuring her she thinks he'll regenerate and be as handsome as ever... She thinks. All while Historia doesn't seem to want to look at the sight at all.
    • We get another extra scene in the manga, when Eren wakes up after a day of rest, fully restored. To have Hange comparing his new face to the sketch Moblit took!
    Hange: I'm glad you're back to normal. Mikasa probably won't slice me to shreds now.
    Mikasa: (side-eye death glare)
    • Armin playing Simon-Says with Titan Eren, balancing on one-foot while the fifteen metre giant does the same with his usual skull grin seeming more benign than usual even though Eren can't express well without cheeks or lips.
    • The oddly hilarious sight of Titan Eren building a little (by his standards) stick-house. What with him sitting cross-legged and tying logs together with rope, an unusually industrious look on his monstrous face.
    • Although it also crosses into Nightmare Fuel, we have Eren eating the house he made when he starts losing himself to his form.
    • Levi's bedside manner is just too hilariously blunt when Eren agonises over his failure to access the hardening ability and thus delaying the operation to retake Wall Maria.
    Levi: That's exactly right. It was a real disappointment to us. And everyone's been miserable today because of it. We can't let anymore time go to waste. What's next? Titans might rise up out of the ground. Maybe they'll come raining down from the sky. And humanity's still a pack of toothless prey animals. In any case, we are in the shittiest situation imaginable.
    Eren: (looking like a kicked puppy)
    Mikasa: ... Eren did everything he could.
    Levi: I know that. But so what? Why does it matter that he tried his best? Right now he can't close that hole.
    Mikasa: But blaming Eren for that -
    Levi: Hold on. I'm just being an asshole. I'm not blaming him. Going over our shortcomings and bitching about our predicament is an important ritual. Take a whiff. Inside these Walls the air's always stunk like trash. it's been that way for over a hundred years. We've always lived in shit. That's our situation. I didn't notice it until a few years ago. After all, I've sucked in this stink since the day I was born. I thought it was normal. But the air I breathed outside the Walls was different. Yes, life out there is hell... But it's got something the Walls don't... Freedom. Out there, I finally realised what I'd been missing.
    • To which Hange interrupts Levi's pontification to tell Eren that what Levi is trying to say, (cue the most incredulous look of annoyance Levi can muster) is that the failed experiment still gave them masses of data on Eren's Titan Power. And that the game is still afoot! That's what you were trying to say, right Levi?
    Levi: (witheringly) ... Yeah. Thanks for that...
  • After Hange relates the entire sorry tale of Pastor Nick's torture and murder, the whole crew is left silent. To which Levi breaks the ice by taking a loud sip of his tea. The events told clearly not having phased him in the slightest.
    • Eren looking to Historia in concern when Levi voices how Nick may have been tortured for their location. We see Mikasa glancing at him in turn with an expression that can only be described as 'internal teeth-grinding'.
    • This exchange between Hange and Levi.
    Levi: So? You're saying we should just sit here and have tea parties instead?
    Hange: There's still a lot we can do inside! Like knitting...
  • Eren once again refers to Jean as having a horse face. Made even more hilarious this time around as Jean is yet again disguised as Eren and gets captured along with Armin, who is assigned as Historia's body-double!


  • Levi plunging sideways into a saloon with his ODM-gear, earning priceless expressions from the patrons, followed by this gem from his pursuer:
    Kenny: Ain't that the damnedest thing! I smell a filthy rat coming from this bar... Come out you little rodent... FOUND YA! THE LAW HAS COME TO EXTERMINATE THE VERMIN! BANG! BANG!
  • Cue everyone looking at Kenny like he's insane (his Ministry-of-Silly-Walks pose REALLY doesn't help). Even better, it's so out of place from what you'd expect that the watcher is either gaping from incredulity, rolling on the floor with laughter, or a grotesque combination of the two.
  • Erwin, under house arrest, calmly pouring Hange a mug of water and having it snatched from his hand as soon as he offers it to her; leaving his empty hand outstretched for a good two seconds after.
  • The Black Comedy of Levi and Hange being rather inept physical Information Retrieval Specialists. Levi seems to have tortured Djel for ages then only seems to cotton on that oh yes, he did have some questions to ask first! Then when Djel hesitates for all of one second after Levi asks him what the Reiss Family's importance is...
    Hange Zoë: TOO SLOW!! Can't you see we're in a hurry?! (cue screams from Djel as she starts torturing him)
    • In the manga, when it becomes quite apparent Hange has no experience torturing people to the point where the subject gets rather... exasperated with Hange's clumsy methods.
    (Hange starts pulling out fingernails)
    Djel Sannes: Wait!! What are you doing!?! I don't even know what you want!!
    Hange Zoë: Shut up! It's my first time torturing someone!
    Djel: If it's torture, you're supposed to ask me something first, THEN start pulling fingernails!!
    • When Levi manages to convince Dimo Reeves to switch allegiances from the Central MP to the Survey Corps in the manga; he continues to negotiate rather favourable benefits for him and his Squad. Levi's first two conditions may be steep but at least they make sense, the third?
    Levi: From now on, the Survey Corps will receive priority access to any rare or luxury food and drink items the Reeves Company obtains. For example, black tea.
    Sasha: WONDERFUL! That is a wonderful condition, Captain!
    • In Chapter 55, when Armin starts coldly analysing the upcoming revolution and how best to manipulate the populace to side with them, his friends all eye him like he's a particularly dangerous lunatic for suggesting a False Flag. His sweat-beaded, hardly sincere, "just kidding..." look is the stuff of legendary memes.
    Mikasa: I certainly don't remember raising him like that.
    • In Chapter 56, Dimo suggests to Historia that if she becomes Queen, she should give Levi a good whack and dare him to retaliate. Eren laughs, wondering what kind of face he would make. Apparently, he hasn't quite gotten over the beat-down Levi once gave him.

"Old Story"

  • Though it can cross into uncomfortable territory, seeing Hange gloat how Djel and Ralph are "two grown-ass men, wailing and crying like babies!" will cause much lip-twitching. And then the follow-up line happens, and the delivery from Romi Park is just side-splitting. "IT SERVES YOU RIGHT!! BWWAAAAAAAKAAA!!!"
  • Hange somehow kicking over an entire table-set at once in frustration from Djel's teary Hannibal Lecture. Then dancing over on one foot just as Levi comes down the stairs. Awkward Beat. Then: "Ah, sorry. I made a mess... There was a cockroach."
  • Cue Levi doing an Aside Glance through the screen to the watching audience while saying: "I see... Just one kick of yours will have blasted it to bits."
    • In Chapter 57, one of Isayama's assistants decided to add a secret message in Levi's wanted poster. Isayama was unaware of it and later apologized to the readers. The message is as follows:
    Rock scissors paper, rock scissors paper, rock scissors paper
    So, what should I make, what should I make
    In my right hand, a wiener, in my left hand, a p***y
    Sex sex
    Raw barley, raw rice, raw eggs
    Talking dirty all day, all right!


  • Marlowe throwing Hitch's flirty hint back in her face. Her "really?" sourpuss expression at his utter obliviousness is one for the books.
  • Hange being flatly refuted by Flegel when she says wouldn't he rather risk his life to expose the government's murder of his father than live in fear? Flegel's high-pitched shriek of "like hell I would!" followed by her foggy-lensed dismayed expression at a natural human reaction shows just how awesome the Survey Corps are in comparison.
  • Connie's idea of forest camouflage, a sun-hat with a few leafy twigs poking out of it.
  • Jean trying to pull off Edgen and be a remorseless pragmatist, even if it's an act. He just looks frantic instead of scary, even though they do fall for it.
  • Hitch knocking Jean for a loop with a tree branch, screaming by sheer coincidence that he's a horse-faced jerk.
  • When the Special Ops Squad attack the checkpoint, Connie pulls out an absolutely hilarious Full metal-Jacket war face.
  • Flegel "fat-ass" Reeves inventing the tea-bag within the Walls by squat-sitting on the MP's head when he starts railing against the civilians of Trost.


  • King Fritz looking completely unperturbed during the entirety of Erwin's trial, the supposed news of the Colossal and Armoured Titans breaking through Wall Rose and even when it was proven to be a ploy and men with guns are threatening to overthrow him, he is still calm. Non-manga watchers of the anime could be forgiven for thinking he's the Beast Titan since his leitmotif is playing throughout the scene and Pyxis and company are in deep trouble. But no, turns out he was asleep with his eyes open the whole time!
    Chancellor: (kicking his throne) Wake up, dotard!
    King Fritz: (blearily) Time for lunch?
    Chancellor: Shut up, you useless oaf!
  • Levi Squad's reaction to being cleared of all charges and made free citizens of the Walls once more. They whoop and cheer raucously like any teens would while Levi stands as still as a statue. Connie does a flying kick! Sasha even jumps on Mikasa, who's forced to pick her up as her fellow comrade and friend nearly chokes her in her exuberance!
    • Sasha doesn't stop with Mikasa and glomps Hitch next. Leaping up onto her chest, wrapping her legs around her and hugging her head, much to Hitch's embarrassment, since she has to grab Sasha's buttocks to keep her aloft and not be bowled over.
    • We also see Jean and Marlowe doing the start of a secret-handshake bro-fist salute.
  • It's rather hard not to crack up when you see Not So Stoic Darius Zackly for the first time. More fun is to come from the eccentric commander-in-chief of the military. While Erwin is as close to blind-sided as we've ever seen him at Zackly's OOC reaction.


  • Darius Zackly's childishly delighted expressions as he force-feeds a noble his own faeces, or when he lets loose a single manly tear at seeing his "Art" come to fruition in the manga.
    • He's stuck a funnel up the man's ass. And there's a ring gag.
    • The mere sight of Zachly – originally one of THE standing epitomes of cool-headed military leadership – rubbing his hand on the tube connecting the nobleman's mouth to the latter’s unmentionables. Sensually. With a slightly turned-on maniac grin.

  • In Chapter 62, Eren finally asks himself:"How many times have I been kidnapped now?"
  • Sort of a Funny Background Event is Levi looking pissed when Hange ignores him in favour for talking to Mikasa during their night-time wagon ride.
  • This conversation from Chapter 63 which gives a good indication about where Levi got his sense of humour from.
    Rod Reiss: Why are you still here?
    Kenny Ackerman: What, your Majesty? Are you angry? I was looking for a toilet, I had to take a huge shit.


  • Kenny cackling along with some of the audience when Historia flips her father off (in the manga quite literally) and makes to release Eren. "That's the spirit, you two! This is getting good!"
  • When Historia wallops Eren on the head and says "Shut up, dumbass! Stop your crying!" when he is in Heroic BSoD mode in the middle of an Oh, Crap! situation!

"Outside the Walls of Orvud"

  • Jean calling Eren a shirtless wonder in the manga and a topless wimp in the anime as he begs them to save themselves and leave him to die.
  • Sasha's "thanks" after Eren has saved the Squad in turn.
  • Eren mentions that after he closes off Wall Maria, he can finally investigate what's been in the basement. When the key to the basement is brought up again, Sasha pretty much reiterates what some of the audience has been thinking:
    Sasha: What basement? Oh, that whole thing? You mean it's actually important?
  • After Historia makes the decision to become Queen, Mikasa nonchalantly whispers to her:
    Mikasa: Once you become Queen, you can punch that smug runt (referring to Levi) right in the face.

"Ruler of the Walls"

  • Eren attempting to use his Coordinate powers to stop Rod Reiss's 120m long Titan and in the process calling him out as a midget tiny old man. The following shot zooms in on Eren and Levi, who is behind him. Eren's face when he realises what he said and who was there to hear him say it is one for the books.
  • The entire sequence is rather hilarious, considering that Eren doesn't fully understand how the Coordinate works, he simply resorts to screaming, "HEY! I'M TALKING TO YOU!" and punching the air.
  • The random old shopkeeper who really wants to open his store when being forced to take part in the evacuation drill.
  • Eren cricking his neck and flexing before he goes Titan. Our boy is back in the saddle.


  • At Uri's mercy, Kenny can't compute being helpless for the first time in his life and goes on a bloodthirsty tirade that is meant to be construed as begging for clemency when he's really just describing how he wanted to turn the king's skull into a chamber-pot.
  • Kenny showing a young Levi how to get acquainted with your neighbours in the Underground District. By beating seven shades of shit out of them!
  • When Traute Carven cynically points out that the Anti-personnel Squad will just be used to secure the last of humanity's land for the elites; Kenny cracks the most hilariously pleased Slasher Smile in history. Since he's recognised the ambivalence and antipathy of the MPs under him and how he can inspire them with a nebulous ideal.
  • After Historia's coronation, she's egged on by Mikasa to abuse her new station by whacking Levi and daring him to hit her back. When Historia plucks up the courage to do so she mimics Eren's Coordinate Scream stance, charges him and punches him in the arm, which of course has zero effect. Before yelling, in essence, "I'M QUEEN NOW! GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!" Making it even better is Mikasa's smug expression while everyone else is left quaking at what the Captain's response will be.
    • The manga panel of everyone's Reaction Shot at seeing Levi smile warmly for the first time in the Series. But out of them all, Mikasa looks distraught that her plan to finally avenge Eren's courtroom beating has backfired so spectacularly.


  • Jean gets up to his old tricks and starts throwing a few (light-hearted) jabs at Eren, along with an absolutely hilarious Troll expression... and is rather disappointed, and perhaps a little surprised, when Eren doesn't take the bait.
  • Eren and Historia's Ship Tease with the two getting into some playful bickering only for Mikasa to appear out of nowhere and send Death Glares both their ways.
  • Marlowe and Eren being brothers in obliviousness when the former brushes off Hitch's efforts to make him stay in the Police with her and the rest of the Squad call him out for throwing away such a chance.
  • Connie and Sasha's hilarious expressions when daydreaming of Marlowe hooking up with Hitch. Mr. Springer looks like he's jizzed in his pants!
  • Sasha hiding behind Jean when the team goes to see Keith Shadis again. Then standing in the corner because she's too scared of her former drill instructor to sit down at the same table with him.

"Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall"

  • When Zackly brings up his desire to introduce the populace to his torture methods for the captive nobles following the coup, Pixis' immediate answer is exasperation. The implication is that Zackly's been trying to get the green light for a while.
    Pixis: ... Haven't you given up yet? If you show citizens something that horrifying, they'll lose all trust in the corps in no time. Zackly: You don't know art when you see it.
  • The celebratory dinner. Holy fuck, the celebratory dinner:
    • First of all, it's all set to hardcore rock music!
    • Everyone devolving into animals when they are served fresh meat, a rare treat.
    • Sasha going completely berserk, biting Jean's hand when he tries to stop her from eating an entire roast by herself. Then she unconsciously punches Marlowe and Mikasa (in the face and in the chest respectively), the latter which has no effect. To crown this off, her expressions mirror the ones commonly seen on the Titans! Afterwards, she ends up bound and gagged, becoming the only person who doesn't get any meat. And after Levi sends everyone to bed, they all just walk past her as she struggles to get their attention.
    Jean: [After grabbing the meat from Sasha's mouth and her clamping down on him instead] You're eating hand!...MY HAND!!!
    Connie: Sasha! That meat is Jean, we don't eat our friends. Okay!?
    • Jean and Eren get into another fight. Some of their friends consider breaking it up, but decide it's better to give the two a chance to blow off steam. Meanwhile, Eren and Jean are wondering why the heck nobody is moving to stop them since neither of them really wants to keep going but also don't want to be the one who backs down first. Eventually Levi steps in to kick both their asses and send them to bed, with Jean unceremoniously vomiting due to the meat. The really funny part about this is that both of them, particularly Eren, are skilled hand-to-hand combatants, but in this case they apparently decided not to use their training in favour of slugging it out bar-brawl style. It's embarrassingly ridiculous.
      Random Soldier: You both suck!

    Return to Shiganshina 

"The Town Where Everything Began"

  • Erwin places Armin in charge of finding clues leading to Reiner, Bertolt, and Zeke, giving him a few hand full of soldiers to command. While Erwin does this because he has faith in Armin's intelligence, it's pretty funny to see Armin panic now that he's commanding a group of soldiers, who themselves look pretty reluctant to follow Armin's orders.
    • The way Armin gives his orders:
    Armin: Send one group to each side of the wall! Search all buildings near the inner gate! Report any findings with an acoustic shell! (Brief pause when he sees everyone staring at him) ...A-All right?

"Thunder Spears"

  • Eren getting too big for his britches and allowing Reiner to get the upper-hand, he's almost flying due to Reiner swinging his Titan over his head like a sack of fruit.
  • When the Beast Titan unleashes the smaller-class titans on the Survey Corps, they're pretty hard to take seriously due to the way they run. One in particular is channeling Kenny Ackerman, while the other is waving its arms about like an airplane.
  • This quip from Levi as Erwin is assessing the situation:
    Levi: You finally ready to say something, Erwin? I've been waiting so long, I could've made breakfast.


  • War Chief Zeke, the Beast Titan in his human form of all people accidentally burning his tongue drinking coffee. This coming from someone who is supposed to be a genius according to the official statbook.
  • Although it's a legitimate threat, there is just something ridiculously hilarious about a giant monkey chucking a barrel, containing his prized-troop, to gain a tactical advantage. The way that Zeke starts channelling Donkey Kong like it's just another day at the office is priceless.
  • Reiner is able to prevent further destruction to his nape by the simple expedient of laying on his back. The enemy soldiers' faces when they realize they can't hurt him and were thwarted that easily is slightly hilarious.

"Perfect Game"

  • At a most inappropriate time, Connie makes a joke about Eren's house literally flying over his head thanks to the Colossal Titan throwing the houses up, so Jean casually asks Sasha to smack him on the head.
    Connie: So what's it like having your own roof over your head again?
  • Eren trying to stop The Colossal Titan’s March by the foot. He responds by kicking Eren's Titan like a soccer ball, sending him flying across town and ploughing through the top of the Wall.
    • Levi's deadpan reaction to Eren getting his ass kicked again. It's business as usual.
    Levi: Hey, is that Eren? He got himself flung on top of the wall?
  • Erwin's apt summation of the Survey Corps' predicament to Levi as they are sandwitched between two lethal fronts just reeks of pitch-black humour.
    Captain Levi Ackermann: What's our situation?
    Cmdr. Erwin Smith: Terrible.


"Midnight Sun"

  • Zeke is in a stand-off with Eren. Then he see's Levi arrive on the scene. While being drenched in the Titan blood of Zeke's army. With his eyes taking on a milky-white Death Glare that just screams; "You thought you could get away from me that easily?!" Zeke immediately pulls a tactical retreat.
  • While being a completely justified strategy, Reiner bears a striking resemblance to the Black Knight after having his arms and legs chopped off.
  • It robs an otherwise extremely tense episode of some of its gravitas, but in all shots of Eren's face following him getting backhanded by Levi, you can see that the blow appears to have knocked out exactly half of his teeth.
  • Despite being one of the most nerve-racking, tear-inducing chapters to date, nevertheless it has one particular moment that's very easy to miss the first time around. When Bertholdt screams and begs his former comrades to rescue him from Titan Armin, Jean is the only one who isn't crying, who looks more confused than anything else. Given what we know about Jean's character, one can't help but wonder what he was thinking in that moment. It probably went something like this:
    "Wait, are you seriously begging us to save you? After everything you've done? After declaring death on not only us, but everyone else living within the Walls without even bothering to explain why? Sorry, not happening, asshole."
  • Armin gets burned alive, then turned into a Titan and while his shirt disintegrates, his pants miraculously stay intact. That's the Survey Corps for you; even their pants are Determinators.

"The Basement"

  • What is quite possibly the biggest act of trolling done by Isayama thus far. After 84 chapters and 55 episodes of struggling, countless deaths and setbacks, they finally get to the basement... only for the key to not work. The whole thing comes full circle when Levi, who is presumably just so fucking done with everything, kicks a hole through the door, reaches in and opens it from the inside! You can practically hear the man's internal screaming. For those curious, the key wasn't for the door lock. It unlocks a secret compartment in Grisha's Desk.
  • Then he does it again: They find the secret compartment that the key opens in Grisha's desk... and when they open it, it turns out to be empty. They're gobsmacked for a moment before they realize the drawer has a false bottom.

"That Day"

  • After Gross' smug Hannibal Lecture in which he justifies his cruelty, seeing him get unceremoniously shoved into the Kawaii Titan's jaws is hilariously cathartic.
  • Amidst all the whammies being thrown about, the hilarious Call-Forward: the Kawaii/Moe Titan, hunched over in the same exact pose it was introduced in.

"Attack Titan"

  • When Hange and Levi catch Eren doing his dramatic Title Drop. Hange is a weird mix of angry and confused, before writing it off as "A phase". Later at the strategy meeting, Zackaly has the same thought.
    • When Hange is irritated over it, she asks if Levi is saying it's normal for a fifteen year old to have a phase where he "[says] weird crap while posing." Clearly she isn't aware that she does that all the time.
  • While discussing Eren's coordinate and how it activated at seemingly random times, Eren Suddenly Shouts giving Hange a massive Jumpscare.
    • Look closer. It even got Levi.

    The Truths of Marley 

  • In chapter 90, the Survey Corps finally gets to see the ocean for the first time in their lives. They promptly start playing in the water, and the various reactions really sell the moment:
  • The cover page for chapter 92 is Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Levi in the second Gaijin 4koma pose. Most likely to the release of the second season of the anime.
  • Zeke's massive Oh, Crap! moment in the anime when he realizes that the ENTIRE Middle Eastern Alliance fleet just fired every single gun at his position. It's more than a bit cathartic seeing the guy who killed most of the scouts by lobbing rocks at them from a distance come to the shocking realization that his enemy can shoot back this time around.
  • In chapter 93 Zeke is talking with Colt, his successor to become the Beast Titan, and notes that if he inherits Zeke's memories Colt can learn his secret. What secret is that? How Zeke wipes his own ass.
    • Better still when one of their superiors turns up he mentions being interested in knowing everything there is to know about Titans down to how many hairs they have on their asses. Zeke then asks if he's interested in knowing all about Eldian asses. Considering the fact that the guy is Zeke's superior, has apparently known him since he was a kid, and doesn't bother reprimanding him it seems like the guy is used to Zeke's shitty sense of humour.
      • Of course, all the ass-wiping thing its a lie, so his superior doesn't find out his real secret is that he have royal blood, something that marley ignores.
    • The same conversation adds a number of layers on the scene during the battle of Trost when Reiner jokes to Connie that the Titans' other weak spot is in their asses.
  • Still in chapter 93: The reveal of The Cart Titan's human identity: a reasonably attractive woman. Especially due to the fandom making jokes about the Cartman being the "best girl" ever since Cart was introduced.
  • The fact that the highest ranking officer of the Marleyan military seems to be a guy who very heavily resembles Mads Mikkelsen can be funny for some.
  • Chapter 93: Colt getting piss-drunk and starting up a riot in the train car, hoisting up Gabi on his shoulders.
  • Chapter 94: As Colt is nursing a severe hangover in the wake of last night's drunken revelries, an exasperated Falco proceeds to wonder who thought it was a good idea to give his brother alcohol to which Pieck admits to doing so, with the justification that "Colt seemed like he want some". Zeke's only response is to bemoan Pieck's thoughtful gift going to waste on the railcart floor.
  • Also in Chapter 94, during a Flashback a tense scene takes place between Reiner and Galliard, resulting in the former crying and Bertholdt helping him get back up. Mood Whiplash occurs when the two of them ask Annie what she thinks, only for Annie to reply that she wasn't listening due to being busy crushing an insect on the ground. Reiner and Bertholdt have no words for that.
    • Another chuckle-worthy moment involving Annie from this chapter happens during their training. Turns out, Annie's always been a beast at close-quarters combat; she flips little Reiner easily and puts him upside-down and looking at his own ass in the exact same manner that she did to him and Eren when we were first introduced to her. It makes the scene where Reiner looks horrified when Annie throws the knife at him Hilarious in Hindsight as it implies Reiner got some trauma from the experience.
  • While the context for this is more of a Tearjerker, Reiner re-calling Sasha's potato moment and using it (in all seriousness) to make a point about how the Eldians living on Paradis Island are irredeemable demons can be hilarious.
  • Chapter 95: Galliard arrives at headquarters for an early meeting, yawning while he climbs the stairs. At the very top, he opens his eyes...and nearly falls down the stairs in shock when he sees Pieck crawling around on all fours. Then in the meeting itself, she lays down on a sofa on all fours, curling up like a cat.
    • Zeke's fervent praise of Pieck deserves mention, complete with dramatic finger point. Twice.
  • Chapter 96: In a flashback, Annie jokes that she couldn't pull off a Honey Trap operation because she's not cute or charming.
    Bertolt: (sputtering and blushing) THAT'S NOT TRUE!
    Annie: (confused).....thanks?
  • Jean gets another Troll face in chapter 97 when Reiner has a flashback to a fight between Jean and Eren that he has to break up.
  • Chapter 98:
    • Pieck lampshades the ludicrousness of the Marley's entire plan to invade Paridis Island the first time.
      Pieck: Like entrusting everything onto four children?
    • The Warriors noted that Falco managed to beat Gabi in a foot race. Colt comments that it won't make a difference in their rankings. Porco simply comments that "the selection criteria seems pretty vague."
    • Zeke playing ball with Colt. And we wonder how he gets his baseball references.
    • Gabi wakes up to the sight of the festival in the Liberio internment zone, completely clueless on what's going on. Falco approaches with two ice cream, explaining quickly before burying her gums with one of them, an Isayama trademark.
      Gabi: So this is a Festivaaaaaaal?!
    • The kids finding out that they didn't have money to enjoy the luxuries of the festival. Cue Reiner approaching from behind and the kids look up, with Gabi to the point of Puppy eyes. Cue the next page with three consecutive panels as the kids enjoy the festival while Reiner continually digs into his wallet and his posture just keeps getting lower and lower and lower. The anime version takes this even further with Pieck and Porco helping themselves to some of Reiner's treats, posing goofily along with the kids all while Reiner bleeds his wallet dry.
  • Chapter 99, Pieck and Porco are led into a classic Trap Door, which next chapter reveals that their captors were nice enough to leave some food and water, tinder for fire, and... a swan-shaped children's potty.
  • Chapter 100 is deals with some pretty heavy material, as it continues the confrontation between Eren and Reiner. But at one point Reiner brings up their last conversation, the one where Eren promised to "make [Reiner's] death as excruciating as possible. The response he gets is... unexpected, to say the least.
    Eren: (embarrassed) I said that? Oh, right... it'd be better if you just forget about that.
    Reiner: ............. huh?
  • Chapter 105:
    • "Meat..." of course that would be Sasha's last words. It goes to show even after so much time has passed and how mature she has gotten, Sasha is still very much the hungry, silly girl that people have come to love both in and out of universe. Readers are likely to crack a smile, all the while crying because their favorite goofball is now gone.
    • The soldier who led Pieck and Porco into the trap in Chapter 99 is discussed upon as Pieck discovers the identity.
      Pieck: That 'beard' never suited...
      (one panel later)
      Levi: Oi, how long are you going to leave that thing on?
      Soldier: Hm? What, it suits me quite nicely.

    War for Paradis 
  • Chapter 106:
    • Hange's Ham Filled attempts at diplomacy. Good to know that some things haven't changed.
    • Hange's Squee as she inspects the advanced Marleyan firearms, violating every possible safety rule.
    • Levi deals with the next group in his usual fashion.
      "Enjoy our hospitality. Help yourself to some Pig Piss."
  • Chapter 107:
    • Even though the setting is by Sasha's grave, when Nikolo meets Sasha's father and offers to prepare food for him and his family, Sasha's father asks if the food is going to be free, to which a slightly bewildered Nikolo responds affirmatively.
    • When Kiyomi, the ambassador of Hizuru, a clear Japan stand-in, hears about the wealth of "iceburst stones" under Paradis Island, she starts to drool. In the literal sense.
  • Chapter 108:
    • When the Squad are all building a railway-line in the scorching summer-heat, Jean grumbles how Eren roped them into it under the guise of keeping them in shape.
    • Mikasa carrying what looks like six or seven bundled railway tracks on her shoulder, which probably all together weigh in excess of 750 kilos.
    • Sasha taking the team's water cask and glugging it down for herself while Armin hopelessly tries to stop her from running away with it.
    • Levi grouching about how his team have dared to get so tall in the three year time jump.
    • What is also a Heartwarming Moment occurs with the Wham Shot of Eren blushing in embarrassment after he confesses how much the Squad means to him. While everyone else is appreciative of Eren's affection, Jean tries to put on his old heel persona and attempt to prove he's uncomfortable with all the fuzzy-wuzzies going around, instead of being legitimately touched.
      Jean Kirstein: (seeing Eren blushing) What?! Why're you suddenly becoming red? You bastard, what are you going to do about this atmosphere?!
      Eren Jaeger: ... Sorry.
      Armin Arlert: Jean, it's because of the evening glow. Everyone's red now...
      Jean: (trying to hide his own embarrassment) Yeah, if it's like that, we can't do anything about it...
  • Chapter 109:
    • When Falco and Gabi are doing stables work at the Blouse family farm, one of the horses gnaws on Gabi's head and causes her to fall over and drop a bucket of water on herself. It's quite amusing, and a bit reassuring, how a Cute and Psycho Child Soldier like her can be tripped up and humiliated by farm work of all things.
      Gabi Braun: This is devil's work!
      Falco Grice: More like stables work. I doubt any horse out there would let you ride it to get away.
      Gabi: ... Well, I never learned how to ride one.
    • The dub in the anime adds an extra kick to the moment, when Falco's surprise at Gabi's predicament quickly shifts to him almost patronizingly dragging out her name from how much of an Epic Fail she went through.
  • Chapter 113: There's something utterly hilarious about Zeke losing it and yelling "Oh come on! Not again!" when he finds out that Levi survived Zeke's attempt to kill him by turning his squad into Titans and sending them after him, and is now coming after him with a vengeance.
  • Chapter 116: The pouting look Pieck sports after Eren calls her bluff in the middle of a tense interrogation very much reeks of "Yeah, you got me."
    • Apparently, Pieck's greetings are endearing enough to instantly make the soldiers swoon over her. Minutes after she reportedly murdered one of their comrades in cold blood.
  • Chapter 117: Porco helps Pieck out of her cuffs by severing her entire hand. Gabi catches it. It's hard to tell who's more horrified.
  • Chapter 119: On the dark humor side: Reiner is under impression that Zeke's dead and was the last person of the Eldian Royal Family (both incorrect) and he decides he can finally die via Heroic Sacrifice to save the newly titanized Falco. Then Porco appears and takes it upon himself, denying Reiner the chance to die yet again. Made better by Porco's last words which make it clear he's killing himself partly to spite Reiner.
  • Chapter 120: The Yeager brothers explore their father's memories. Zeke intends to prove Eren how Grisha had brainwashed him. Throughout the memories, Eren looks so bored of Zeke's allegations against their father. He even ridicules Zeke by mimicking him:
    Zeke (after a litany of how Grisha infiltrated the Walls and befriended the royals): Do you know why?
    Eren: Because our piece of shit father is the kind of shitty asshole that would throw his own wife and son in the gutter for his shitty Eldian restoration. I have been disillusioned. I was wrong. I was not supposed to be born. I am no longer brainwashed.
    Zeke (smiles quietly): We have plenty of time. No need to worry.
    • Also a blink and you'll miss it moment when seeing Eren's life flash before his life you can just make out an image of Armin wearing glasses and Mikasa as a goth from the Modern Day omakes. He's literally seeing into an Alternate Universe.

  • Chapter 123:
    • The spies sent into Marley nearly fail right out the gate because they behave exactly like back country bumpkins with no concept of modern technology.
    Connie: (Upon seeing a car) Whoa! What's up with that horse? Or wait is that- WHAT WAS THAT?
    Sasha: Nah, no horse ever looked like that! I think it was a Marleyan cow!
    • Hange knows what a car is... to some extent.
      Hange I've definitely heard about those. (then) HEEEYYYY! CAR!
    • Armin gets worried about all the attention they're causing... while Jean is more concerned that they'll be taken for bumpkins and tries to act like he doesn't know them.
    • Hange, Connie and Sasha, start chasing after the car, thinking they've frightened it.
    Connie: (to the driver) Tell your car to slow down!
    Hange: (overlapping) Come back car! I promise I'll be nice!
    Sasha: I wonder what car milk tastes like?
    Levi: Better get them on a leash. They'll try and feed the car carrots if they manage to catch it.
    Onyankopon: Oh come on, give em more credit than— wait are they buying carrots?
    • A clown mistaking Levi for a kid. Levi not correcting him, just getting seemingly more depressed in every panel of that scene.
    • The Survey Corps getting drunk and passing out. Eren's legs are over Jean's head, Sasha is puking, Connie is wearing the refugee's fez.
  • Chapter 126:
    • Armin, Gabi, Falco, and Connie all sat on a table to have a quick open-air lunch in the impromptu pro-Eldian festivities and start to discuss whether Annie really got free. Right next to Annie. Who nearly chokes on a pie as a result when they notice each other.
  • Chapter 127:
    • Most of the chapter consists of emotionally heavy confrontations between the various factions of the new alliance, as old wounds are opened and the characters from Paradis and Marley discuss, admit to and in cases apologize for the hurt they've caused each other. Near the end Levi, who has been sleeping through the entire event, wakes up.
      Levi: ... You're so noisy.
  • Chapter 130:
    • Zeke trying, despite everything, to be a good older brother and talk to Eren about girls.
  • Chapter 131:
    • While what comes immediately before and after it is rather depressing, Annie pointing out how utterly ludicrous it is for her and Armin to be having a Ship Tease laden convo in the middle of the apocalypse is worth a chuckle.
  • Chapter 132:
    • Mikasa finally notices there's something going on between Armin and Annie and gives a look that could only be described as a mix of horror and disgust.
    • The fact that is Mikasa, out of all the people, that notices there's something going on between Armin and Annie
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus of a Colossal Titan slipping off at random. It's a very random scene in a very tense and serious moment.
    • Hange out of nowhere asks to ride on Pieck's back to feel her temperature. Pieck, understandably, is grossed out by this.
  • Chapter 133:
    • When the team discusses their plan of attack and how Eren's Founding Titan form looks as Levi puts it: like a "ridiculously big pile of bones", Armin's sketch is also pretty dire.
    • When the group is suddenly summoned into Paths by Eren all his former allies have at least one heart-wrenching plea for Eren to stop the Rumbling and come back to them. meanwhile Levi has a... well... very Levi way of telling him to stop.
      Levi: Hear that Eren? Stop now and I'll let you off with an ass-kicking.
  • Chapter 136:
    • As the Alliance resume their battle against the Titans, Pieck is seen running in panic on War Hammer Titan's giant fork after she emerges from her Titan before creating another one. Keep in mind as she's the only one from initial Alliance to not had an ODM Gear.
    • Right after that, when Pieck and Jean are being attacked by Titans Pieck reveals that the Cart Titan's limitless endurance allows her to create multiple bodies one after another. After telling him not to worry about her and to continue with the mission Pieck turns around and discovers that Jean left about halfway through her explanation. Pieck can only give a resigned "Oh" in response.
    • Annie and Mikasa trying to navigate around the Founder's back by describing what is near which Titan and being unable to understand each other's descriptions due to the Titans looking too bizarre. And then they can't agree if the particular Titan resembles a pig or an okapi.
  • Chapter 137:
    • Zeke hijacks part of the Founder Titan and manifests himself to unleash the rebel Titan Shifters on Eren's puppets, ruefully greeting Levi and everyone else as he does so, and goes into a monologue about the beauty of the world and how he now sees it is worth fighting for. And then Levi cuts his head off.
    • Before Jean detonates Eren's nape, he takes a jab at his former comrade in the most Jean-way possible: by calling him a stupid, suicidal-blockhead once again.
    • An observation was made by the community that Reiner wanted to die so much that he's literally fighting life itself.
  • Chapter 139:
    • Eren and Armin's final moments together in the Paths is a mix of this heartwarming and tearjerking, since while it is sad to see these two friends say goodbye to each other its also hilarious to see that underneath the veneer of the cold, calculating, villain Eren has put on for years, he's really a dumb loser pining over the girl he likes. Try taking Eren seriously again after seeing all of this unfold:
      • As Eren and Armin converse as children they discuss the Jerkass Façade Eren put on in order to push his friends away. While Armin understands Eren's rational he asks him if it was really necessary for Eren to kick the crap out of him as hard as he did, especially the knee to his chest. Eren sheepishly admits that he went overboard.
      • When Eren responds to Armin's question of if Mikasa can move on and find someone else to make her happy with a blase "who knows", Armin responds by punching Eren in the face. Not only is it a Catharsis Factor for Eren beating him up earlier, but the exaggerated facial expression Eren makes as Armin's fist smashes into him is the icing on the cake.
      • The cherry on top of all this is when Armin mockingly tells Eren that Mikasa deserves to be with someone who isn't a selfish jerk like him and that she might just find someone who will make her happy in no time. Eren then breaks down and petulantly whines that he doesn't want Mikasa to find someone else and he wants her to think about him for the rest of her life and mourn him for at least ten years. Armin's response likely echos the response many audience members had after hearing this line.
    Armin: Oh... I see. Sorry, I-I didn't think you'd say something that pathetic.
    • Falco is so happy to see Gabi detitanized that he tackles her with enough force to knock them both to the ground. The funny part? Due to their poses, some viewers initially though Gabi was SUPLEXING Falco!
    • While Eren's friends are crying over remembering their last conversations with him, there's Pieck, lying on the ground, complaining that she didn't get a heartfelt private conversation.
    • Among the Yeagarists menacingly chanting war slogans, there's Hitch, as motivated, as ever, half assedly raising her fist along with the others and not so discretly yawning.
    • After reading the letter send by Historia; Reiner admires it and says even the smell of the letter is sweet. Jean tells him to stop lusting over a married woman and calls Reiner a creeper. However Pieck points out that Jean is taking care to make himself presentable for their return to Paradis, while Jean insists that he just wants to look good for the history books for all the future ladies. After Reiner snarks about his horse-like appearance Jean notes how annoying Reiner's become now that he has a sense of purpose again.
    • On a meta-level, the fact that Reiner, the Death Seeker whose inability to die reached memetic levels, not only survived the series but had his lifespan extended so that he can continue to live for decades.
    • In the anime, Yelena's reaction after being asked by Onyakopon to carry crates of baseball to children is a bit of Tear Jerker but also funny at the same time.

    OVA and Visual Novels 
  • The Second OVA is made of this. Nearly everything is humorous. It probably helps that it somehow adapts nearly every fake preview; yes, even the one with Mikasa, Jean, Armin, Connie, and Krista transforming into Titans.
    • Highlights include the drill at the beginning, Pixis declaring that Jean and Sasha would settle their differences with a freaking cooking duel (so he can have a good dinner), the shenanigans that follow the two trying to get the materials to make said meal, and Eren and Mikasa's over-all confusion and indifference to these events.
    • His reaction to the meals is... strange. Namely a fever dream of him cutting down titans before growing to an even larger size himself, ranting about the flavors all the while. And if that wasn't enough of a turn for the bizarre, all of the cadets then become titan shifters with rather unusual forms. Armin as a goofy, oddly reassuring "there is no need to be upset" smile on a giant-ass head, Christa is literally a goddess complete with angelic wings, Mikasa is a musclebound hulk easily two to three times the size of the others, and Connie... is really, really, REALLY small. Like, "barely bigger than a normal person" small. And here it is in glorious animation.
    • Sasha and Connie strike a pose! Again!
    • Armin somehow managing to break BOTH of his legs, while running up the stairs even though he only landed on one of them.
  • ACWNR: Isabel trying to sound cool in front of Levi only for him to ask, "Are you an idiot?"
    • There's also the thug-trio settling into the Survey Corps; highlights include Isabel being indignant to sleeping away from Farlen and Levi in a different dorm, Levi's expression when they're shown the barracks (which also swiftly establishes that he's had his cleaning OCD for quite some time), Farlen's earnestness even he's trying to salute and does it wrong, and Levi ordering the two of them to help him clean the barracks.
  • Wall Sina, Goodbye has a few funny moments for Annie. She and Hitch has a conversation where Annie only replies by saying "And then?", irritating Hitch and asking her to stop that, to which Annie says she'll stop when given proper information. Before the 57th expedition, Annie asks Hitch to report her as sick, causing Hitch to accuse her of having a date. To this, Annie concurs that she has a date with "a 15 meter Titan" (which might border on dark comedy). Hitch wants to hit the town that night, however, and asks Annie that in return, she takes over the case Hitch was assigned involving a missing person. Upon visiting bars to question people, Annie has to deal with drunkards grabbing her butt.
    • Anytime Annie doles out beatings in Wall Sina, Goodbye just seems bound to be funny. When she curb stomps the guy that tried to grab her butt, and then his two cronies, he gets back up holding a chair over his head and then swinging at her. She high-kicks it in half.

    Meta and Out of Canon Moments