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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Black★Rock Shooter: The Game
  • Even early on the first stage, the player is reminded that the PSS is just another Ragtag Bunch of Misfits who can get distracted by a female Super Soldier's appeal.
    (When Stella won't wake up in the middle of a fight): "We need a prince to kiss her or something."
    (When Stella earns her first kill): "Wow now, that is one cute ultimate weapon. Hot damn, would you look at her!"
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  • Nana's "Say woof." command to Stella, her Flat "What" reaction makes it even funnier.
  • When SAHA tells XNFE that he nebladed a cat in his character episode, SAHA's speech comes with exaggerated feline noises.
  • The manga turns Stella into a Big Eater as she eats up rations that are supposed to be for a group of soldiers. When she is done eating, she is visibly bloated and awkwardly tells Rothcall than she cannot move.
  • Speaking of what may or may not be her bestie in the game and it's manga... Lolicall. Every time Rothcall's called that, I flipped my shit.
  • At one point, SZZU tells the objective truth that Stella's combat abilities are still lacking, as a result of sleeping in a statis pod for years and a lack of training. Stella doesn't buy this and jumps on the table in front of SZZU, asking for a challenge. SZZU's response? Flip the damn table with her foot, sending Stella head-planted on the floor.
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  • In the manga adaptation, LLWO resorts to insulting Stella when she doesn't want to fight back. In his fit of rage, LLWO mentions that he doesn't need "Police" after hearing Stella say sorry. For the context of this ambiguous situation, Stella wanted to make "Peace" with LLWO, but he didn't get the right word from his mouth. Nana Gray is seen in a corner hearing this awkward conversation, and tells them to cut it out.
  • When Nana sends Stella back to Earth via an escape pod, the next panel shows a visibly embarrassed Stella looking down on the floor. The subsequent panel has LLWO with an exasperated face asking why she returned when it was Stella herself who initiated the plan of going to the Grateful Sun Ray.

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